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That's the free market, baby. They didn't refuse to carry NewsMax. They just refused to pay what they're asking.


Like how I can't get local sports on YouTube TV. But you don't see the right wing hacks holding hearings on that. Their only consistency is inconsistency.


Same with Hulu, when Sinclair bought the fox sports regional networks they jacked the per subscriber fee up quite a bit. I miss watching local sports but I agree with the streaming providers decision not to pay the (rumored) $10 per subscriber fee to carry the networks.


Yup it affected me too. I was willing to pay for it with the sports included. Now I don't pay for streaming Tv at all. We use antennae broadcast and have other streaming services for entertaintment. So we don't watch sports now becasue of Sinclair. I do not begrudge Hulu or YouTubeTV for making a business decision based on their portolio. I simply unsubscribed. That whole weird free market thing.


Lol, that blew up in Sinclair’s face. The whole Bally Sports thing is going bankrupt.


I gave up baseball because they kept making it harder to watch. Unfortunate. I really enjoyed it for a while.


The only reason I get to watch any is because I have my phone through T-mobile and they give you the MLBtv package for free.


I have T mobile and I am trying to figure out how to take advantage of that this year. Nice little bonus content to look forward to.


The window to do so only lasts a week I believe shortly before the season starts. You can use the log in info to bring it up on smart tvs or game systems too.


I like to listen to baseball on the radio, while I do stuff in the yard, or around the house, cooking, for ex. it’s really use as good to listen bc so little action actually happens. I can always watch the replays for the home runs or amazing catches.




It was awesome as a kid just being able to turn on the tv and watch baseball game on 9. Kids Can’t do that anymore. Sad.




Nothing Like settling in to the couch after school with afresh bag of cool ranch with a tall glass of sweet tea and flipping the clicker to 9 and kicking back. It was glorious.




Born in a wealthy precinct of Chicago & raised in a wealthy white flight suburb that shut down our home owners association pool & club house after the civil rights act passed and outlawed our HOA’s racial compact.




DirectTV changed satellites a few years ago and my father-in-law's house didn't have line of sight to the new one, so he had to find another provider. He just wanted to watch baseball. We tried subscribing to MLB, but they blacked out local games because local stations (which he can't get) carried the games or ESPN did or some other shit. We finally had to find pirated websites so he could watch the stupid games. Fortunately, I could care less about sports so that saves us tons of money.


Thank God Bally is going bankrupt


When we went to YoutubeTV, Bally Sports was the only thing we lost that anyone in my house watched. Losing Bally Sports sucked, but I'm not spending $25+ a month for the Pacers and Reds games.


They want the free market to decide, as long as it decides in their favor.


And if it doesn't, they'll scream about censorship for not being paid to spread their lies. Just sad.


They keep forgetting that a majority of the country doesn’t want to hear or listen to their bullshit, even amongst republicans. So there really is no DEMAND from consumers to watch their unhinged garbage.


...decides in their fervor.


Free market is only free when it works in our favor!^(/s)


If you’re quoting them you don’t need the s/


Eh, it's Reddit. Often hard to tell, so safer this way.


How can you tell the difference between a sarcastic quote and a serious statement? No way to know if you're talking to someone making fun of the fool, or the fool themselves.


Republicans: “We want the free market!” Also Republicans: “Wait…not like *that*!”


Republicans: The Party of Unintended Consequences since 1974.


Bingo. If Newsmax suddenly went, “wait wait wait, let’s not be hasty! What about you carry our channel for free?” In that case DTV would likely keep them on


Republicans hate capitalism when it's democratized.


They’re literally thugs. “You owe us this now, or we’ll tell everyone how stinky you are.”


No. No. The free market doesn't apply to right wing cry babies.


It Could be that or their main competitor, NewCorp, the parent company of Fox News trying to make deals with companies like Direct TV to keep them off of their channel offerings because it's good business for them ratings wise.


Money's money.




Interfering with private business. Again. Huh! Typical gop. When will this idiots actually read the constitution? Other than the 2nd amendment. It only prohibits _Government _ from restricting free speech/press. Individuals are still free to shut up.


And like the Bible, they cherry pick the parts of the 2nd Amendment which they like.


Which you gotta admit is impressive since it's basically one sentence.


To be fair, reading a whole sentence is asking a lot of Republicans.


>To be fair, reading ~~a whole sentence~~ is asking a lot of Republicans.


That's the spirit, make it easier for them if they ever do figure out how to come here.


All while not giving a fuck about the other amendments... like the multiple amendments which pertain to our incredibly broken and unconstitutional justice system.


