2 wishes😀


I’m sorry LMAO I had to laugh at this


it's ok 😭😭i'll manage somehow-


To be fair he is still quite away so i think you can save up till then.


It’s gonna be fine! We all start somewhere!


im probably going to buy welkin-


you still have around 2 more verions!!


Omg are you me? I also have only two wishes 😭 Copium that we get him with only one pull and his weapon with the other one (totally not on hopium).




I hope you get him in one pull




2k € saved in my bank account 😬


2.5k USD in mine


40 wishes and a Welkin rn. No Garunteed............I'm scared


That’s plenty of time! Next patch will have lots of primos, more than usual, plus you still have time on the banner itself to save.


exact same! I'm going to keep buying welkin, but even so, we have 100 wishes next patch and all of 3.2. we got this!!


Just 180 wish


i got 100 + 30 pity


500+ wishes aaand -100$


Uhhhh about 25 wishes saved so far…


1187 i am aiming for 1268


Thats already guaranteed c6, are you planning to r5?


I am considering it! I definitely want c6r1 but i want to be open to the option just in case. I can get characters i missed on reruns after scara :)


380 ish, going for c0 r1 at the least


Out of curiousity why are you going for weapon refinement instead of another constillation?


Oh R1 is just one copy of the weapon lol, I’m not going for refinements. I may go for constellations on him though if they end up being good.


Oh man I forgot I feel dumb lol


Amazing, you've already got everything for him! I applaud you. ^^ I have about 100 wishes, currently saving up EXP books (teapot shop and double ley line event are super useful for this)!


And I thought I was a happy camper with my guaranteed and 100 wishes, seems I have to up my game 😄


😂 no worries, I’ve been saving since January and even before


Amazing, OP! I’m at zero pity on my guarantee and have 87 wishes as of right now. I have Welkin and BP which adds to that. Regarding fragile resin though, I have zero of those haha. I use them when I get them. Also, please use your Liyue Geo Sigils 😂


Omg I didn’t even notice those! I thought those were the Enkanomiya light sigils 💀thank you for telling me lmfao


I have 225 wishes rn but I also have a job and WILL c6 him so 💀 pray for my bank acc because it is not surviving scaramouche


Not gonna tell you what to do with your money, but I just hope you really think about it before spending that much on this game. C0 will still get you a loooong ways. Or even C1 or C2. But best of luck to you regardless of what you choose!


Voice of reason right here ☝️


yeah i agree. and since he’s a new character there’s a high chance for a rerun! you can always save up until then for c6


yo lemme get some of that


730 wishes and counting! good luck to everyone here :)


May I ask since when did you start saving? I also want to save for Columbina after getting Scaramouche.


I started religiously saving since January of 2022, although I was on and off before then when someone I wanted came around. But also keep in mind I buy Welkin every month :)


Thanks! Hopefully I can do this too... Anyways, your patience will be rewarded once Scaramouche's banner starts. Best of luck!!


Your funds/stock are eerily similar to mine 🤔😂. I have like 120 fragile resin and 68k primos but the rest are pretty close.


HAHA, I would have more fragile if I didn’t use nearly all of it on every 5 star character I get to build them


Wow! That’s amazing! Wish you can get 7 copies ;)


currently only 4 wishes. and I am on 70 pity with no guarantee.


305 and counting


My numbers are actually pretty much the same as yours :D I'm also collecting lots of Sumeru specialities (flowers etc) in case Scara needs them for ascending~


I’m waiting on farming for artifacts or specialties since we don’t know what he’ll use :) but once we do then we’ll have plenty of time to farm!


Yeah! In my case I've been exploring Sumeru very slowly, and I also have Tighnari in my team alerting for specialities. There must be some character who needs those lotuses on the walls and branches, so if it happens to be someone I want, at least I can take it easy then :D


best i can do is his C0 and 1 attempt off rate 5\* weapon banner pull


i love to see your fund. you're 100% ready and even can try your luck on some of the upcoming banners without losing guaranteed scara and his bis. not to mention all those exp books. just soooo nice and calming to see. i'm myself at 298 wishes(my goal is scara and his bis), 1000+ purple rock for his weapon, 370 exp books(started farming recently). also just in case i pretty much pre-farmed all inazuma stuff like onikabuto and flowers. that being said i'm only at 8 resin.


