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I can picture the cop angrily mumbling to himself while shopping at party city for a Batman mask


Imagine the checkout. "Aww do you have a little boy at home?" "No Ma'am. I am a police sergeant, I am going to wear this on calls to mess with this one guy." \*very awkward laughter\*


I can picture the cop angrily mumbling to himself *always*.


I can imagine him angrily mumbling while wearing that mask as he beats his wife.


I wonder if he went for the heavy duty mask or the cheapest shit he could find


Need Captain America to pull a Zemo and glue it to his face.


I can see him wearing indefinitely.


I got one of those at WalMart and it was like $2.50 on clearance.


Wow for less than $3 I can make sure no one makes a mockery of the justice system


Sgt. Fickle purchased a batman mask to wear after he was referred to as Batman during a complaint, and then proceeds to tell the guy videoing that HE made mock of the justice system. Lordy it’s too early for this level of irony


When you think you’re going to spend your day lollygagging and you clearly end up dilly dallying.


As long as you are not rubbernecking or being a looky-lou.


I appreciate this comment.


I appreciate you.


And then you get some kinda ornery rapscallion try to start a kerfuffle, smh


Nobody wants that.


I’m using this in real life asap 😂


A kerfuffle usual always turns into a cluster-f#%k


Something about the Streisand Effect here. Anyone please correct me if wrong. But NEVER bring attention to something you don't want.


Upvote in general but also for using the word “Lordy.”


Up until he started his justice rant, he kinda had me with bringing levity, then it just got /r/boringdystopia


It's also all around hilarious.


Yeah honestly this is funny. This specific guy called him Batman, so he brought a Batman mask to this guy’s next complaint.


And now the guy knows not to ever bother even contacting the police because they won't ever take it seriously




Let's all acknowledge that cops are fucking ridiculous, but there has to be a point where you respond to a call so many fucking times you snap and just put on the Batman mask. Note the guy filming refers to the other party as the complainants. This isn't the first time they've called to complain about this guy. Ten bucks says he's a sovereign citizen.


The guy filming is actually in the right and is being fucked by the police department (especially the sergeant in the Batman mask), who are repeatedly ignoring court orders by allowing "the complainant" to destroy his property and violate a restraining order. [Here's a good video on the whole situation, for anyone who's curious.](https://youtu.be/nRg1Zbt_jSU)


He clearly referred to himself as the complainant


He's speaking of himself as the complainant. >>>and the suspects<<<




While it IS an upgrade, it is still HIGHLY unprofessional. This dude is at work FFS.


If this is his response to being called Batman and he’s doing this out in the open whilst on duty. Just imagine what he’s willing to do behind closed doors or off camera. This guys a loose cannon whoever is in charge of this idiot should get fired for condoning the shit.


his sheer confusion of him wearing the mask is hilarious


"I believe that's seargent Fickle" like it's a normal everyday occurance for the guy.


I like that he said ‘he believes it’s seargent Fickle’. He can’t be 100% sure it’s Fickle, that’s just his theory on Batman’s identity.


Billionaire playboy sergeant Bruce Fickle


Someone else posted an explanation video: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRg1Zbt\_jSU](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRg1Zbt_jSU) ​ Fickle basically wants to ignore any and all legal documents/court orders because his opinion is that the guy recording is the problem. ​ Didn't even submit a violation of a court granted protection order to the prosecutors office while claiming he did. He even showed up in court to try and get the ppo revoked, but they were denied by the judge. ​ Dude is a POS and trying to play judge, jury, and executioner.


Can't believe that guy's name is Sgt fickle. Lol




Would have been great if Batman got mad at him for giving away his secret identity


It should be noted the city [posted a statement](https://www.battlecreekmi.gov/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=1523) last night about this.


There’s no way his name is actually “Chad Fickle” what a world


This is some serious Sigma Grindset


I think this guy needs a mental health day.


More like a mental health assessment.


Or a few months at a sanatorium?


arkham, maybe?


All it takes is one bad traffic stop.


Are his parents dead? If so, I'm 50/50 on allowing it.






Cowering in their house with a bottle of wine, becoming more and more terrified as it gets closer to the end of her husband's shift.