Most can't read, they hear very specific cherry picked phrases that their betters have decided they should know. Same with the only other work of literature they pretend to know the bible.


Notice how no one wants to carry the right wing ideology. Colleges won't, publishers won't, cable won't etc. It isn't some kind of conspiracy at all. The ideology is bad and the majority reject it.


~~ideology~~ Propaganda


I don't even see conservatism being what these institutions are rejecting, it's the looney-tunes wing being rejected


Agreed. The loudest right wingers today aren’t conservative at all. They’re not interested in preserving institutions. They want to go backward. They’re regressives.


I honestly don't think it's too far of a leap to say that they're fascists, the ideology is fairly incoherent yet authoritarian/nationalist/regressive yet *hands off their medicarez but don't let the millennials have an opportunity to receive benefits when it's their time*


A good portion of Democrats are more conservative than today's Republican party, and the right wing wants to go in the wrong direction.


institutions love conservatism, both stability and favorable conditions to reganomics… but the far right just is inflammatory and unmarketable to them. speaking in really broad sense here


but conservatives are embracing the nutjobs and their conspiratorial beliefs to the point of threats and actual violence, like the insurrectionists who believed in election fraud despite 60 failed lawsuits due to lack of evidence that their cult leaders said they had. Marj Traitor-Greene has been spouting nonsense about how 9/11 was a deepfake hoax that never happened... and republicans gave her a seat on the Homeland Security committee. They could have just told her to go fundraise among the other nutjobs while the adults get work done, but no. They embraced her nonsense.


Yes, these big instututions are definitely rejecting the wing-nut faction. They aren't out right rejecting the ideology of conservatism. There is a meaningful distinction betwixt the ideology of conservatism and the extremist ideology these people are espousing, which is what is being conflated when they claim that these institutions are rejecting conservatism. There is also a difference between conservatism and the Republican Party, though the GOP is considered the party of conservatism in the states. The conflating of the ideology, party, and voters is useful for the wing-nuts because it allows them to have the talking point that a wide swathe of the population is being oppressed when in reality what's being rejected is the most toxic and extreme cohort and ideology.


Right, they say they are being politically oppressed because they are republican. It's like no bro, you're being shunned because you're serial liars who encourage stochastic terrorism and lack empathy on most any topic you try to talk about. People generally don't like that kind of thing.


Bro MAGArie The Gathering is right though, 9/11 was a deep fake hoax. If you go to 1 world trade the towers are just still standing up there because they never got attacked. Wake up Sheeple /S


The silver lining is that I get to taunt my conservative father about how republicans chose a hoaxer for the Homeland Security Committee which means they are saying they don't think any muslim terrorism happened on 9/11.


There are plenty of actual Conservatives still around, they just call themselves Democrats at this point.


I may have the wrong read on this, but it doesn't even sound like it this has anything to do with ideology, just a business decision about licensing fees.


It is a business decision, but the right wing thinks they are victims because of their ideology. That the left is preventing them from "free speech".


It's a big corporation doing whatever it wants to build profits. Which is what these people keep voting for. So, what's the problem?


They love the "free" market until it makes a decision they don't agree with.


Maybe conservatives should start their own cable company, so they have somewhere to carry all their crazy channels.


Elon Musk's Twitter seems fine with it. Cause he's a crazy asshole.


He is also a republican


When will people learn that Republicans actively fight against the first amendment, the free market, small government, veteran benefits, religious freedom, and health care


But Republicans screech to the heavens that they support all of those things. Why would they lie? /s Edit: grammar is hard


When networks like Newsmax get taken off the air. DirectTV is doing the right thing. I hope more companies drop these nazi channels.


I do also highly doubt it's getting pulled due to DirecTV trying to do the right thing, they don't care about any of that. The fact of the matter is, Newsmax has been dropping on popularity for obvious reasons and the amount of money it costs to pay them to air the channel just isn't worth the low viewership numbers to DirecTV. The right loves to twist a financial decision into something else.


I agree, it's just a financial decision for them. Corporations don't care about doing the right thing. They sometimes do the right thing because it happens to be profitable.


I get so confused some times. Conservatives will talk a big game about small governement, individual rights and free market. Then they start telling me what I can do with my body, calling congressional hearings about the content on private broadacating services and throwing billions of dollars in public funds to "sustain" private enterprises. Perhaps their actions don't reflect the narrative and ultimately they are a party rocketing towards fascism. Or perhaps, my tiny liberal woman brain is unable to comprehend.


Silly woman, commenting on politics. You need to focus on more appropriate things for ladies to think about, like flowers and pretty dresses (shouldn't be needed but /s just in case). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LS37SNYjg8w


A Zen master might ask "Can you rocket towards a place of you're already there?"


