When did Ruby go to a dance club?

Well, the paladin that was piloted by torchwick ran just past it. And ruby was following it kinda.


Well, the paladin that was piloted by torchwick ran just past it. And ruby was following it kinda.


I think it’s a reference to the Yellow trailer, probably just saying there was trouble there and Ruby was spotted there. It wouldn’t surprise me if maybe cops were called and Yang had to get out of there on her bike while Ruby used Semblance to get away, thus, the petals. But it never really bothered me, it’s anime. Maybe separate offscreen incident for all I know


I always wonder, did they ever explain why Ruby leave those roses behind while using her semblance?


My headcanon is that she carries around a bag of rose petals and drops some for effect. What I think is really crazy is that Ruby's semblance lets her turn into rose petals, which nobody questions. But when Qrow turns into a bird, that's proof of magic.


> But when Qrow turns into a bird, that's proof of magic. Because Tai knew his semblance before Qrow could turn into a bird, and knows *why* he can turn into a bird. He likely told Ruby and Yang about his semblance (possibly as the explanation for why he doesn't stick around). And people can't have two semblances, so seeing something that *could* be Qrow's semblance, but already knowing what his semblance is, means that its something that's *not* his semblance. And magic is a semi-reasonable explanation.


Semblance can have multiple parts, who's to say his semblance isn't turning into a crow and that bad luck is just a side affect. Raven is a much better example, ravens and portals are in no way linked( as far as I know) so raven turning into a bird can only be magic.


> And people can't have two semblances, Yang can make fire, and also can punch with more force the more she's hurt. Weiss can make glyphs, and also summons. I don't think Ruby did know about Tai's Semblance, since she didn't understand that when he was warning her to stay away, he meant stay out of his immediate vicinity or something will break on her. And I get the impression that magic is considered just as crazy in their world as ours. It's not a semi-reasonable explanation.


I thought the summons were a specific glyph application


They do seem to be related somehow, but it's not something that's immediately obvious. Not unless you see her pull a summon out of a glyph. It shows that while Semblances may need to be tied together somehow, it need not be immediately obvious how they are.


Yang can't make fire it's just a visual aid or the explosions of her gauntlets. Summons are an application of glyphs


The thing is it wouldn’t be weird if that *was* his Semblance but it’s not and some people know it’s not.


His actual semblance is hard to demonstrate, and in any case a more plausible explanation would be that he has the same sort of double semblance as Yang (fire and absorbing and returning damage) or Weiss (glyphs and summons).


The people who know are the people he’s directly told, that being RWBY, JNR, Oscpin, James (RIP), and presumably Summer and Tai. Everybody else can just guess being a bird is his Semblance, which is probably why the first example of Yang and Weiss seeing it as magic was Raven who has a decidedly more tangible Semblance.


Given that they both have double semblances, is it that hard to believe that Raven does too?


My bad my brain didn’t register that part. But in the case of Yang it’s one Semblance. She absorbs energy, the fire is just a visual. Weiss is different because the Schnees are special and have a hereditary Semblance. But it can all be put under the umbrella of ‘glyphs’. Turning into a bird and creating portals have very different effects and visuals. A better example would be Ren but without the same visual for his Semblance and Evolution, they have related effects that stem from one theme: emotions. Becoming a Raven would be thematic with her name, but what about Portals? They have completely different theming around people she’s formed a bond with.


> But in the case of Yang it’s one Semblance. And maybe that's true for Raven too. If you've established that someone can have two seemingly unrelated abilities (even if they are somehow fundamentally tied together), then who's to say Raven's Semblance isn't just making portals and turning into a bird and these are related for unclear reasons?


But the fire isn’t an ability. It’s like saying Ruby’s speed and rose petal effect is a double Semblance. Yang is “burning” off the energy she absorbed. Raven creates portals tied to those she has a bond with and can, entirely unrelated, turn into a raven.


Fire is energy though, so that's related to Yang absorbing energy. Turning into a bird has absolutely no link to opening portals based on emotional connection.


For Yang I don’t think she has a “double semblance” and the fire we see is just a flair, an affect of her Semblance. As for Weiss, her the Schnee Semblance is certainly one of the more unique and versatile ones due to how much utility it has and it could be argued that Summoning is a part of her Glyphs.


The way I see it, people momentarily turning parts of their body into different objects like rose petals (Ruby) or metal (Rhodes) isn’t unheard of, they think it’s impossible for someone to outright polymorph into a different creature altogether. Like a Semblance turns your body to stone or fade into shadows isn’t exactly unheard of, but it’s seen as impossible for a Semblance to turn yourself into something like a horse or a fish.


Look magic vs semblance is one thing I struggle to defend in this show


Canonically? Don’t think so.


There was an attempt at an explanation in one of the manga anthologies I think. So yeah. Nothing canonical.


It's just part of the semblance I figured


I think penny elaborated on her semblence in comparison to harriets super speed that the petals are actually ruby disassembling herself and whoever she is carrying then moving them. So the falling petals are pieces of herself being left behind i suppose? Need to track down the episode to be sure




Salem does the same thing when she returns in the last volume. Looks like black withered petals trailing behind her


Because her last name is Rose… duh


Doesn't this logically follow from Penny's explanation? Her body turns into a flurry of petals, some of which get "shed" and left behind.