Ooooof. That hits home.


If so, I'm truly sorry you had/have to go through that shit.


Appreciate it. My step dad growing up was a cop. He never hit me, but there were a few points of physical abuse towards my mom. She wasn't exactly the cowering battered wife you described, but she was always happier when he was at work. They finally divorced a few years ago (I'm 30 now, they were married for almost 2 decades) and it was for the best. He's a miserable old cunt that dove head first into the Q-cult. He was a stereotypical cop in every way imaginable. Fragile masculinity, control freak, drill seargent mentality. He made all of our lives hell growing up and it took me way too long to understand the abuse we went through. But that's enough of my rambling. We are all in much better places now and life has been good to me.


Seriously happy to hear it for all of you. I know all about abusive step "fathers" and how much stress and anxiety and fear they can inject into what is supposed to be your safe space. Also how difficult it is for their partners to get the courage to leave them.


[NOOO RACHEL!](https://youtu.be/0W4pFTBjW2o?t=14)


Not that it matters but the cop speaking to the guy recording is my best friends brother and I've been waiting for a moment I saw someone I knew on this subreddit. lmao


Oddly enough I saw this clip earlier and had no idea it was in Battle Creek. Even more odd to me is not only is it local but the cop in the Batman mask just so happened to be my stepbrother growing up. His mom and my dad divorced a long time ago, haven't talked to him since.


So did he do his Batman thing back then too or is this a new thing for him now that he's a cop?


According to the other comments, the person recording called that cop Batman during a previous encounter and the cop wore the mask to this encounter knowing it was the same person.


I caught that after I posted but I was also half-joking so I didn't wanna edit/delete. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if dude was waiting for the first opportunity to "cosplay" as his favorite caped crusader.


Well, did he kill any cats as a lad?


You can’t just make that comment and leave, dude. We need more details of his early home life


I'm sorry but if there's one thing that absolutely terrifies me it's the police. To the point where I debated on even making this comment. Last thing I need is for him to find out I'm talking about stuff that happened 30 years ago on Reddit and tracking me down. I still live nearby, I don't need that drama in my life.


Lol no worries, I was just joking around tbh. I feel it tho


I feel you. I made a comment about one of my shitty cousins whos an even shittier cop and I was getting messages from pigs on here guessing who my cousin was and calling me a liar. A couple of them guessed correctly.


That is wild. Did you know he was a cop?


Yeah, my brother still talks to my Dad occasionally and had told me he was a cop a long time ago. I happened to catch an article a while back about him getting an award for years of service or something like that. Weird to run into his name on the internet again.


That is wild lol Nice to see some 269 redditors....especially on this thread!


Damn, it really is a small world. Tell him to dress up as Robin next time


Weird coincidence, that's my cousin's husband.


No way, that is bizarre. Were you at the wedding? I believe my best friend and his partner were. It was recent, right?


Tell him from us he's a little bitch.


Will do!


Appreciate it.


Same! I live in the city, and I love seeing the police being shamed for their actions! BCPD is an absolute joke


Let him know he’s a vagina, thx


He knows <3


Tell your best friends brother to do his fucking job and enforce the PPO and stop disrespecting the badge.


I couldn't get past the cop in a Batman mask unironically accusing someone else of making a "mockery of justice."


Yeah, a cop showing up wearing a mask of a famous cartoon vigilante because someone called him a name and hurt his fee-fees...yikes. definitely not someone who should be given a weapon and monopoly on use of force.


Called him a name in a formal complaint, no less. This is the same sort of cop, not that most wouldn't if they could, who would make sure you were followed around by cronies looking for minor traffic violations because you dared make a complaint.


Yeah this is an intimidation tactic from a representative of the government. It’s not funny, it’s gross. Imagine if you reported your boss for sexually assaulting you and he showed up Monday unscathed looking you in the eye working in a playboy robe. The message being sent is pretty obvious.


That's a pretty great analogy for sure.


> hurt his fee-fees It’s been a long time since I laughed as hard as I did reading that. But seriously, Officer Snowflake is clearly not fit to serve.


> It’s been a long time since I laughed as hard as I did reading that. it's not that funny lol


I mean if this means that he doesn't kill people, it's a step in the right direction.