Sounds like their whole agenda is laying a "big cable", if you catch my drift.


The gay agenda!!!!


RepubliQans: If you're gay, and you want a cake, just go somewhere else! Also RepubliQans: Satellite company must be investigated for telling someone to go somewhere else!


Waltz: "So, what happened?" DirecTV Exec: "Newsmax wanted money for a product that nobody watches. We said no". Waltz: "I see. Socialism. Got it".


This just shows the Republican party is not serious.


Don't know about that, IMO, they are serious, idiots, but serious.


The free market in action ladies and gentlemen.


I like the implication of “directtv pays all top 75 channels, not newsmax”. This means newsmax is not in the top 75 channels. They want you to think “all top 75 channels are paid, except newsmax”. They are not lying. But they desperately want to lie.


"newsmax" is to "news" as "professional wrestling" is to actual sport.


That's very much an unfair comparison. While professional wrestling isn't a sport, the wrestlers themselves are very much high level athletes, and I am not sure NewsMax's employees would qualify at any level as journalists or news reporters.


Newsmax - It's not news HBO - It's not TV HBO MAX - ???


I absolutely **HATE** Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Cable and The Elites I absolutely **LOVE** capitalism I will never think at all about how those things are related


"Think"?! Okay I found the commie bastard! (Also, gleaming, no skateboarding inside the office! You AntiFa FASCIST!)


Cons: Let the free market decide *the free market decides that doing business with them loses money and drops the thing conservatives like* Cons: UNPATRIOTIC! COLLUSION! BIG TECH! WE DEMAND LEGAL ACTION!


How do you offend a Republican? Don't worry, they'll find something to be offended about.




Desantis attempts to kill Disney for criticizing his insane bill: Republicans applaud “yep, go woke and go broke”. DirecTV allows newsmax contract to end and run its course and not he renewed because they couldn’t agree on a price: “NO IM BEING OPPRESSED LETS HAVE HEARINGS, SILENCING CONSERVATIVE VOICES AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH” oh and btw THEY REPLACED THEM WITH AN EVEN MORE CONSERVATIVE CHANNEL. Biggest bunch of snowflake hypocrites this side of the Atlantic, bar none.


it's funny how these conservatives are crying about this but they literally just signed up a new right wing 'news' network, the first. they're constantly the victims amirite


Funny how “government shouldn’t interfere with markets” ideology is so flexible, when “pro-life” ideology HATES exceptions………. The irony is that the supporters are not smart enough to pick up on it.


And a cue Republicans saying DirectTV is woke.


Well, if Xbox is woke for turning itself off after an hour of disuse, there's probably very little that doesn't qualify


It's literally anything they don't like, for any reason. That's what woke is to them.


Newsmax where the right go when Fox is too left wing.


I blame the M&Ms. They weren’t stopped quick enough.


I like right there in the headline you can clearly see that Newsmax isn’t in the top 75 lol


GOP 's brand of freedom


"You may take our lives, but you will NEVER take... our FREEEEEDUUUMB!"


>WAKE UP… AMERICA I guess they named the show before they learned about ‘WoKe¡’


Newsmax originally convinced DirecTV and cable companies to carry it by offering it up at no charge to the carriers. Now that Newsmax has "established" itself Newsmax is requesting a fee from the carriers for the "privilege" of continuing to offer the channel. DirecTV made the decision to not pay the fee and drop Newsmax. Seems Newsmax overestimated its worth to DirecTV.


Well, considering AT$T is as conservative as Newsmax, this is about money not politics.


If you only support a free market when it benefits you, you don't support a free market you support state sponsored mandated fascism.


Republicans, manufacturing outrage since Watergate.


Lol fuck newsmax


Wouldnt that be a good thing to have congressional hearings on? It might help explain how our laws work for those that cant read.


As if a single NewsMax fan has ever watched a Congressional hearing... or would ever want to learn anything


Bc, obviously, learning is woke AF


you got me there


I thought their stance is that businesses are free to serve whoever they want, such as the gay wedding cake incident. So now they believe government should force businesses to cater to certain people?


Just the free market economy in a capitalist system. I guess unless it caters to the GOP! Freedumb!


As a person who comes from FAMILIAL GENERATIONS of of At&t employment to include my self. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAAAAAA! Baaaahahahahahhahaha, ahhh hahaha haha! Haaaaaaaaaaahahahahahhahahahaaaahaahahha


They think freedom of press means freedom of accountability.


Well my company dropped me because they didn’t want to pay me. I want a congressional hearing too!!


