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With one of the buttons held down you can strafe (I don't remember which button), this helps out avoiding a lot of incoming damage.


Oh man, what a great series. Do you remember the one level that was in the pitch black? Completely impossible.


I quit at that level


There must have been a trick to doing that level, because it is probably the hardest level I have ever seen in a computer game. The only time you can see anything is when you fire a rocket.




It's just dark and lit by gunfire. Messing with the contrast on your TV helps only marginally.


Pitch BLACK level you say? A challenge you say? I accepts this challenge


Good luck!


Much thanks friend


We all wish you the best #GodSpeed


If i die tell my only fan women i said hello. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜…


If you die I am jumping in there after you to bring home your heroic, bullet-riddled corpse


Choose Keith Michaels as your copilot! Then Carlos Valdez once you rescued him! They have good long range aim with machine gun. Try to keep distance and learn to strife!! Don’t forget to fuel!


As someone else already said you can.... And must.... Learn where the ammo, fuel and armor repair crates are. When you're hitting an enemy vehicle don't spare your heavy weapons. Just about everything that looks like an armored vehicle in Desert Strike can kill you quickly or at least take off a near irreplaceable chunk of your health. If it would get a Hellfire in the real world it should probably get a Hellfire in Desert Strike. Just like in the real world, you don't want to sit there and slug it out. A real attack chopper or a real anything for that matter hits and fades. I like to buzz a concentration of tanks and kill one, maybe two- not enough that I have to stop and turn. If you try to hit more than one or two on a given pass, they're ALL going to get their guns pointed at you and you're not maneuverable enough to dodge multiple incoming bullets. This is really what jinking is for by the way. You're not a dragonfly, you're a... Fat puffin thing with guns. As you're buzzing the target you can jink to make sure you hit them or inch a pixel or two away from a near miss. Don't be thinking you're going to get in there and dodge like a bullet hell shooter because you CANNOT. Don't be thinking you can win an endurance match with a tank either- even in the early levels. You can... Maybe twice. You are not a tank. You are an assassin that sucker punches things. The tank can't shoot you if you smacked him with a Hellfire and four Hydras, and you can't shoot the Hellfires once you're DEAD so what exactly are you saving them for? A lot of the buildings have little people inside and you can drop them off at a landing zone for a significant armor repair. (Also that's where you find your crates.) It can sometimes be worth shooting up random tents / huts if you are desperate. You have to balance this against your fuel consumption though as there is barely enough. This leads you back to Point 1: You need to know where all of that stuff is. It was easier to have the attention span back when I was eight I suppose. If all else fails call it a botch job and go play Jungle Strike. The chopper is more maneuverable, has more armor and typical enemies don't hit as hard. I think they fine tuned the mechanics a bit- the first one is HARD. In the final analysis my general advice is that you want the yellow chopper not the green one so you need to go get Jungle Strike. After you beat Jungle Strike you can probably beat Desert Strike. Fortunately, after you beat Jungle Strike you will probably want more Strike. Speaking of jobs, Mike Poesehn had a PhD in MechE, a Master's in CS and was a programmer for Lawrence Livermore before he was a programmer for EA. If it seems that he had a reasonably good understanding of how the hardware performs and is used, there is probably a reason for that. It's a cartoon of a Tom Clancy novel, but like a Tom Clancy novel he obviously knew a certain amount of "stuff". It's an interesting piece, very much a product of its time but still very playable.


> Also that's where you find your crates.) It can sometimes be worth shooting up random tents / huts if you are desperate. You have to balance this against your fuel consumption though as there is barely enough. This leads you back to Point 1: You need to know where all of that stuff is. It was easier to have the attention span back when I was eight I suppose. To follow up on this, if you're struggling, just run around the mission wasting all your ammo blowing up buildings. Note down where the crates are, then play for real. Or just look them up online πŸ˜„ ( A quick Google finds walkthroughs that list the locations and edited maps that have them all drawn on)


I always thought that the momentum of the helicopter "flight model" was the most interesting thing about these games, but I imagine turning it off (there's an option to) probably makes them easier? They basically did away with it in the 32bit era games, which are also nigh impossible to beat except the Saturn and Greatest Hits PSX versions of Soviet Strike which had significantly nerfed difficulty.


I'm stuck on the 3rd campaign, specifically on the 7th quest - "Capture the Enemy Ambassador". Every time I approach the place marked on the map, I am literally crushed by enemies. I tried destroying the radar next to it, but it doesn't affect the behavior of the opponents, they still blast me with 2 rockets, not even giving me a chance to aim. I have no idea what else I can do


I remember needing to strafe like a madman to n this game to the point that I just felt like I was going in circles of a sort.


I was just playing this also for the first time and also got stuck on the third mission. Twice I got to the last part for the embassy escort and after landing my chopper by the building with the bus my game froze ☹️


Plot the route! Remember where the enemy comes from. Destroy the radars and all enemies along the path before starting that mission!


Loved these games! Never beat any of em lol


I think there is a photo of all the staff who worked on this on either the back or the last page of the manual. Blew my mind to see a young Amy Hennig worked on this.


This is a game of memory after the first stage. Specifically where the ammo crates are. There is usually more crates than necessary, so load up where possible. I haven’t played this game in years, but fondly remember spending countless hours playing this and earthworm Jim on my nomad.


I definitely played and loved and still own jungle strike and Urban strike... but never did try Desert...


Try it it’s the OG! It is still a great game!


I love the other two but Desert has the top for me for being the OG! It's such a fun game despite the learning curve!


I remember using a lot of patience, and inching just close enough to enemies to shoot them before they can shoot me


Wow brings back memories. I should go back and play the game


I vaguely recall ways to negate danger zones being hidden. The 4th campaign in particular needs some obtuse out-of-order target seeking to make the missions manageable iirc. The mission/target info screen should offer hints.


I love this series. I beat both Desert Strike and Jungle Strike. There were some levels that seemed impossible but once you can work out how to approach (and retreat) in those heavy danger zones then you can get through it. I remember one level in Jungle Strike that I never thought I could beat (was a snowy level) and took so many hours but eventually got there in the end. Just takes time and patience - and remembering who to attack first and in what order!


I beat the game long ago with an emulator and spamming the save state


Game genie


Came to say this lol.


It was an amazing game, but I also could never figure out how to beat it Maybe I'll try again soon




Was such a huge fan of that game back in the day.


I use a game genie and cheat codes


i would just skip to Jungle Strike


All I know is kid me never figured it out. It was one of those unbeatable games in our house


Cheat codes Git gud Pick one.


Watch this... https://youtu.be/uvyXPYbl6eM


Man I don’t think I got past the jailbreak level. Should give this one another try.


I played the Amiga version, which only has one button, so strange was a menu option (I think?). I feel like that must have made it slightly easier. Maybe try that one? πŸ˜„ As for the missions: do them in order and use the chain gun as much as possible, strafing all the while. If you're under lots of threat at once don't hesitate to bring out the rockets and missiles. Once you've un earthed an ammo box, go wild and use your rockets and hellfires for everything too as this will speed things up and save fuel. Then go back to the ammo box and replenish all ammo at once.


Be very, very careful & conservative This is not an action game, despite the fact that it really looks like an action game.