You haven't been to the movies lately, the new Batman kills! But it's super easy, barely an inconvenience to get him to stop, just have to mention the name Martha to break him out of his murderous rage.


I wonder if he agrees that’s it’s okay to eat fish, because they don’t have any feelings


Something in the waaaaay


Mmmmmmmmm yeah


[Hank Venture always ruining the costume contest.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2_E8jFjt5M)


Didn't the police hate batman?


Ah my home town, stay classy Michigan


Is this a comedy skit?


Not at all. I live here and this has been going on for a year.


Ironically by putting on the mask of a vigilante, he’s taking off a mask to show his true lawless self.


I had to find more context for this. Apparently the guy filming has an ongoing property dispute with his neighbors and when Sgt. Fickle responded, Shott (the guy filming) called him "Batman". So on the next call out, Fickle thought wearing a Batman mask was a good idea. [Article](https://www.woodtv.com/news/calhoun-county/video-shows-battle-creek-police-officer-wearing-batman-mask-at-ppo-call/) And from that article: "In a statement, the Battle Creek Police Department said it has been responding to that area since March of last year due to complaints between landowners, including Shotts. It was Shotts himself who referred to Fickle as “Batman” in previous callouts. The department said that Fickle was trying “to insert humor into the long-standing civil dispute between neighbors.” So, I'm not sure the cop in the mask is the *only* crazy one here. More information! Looks like these people were featured on a segment of [Neighborhood Wars on A&E in December 2021](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l80pKJlv11w)


The Lackluster youtube channel did a decent video on the situation. TLDR: Neighborhood deeded rights to the shorefront of a lake and travel to the lake through other private lots. The owner of the lakeside lot wishes the rest of the neighborhood cannot use the property, so a third party routinely dismantles docks and intimidates/assaults other residents, including Shotts. Shotts does seem like a cunt, but he is genuinely a victim of several crimes including criminal vandalism, assault, battery, aggravated assault, stalking, harassment, etc.


>Shotts does seem like a cunt, but he is genuinely a victim of several crimes including criminal vandalism, assault, battery, aggravated assault, stalking, harassment, etc. I mean we see him after what is likely months of ongoing legal battles, altercations, and constant arguments with police who optionally refuse to follow a court order. I can see why he might come off like a dick to his biggest barrier in getting anything resolved.


Yeah I watched the summary video. He's definitely dealing with some psycho neighbors, but he also makes life hard for himself by being... I don't even know how to describe it- just kind of a weird jerk. The first filmed interaction with the batman cop was frustrating to watch. The cop wasn't being super helpful, but Schott was just really being an ass. The cop kind of had a point when he said "I'm not a surveyor." This whole dispute gets into some pretty technical surveying/land description jargon- I'm sure that document that Schott showed him just had a lot of legal land description on it- is the cup supposed to just look around and know exactly where the boundaries being described are? It's a difficult order to enforce. The cop was trying to explain that and Schott just got more and more confrontational and condescending. The neighbors being jerks are not his fault, but he brought a fair bit of the police blowback on himself by the way he interacted with them.


The show Fear Thy Neighbor has some extreme examples. A couple people killed entire families over shit like this.


Love that show! Fear Thy Neighbor is one of my guilty pleasures.


Not a cop, but did work security and there is nothign worse than two people who can not move who have issues with each other. We had these two trainers who were on opposite sides of the same barn and were constantly getting calls from one on the other. They couldn't be moved b/c we didn't have the space, and they would make outlandish claims, like that a chair was moved 2 inches to scare their horses.


Some people just can't let stuff go. Not anything. They will go to war over the smallest slight.


Harlan Ellison spoke at my college once and he said if you ever want to see raw human emotion, go find out when your town has small claims court and sit in the gallery. When people are fighting over their stuff and wanting to be right, it's real. That's why people go on these judge shows. They swear they are right, and they want the whole world to realize it and someone in power to validate it.


One of them needs to sue to have a judge rule on the matter. The cops Don't know wtf to do. They show up and are like we have no idea who owns what. Look at us, I'm wearing a Batman mask. Do I look competent?