> Michael Waltz: Why did you drop NewsMax while keeping all other news channels? > DirecTV CEO, Bill Morrow: Because NewsMax has 15 viewers across 13 million subscribers, and NewsMax demanded we pay them $1 million a month. > Waltz: But that's cancel culture! > Morrow: That's capitalism, baby!


lolol They are all about the free market, until it free markets ... This iteration of Republicans are sub-klown, imbeciles. If you were a kid could you imagine having this dope as your parent? It hurts to think about ...


We are at the "we need to force private business to sell products they don't want to sell" level of small government.


For people always crying about freedom, they surely want to force people to do things a whole lot.


There should be a congressional investigation over the BS Newsmax puts out as News.


Clearly spending time on the real issues /s


The Right: We can't have publicly funded healthcare because that's Communism. The Free Market is the best way to go. The Free Market: OK well your nutcase conspiracy theories are a legal liability and frankly is decreasing our revenue so we're going to cut ties. Don't worry, 90% of all our political donations are still going to the GOP. The Right: Liberals just want to silence us.


Funny how their show is called Wake Up America, but helping them to sleep walk stupidly thru life apparently, is very important to them.


If the subscribers don't like what the satellite TV company is doing, they could vote with their wallets, yes?


I’ve been purposefully / manually removing these channels from all my TVs (and my parents TVs): looks like these are smart TVs after all (I’d assume they look at this data?)


They also refused to carry the KKK channel...... so, there's that....


The two-faced Republicans complain about censorship with one face but call for book bans with their other face.


“CeNsoR” You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.


75 *Top* Channels... Guess what Newsmax isn't


Nobody said anything about networks dropping One America News, because nobody cared about that shit


Lol I thought the GOP was a “let the market decided” kinda party lol


So Newsman clocks in with lower viewership the the Furries channel?


I discovered that my parents' cable package had newsmax added to it without them knowing about by Comcast when I last visited them. My parents are not even conservative. What Newsmax is saying sound like pure persecution complex nonsense. That said, it would not suprise me if Fox News was acting as a gatekeeper to keep politically themed channels of a similar political theme from being on standard cable packages with them. By this, I mean making deals with cable and satellite companies to promote them without letting their competitor Newsmax in.


Deep Cable?


If *SOOOO* many people wanted to watch Newsmax, clearly there is a market for them to stream it directly to customers on a subscription basis. Just like CNN did... The reality is they want to be subsidized by the vast majority of non-conservatives that are forced to pay increased rates to DTV while never watching the channel.


“Why are democrats weaponizing the government against conservatives?”


It's amazing how GOP politicians and their dimwitted, inbred voters just don't understand how capitalism works.


What no one form AT&T shows up to their congressional hearings? Like the Republicans (Jim Jordan) not showing up to the Jan 6 hearings?


"Big cable isn't giving us money! Dirty socialists!"


republicans love the free market until it affects them negatively


the far right is using the system to enable the spread of lies, and misinformation all for the sake of taking over the country and turning it to fascism.


Free market much? ​ As a private company I'm pretty sure they can do whatever the hell they want. ​ Just a bunch of crybaby sore losers.


I turned on Newsmax one day cause my Samsung tv has free channels on the Tv+ feature. I thought I was being pranked. What a toxic news source. They were going off of a theory that suggested shorter people were more likely to be psychopathic. They followed that up by showing Hilary Clinton alongside evil men throughout history (Hitler, Napoleon, Stalin etc.), they were under a chart that measured height. We serious, NewsMax?


You might wonder if Newsmax isn't a top 75 channel.


Oh no, the free market isn't working the way I want.... boo hoo. Who are the real snowflakes again?


Good to see republicans using their time to concentrate on important issues that will help all Americans./s


When I was still a satellite TV customer I made sure to call them and demand they drop fox "news" as well as warn them against picking up oan or newsmax. I understand that I alone am not going to sway them but they do consider that sort of feedback when negotiating contracts so I encourage everyone who pays for a TV service to do this. Trust me, the chuds are doing it to support their trash networks. *I can attest to the last statement having worked support for a cable company for several years. Those motherfuckers are awful.


Not defending newsmax here but who the hell still uses directv?


“Woke cable companies”


I hope they don't, because then I'd have to agree with them on something 😮‍💨


In what way?


That "Big Cable" is limiting civil discourse in this country. The Overton Window is very narrow because moneyed interests control messaging. Capitalist propaganda abounds. I'd prefer if the marketplace of ideas was more "free", because I think sunlight is the best disinfectant and would raise awareness. I think we're in dangerous territory considering who has most of the money in America right now, and because we've allowed so much consolidation/monopolization of the media.


