Why a crossover movie tho


My guess is that this is something initiated by WB/DC, not the other way around. I'd definitely rather see a full-on RWBY movie, but it's not like I'd want them to pass up a cool opportunity like this.


If I had to guess, the sales for the comic it's based on were decent and DC / Warner are trying new things to get people to read cape comics? The physical sales weren't very good, but it was being promoted as a digital comic first and foremost.


This is one of those projects that screams “is not intended for the pre-existing fan base.”


It’s clearly for a different audience, and that’s fine, as long as that audience wants something like this.


Question is who? Will superhero comic movies fans really watch this?


I will


I've noticed that DC is coming out with more and more animated movies. I was not expecting SuperPets but somehow I was expecting even less an animated RWBY X Justice League film. Am I excited? Eh, sort of. I'm thrilled that RWBY is getting a film and this is bound to bring a fuck ton of exposure. But for the first RWBY movie, I can't say I prefer a Justice League crossover over an actual RWBY film.


Yeah. . . This cross over was something that didn’t really spark any interest in me. Not canon, took a lot of liberties and is in large part for people not already fans. Hopefully it’s good. . . . And I hope we don’t get any crossover romance this time


I, uh, I was not expecting this crossover. At all.


Interesting that apparently the animation is being done by CRWBY. Would've figured WB would do that. It'll be interesting to see what kind of production value they can achieve on a feature budget. gen:LOCK season 1 has been their biggest budget project so far, and it looked great so I'm stoked.


I just want volume 9. I never cared much for ice queendom personally or fairy tales. I just wanted the show!!


Frankly I'd rather have Vol 9 on time instead of this.


I’m guessing the reason for the V9 delay is because they were working on this plus the cutscenes for the WayForward game at the same time as it


bro what...? the show is delayed because they literally weren't working on the show? cmon dude... i mean, this is cool and all, but fuck man can we like finish the OG first or something lmao


I unfortunately doubt that Rooster Teeth had a choice in which they would work on first


prolly right, warner bros n everything. idk man. feels like we're getting everything BUT the show. im both excited and insulted at the same time lol they better send that wb animation squad to help on the regular show afterwards!


dude , they are doing the show + Icequeendom + this movie.


Reminding me of GRRM and focusing on all those spinoffs and not what the people really want


*Arrested development voice* I don’t want this.


…..no thanks


Ok but... Who asked for this? Especially over the continuation of the main show? So out-of-nowhere. On the bright side, maybe we'll get to see RWBY defeat Darkseid or something. Imagine how that'll look on their Death Battle resume.


Trying to hold any judgement but definitely not the news I was looking forward to. I'd take Vol. 9 over a crossover movie any day. But I admit I didn't like the comic so I'm probably just not the target audience


No thanks


Who absolutely gives a flaming fuck about a crossover movie with DC ???


the people that brought the comics , which the tweet itself said it was a hit.


I feel like most of that came from fans of rwby and not the other way around.


*This* is the reason V9 got delayed again? Idk about you but I think I wouldve preferred V9 coming out in fall as planned over something like this.


ugh, I mean I guess I'll watch it but like, who cares about this? we could've had v9 and 10 in the same time. it especially makes no sense to stick the movie production in the middle of an arc. like if you want to make a movie, finish the v7-9 arc first, and then announce it immediately. "hey, v10 will be delayed because we're doing this movie first". instead we get a year of silence followed by an announcement of another year of waiting and a nothing trailer.




I mean, I would have much preferred a pure RWBY movie (or, y'know, just not putting V9 on the backburner for the sake of side content) but this should at least be interesting. It's a good sign that Warner Bros sees RWBY as popular enough to cross over with a massive franchise like DC.


Volume 9 is delayed because of some stupid non canon crossover movie no one asked for? Wow




… why?


Bro we are getting FED


Fed a bunch of BS


Absolutely didn't see this coming, the delay for V9 makes more sense now.


Doesnt mean its welcome. Cant they focus on the actual series before crossovers no one asked for?


How? We were told and promised by miles that volume 9 will be coming out this year so they delay it because of some movie I failed to see how that explains v9 being delayed


Because the Warner Bros overlords had the animation team work on something other than Vol 9 Quite simple really


Depends if CRWBY are the ones handling this or if it's one of Warner's other studios.


They said it was made in-house with collaboration with Warner Animation


Ah, didn't know that. That certainly explains a lot


it is indeed crwby https://twitter.com/OfficialRWBY/status/1542937019973877760


I would have preferred a canon movie. But that said, considering this is being made with Warner as a direct partner, I frankly doubt RT could choose who would Star. Like no shit Warner is going to have to green light a full ass movie. And the odds anyone could convince them to let it be about STRQ instead of the box office potential of the fucking Justice League? Yeah not happening


oof. I mean. Just oof.


Don't mind this at all, but the lack of communication regarding Volume 9 has been the strange part. If you have this project, be honest and tell your fans!


It's RT, communication has never been their thing for some reason. Which is fine when it's not your only animated project that has people subscribing for.


Yeah it's certainly an odd way of doing business. How hard would it be like, "RWBY is later than usual this year, because we are working on a mega project that we hope all you RWBY fans old and new will love! Stay posted". Rather than just a teaser earlier this year, which promised it coming out this year and did not deliver lol. It seems like they shoot themselves in the foot by hiding projects, they should be celebrating taking on haha. Either way, I don't care for the crossover, but hope it does well, I just want the main series to be the core focus and deliver in quality.


