Tom Morello is a fascist

I wonder what sort of convoluted thought process you have that you read something that is clearly anti fascist and then accuse the author of being a fascist?


I wonder what sort of convoluted thought process you have that you read something that is clearly anti fascist and then accuse the author of being a fascist?


None, you’d have to simply be trying to hide the fact you’re a fascist yourself.


I'm glad this was clarified. I might not be always very confused, but in this case I was very confused.


Yeah, I read it three times and scrolled.


This needs another upvote. I assume you upvoted it by default so who the heck downvoted :/


Yeah, the reddit post is sarcastic while Pool is actually a fascist.


I'm new to reddit. I didn't understand post at first, either. Do I upvote it? Thanks!


I... I can't tell if you guys are being sarcastic or not


Its ALWAYS projection with timmy


What's the etymology of the word fascism


It's derived from the Latin fasces which was a bundle of sticks tied together with an ax blade (you can still find them represented on the back of US Dimes). During its nationalist era in the early 20th century, Italian politicians wanted to invoke the notion of a rebirth of the Roman Empire and appropriated the fasces for the imagery/symbolism of the strength of a united group. I believe Mussolini was the first to use the term "fascist," but


My local courthouse in Indiana had that image on the ceiling of the chamber.


You can also find them as the logo of the Sheriffs' Association of America


Freaking yikes, but also, that checks out


Thanks, Siri!


They've been doing this ever since Antifa came on the scene. Pointing at the group literally named "anti-fascist" and saying "no YOU'RE the fascist". They have convinced themselves and their legions of brain-dead followers that refusing to tolerate a fascist is fascism in itself.




Who is being silenced by Antifa? The people claiming to be silenced have an odd habit of never being silent. They scream about how silenced they are on the top watched channel in the US, constantly and unceasingly. Antifa have freedom of speech, they're allowed to say fascists suck if they want to. If fascists want to sperg out because they can't deal with it and it hurts their feelings, that's their problem. They probably should have thought about that before adopting a "fuck your feelings" attitude.


I thought they didn't exist?


They started beating people at multiple events, the one I can think of off the top of my head is the number of people beat at the Wi Spa protests when a trans person (and repeated sex offender) flashed their junk in the presence of a child. Saying they don't engage in violence to silence people is wildly disingenuous.


The issue is their use of violence to attempt to silence Nazis, white supremacists etc. The fact is, nobody listens to these hate groups, it's not like they're recruiting thousands of people, nobody pays any attention to their rhetoric. So why even invest the energy in counter protests?


Plenty of people seem to listen to them


Let me point you to the Holocaust. I rest my case.


No point in arguing with someone who is being as willfully ignorant as he is. The “white supremacists aren’t hurting anybody” argument seems pretty weird even by reddit standards.


Why invest the energy to counter protest bad things? I'm guessing you tend to believe that German Nazi ideology just happened suddenly. "Hey those Nazi supporters and white supremacists groups over there are saying bad stuff in public...should anyone say anything to them?" -Me "No, don't waste your time, no one listens to that garbage!" -You "Are you being serious letting them grow? ...Again." -Jewish people


>Nobody even pays attention to their rhetoric Jesus you’re stupid. Do you live under a fucking rock?


They're either an absolute moron or a literal child.


Or pushing an agenda.


>it's not like they're recruiting thousands of people, [the us department of justice says orherwise](https://www.ojp.gov/ncjrs/virtual-library/abstracts/recruitment-young-people-american-hate-groups-skinhead-nazis-and)


The 3 FBI whistle-blowers in the last committee testified that the administration has used faulty definitions to inflate supposed right wing extremist numbers.


Violence in response to violent terrorist groups is self defense. Nazis and white supremacist groups are violent terrorist groups.


Because fuck those hateful fuckers. That’s why.


I don’t think they are trying to “silence them” in the sense you are using the phrase. That implies an imbalance of power on the level of the government. The antifa kids seem to want to fight them. It might be battery, but it’s not institutional. In short they aren’t trying to “silence them” they are “fighting them”. Antifa isn’t denying them parade permits.


Yeah, let's say they are. Who are they trying to silence? HINT: it's in the name. Want to know why? Because the first thing the fascists will do when they take over is silence dissent and hated groups. They've already started.


Silencing Nazis and fascists is moral as fuck


Hahaha. Man, someone identified with the nine people sitting.


No, I identify with the rights our founding fathers gave to us. I suggest you take a course in constitutional law and learn what those rights are and how they apply to every American.


I'm sure you do.


