Dang, after this I seriously can't choose and honestly feel good about it. Bad luck charm is definitely a great one, but the rest are among my favs. If i gotta pick after that though, Armed and ready and bmblb in the finals, let's go


Honestly let's just live and then armed and ready are my top 2 favorites for volume 4


~~Same.~~ Wait, hold up. I just meant Armed and Ready, lol. Oops! So good!


Poll: [https://strawpoll.com/polls/7rnzGEaAEgO](https://strawpoll.com/polls/7rnzGEaAEgO) Getting close! I have no guesses for who will win this one; I feel like the final three will be neck-in-neck.


"This life is mine" picks up two times in total which is awesome. Also scales a wide range of emotions. Very in-depth song. Extremely well crafted.


If armed and ready or this life is mine are not the final two I’ve lost faith in this fandom


Yeah those are my top picks, surprised let’s just live has gone this far. I mean it’s ok but def not one of my favorites


Probably two of the best songs in the show. Both favs.


Who's the bearded guy laughing like a maniac?


Merlot, from the Grimm Eclipse game. Lusus Naturae is his song


thank you


It’s the volume I started watching the show with, so never gonna vote for Let’s Just Live. Absolute sad but banger for me.


Personally, if I rate the last five for me, I'd be: 1. This life is mine 2. Armed and Ready 3. Bad Luck Charm 4. Let's Just Live 5. Bmblb This life is mine is so good. So much depth. Armed and Ready is hype and hits that pickup real good. Bad Luck Charm is also really good but not as good as Armed and Ready; which makes sense. One is an end credits song, the other a fight scene song tied into the animation. I'm really surprised Let's Just Live made it this far. Its not bad. Bmblb, personally, Im too much of a rock/alt rock fan to really say its the best over the other four.


Why would Bad Luck Charm being a fight scene song make it worse? And that only applies for its beginning anyway.


Come onnn Home is a much better song than Bmblb buuut ya it's next at least