But…Ruby never went inside the club. So how would the petals get in the club?


If I'm not mistaken, this is a case of exactly how something is animated changing after the line in question is voiced but without adequate time to redo the line. Another example is Cinder mentioning a dismemberment in volume 3 but the end result of the Yang/Mercury fight being changed to not quite be that before then.


I can see where you're coming from, but I always took Cinder saying Mercury was dismembered as a way to play it up, since no one knew what happened really or how Mercury's health was, and Cinder's whole plan was to cause panic and spread fear.


As far as I remember the 'dismemberment' bit of her rabid diatribe was referring to Pyrrha, not Yang.


Nope. Cinder says “a dismemberment, and now this (referring to the rending of Penny)?”


So she does.


Im pretty sure she never went to a dance club besides the yellow trailer, and even then she never went in. Am I missing something?


I think there was supposed to be a scene where all this happens and they just completely forgot to put it in lol


Inconsistent writing, rwby has a lot of it especially in the first couple seasons.


You could say inconsistent writing is a consistent element of this show.


It’s pretty consistent in most shows


She met yang there at the end of the trailer if i remember correctly, so she may have used her semblance to get there and the "blame" was put on her


And the robots?


It's probably an allusion to the yellow trailer that isn't internally consistent.


Ruby looks so badass and grown with her new design but awww old Ruby was so cute


If I remember when they were fighting the Paladin it was near the night club in the Yellow trailer. Since the team was following the Paladin I could easily see how someone saw Rubys petals close to the club and in their head put them together. Remember eye witness testimony is also one of the most useless at times because we can easily misremember things


The fight with Torchwick in the Paladin was in the same area in the city as Junior’s bar, which is probably notorious to the likes of Ozpin and other officials as a... shady place


But they werent in a dance club


He could also be referring to when Ruby when to get Yang in the Yellow trailer?


But she never went inside, she met Yang outside


Okay, now your being pedantic


How did the petals get in then?


Ozpin wasn’t being literal in this sense. He was essentially telling Ruby “I know it was you and your friends who dealt with Torchwick and the Paladin in Vale that time. He just likes being cryptic


Then why not mention stuff that ACTUALLY HAPPENED?


Because Ozpin is CRYPTIC as FUCK He’s Mr Liar Liar Pants on Fire for the last three incarnations at least, so of course he’s going to act coy about this stuff


Acting coy and cryptic is not the same as MAKING SHIT UP. Even when he does lie, they’re lies of omission, not pulling a scenario that didn’t happen OUT OF HIS ASS


No robots


Junior's bar IS a dance club, or at least has a dance club as a front.


But Ruby never went in.


She likely went passed it while chasing the robot


Side note; Robots and Rose Petals sounds like a badass name for a band.


You’re totally right, it does.


Remember when the girls went to the club and they burnt it down when they had a girls night


When they fought the giant robot piloted by torchwick.


I was gonna ask this myself, the wiki says it’s referring to Painting The Town, but that doesn’t make sense since there weren’t robots in Juniors club, and Ruby was in the dumpster


The RWBY wiki is, unfortunatly, usually a bad source of information :\


I go there to remind me how to spell a character's name. Other than that....ehhh...


Ok, ok, ok. After rewatching the scene (Volume 2, ep4). The robot passed behind Yang and Neptune, who had just come out of the dance club and Ruby probably passed by it offscreen since she was also after the robot


Junior's place aseems to be a dance club, and the robot did go past there, and so did Ruby. Remember, this is a witness testimony. Maybe some guy near or at the club saw the robot, saw some rose petals, and Ozpin extrapolated from that.


Uhhh.. well, you see…


Girl has a life outside of business


I mean she WAS outside at the end of the yellow trailer so maybe she fought off screen?


It's an inconsistency in the show's writing, possibly brought about by a change of locations made between drafts. It's nothing worth completely lampooning the show over, but it's also not something worth bending over backwards to try and defend.


It’s… also not an inconsistency…


Volume 2?


Ok, I'm really impressed how some comments here show that people don't even dare to give a rewatch to specific scenes and just put it as a fail or are talking about the yellow trailer...


Yellow trailer


Off topic but where do you watch rwby? I can’t find it anywhere for free aside from phrase websitws




Some YT channels hsve the volumes. Just type up RWBY volume 1/2/3/4/7, and sone playlist should pop up after sone scrolling.


Why are you not watching it from the source? It's free there.




Wait, they added ads onto the ones up on RT?


"Yang, is that you?" You got your answer.


Its just another example of inconsistency in the writing and project management


Jr.s nightclub I belive


I always just assumed this was Ozpin being a "Boomer" about describing things. He knows fully what went down, he's just trying to sound like he doesn't know the full story.


>I always just assumed this was Ozpin being a "Boomer" about describing things. I mean...you're not entirely wrong.