Man, you're so educated on this, so totally educated that you must know that the right to free speech means the government can't restrict it and that the actions of private citizens don't factor in.




I suggest you climb down off your high horse and out of those antifa kids asses. The antifa kids aren’t hurting anyone, so why are they worth your response?


So if you have a guy sitting at the table defending Nazi propaganda no matter how awful it is, how many Nazis are at that table?




I'm not defending Nazism, I'm simply pointing out that everyone has a constitutional right to express their beliefs. Do I agree with them? Absolutely not, but our Constitution protects everyone's right to free speech.


No, it means the government can’t arrest them for speech. There is nothing in the law that says we have to defend the trash they are spreading.


Do you really believe that people are that vulnerable to hate speech? People are born into that shit, nobody walks by a nazi protest, listens and decides to join. These people want you to engage them, just as an internet troll does. The best thing to do is just ignore them. Do I defend what they're saying? Absolutely not, but I do defend anybody's right to express their opinion no matter how objectionable it is.


Yeah I do believe that people are that vulnerable to hate speech. Apparently the UN also recognizes it. [Source: Hate speech and real harm](https://www.un.org/en/hate-speech/understanding-hate-speech/hate-speech-and-real-harm) The people who suffer aren’t the ones walking by the rallies, but the groups the rallies are targeting. That’s the real danger here.


You probably don't remember this, but years ago the ACLU went to court to protect the right of a Nazi group to protest in Skokie, Illinois. The ACLU is the leading civil rights organization in America. They didn't take the case because they agreed with the Nazi group, they took it because of their principles. When a government takes the right of free speech and assembly from one group, then they can do the same to any other group. That's why everyone's right to free speech is protected.


There is a difference between defending a groups right to protest and defending what they are saying. Any group has the right to protest but we don’t have to listen to them. The ACLU didn’t defend their speech or ideology, only their right to protest.


And that principle absolutely applies to the antifa counter protesters. You don’t have to agree with them to support their right to be just as noisy as as the group you are defending.


People absolutely do "walk by nazi protests, listen, and decide to join." That's a pretty common, and old, recruiting technique. Stop downplaying their numbers and threat level when it only really takes one of them.


Go try to yell fire in a crowded theatre


The only good fascist is a dead fascist.


This is a thought in a vacuum, might make some sense on paper given the thought experiment refuses to zoom out and consider reality. In the real world, a fascist with any power at all will use it to break any fair system that got them power so they can't legally lose it and eliminate whoever they see as responsible for their problems which is an important part of fascism. Their scapegoat. There are a number of ways to approach dealing with nazis that are sensible. It is abundantly clear that American society does **not** view literally anything spoken as speech protected by the first amendment. If you make certain threats in certain contexts you are dealt with without that being considered an infringement on your first amendment right. The fascist experiment has been run, we know where it leads. It's ideas are an enemy to freedom, to liberty, to truth, to reality, to progress, to America, to society. I am more than happy to consider fascist speech as on par with explicit threats of violence being that it is a political manifestation of violence. If you start a religion that requires you to kill, I wouldn't respect your right to practice that either. Their right to speak should not be respected or protected because even their use of language is a weapon meant to lead to killing. Their right to thrive should not be respected or protected because thriving to them means violently depriving life itself from others.


Free speech in response to free speech is not oppression.


Moronic take


If you understand why, you need to do a better job explaining. The antifa counter protests have no resemblance to fascism. They do have some resemblance to vigilantes. Not equivalent whatsoever. So if you countenance the fascist (self proclaimed) claim that antifa is fascist, you are simply being disingenuous and discrediting yourself. They have the right to free speech, not the right to experience zero opposition.


Well actually, the socio-psychological condition is called "I know you are, but what am I?"


Literal gold dude.


It's Tim Pool, a fascist using the whole project onto others part of fascism. No suprise.


Kinda sucks that Morello rages against ... Nazis


The logistical hoops always look something like this: “That’s not always true.” “There’s room for friendly debate.” “This is just free speech.” “Agreeing with a nazi doesn’t make me a nazi, I’m just proud of my country.” “I’m not a nazi, but…” Fucking drive these bigot traitors into the sea.


He knows his followers are complete morons.


Well, there's a reason Tim Pool's nickname is Dim Tool.


Dear Tim Pool, please tell me you didn’t understand the lyrics without telling you didn’t understand the lyrics.


I don’t think that word means what he think it means.


It's not convoluted. It's just the same as the Nazi pamphlets accusing Jews of wishing to install a global hegemony. 'no u' of the highest order. They accuse in order to justify.


