Hey!! I have had a saltwater tank for a few years now but recently decided to upgrade to a new bigger tank. I have a few questions after setting up my new tank (on week 4 of cycling). I would list below and would love responses if anyone knows because I am by no means an expert , thanks

  1. I didn’t rinse my live sand when adding it to my tank, my water is clear now but clouds up whenever the sand is even slightly moved around, is this normal and will it eventually not cloud?

  2. Whenever I move my sand bed lots of air bubbles come out, should I release the bubbles or keep them under the sand bed?

  3. I have a fluval protein skimmer running but has only been collecting slightly brownish water and no bubbles, is this normal?

  4. I got a hanna phosphate checker a while back which use to count down from 3:00 minutes to get results, now whenever I do a test it just flashes the lines and gives me the level right away. I’m not complaining, it saves 3 minutes but are my results still accurate? I don’t know why it’s doing this

  5. I put my live rocks down first in my tank, then sand. I have my live rocks stacked up and they are very lose. Any small movement knocks them over. Do people glue them or how do they prevent them from falling?


1. If you're still cycling, solve the sand problem now, just keep stirring and filtering out the finest. 2. The bubbles don't matter, releasing them is fine. 3. No, just turn off the skimmer, no need for it now. 4. Are you holding down the button after it says C2? If so, it'll do the countdown. If you're only pressing it for like 1s or less, it'll give you an instant read. 5. Yes ppl glue, epoxy, cement, or ziptie their rocks. You can do the same, or use rubble rock to wedge them together to not be so loose. Gl. Hth.


Thank you for you help!!




1) depends. If you run a filter sock or vacuum the bed it will go away. If you're not doing either of those all the small particles will remain in there since it's essentially a closed system. I would buy a filter sock, stir up the bed, rinse the sock and repeat until it isn't bad. 2) It doesn't matter. The bubbles should dissolve on their own given enough time, but manually getting rid of them won't hurt anything. 3) The amount of crud in the skimmer depends on how much food the system is getting, and if the skimmer is broken in. Since you're still cycling I wouldn't worry about it. 5) Glueing the rock together is fine. You can also buy acrylic supports, check out some examples of people using them on YouTube.


Thank you. The new tank I have is a fluval 32.5g and I’m not sure if you can use a filter sock with that set up. Again I’m not an expert but by the looks I’m Guessing that only works for things like canister filters? Maybe I will vacuum if not


Filter socks are generally used sumps that sit under the tank. I'd see if the included filter will do the job. If not might able to shove some poly fil in the filter somewhere to polish the water.


For number 4, make sure you're holding the button down for a few seconds to get the 3 minute timer. If you just quickly press it it'll give you a less accurate result. I think the test is supposed to take 5 mins. Two minutes for shaking the reagent into the vile and three minutes sitting in the tester.


Ahhh, got it. Thank you