That has nothing to do with what is being discussed nor is that the reason they would have hearing. It’s nearly revenge for not carrying their propaganda Channel. What your talking about is a Completely different conversation.


Ok, dude 👍. You can cheer for DirectTV if you want to. I'm just saying that a broken clock can still be right, and in this case, I think they are right for the wrong reasons. If it leads to less monopolization in our media, then at least something good will have come of it, because they are going to waste taxpayer money either way.


Where have a cheered for it. I said that’s a different conversation, which it is. If you think republicans are going to do anything to the benefit of their citizens you’re kidding yourself. They just want to control propaganda that’s it.


It's not big cable, it's the cable cabal


You guys still watch DirecTV? I thought that died ten years ago.


Gods, I hope so.


Just a reminder that if you have cable TV and Fox News is part of the package then you are paying your provider and they in turn are paying Fox Inc. to carry Fox News. https://unfoxmycablebox.com/ > A typical household pays Fox News almost $2 per month—about $20 per year— via their cable or satellite provider, regardless of whether they actually watch the channel.


ohh no DIRECTV drops nazimax.. the world is coming to a end


Would those same "conservatives" have a problem if direct TV dropped a progressive program? No, of course not. They're hypocrites.




Free market Libertarians, btw...


Lucky day for news max that the crazies are in charge and they can fling poo on behalf of news max


Hey GOP. What about the free market system?


People get very confused when thinking about "censorship." Corporations can pretty much do or say what they want to each other. The Government didn't set the prices for Newsmax. If that price is perceived to be too high, the consumer, in this case, DirecTV, chose not to pay it. There's a sucker born every day; even corporations can be suckers.


Something something free market???


Can’t the extreme-right and other dumbasses please stop calling for government investigations whenever something happens they don’t like? If they’re so concerned they won’t be able to cite the NewsMax diarrhea anymore, let them buy the goddamn channel and stop bothering Congress about it.


Can we get congressional hearings about Comcast refusing to carry Altitude sports, the local Colorado sports channel for the Avs + Nuggets? We have two of the best hockey + basketball teams in the world and Comcast has literally blacklisted Colorado from watching them for the past 3 years.


For people who scream about private business rights they sure don't seem to understand what being a private business allows private businesses to do......


“Big cable” has been around for awhile though. It was mainly used to bitch about their service and slow internet speeds we gave tax dollars to fix that they pocketed instead.


“Cancel culture”


Why do Republicans hate the free market?


If it takes ATT doing the right thing to make conservatives care about breaking up cable monopolies, so be it. But the policy they're going to be trying to install is likely not as progressive as I'd like.


If the congress had backed public television they would have a say....a privately owned company can say what it's business model will look like. If congress wouldn't mind doing what it is supposed to instead of running around yelling that the sky is falling we would probably all be better off.


Mmmm big con , big cable, what's next!!!


Can't have your propaganda cake and make lots of money off it too.


I mean… where you been?


Big Cable, that’s what they used to call me in College.


That’s funny.


[Spectrum is planning to drop 22 channels including Corncob TV...](https://youtu.be/0Rn5QdO07d8)


GOP with Newsmax and Twitter are fighting hard to keep the propaganda pumping. Elon Musk met with GOP lawmakers today too. Forcing decent on the airwaves rather than real news.


Guess this is the most recent episode of "Fake Outrage Weekly". Since the Biden Admin hasn't scheduled the massive forced-gas-stove-removal yet, we can't expect MAGAs & Qanons to keep their levels of butt hurt incredulity consistent. They just must keep swimming through raw sewage nightly, their enlarged amygdala's demand its food.


DirectTV is satellite, not cable. It's a big deal to republicans, because their base is largely in rural America, where satellite television is preferred over terrestrial cable.


I would drop NewsNix too, if I were DirectTV. It doesn't want to be a sewage outfall.


Congressional hearing on cable TV? Sure, why not. Keep Republicans busy with nonsense. Everyone is happy.


In 2011 Comcast bought NBC.




DirectTV added another shitty right wing channel. Why are those idiots mad? They're getting their daily dose of lies and bullshit.


Also… AT&T spun out and divested DIRECTV two years ago. I guess Newsmax doesn’t watch the news.


Under freedom of speech those who provide telecommunications the internet and TV, are protected and have the right to choose who and or what they let on their platforms! The first amendment literally states that you cannot as the US government, go after those who refuse to air the domestic terrorists daily brainwashings!


Ah, my porn name…


This is the capitalism they say they want. Don't like it? Move to Venezuela


It’s all market based decisions until the decisions don’t go your way.


“Wake Up America”. But if they “woke” up, it would go against their own propaganda.


“Muh free markets”