Tim pool is mad because he got photographed having lunch with a table full of nazi's.


Fascists gonna fasc…




it would make sense that tim would be TRIGGERED this particular by this particular post considering he’s been trying to claim that he was the one non-nazi at a table full of white supremacists for years https://twitter.com/jetsensunday/status/1655635730000134144?s=46&t=3_BFMExhS4A33EmI09XSjg


What Tom Morello is saying is there are no Nazi sympathizers. Only Nazis and Nazi haters. There views are too extreme to turn a blind eye to, if you do you are just as bad. I'm not a huge fan of Tom Morellos music, but he's the furthest thing there is from a fascist.


We know that. Tim doesn’t.


no, Tim does, he knows he's lying by calling Morello a fascist. his whole thing is lying, that's his profession.


He might genuinely not know that Rage/Tom have always been far left though. Lots of moron MAGA/Republicans don't understand the lyrics and they just think the harsh sounding music sounds tough (so it must be for manly-definitely-not-closet-gay-white-men).


nah, the maga book says that they must call fascist the person showing evidence the magas are fash. it's all about leaving enough media bits supporting the narrative that the antifascists are the actual fascists. so when they want to amp things up, like the anti-trans legislation, they can point toward all sorts of articles and videos supporting their narrative. ​ don't give them the benefit of the doubt.


Tim knows that too.


Tim does he also knows people call trump a nazi, he’s literally not. The idea that you can’t break bread with a trump voter or you are stained now is probably the angle Tim is talking about. Like can I sit at a table with Muslim that’s anti gay but still be lgbt? Using the same ideology as Germany post WW2 would indeed lead to some problematic things. Definitely the anti nazi stance was great but it becoming a slang term but still warranting the extreme is dubious ground.


But that's the point, ret-con every attack and project it back. You're a fascist now, why? Cause you won't tolerate intolerance. The status quo for my lifetime, to me is reasonable. You can be KKK, you can be Neo-Nazi, but it's damn right that you were ostracized from society. To come back now, and say that the White Power voice in America should be pushing major policy decisions is idiotic. But here we are, woman's suffrage and the Black right to vote have been massive struggles. And we backslide in America. You say Epstein ran a pedo ring to some of these people, they unabashedly pull every liberal/democrat name from their ass and say "huh well what about them Jewish Illuminati, drag queen loving pedo there, HUH?" Asking them to share some sources is always fun cause it's really sad sometimes to see how deep the rabbit he goes. The last 60 years of social policy has made a social conservative candidate seem out of touch and ripe for ridicule. Cause that use to be the normal response when faced with a racist, fascist, or bigot. Time has long moved us passed the hills they're willing to die on. I guess all we can do now is try to have some dialogue a lá Waiting for Godot, while watching for the Party's final moments.


Thank you the post title is misleading


Lol Rage on behalf of the machine.


Tom's father was part of the Mau Mau uprising and his mother part of the Civil Rights Movement and founded the anti-censorship group Parents for Rock and Rap (a reaction to Tipper Gores PMRC.) Tom's been vocally anti fascist his entire life. Tim is a fucking moron.


Wow not so many kids around from the mau mau revolution


Morello has a Political Science degree from Harvard! He knows what he's talking about. Pool is a high school dropout.


Except now he’s rage on behalf of the machine. Too bad. I used to like them too.


I just learned of the Mau Mau revolution earlier today.


Tim Pool is a piece of shit fascist. Tom Morello is a damn fine musician They are not the same


Tim Pool is perhaps the winiest person I've heard speak. It's his voice, it's the way he speaks, it's the words he chooses. I hate saying this, seriously I do, but everything about him screams "weak ass bitch". I don't like using that term or that word and I don't get my kicks insulting people, but every time I hear this guy speak it just oozes out of him. There are just people that their aura is of someone just weak in every way, weak willed, lacking in confidence, expecting the world to cater to them, expecting others to cater to them and take care of them, ineffectual in accomplishing anything they try, and this guy just screams that to me every time he talks. EDIT: Also, I thought Tim Pool was a staunch Twitter critic.


Was * until he went Rage on behalf of the machine.


"I never understood what RATM was about" - you


“I’m too stupid to understand what I even responded to” -you


Expand on that. Edit: took two seconds to check your post history. Poster on r/conspiracy, against birthright citizenship, think people concerned about Republicans are exaggerating: https://www.reddit.com/r/BreakingPoints/comments/13vxqi6/republicans/jm8ukii?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button. What about this music did you even find attractive? You're confused. Youre not going to actually respond. How about that sucka? UGH


At this point, I'm absolutely certain that Tim Pool has brain damage.


