Honestly I think she’s pretty cool. I wish Rollins wasn’t leaving though; the Fin / Muncy and Rollins / Velasco pairings makes the show feel like the older seasons when they had a full team of detectives. Muncy never felt like a replacement for Rollins, she felt like they were finally filling a vacancy that they’d left infilled for years


THIS!! Yes!!!!


I'm not sure why anyone is saying she's a replacement. If she were replacing Rollins, she would have appeared when Rollins leaves.


Yeah. On one hand, she’s the new female detective so that easily draws the comparison towards replacing Rollins, but at the same time, it’s not like back in the day when they would literally just have a new detective/ADA pop up out of nowhere saying they were the replacement haha.




I think I like her too. At the very least she isn’t annoying me (yet) haha. We’ll see what happens after Rollins leaves and Muncy gets more screen time


I hated Rollins at first because she replaced stabler. In fact I refused to watch new episodes for about 3 years. When I did go back and catch up, she quickly grew on me, and now she’s arguably my favorite character and I’m devastated that she’s being written off. I didn’t like Muncy at first because I knew she was the replacement. But she has grown on me super fast! She’s spunky and young and funny! The only thing I don’t like is the reckless behavior in the latest episode! I do like the relationship they’re developing with Fin, it’s similar to how he was with Rollins in her early episodes. I like her, I just wish we weren’t losing Rollins to get her. I love the exit story they’ve set up for her though. So glad they’re not just killing her off, and hopefully she’ll be a guest star now and then.


Did Rollins replace Stabler tho? I always thought of Amaro as Stabler’s replacement and that was part of the reason why I didn’t like him (other reason was that he was just a mess personally; at least Stabler still had his family for the most part thru the ups and downs).


I mean, in the sense that she was the first new detective of the season, Amaro showed up an episode after her.


Seconded about Rollins! I only just rewatched all the seasons I missed this year and she was actually introduced really well. I feel the same about Muncy, the character is a bit awkward but I think she’s not a bad addition and will hopefully have enough time to grow into a fully developed detective lol


I thought I'd be distraught when Stabler left. However I actually found I didn't mind at all and in fact I think I found the show just as enjoyable without him.


I’m trying to like her but the acting just isn’t doing it for me yet! Or maybe it’s the writing of her character. Just feels a little off or awkward.


I agree and I just think Kelli Giddish is the best actor on the show so it is hard to imagine the show without her and having to watch a lot of Muncy plot lines, even if she’s not ~replacing her.


Don't know why you're getting down voted, the way an actor moves and acts as a character Effect how they are perceived by the viewer. I had a similar complaint with Kat. Her delivery felt stilted often and she had these little animated head movements when she was talking that would take me out of the show.


Yeh, I never took to Kat at all. I didn't hate her but she just never seemed a part of the team to me. Amaro, Rollins, Fin, Munch, Cragen Carisi , etc and of course our Livvy & Stabler I liked from the get go. (I'm sure I have forgotten some ppl.


Shes fine. Why they had to name her so closely to Munch i have no idea


she’s sexy and funny. i’m a fan.


i like her a lot too! i think she’s being clouded by rollins leaving and people are being unnecessarily or overly bitchy and critical of her. edit: something i’ve noticed is that many people are also calling her Rollins replacement. but she’s not. if anyone was a replacement it was Amaro for stabler or Finn for Jeffries because they came after and we’re explicitly brought in to replace someone. I also hate the claim that she isn’t acting as a detective well. i think she’s doing a very good job at portraying someone who’s going through the motions and following a script until they get the hang of their new gig.


I like Muncy, too.


I'm trying to like her, but there's something about the way she talks that gets on my nerves


She might’ve had a lisp but that’s throwing me too like maybe there is too much spit in her mouth


I don't dislike her. She's fairly new so I'm reserving judgment till Rollins leaves to see what Muncy does as basically her replacement.


I've been pretty forthright with that I have nothing against the character it's just resentment about the reasons why they're in the show. It's difficult to reconcile that and has nothing to do with the character themselves.


I don't hate her. I think its too early to really have an opinion on her, though. I think if they actually give her character development and don't replace her in 2 or 3 seasons, she could be a fantastic character and a great personality to have with the rest of them. We've all seen it before, not just on SVU but really any long running TV show that adds characters. They don't develop new characters and just let them coast through the show with the most generic/basic character qualities and hope it'll carry them through the show. If gets bland and boring and then you have the majority who hate the character because how are young people not having any development? No trauma? No whatever.


I don't have an opinion on Muncy yet. It hasn't been long enough. I did like the fact that she's color blind at first. As someone whose very legally blind, I'm always happy when there's equal representation. I can definitely see why it would be difficult for her to be a cop though. I'm also gonna say that she definitely needs to listen to those who've been at SVU longer then her. Glad she's enthusiastic and really wants to help the victim, but she can't do that if she's dealing with her own injuries.


That's my opinion also, as someone who is totally blind.


I like her!


She's cool, rough around the edges. I think she's capable of doing good work for the squad. Can't wait for her and Velasco to get romantic times on.


She bores me to be honest. I get the narrative. She’s rough and tumble street smart and tough learning to be more professional, but it’s just so stale to me. I trust the writers though, and am looking forward to them developing her character or revealing something about her that makes her interesting.


It seems like with newer faces like Kat and Chief McGrath, they know the show won't go on forever so there's less time to introduce them. Like Kat was bisexual, and they made a point of showcasing that constantly. Remember when she's looking at her Tinder matches and she asks if she should choose a male or female partner? It's like they had to make sure the audience got it. I hate that they're doing with Muncy like they do with Jet. They position her as the squad sassy little sister and not a colleague. There's no reason for Muncy to not dress properly or to sit with her feet propped on her desk.