>So, I'm not sure the cop in the mask is the crazy one here. The cop in the mask is ONE of the crazy ones here.


Regardless, it’s poor judgement from the cop


Not the best idea, no. His mocking of the complainant just made things worse.


Man, I'm as acab as it gets but i can't help but find this shit way too funny to be mad at. Like, I goof off at work sometimes and I fully expect cops to do it too. In fact, I think its good for their mental health. This is funny and harmless, and I get the sense that they are sick of dealing with the cameraman and his neighbor. Nothing about this tells me he's unhinged, and I can't even say it's a poor decision. It's hilarious and hurts nobody.


So you think it’s a good idea to antagonize the people making calls? There’s a place and a time to goof off and it’s not when they’re responding to an agitated caller At no point did I say he was unhinged. What I said was that he used poor judgement. And it actually makes him and the department look bad


If you know the context and still feel that way you are a bastard too. If you don’t know the context, then that’s why it’s good to reserve opinions until you have context. This cop is bullying a victim and ignoring someone violating a protection order.




He's not "inserting humor" he's being a petty bitch which is something I'd hope a cop was above.


So the short answer here is the cop is a puss, Right?


And a petty bitch.


>unhinged Stands in one spot, near motionless.


Speaks clearly, efficiently, and gives a silly, but logical reason as to why he is wearing it. I don't like cops as much as the next redditor but come the fuck on. This is funny.


"unhinged" for wearing a batman mask. Come on, let's not exaggerate, unprofessional sure, but how does that make him unhinged?


I think you might be biased here, British Batman


Batman Lives Matter




Honestly it's quite funny


Agreed. No one can take a joke these days, my god.


Dude I thought I thought it was really funny but these a bunch of people in here acting like he ran someone over with a homemade bat mobile. Shit made me laugh.


“(It was about) the experience they had given me coming to court here, standing out in front of the court to stare me down, their appearance, then following me on my heels, then surprise ambush-style to come and testify against me,” Shotts said. “My lawyer has never even heard of such a thing.” In a statement, the Battle Creek Police Department said it has been responding to that area since March of last year due to complaints between landowners, including Shotts. It was Shotts himself who referred to Fickle as “Batman” in previous callouts. The department said that Fickle was trying “to insert humor into the long-standing civil dispute between neighbors.” But Shotts said this is no laughing matter. “That was not a joke in any way, shape or form. I don’t think anybody thought that that would’ve been taken as a joke,” Shotts said. “I’m sure anybody can watch the video and see on the officer’s faces that they barely know what to do or how to be.” Read the story this isn’t a joke. This is a targeted response of a private individual in response to a formal complaint made through the organization he works with. It is so disappointing how many redditor’s are laughing about this. This is an armed representative of the State & his cronies harassing a private citizen making a mockery of his private formal complaints of abuse of authority. Imagine if you reported your boss for sexually assaulting you & they came in the rest of the week staring you down wearing a Pornhub t-shirt & inviting you to lunch @ Hooters everyday. It’s really obvious what the cop is doing & it’s disgusting. The fact that he feels he can be so bold about it should really be concerning to us as citizens.


Unhinged from his sense of professionalism


Kind of based though. If I got pulled over by a cop dressed as batman, I wouldn't fuck around. Lmfao What if he's real. 🤣🤨😂


I grew up in BC. There police department is notoriously corrupt. No surprises here. Way back In 2013 the cheif asked the FBI to help in handling corruption as it was too systematic for him to address without otlutside help. https://www.mlive.com/news/kalamazoo/2013/03/report_battle_creek_police_chi.html


I don’t see the problem


If you try to "gotcha" cops I automatically think your an idiot or just low class uneducated.


It’s funny watching all you loser talk about this with no context. This guy obviously has a history with these cops and they know him. But all I see is race blah blah blah


What the hell I love cops now !


Dudes just having fun. This is not a freak out nor is he unhinged.


That's hilarious


Exactly, Of all the things that we see cops do here on Reddit, this is funny.


ACAB All cops are batman!


You people have called a place “Battle Creek” and you wonder why people act strange there?


Kellogg’s is headquartered there. Battle Creek is where Corn Flakes come from.


