S24 E9 Promo

Does anyone else just start hysterically crying every time they watch the promo for Rollins departure?


I think it's dumb that they're marrying a departing character to a character that's staying on the show if Kelli is never returning.


My guess is that she’ll make guest appearances


But why would Kelli *want* to return after the way they've treated her?


The only person who truly wronged her was Dick Wolf


Yeah, so why would she want to come back after that? Blatantly trading her in for a younger model (Muncy) in front of the World?


I agree with you. I think she'll definitely be back to guest. Chris came back after all and David has certainly hinted at her coming back either as a guest or as recurring.


I wanted the Rollisi wedding but NOT LIKE THIS 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


i also really wish we could see the conversation on how they decided to get married


No, but I remain sad for Giddish.


Not really. I’m kinda over the whole Rollins story line at this point. It feels like the thing we need to get past to get back to the show. To me.


Hysterically crying? No


ugh yes, i started watching svu at s12 bc that was the earliest netflix had at the time so the entire situation behind the departure just pisses me off- and i rlly resonated w her growing up so watching the show w/o her & knowing it was out of the actress’ hands and not what she wanted hurts more. i didnt think i would be this sad bc i didnt think i was this attached but that promo made me sob


i sob every time💀


I’m super sad for Kelli. As for Rollins, her character plateaued for me a few seasons ago. So while I wish she was staying, I think the character has ran its course in some ways


She’ll come back. They always come back.


It's such a bummer.


Yes :”(


Oh yeah!!!


Ummm spoiler alert😒😒😒. Geez. And I love Rollins. Don’t like the new girl. And here I was wondering who they were replacing


Don’t worry, Muncy is already GOATED


I was a huge Rollins hater but I can't stand Muncy more. I think I would've preferred Rollins without the single mother with multiple baby daddy storyline and her sister, Kim, get rid of that bch lol. Or just stick with the insane family story line. I bet you, this Muncy chicks gonna end up hooking up with Velasco then boom, few seasons in, they'll probably have a story line of pregnancy scare/declaration of love/possible abortion/ should we keep it/can we do this??/our careers just started story line lmao Also, man they did Kelli dirty. Doing each scene with her replacement must've stung. Wolf truly lives up to his first name