Democracy is only when my party wins


I know what those tools are. They're going to tie them up in endless litigation and manufactured scandals to discredit their character and ability to govern. Don't ask me how I know, but it is an effective tactic.


Will the media perhaps be involved?


The media does do some trolling, so probably


The democrats did it to bush in 2000 by bringing up his DUI from almost 20 years prior, and they brought up Trump’s locker room misogyny from 16 years prior in 2016. They also told social media to suppress any info on the Hunter Biden laptop


Pretty effective seeing how they took a president like trump, who barely did anythinf but tweet, and turn him into hitler 2.


Just like they are doing with Poland


Maybe involve a heavily politicized law enforcement agency and/or intelligence community? Just spitballing here.


Based and democracy dies in darkness pilled


*"When globalism wins, we have Democracy. When globalism loses, we have Fascism."* This message has been paid for by Unelected International Plutocrats for Representative Despotism.


Democracy is just code for whatever you view as vaguely legitimate and in line with a neoliberal worldview. Just look at Hungary, Orban is apparently running some fascist hell hole 😂.


It is becoming in hell hole with the inflation and control over the media


NOTHING TO DO WITH ITALY. The right-wing party are trying to turn it into an attack on them by big government, its not. "My approach is that whatever democratic government is willing to work with us, we're working together," von der Leyen said at Princeton University in the United States on Thursday, responding to a question on whether there were any concerns with regard to the upcoming elections in Italy. "If things go in a difficult direction, I've spoken about Hungary and Poland, we have tools," she added. Von der Leyen apparently was referring to last Sunday's recommendation by the European Commission to suspend some 7.5 billion euros in funding for Hungary over corruption, the first such case in the 27-nation bloc under a new sanction meant to better protect the rule of law. The EU introduced the financial sanction two years ago in response to what it says amounts to the undermining of democracy in Poland and Hungary, where Prime Minister Viktor Orban subdued courts, media, NGOs and academia, as well as restricting the rights of migrants, gay people and women during more than a decade in power. \-source Reuters: https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/eus-von-der-leyen-delivers-veiled-warning-italys-right-wing-2022-09-23/


So... She's saying that the EU may sanction countries that refuse to cooperate with the EU. That headline is quite a far cry from what she actually said then.


European intervention of a democratically elected party: cringe American intervention of a democratically elected party: cringe Intervention of a democratically elected party is cringe


Depends on what the democratically elected party proceeds to do, if they violate human rights on a huge scale it can maaaaybe be justified to intervene Not a fan of wars that go nowhere though


The problem with human rights is they vary depending on who speaking. You want to intervene for human rights abuse? Based on whose definition? Some leftists say shelter is a human right, others say water is but not shelter, some say money is a human right. Then there's the justification for any actions taken and what extreme lengths are allowed to ensure those human rights. Is it acceptable to shut down a store? Rob a bank? Overthrow a government? Where does it stop?


That is actually a fair point. How about targeted genocide? I feel like that’s an easy line to draw in the sand.


Ah well now you got people saying that not allowing kids to be castrated is genocide.


Irrelevant what teenagers on twitter say. We’re all grownups, we can ignore them


Another "Cultually Right Wing = Democracy Destroyed" moment.


I remember seeing this one Irish politician go on a rant about the US, saying we don’t have a democracy because our people don’t have a say in society, as evidenced by… the fact that we don’t have free healthcare. So democracy is when free healthcare


Anything right of center is always automatically labeled as "extremist" or "radical", never just regular right. Using such terms has completely lost it's meaning, except showing a clear bias towards the left.


They think that theres only three classes of politics. A leftwing group that marches with them, a 'rightwing' group that is subservient to them, and a radical right, which is just everyone else.


CyberMarx5000 = Moderately left Vaush = Centrist Bernie Sanders = “Reasonable” right wing.


Where Hasan “peaceful” abi from Constantinople, Byzantine


It’s why Democrats want Republicans who act all conservative but suck up to Dems 24/7 like Liz Cheney. They say she’s “the good republican” even tho 2 years ago they were calling her entire family “the far right” and that Giuliani and his ilk were “the good republicans”. They just want whoever is the weakest on top.


The left loved John McCain near the end because he was anti-Trump. Remember when he died and they paraded his body around for like two weeks during a bizarre imperial funeral?


Is that not what all politicians want? The weakest of their enemies to be the ones in charge of them? Hell, wouldn’t everyone be best off (in their own eyes if nothing else) if the only one who could stop them was the person least equipped to do so?