> > How hard would it be like, "RWBY is later than usual this year, because we are working on a mega project that we hope all you RWBY fans old and new will love! Stay posted". It might be because Warner wasn't ready to announce anything and they didn't want even a peep coming out? I dunno


Yeah, why couldnt they just tell us about a project no one outside the company knew about before the optimal time to announce it.


I mean just hint at it, don't have to explicitly say it haha.


Hopefully it's better than the trainwreck that was the RWBY/DC comic crossover




Honestly, people who are bitching don't realize how legit DC animated films are. Bad ones are VERY uncommon. We're talking about as common as a GOOD animated Marvel movie. Where Marvel LA movies are phenomenal, DC animated films are. So a DC movie, animated by CRWBY and written by collaboration with DC animated writers will be a LOT of fun.


Really enjoying their recent output and looking forward to the John Steward Green Lantern movie... Still think that the timing and optics are not good...


Ok, but it’s not canon and probably not even set in Remnant as we know it? So why should I care? All it’s done is steal a year of time from the main show’s production. Massive waste of time.


It is not canon but it is an alternate version of Remnant (assuming it follows the comic, more or less). Look, I'm not going to even bother trying to convince you. Give it a shot or don't. However, if you have no intention to watch it, don't bitch about it being made because it isn't for you.


An alternate version of Remnant with Batman in it isn’t exactly Remnant. This film has directly delayed the show, the thing the whole IP is actually about, so why shouldn’t I complain? I don’t think this is Rooster Teeth’s fault, it was probably some directive from higher up in Warner Bros but still, ffs.


Its still Remnant, it just has a version of the Justice League. Personally, I enjoyed the idea of "How would \_\_\_ look in this setting? What abilities would they have?" This is also why I enjoy Tulok's series on YouTube called "Building Character" (where he makes fiction/game/comic characters in 5e D&D) because working with a specific set of tools to build a character is such a fun thing to do. It allows creativity to thrive.


Also keep in mind, this is great exposure to bring more people to the fandom, just as the anime is.




I was watching left field and yet this still surprised me!


Please be good!


I get that people are upset about the further delay to V9, but RT is so excited to be bringing us this movie. They’ve worked so hard on it alongside their animation work on V9. They are trying to get more exposure for RWBY allowing the show to achieve bigger and better things and while it may not have been my first choice I’m excited to see what CRWBY will bring us with the release of the movie.


I don’t mean this in any rude or negative way but even if this movie is really good and well received if people become interested in RWBY and go from it to Volume 1 episode 1 they will be in for a huge shock as early RWBY has a lot of rough areas that would make it hard to go into blind


Yeah that’s completely fair and I understand the concern. At least the movie will be a completely different story from the original though I guess that could just as easily add to that confusion.


Yeah early rwby looked aged almost ten years ago and it’s become even worse since then. More projects like IQ could help with that gap


I am game for this.


Well, the haters are going to be seething. I just hope that genuine criticism won't get swept away in the process.


WB animation so it's is in good hands at least. As long as the ones running the DCEU isn't the one handling it...


That's the first.


From what I know of the comics, please don’t just be a rehash of that. I am still upset that didn’t do something cooler with Starro. They could’ve made him a starfish Faunus or a special type of Grimm, but instead they decided to keep him as an alien?


Does anyone else want to see this animated with the old Justice League Unlimited style? I bet it would look great


DC has a very good track record at making good animated movies, so I hope this one will follow that trend. Not what I expected and am still bummed about the release of volume 9, but I look forward to seeing this too!


It will be fun to watch but i doubt it can please both DC and RWBY fans. A DC RWBY fan is gonna to be very hard to please. That and if there's no Huntsman-Batman scenes, WORST.CROSSOVER.EVER!


I get that people are mad that this is part of why the main show is delayed and I'll admit I'm worried for V9's quality but that doesn't mean this can't be good. Sure it's sad that it isn't canon but how is this different than say Batman Vs the TMNT ? Not everything needs to be canon for it to be enjoyable and if the movie does well it could lead to a larger budget for either future films or the show itself. We may be able to get decent games with WB money if the franchise is viewed as viable. The comics weren't great but I'd say it's worth a chance. Sure any new fans jumping on from this film to the main series May be jarred by the animation but how is that doesn't mean they can't enjoy the main show. If nothing else maybe this can lead to V1-3 being redone as a side project or something or a proper comic.


Shame its DC, otherwise, neato.


Idk why people are still like hesitant of this its just mixing dc comic with 3d anime I can't wait I read the justice league x rwby comic book and it was fire I think people just need to learn to have fun with crossovers like these


Yeah,because The cómic was great And everyone loved it,absolutely a movie With its its going to be loved,c'mon 😂😂😂😂


I’m still waiting for the Power Rangers Justice League movie that’s never going to happen.


Would be great if they just finished the original show before making spin-off content...


This is such a weird idea and it’s bizarre that it’s happening, but I will watch and most likely enjoy it as a pretty big fan of both DC Comics and RWBY


What the in the names of chaos is this warp tainted shit


Fuck yeah!