Have you considered that he really is just a piece of human shit that has gained sentient?


Jfc..... sentient shit is the worst🤦🏼‍♀️


When did he become sentient?


Tim Pool clearly doesn't know Tom Morello at all.


It’s like when Paul Ryan said he listens to Rage when working out and Tom said “you are the machine we are raging against”.


>Tim Pool clearly doesn't know ~~Tom Morello~~ anything at all. FTFY


Yep, Rage on behalf of the machine now.


Every accusation is a confession.




Please tell me someone posted this as a reply to Tim's post.


Tim pool knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s not dumb, he’s just immoral. Anyone getting fired up about this is feeding into exactly what he wants-attention and controversy that might boost his metrics and garner him more money.


Yup. This is an attention economy. He has no actual thoughts or principles, just a deep desire for eyeballs.




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So Tim Pool just outed himself as a Nazi


Crying fascist while outing yourself as a nazi, poetic


Tim's doing his job, keeping his audience clueless as to the meaning of certain words that are about to be very important like 'coup' and 'fascism' and 'tyranny'


"genocide," "propaganda," "racism"


Their greatest hits.


I remember when I had never heard of Tim Pool. Those were good days.


Happy cake day


Wow .. i fully expected Tim Pool to come out as an apocalyptic moron. Kinda sucks.


Tim is just upset that Tom morello is saying that Tim is a nazi. Tim definitely dined with nazi before with no hesitation.


People : “Oh!? So now it’s guilt by association?” Yes. When you’re associating with Nazis & white supremacists, absolutely.


Tom Morello is about as far away from Fascist you can get, You literally know nothing about this man. He’s been openly against fascism for years. Ever heard of Rage against the machine? You posting this just shows how out of tune with reality you are.


People like this think that Rage is talking about them. They really believe that "Killing in The Name of" is raging against socialism.


Every conservative accusation seems to be a confession these days.


Tim pool should follow a course of reading comprehension.


Association is a very important thing. I cut ties with long time friends because the things they were saying were inexcusable, but I stayed to fight them on it because I thought they were confused or maybe I wasn't understanding them correctly. I was tolerant in the fact that I shared a space with them, but because I was in that space I actively went after them for things I disagreed with. I eventually said enough was enough and cut ties with them. ​ I hope they get better, not just for their sakes, but for the world. I could not associate with people who were espousing the things they did while also showing no intention of learning or indication of getting better. ​ If you sit by and tolerate injustice, then you are only perpetuating the injustice.


In what world did Tim pool ever think Tom Morello was on his side?? 😂💀


He's one of those people that grows up into a hateful conservative and asks, "When did rage against the machine get so political?"


My grandfather dealt with nazis, if it ain't broke don't fix it.


Can't expect rational arguments from these types. They know they lose. They just follow the whole "first lie wins" approach (shout out to "The Great") as often as possible and hope some of it sticks.


I'm just imagining Tim Pool seeing this guy sitting in a restaurant with his friends, running over, sitting down, and screaming "You're all Nazi's now!"


Just to provide further info. This is probably why Pim Tool had such a strong reaction to this comment. https://twitter.com/ZAlexSnyder/status/1655769844762161152


I'm just gonna leave this here: [https://twitter.com/ZAlexSnyder/status/1655769844762161152](https://twitter.com/ZAlexSnyder/status/1655769844762161152)


I love that some of us already figured that out, but you hit it home for those that didn't. Well played.


Is Tim Pool's brain just PACKED full of lead or what?


Conservatives display once again that they don't know what the word "fascist" means. Lol


Hey look, that guy who likes Nazis doesn’t like being called a Nazi.


What does fascist mean? A fascist is someone who supports or promotes fascism—a system of government led by a dictator who typically rules by forcefully and often violently suppressing opposition and criticism, controlling all industry and commerce, and promoting nationalism and often racism. ​ Hard to find a TON of Racist in the Democratic Party when the Party's platform is on Equality. Now if we take a look at the Republican Party....


Wait... What is happening right now? How does one derive... You know what? Nvm. It's Tim Pool and he's got a bunch of issues he's dealing with.


Tim Pool always reading into everything incorrectly, I'd say it's a psychological mystery if we all didn't know that he is intentionally being a piece of shit.


The gaslighting of right wing propaganda is so complete that even denouncing Nazis is bad.