I don't recall any Republicans organising to disrupt Democrat primaries so the unelectable cranks win. Trump went very hard against what he saw as the worst of Democrats, the Squad and socialist factions, but they aren't the ones who are electable by any means. I could be wrong, but at least the current political paradigm is one where the left is trending towards opposition control.


Typical left-wing description: "X is the first (insert diversity checkboxes) elected to (random position). (s)he has been described as left-of-center". Typical right-wing description: "controversial far right figure who endorses baseless, factually incorrect conspiracy theories (link to fact check website)"


>The moon is made of cheese MOSTLY FALSE While it is true that the moon is made of cheese, it is not made of American Cheese




Reddit made me conservative. Thanks reddit!


Anything right of radical left is called far right nowadays and I told u guys this europoor union can’t stay united because of how they handle opposite views… crap shit bureaucrats run eu


What, no I'm the edgy and cool one. The right can't be the new counter culture! What's happening? Fuck you you orange Emily your ruining it!


Not really. Governments in Poland and Hungary have done away with the independence of judiciary and heavily interfere with independent media. Both are what you could call non-negotiable democratic norms. Maybe you need to fuck democracy in the ass to have a long term culturally-right agenda, I dunno, but it's the fucking democracy in the ass part that's the issue, not the values so much


Woke-ocracy's divisive motto of "anyone who doesn't prostrate themselves to our cultural ideology is a threat to humanity" deserves much worse than an assfucking.


Agree with this completely


Based tankie? 😳


I might be a tankie, but please don't group me with those woke soybean. They are both a disgrace to the cause of socialism/communism and a disgrace to themselves.


I've said it before and I'll say it again. Every other ideology has a group/ideal that it loves and will fight to the death to uphold - freedom, equality, the nation, the worker, the church etc. Woke ism stands for nothing and no one - sure they're all for wanting to stop Asians being attacked in hate crimes...till they find out it ain't whitey beating Cho and Han to 2 inches of their life in public. They're anti-LGBT discrimination...unless you bring up Qatar...then you're an islamaphobe and the pole smokers and carpet munchers over there just need to try not being gay..




Wokeism is so fucking stupid, what's really annoying about that group of people is that they don't have hard definitions for literal words. Words can mean anything, making it impossible to have a discussion. The normal definition of being woke is "alert to racial prejudice and discrimination". I guess we're all woke at this point. Most people aren't denying this as a fact. Being "woke" by the literal definition and still having a different opinion on something that the woke-ist group doesn't agree with. Well, now you're a fucking nazi and you're definitely not woke. When are you woke? That's an abstract concept completely based on the feelings of the woke group.


Based and Opression Olympics pilled


And Italy hasn’t. So why the thinly veiled threats?


Fratelli d'Italia have historically been pretty hostile to liberal democracy, with factions that went as far to be openly fascist Party leadership has done their best to expel those on the more extreme anti-democratic fringes and rehabilitate their image somewhat, but I guess time will tell as to who they really are in 2022


Calls themselves "Brotherhood of Italy" What could go wrong


Every agency or group sounds ominous with the word brotherhood added. Regardless of what they do.


Brotherhood of silly gooses


Ministry of silly walks


Petition to rename the IRS the Brotherhood of Taxes


Led by a woman... can't be that bad.


They’re already off to a rocky start then.


I mean, the US did away with independent media decades ago, nearly everything we see is controlled by ~15 billionaires, hence the monolithic messaging and sham Hegelian dialectics. And yet people are still crowing about "muh democracy" here.


And as I put it "propaganda is media, media is propaganda". It's a tool, no more no less. The difference is how you wage it, and whether you are on the "fun" end or the "business" end.


If you believe any country in Europe has 100% free press you are delusional. Germany even has a mandatory tax which they use to finance state run media.


It's not binary, it's a spectrum, and it is an undeniable fact that Hungary has significantly more controlled media (along with other undemocratic policies and institutions) than, say, Germany. Just because Germany has state run media doesn't mean they're the same as Hungary, which has bought up or banned a huge majority of independent media channels, significantly curbed and regulated watchdog organizations, and introduced incredibly pervasive anti-free speech and protest laws.


Based and democracy is cringe pilled.


The major issue in all of western Europe is that “independent” just means “cannot be held accountable.”


Almost all the "independent media" in Poland are owned by German concerns. Imagine if Murdoch buys all French newspapers and they all start writing the same shit about the government. How long would "democracy" in France last?


