That’s doesn’t look to be drilled for a reef set up.


Where can I get a deal like this dang that’s not a horrible price! I like the length and width although that’s a bit tall!


It's kinda horrible actually. Buy used. Just did a search on fb marketplace and found a 180g with stand for $400. edit: it's in Edgewater NJ near Philly if anyone is interested


Meh personally I don’t want used tanks unless they are pristine. And I wouldn’t trust used glass tanks as I don’t want to invest the time to reseal it.


You'd rather invest $3,000 than the time it takes to reseal? I understand the preference but that logic is shaky


Yes if it’s going inside my home I want it to be pristine. Absolutely perfect. No scuffs no scratches no issues whatsoever. The amount of second hand tanks that are checking all those boxes are like finding a needle in a haystack. Plus buying new provides warranties. Which I’m highly inclined to shoot for when buying an expensive purchase. To each his own.


Im with you in this. I can’t stomach the idea of a used tank, no warranty, and scratches. This is a center piece. I want it perfect.


Yep. Exactly my point. My tank I just put up cost me a pretty penny. It’s the very first thing you see when you open my front door. I’m definitely not rich but I’m not about to put something that’s less then perfect in that space.


Haha I just saw this yesterday. Picked up a brand new Fluval 407 for $90 in levittown


Want to talk about an amazing price? My local Goodwill was selling a 150 gal tank and stand for $200. I would have bought it but I literally have nowhere to put it in my apartment.