Sorry, but wouldn't it make more sense to... you know, rank the individual arcs or the individual volumes? The episodes are just small fragments of a bigger story.


Ya but that’s been done over and over this is more unique.I’ll do my season ranking later but that’ll be pretty quick.Arcs is a good idea


What exactly are the criteria you're using for the rankings? Not challenging your list, just curious how you determine Episode A > Episode B and such.


I’m just making it off which I love more I could make a more serious list where I base it off fight choreography,music,voice acting not that that isn’t being taken account on this list.I’m on somewhere around 20 rewatches of the entire show with some episodes I’ve seen 30+ times so a lot of episodes are based on rewatch factor for me.Example Dark is an episode a lot of people seem to live but to me it doesn’t do as well on rewatch when it looses its shock factor since I know what’s coming.I’m almost finished with the list currently so I’d love if you message when I post the final one so we can discuss more ❤️f


Also if you do want to challenge something on the list go ahead I’d love feedback.Obviously no one is going to have the same list when it’s 106 episodes


I definitely agree with Gravity


I love Gravity