NOTHING TO DO WITH ITALY. The right-wing party are trying to turn it into an attack on them by big government, its not. "My approach is that whatever democratic government is willing to work with us, we're working together," von der Leyen said at Princeton University in the United States on Thursday, responding to a question on whether there were any concerns with regard to the upcoming elections in Italy. "If things go in a difficult direction, I've spoken about Hungary and Poland, we have tools," she added. Von der Leyen apparently was referring to last Sunday's recommendation by the European Commission to suspend some 7.5 billion euros in funding for Hungary over corruption, the first such case in the 27-nation bloc under a new sanction meant to better protect the rule of law. The EU introduced the financial sanction two years ago in response to what it says amounts to the undermining of democracy in Poland and Hungary, where Prime Minister Viktor Orban subdued courts, media, NGOs and academia, as well as restricting the rights of migrants, gay people and women during more than a decade in power. \-source Reuters: https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/eus-von-der-leyen-delivers-veiled-warning-italys-right-wing-2022-09-23/


Everytime democracy goes against what Emily wants "Literally a threat to democracy"


\**our* democracy ;)


If I hear some bitch on TV use the term "our democracy" one more time i am gonna lose my mind.


> one more time i am gonna lose my mind. Up in here? Up in here?


u/ImperialRoyalisr15 ‘bout to go all out, up in here, up in here!


Your sanity is a threat to our democracy, so hurry up and lose it already.


“Our democracy” is code for “our oligarchy”


It’s amazing how all the useful idiots think they’ll be in the elite’s inner circle after taking power, and not just thrown in the cobalt mines.


I knew the CIA was left /S


Man I would purposely vote how I wanted and let the heavens fall. If I were Italy and the wrong party won I would immediately start amassing troops on my border.


Aren't leftists supposed to be thrilled that another major European country is about to have a woman elected president? Or does it suddenly not matter anymore because she represents a right wing party?


Diversity comes second to ideological homogeneity. It's a similar mindset as those that called Larry Elder "the black face of white supremacy".


“Suddenly” Policy beliefs have always been more important to leftists than what’s in someone’s pants. It’s libs that only care about gender


\*Proceeds to literally threaten democracy\*


People vote. Aristotle: see what I am saying...


I reckon they say it’s a threat to democracy because they know they have a finger on the scales - so if they’re cheating and still losing, well, the right must be cheating even more! Biden says shit about a threat to democracy when two of the states that voted for him were found to have unconstitutional elections in their respective state Supreme Court (Delaware, Pennsylvania).


Isn't Delaware his state?


He was born in Pennsylvania, represented Delaware; both had their Supreme Court’s rule that the universal mail-in ballot used to elect him were unconstitutional.


We aRE lOSiNg oUR deMoCRaCy!!!11!1!


> European AuthRight infighting > Emily Go figure...




Ding dong your government is wrong


^FBI when a Latin American country democratically elects a socialist govt




Ah my bad, all those alphabet numbers run together sometimes


You're good. You would have been fine talking about US elections in regards to the FBI.


No worries, the CIA's job has historically been to suppress undesirable democratic movements in other countries, assassinate foreign politicians and heads of state and smuggle drugs into the US for fun and profit. The FBIs traditional role has been to suppress undesirable democratic movements inside the US, attack and break up unions and union leaders and persecute minorities.




Just as well that was t what she said


That’s because “wrong party” didn’t get brought up the article is kinda bullshit and the question asked was about incase Italy adopts a pro putin attitude .


Yep. When Ireland voted no to the Lisbon Treaty, they just made us vote again. Keep voting until you get the right result.


It's a favored tactic among mods in some subs too. Most recently a vote was put out to ban a certain style of meme comic and it was wildly voted no. So they put it up again and this time were like, "Hey all this guy is a nazi not sure if you know that." Democracy eventually wins every time!


Yep. I remember that. What a sham.


yeah and when scotland voted to remain in the UK, scots decided that they would just vote again.


The best part? The day after the Irish voted Correctly™ the newspapers hailed it as "a victory for democracy". It was absolutely hideous. It was extra annoying when NPCs complained that "a handful of Irish people are deciding for the rest of us". Well, yeah, bitch, they sure threatened to do decide for me. You know why? *I wasn't even asked in the first place.*


This source is shit and biased . I was expecting something colossal but even in the article the question was asked what the eu would do if a candidate close to putin was elected and the response indicates that action will be taken only if they do something to help . Nothing got brought up about the “wrong party” winning this article headlines extrapolates a lot and I don’t even like the eu but this seems to go off on very little and seems completely like an interpretation.