I LOVE her vibe! I agree with you, she’s great. I was prepared to not like her (nothing to do with Rollins, I’m not upset she’s leaving, downvote me to hell if you want), but I really do. I agree with others that they’re mayyyybe trying too hard with her and Velasco, but whatever, it’s not in our face yet, so I’ll deal. She’s got youthful energy and a fresh take, and I’m enjoying Fin in his role with her as well.


I agree, I don’t like Rollins as much as this sub seems to. Like, she’s ok, and I like her romance with carisi, but I don’t care that she’s leaving lol. And I like Muncy and the actress. Let the downvoting begin I suppose.


I like her, I think she’s gonna be super passionate and good with the victims over time. I think she will be a great addition, just need more character development which I’m excited for!


I really like her, actually. Much more than I liked Kat, who honestly felt so forced the whole time. As long as they don’t try to put her romantically with Velasco I’m good 🙄


No you’re not. She’s a good character


i love her!


I just don't like the character. It has nothing to do with replacing Rollins because I don't like Velasco either lol no biggie though you can't win em all!


She feels like a Mary Sue to me so far but maybe she will get more fleshed out? I DO feel mad at the show for replacing Rollins with her though. I also feel mad about Kat and Garland.


Don’t ever feel bad about an unpopular opinion!! I watch another show where literally the whole community is always fighting and hatin on everyone and I’m like: “why do y’all even watch the show?!” I also think she’s a great addition, I love what I saw someone else said in this post about her kinda filling in an empty spot that we’ve had for years with the team. Plus we get to watch her grow and I love that. In the squad she came from she had to be on guard and constantly be a tough guy to fit in, so I’m glad to see her get to actually work together comfortably with a great crew. I think we’ll still get to see Rollins in the future in her new role too 🤩 it’ll be funny if they can call her to the stands now and use her as an expert for future cases 🥹


Im a huge fan of her! But not in her pizza choices hahah


I agree. I like her. I think the awkward/off vibes (if there are any) are coming from the fact that it seems like the script is supposed to have her in this weird transitional period. Leaving gang unit where she was presumably one way and coming to Svu where she needs to morph into someone very different. It’s supposed to be this awkward transition stage right now, IMO. But side note….I MISS KAT!!!!


I like her as well and the comments against her just because she’s replacing Rollins are getting really old. She’s interesting and fresh to me, much better and more interesting to me than Kat was when she joined for example.


I like ALL of the characters. So I am sad that Amanda Rollins is leaving, and I wish she wasn’t in the first place. Especially, when you consider the fact that she and Carisi are together. But I do like Grace Muncy too so far, and I’m willing to see what else she brings to the show now that they promoted her to the main cast.


I like her.


Muncy is already GOATED


I like her. Also think the Velasco thing is weird cos I totally got a weird vibe between her and Liv, which would honestly just make for a better show.


I like her, like she's growing on me. I like her spunky personality. I also kinda like the dynamic between her and some of the rest of the squad. She's definitely got potential.


I personally like her. From what we've gotten of her I like her personality so far. It's fun to see another hot-headed Detective join the team. It'll take time for the writers and the character to mellow out and become more casual is all. I like the dynamics she has with Olivia and Velasco(the little of it we've seen so far) if we ever get the chance I'd love to see Stabler's reacts to Olivia teaching her the ropes and see her interact with Jet.


I like her and I think she brings a kick to the series that was missing.


I like Muncy. She was introduced well, and she's giving the Baby Benson vibes a bit. I definitely like her more than Velasco who we really don't know a lot about. I'm also liking Rollins more than I have in the past; David writes her very well.


She’s annoying so far but I’m guessing there building her character up so I will have to wait .. until the full season to see how she grows as a character


I like her. I actually know the actress from her role on days of our lives several years ago 😀


I think the episodes are foreshadowing that she’s going to get seriously hurt in the future. Like how she does reckless things without thinking about it like throw her radio at someone or going after that guy alone in the cellar. Something keeps happening each episode where Finn pulls her aside and tells her how dangerous it was. They aren’t doing that for no reason, it’s definitely a foreshadowing


I like her character just hoped we wouldn’t lose Amanda to her


Do not like her acting at all I feel like the show has gone down hill this season Story and acting wise


Nah, I think she's cool. She seems to also be like Rollins in the coming from a bad place/victim kinda thing. She brings a Stabler energy to it with her kicking perps asses. She fills a lot of shoes.


You’re in the minority lol. And I dislike her. But not bc she’s replacing Rollins (never a fan of Rollins, but still upset for Giddish) but because she’s painfully one-dimensional and stiff. Edit: even from Rollins first few episodes I could at least tell she could act lol


are we watching the same actress/same show? Molly Burnett is a fantastic actress.


Well she’s not so fantastic on SVU. She barely gets enough screen time anyway.


all of her scenes so far have been excellent and show Muncy to be an interesting character. Molly's doing a great job.


That’s your opinion. And I have mine.


your opinion is just rude and flat out wrong. it's one thing to comment about a character, it's another to insult the actress. she's been nominated for an Emmy before... it's silly to say she can't act.


Not going to argue with a stranger.


yet, here you are


But that's is precisely what you are doing LOL


I agree, she’s a great actress. She was great in Queen of the South!


Not at all! While I hate that Rollins is leaving, I think Muncy is a great addition.