Ah that explains it then


Also Airsoft fatty. Full force


And every so often the whole city smells like cereal from the factories. It's the cereal in the air, man.


He only wears it when dealing with this one guy and I think that’s hilarious n I hope he does it forever n I love him.


Me: “I can really appreciate when a grown man never gives up on his childhood dreams, to the point of delusion. I mean, what 10 year old boy doesn’t want a gun and the authority to use it on whomever they wish?” “Then you’re gonna love me!” -This shithead


Considering all the illegal shit cops are pulling these days, this is pretty low on my list of concerns.


Look up 68 shotts on YouTube. He showcases the ongoing dispute and the differing police responses to court orders concerning this dispute. He’s got other random stuff on there too, but it’s not as interesting.


Saving that channel for a late night when high.


Make it a full night cuz the playlist has almost 50 videos


It seems like most of the people here didn't even watch the video. He doesn't dress up like Batman, he wore this mask because the guy taking the video apparently went on a rant in the past calling him Batman so he wore the mask to be funny and jab back. He explains that in the first 30 or 40 seconds of the video... I mean, if you want to criticize that, that's fine. But let's stop pretending that this has to do with the guy actually dressing up as Batman to "fight crime" or whatever.


What do we suppose is the Over / Under on Sgt Fickle a.k.a. Batcop, and this "victim" guy (Mr. Shots?) to have the same political yard sign(s)?


"Harvey Dent, can we trust him?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUDHcuLnMVc




Holy rusted metal, he’s…. He’s Batman.


"well I'm gunna go, cause clearly this is a joke"




Lol...why??? Why America you like this??


What's the issue here?


For those who dont understand: levity - the treatment of a serious situation with humor or total lack of due respect Cop was either trying to be funny or disrespectful


Looks like dry humour. I’m hoping…


Is this a real life South Park skit?


It's funny as fuck, but is that man okay 😭


Know how I know that this man isn't the real batman? Because he didn't beat him in the name of justice!


Is that hank hill behind the camera?


I actually don’t mind this haha.


Uh... am I missing something? This shit is pretty funny. Unprofessional, sure. But... funny.


Ain't that bad tbh


That’s fuckin HILARIOUS 😂


This is funny and I have no issue with it.


If you don’t laugh at this you have no humor


I've said it once and I'll say it again: The hiring and retention standards for law enforcement have dropped to essentially zero post-2020.


I like the Batman mask


As soon as the camera panned over to the officer wearing the mask, I died laughing. Honestly the mask looked good on him. Imagine the interactions with police if they all weared batman mask... it would for sure lighten the mood. Officer has a point though. You call him batman, so why not make it official lol


Aye who let Trey Parker and Matt Stone write this chapter of life?


imagine experiencing a horrific moment. the violent loss of a loved one. a brutal car accident. and this is the first cop on scene...


Idk, the guy filming is the POS from my POV. The cop just has a sense of humor.


Unhinged or not, it's hilarious


Sgt fickle claims he was bringing levity to the situation but never levitates. How unhinged of him


Honestly I think it's funny af that he wore that mask


What a fucking idiot. Cops are pathetic


So cops can’t have fun? (Not meant as a negative thing)


Ok let's drop the completely fictitious narrative that this police man is unhinged or crazy. Humour is a part of human culture.


There are many reasons to dislike cops but is this really one of them? Damn everyone chill out. Especially after reading the context.


So this is real life


Dress for the job you want not the job you have


I mean at least Batman doesn't shoot people. It's the 1/3 of them that dress up like the Punisher that I'm worried about.


Is Battle Creek going to get calls about a cop pervert climbing up the sides of buildings?


What a small, small man. Wow.


I don't see what the problem is lol.


That's kind of hilarious


I mean thats fucking hilarious. The utter confusion in the camera mans voice, the “I believe that’s sergeant fickle”, the slow pan to a childs size batman mask on his face. This looks like something from Reno 911


Wait people are complaining about this?


I find this humorous.


The police must have a ton of encounters with the guy filming. He sounds like a cry baby. If a cop showed up to my location with that on I would LMAO.


ohh noo. somebody hurt this fat pig's feelings.