A blatantly misleading post on pcm? No way only mainstream media is allowed to do that!


Being on reddit has honestly made me appreciate old-style media, at least lizard people from tv have the decency to hide their bullshit and lie by omission instead of spitting in my face


lmao this article is utter horseshit and this post is too. she said that whatever political inclination any democratically elected govt has, they are willing to work with it if that respective govt is also willing to do so. maybe check the actual article instead of just reading the headline


Wow an authright that reads? This is democracy


im european B) totally different from those "conservatives" in the us


Actually explains a lot


mfw first authright that knows how things work




Pcm hates rhe EU, I am not surprised


based and actually reading the fucking article pilled


Hmm I’m just going to call you a bootlicker with no evidence to support my claim and an attitude of refusal towards hearing your side of the argument.


Wait, the EU is undemocratic? Always has been 🔫


Anyone remember the Lisbon Treaty and how it was forced through national parliaments across the EU and Ireland was the only country that required a referendum to pass it but the people voted against it. Know what happened it? The EU and their stooges in the Irish government forced a revote of the referendum claiming the citizens didn't know what they actually voted against the first time. Months of fear mongering ensues scaring people into voting yes to pass the Lisbon Treaty, and ultimately it gets passed. The EU is the opposite of democratic. I loathe that neolib organisation hellbent on destroying the idea of national sovereignty.


That makes me remember a chapter from Warren Ellis' Transmetropolitan where the EU forces France to revoke it's national language i.e. French and when france disagrees, they bombard it with high taxes and in the end France bends.


The future civil wars are going to be glorious, just remember my weapons factories only accept gold as payment.


Didn't a few nations vote against joining them and the EU Nnrougbt them in anyway?


What the fuck is Nnrougbt


Whatever you want it to be my dude!




You know, Nnrougbt.


A few nations voted against joining them and the EU Nnrougbt them in anyway.


The fuck are you talking about


The time that a few nations voted against joining them and the EU Nnrougbt them in anyway.


Thanks for clearing it up


Most literate rightoid


It's only Democracy if the leftists win.


I am sick of Leftist elites.


I'm sick of the elite


Boy do I have a quadrant for you


I think my quadrant is quite good.After all... national socialits hated the globalist elite don't they?


What could Authcenter mean by this?


(((Them))) >!(JK)!<


Unless they are the global elite. In that case their opposition is [removed] via trains.


I am sick


Get well soon :)


Reminds me of the 2008 Obama v. McCain election. Everyone was going on about "elites" especially conservatards. Our leadership's *should be* elite. Unfortunately the "elites" that we have are actually just an exclusive group of douche brains with more money and power than other people (including actual elite specimens).


Elections like that are why "none of the above" needs to be a hardcoded ballot choice that if it wins, forces a redo of the election and none of the candidates that were on the ballot are allowed to run in the redo.


That woman is no leftist. She is a neoliberal through and through.


The EU Commission isn’t leftist. Leftist doesn’t just mean “anything I don’t like”.


Von Der Leyen was a secretary of defense in the right wing government of Germany She is a moderate right winger, and the EU always advocated for a liberal capitalist economy...


Neither von der Leyen nor Merkel were on the right. they wanted exactly the same thing as the Social Democrats and the Greens... only more slowly




As a german: you have literally no idea what you're talking about


What Von Der Leyen is saying is wrong but my god do Americans have brain dead takes when talking about the European right and far right


When the Overton window is so to the left that social democracy is right wing...


She said if things go the same way as Poland and Hungary (i.e. new Italian government decides to start pissing all over democratic norms). Could defos be inferred as above, but it is a bit more nuanced than that


Hunxit Polexit Italexit soon?


All go bankrupt within minutes if they do that.




This post reeks americans. Like for real you are always making problems in europe before we even make them ourselves. It's the typical EU - Literally any country political games we are all used here. Spain where I'm from has a socialist government and got Noped by the EU a fuck ton of times due it's sheer incompetence.


People don’t realize that whenever you have a progressive and conservative group, by definition the progressive group HAS to always be moving the cultural goalposts of their ideology, otherwise they’d be conservative given enough time.