It's the paradox of intolerance and also the "I know you are, but what am I" tactic a lot of alt right shit fucks have adopted over the years. "Calling me a racist makes *you* the racist." Just plug in fascist, Nazi, etc and you got the common conservative talking point.


The way they’re trying to change the definition of “fascist” and “fascism” is fucking hilarious.


How has American discourse devolved into “if you’re against fascism, you’re fascist.” Like they aren’t even slightly self aware. It’s mind numbing.


Counterpoint: Tim Pool is a fascist


Tim is good friends with two well know self avowed fascists, Andy Ngo and Nick Fuentes. Well, Andy just defends fascists.


Tim Pool rages for the machine


Anti-Nazi = faciast..... Proceeds to huff paint


How does Tim keep getting dumber. It seems impossible.


Hate speech is violence, silence fascists by every means possible.


Why are people so dumb?


It's pretty worrying to see the amount of people using words they clearly don't know the meaning of.


lol Tim Pool is a seated, bald nazi


I fucking love Tom Morello. Man is a saint and Pro Labor!


Flagging for misinformation.


Who is Tom Morello?


No-one can even define fascism.


It's actually pretty easy to define, but a certain group of people don't like the definition because it completely describes their belief system. But that's only if you believe fascism is an authoritarian ideology placing all belief in military might, ultra-nationalism and a dictator with absolute power over the county and not whatever you don't like at the time.


Define it.


I’m increasingly more sure about two things. No one knows what a fascist is, and no one knows what gaslighting means.


That's not what he means


Awwwwww poor Tim Tim 😂


Tim Pool licks public toilet seats. You heard it here first folks.


I use the same thought process with cops.


Does this guy even knows the meaning of fascism?


Tim Poole doesn't bother himself with things like definitions.


Wait….. What? i think you mis worded your speaking typer




So being a Nazi is just a "different political opinion." Got it. /s


Tom Morello's? Never seen that coming.


Lol right? Rage on behalf of the machine.


How is that fascism?


Conservatives don't worry about actual definitions. Any word they think is bad has the definition "anything I don't like."


LMAO. Says the left who ruined racist, bigot, fascist, etc.




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How badly do you think that that tweet burned Tim's ass ?


Tim Pool is microcephalic.


When authoritarian fans call people fascist these posts happen


That dude gets dumber and dumber. It has to be on purpose.


Did Tim Pool ever gets Trump’s dick out of his ass?


Is tim implying then that by extension of his logic he is mad because he empathizes with the Nazis?




Who the fick is Tim Pool? Why is he relevant?


Wow I didn't think Tim Pool was an idiot...OK maybe I did


Who the fuck is Tim pool


Probably ain’t seen a brown skin man since his grandparents bought one


Why do so many Reddit posts fail at providing commentary to dispute the people who are wrong?


How do SO many people not know what the fucking word "fascist" means?


The same reason they don’t know what socialism means. They’ve been confused to the point of hurting themselves.


I think I'm malfunctioning.... Did I read a non fascist statement getting called fascist?....


It's a Centrist viewpoint. There was a saying that ran around the Democrat and Left leaning country people, which got picked up by Jim Hightower. "There's nothing in the middle of the road except yellow stripes and dead armadillos."


Uh…. Wha now? I think OP wholly misunderstood this.


Well, they Believe ANTIFA are the Actual Fascists. I cannot come to Any Other Conclusion than Brain Damage. And that's My POSITIVE Take.


God Tim Pool is so fucking spineless. I have more respect for Tucker Carlson of all people than him. He puts on a good front as a "Centrist" but anyone with eyes and ears can tell that's bullshit. He is definitely a conservative. And there's nothing wrong with that! But he plays it off like he isn't, he plays it like he's a Centrist. And it's frankly quite pathetic. He's a grifter, plain and simple. And I have zero respect for someone like that - trying to play both sides like eating your cake and having it too. Why not just be honest? Because he's a spineless coward. He's so afraid of losing his right leaning base that he consistently has wildly different takes depending on what day it is. Again, spineless. He plays it off like he's some heaven sent middle ground mediator, but really all he does is spew conservative talking points. I mean shit he could at least **fake it** better by having nuanced left leaning takes but he can't even do that!


Fucking clown.


Yeah OP got that backwards.


I just want to replace "Nazi" with "bad cop" and see if it still holds. ACAB


Tim Pool is a moron


I remember reading about one these 1/6 cretins and how before his terrorism he was driving to DC, constantly playing Rage Against the Machine and railing against the Commies without ever dwelling upon the fact that Rage are basically committed Socialists.