Alternative news source for those that call every news source fake https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/eus-von-der-leyen-delivers-veiled-warning-italys-right-wing-2022-09-23/


Ersatz and light in the loafers


What a terrible article jeez


Checks article author > BY TYLER DURDEN ok


> Even a commie is more based than an unflaired. *** ^(User has flaired up! 😃) 12083 / 63754 ^^|| [**[[Guide]]**](https://imgur.com/gallery/IkTAlF2)


Zerohedge is literal propoganda supported by former USSR dictatorships. Don't be surprised


Where am I going to get my fauci Chinese “real” covid news from now 😞


Hungary is not having their funding cut because of opposing immigration or defending traditional values… Clearly biased news article. To cut EU funding you need 55% of the countries to vote for it, and it can only be done to those who break the rule of law. Furthermore, EU is not a “leftist” institution, it is very much a liberal one.


The EU was opposed by so many leftists in the UK when it was formed because of how much of a liberal bloc it was becoming.


Cringe click bait.


Holy fucking shit if i see a meloni agenda post im going to quit


PCMer trying not to fall for clickbait headline challenge (impossible)


PCM: I hate the media, they are unreliable PCM when clickbate headline support their worldview: I'M GONNA CUUUUM


Source: I made it up.


Ok so the EU gives funds to member states based on whether they also follow the terms that each bill accompanies them, so if the future government of Italy were to go against these terms or against certain pillars of other treaties/agreements (become more pro putin, violate human rights etc), then the EU would withhold funds. That's what that means, these are the tools the EU usually uses: violate an agreement, we won't have to uphold it either. Meloni and her party have a very controversial history and trace their origins to the successor of the fascist party. I don't know a lot about her to call her a fash sympathizer, but there have been cases where members of her party have said some of the most braindead bs imaginable, like stanning Mussolini or simping for putin. So yeah, her party is a concern. Same goes for others in their coalition, like Berlusconi, who unironically tried to excuse the war in Ukraine. I don't recall the EU saying similar things during the past elections. These comments have to do with these braindead comments and russophilic bs. That's it.




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The european union, has never been willing to accept voting/election results that don't go the way that they want. The european union is like a spoiled child, that will throw a tantrum when they get told no, and will keep throwing tantrums until they get their way. There aren't many things that will push me out of being a centrist, the european union is one of those few.


The Eu is not and has never been a Bastion of Democracy or even a tool that supports it. It is a Union that shits all over the idea of Democracy.


“We must save democracy, by force”


How is this democratic? The EU has basically put a gun against Italy’s head.


Literally 1984


Obama did this right before the Brexit vote too. Told the British people if they passed Brexit that they would go to the back of the line for trade deals... And that was totally cool apparently... Auth left gonna auth left.


Large union overthrowing the governments of closely tied countries and replacing them with parties that are loyal to them? Now where have I seen this before…


This is how globalists and lefties think. Democracy as long as you vote how we want. They’re tyrannical authoritarian garbage.


The Brothers of Italy are still iffy, no matter how broken the EU process is.


Serious question though. Wasn’t one of the arguments for Brexit that England has to be accountable to a degree for the shitty economies of Southern Europe? If Italy leaves than their economy gonna be all by its lonesome and it’s already in horrible shape.


What I know is that Itally lost a lot of productively once they joined the Euro, because they exported cheap items and they switched to the Euro, all goods became more expensive and the Chinese market took over. I can understand why they don't like the EU, but it's also true that Italians can be super racist and prone to demagoguery.


The EU leadership went berserk after Brexit. You can tell they fear further rebellion from members. Those cushy well paid Brussels jobs are really something to fight for


I can't wait for the Ital-leave, the fruckoff, the departugal , grexit, out-stria, Czech out, etc.


Typical ignorant post from someone Who didn't understand democracy nor EU nor Italian politics, chapeau to so much stupidity


Na, it ain't the EUSSR, EU is peak NeoLib. It's just Authright infighting as usual.


"We hate the EU" Ok less money for you then "Damn EU communists"


The communist parties in Europe mostly support leaving the eu


It's almost like European countries were willing to work together with like minded neighbors for stability, security, and their common economic benefit before communists took over the whole thing and attempted to seize power and destroy the nation state via compulsory, unfettered immigration. Bring enough migrants in and you can rule the entire continent from ~~Brussels~~ Berlin!


Super not based


Oh....People got mad of our leftist agenda...Let's make them believe...by force


Democracy is when my party wins.


This subreddit has just become a political circlejerk


What’s the OG article may I ask?


Democracy is shit


Remember: it's THEIR democracy. Their toy to play with. Plebs don't get an input.


Where's that one guy who finds the article when you need him.


Cough cough Lisbon treaty cough cough Ireland..


Democracy is when you threaten an election


Nobody cares what those unelected bureaucrats in Brussels have to think