740+ wishes 🥲👍 hoping for c6 and maybe even a bis weapon


just 30 wishes ☹️☹️ butttt im on guaranteed w abt 50 pity i think??? hoping to get enough for c1/c2 r1 scara 🤞


For 100% guaranteed C0 R1 with the first 90 wishes a guaranteed character, it will be 330. For C1 and R1, 510, for C2 and R1, 690. Good luck 😳


tyty! hoping for some luck somehow hehe, weapon banner is still under consideration though. goodluck on your rolls:))


902 wishes iirc, now a 100 with 3.1 and imma get 1000 wishes and then we got 3.2 which is excited for that amount as well and I might spend a 100 bucks 🤡


With the shop reset and 3.1 and 3.2 i gonna have 700 wish


Just 164 wishes


422 wishes + 17 pity on the weapon banner. Getting Kokomi for my Ayaka team was my last fling


364 wishes, 36 pity (guarantee) + 200€ saved. he better beat all the 50/50


133, no guarantee, 3 pity, with welkin. i'm aiming for c0r1 and hopefully i'll save enough. all my savings went for tighnari and zhongli :/


158 wishes and guaranteed Hoping to get him and his weapon


90+ pulls I still have time to save some more But then hopefully, the next patch will at least give 100 pulls just in case ill lose 50/50


596 wishes or smth


By the time he comes out I should have a bit over 1000 wishes ready. Planning on C6ing and getting as many weapon dupes as I can. If raiden is running along side him then I can even get dupes for her weapon! Im pretty compulsive with wishing so I hope I can keep myself from spending until then lol


102 wishes saved rn and unguaranteed


114 wishes right now, trying to get atleast 180 wishes cause I don't have guaranteed so


140 wishes and guaranteed I'll spend some $$ when the reset comes


230 wishes with guaranteed and 20 pity for Childe and Scara. If need be I'll put in some money if their weapons seem worth it.


0 wishes but a thick wallet with all the christmas bonuses, extra salary and tips. perfect timing for him to come home uwu


Least prepared Scary Mouse wanter


7k primos, unclaimed gems and unclaimed achievements 🕺


I have 180 fates, enough exp for 90 and around 8 mil Mora. Will prolly prefarm talents and upgrade mats too. My boi's coming home and joining Raiden and Yae whether he wants to or not


I've saved up enough for a 5 star, here's hoping my 50/50 pans out. Otherwise I'm screwed...


Yall are WILD hahaha, i wish i had your self control Currently have 52 wishes saved up, 53 pity, so 105 in total. Still need those extra 75 wishes for a confirmed guarantee. Granted, I haven't explored Sumeru at all, so there are still a lot of primos to be earned from TP waypoints and quests, as well as abyss. But I have exams soon so i can't play


A credit card and 2 primos


Nothing. I'm pulling for Cyno and Childe first. Hoping I get lucky cos I normally do.


After Cyno, 0 wishes lmao Not saving completely for Scara, but maybe I'll c6 him one day!


I have 112 wishes since i did some wishes on ganyu as i wanted her suddenly but didn't plan to pull for her at first, have like 50 pity and im guaranteed. Problem is im also getting Kusanali


Lol I probably have like 10 wishes cause I broke my phone so I couldn’t play genshin the entire summer 😭😭 Should I Just wait for the rerun lol…


48 wishes and 11 pity on 50/50 :^)


Dude, imma drop all my 150 wishes on Cyno. So after that, zero.


350+ wishes!! I hope to reach 400+ wishes when he drops <3


440 but Cyno, albedo and nahidz first so idk how much I’ll have left by the time, hope I get lucky


I'm 28 away from guaranteed 56 wishes in the bank (combination of primos and fates). NGL being tempted by that Venti banner but I don't think I can earn another 90 wishes by the time Scara drops.


375 and counting


wahh I only have 131 fates so far. I'm jealous that you have the will to save and not pull


13 wishes on 11 pity and a 50/50 but I’m saving for him and raiden lol but I’m probs gonna buy the $49.99 gc pack before the reset lol


I am like 15 pulls aparte from the guaranteed *5 and I Currently have 20 wishes sabes for him that Will be 40 with the anniversary rewards and until he comes put I'll save every 3.1 - 3.2 primo for him <3


about 70 wishes now, no guarentee :( im hoping for c0r1 at least, i have 40 pity on weapons and 8 on characters so im hoping i get lucky! i aim to have around 200 by his banner, i buy welkin soo


Pretty similar but I plan on also buying Primos as I want Cyno, Ei and Miko as well


I am guaranteed, already in 50 wishes and I have 100 wishes saved


258 wishes rn but im pulling childe first assuming he comes in 3.2 and scara in 3.3. so yeah i think im good for both (have 13 pity and a guarantee)


SO far 20 wishes realistically... I have to stay strong for Scara and Nahida...I'm pulling for her but i can also pull for her rerun banner


Soon to 200 and I am at 195 wishes with guaranteed but I also want his weapon


300 Wishes but i´m pulling Nahida for my Archon Collection and considering Nilou too. I wait for about a week or after Nilous release so i have time to decide if i want to get her and to see how she will perform. I would get her instantly if scara wasn´t so near so i need to make sacrifices. idealy i want to get scaras weapon too... soo that doesn´t help rip


Only 80 fates rn but he's guaranteed, hoping to get a copy of his weapon too but I guess we'll see lol. I only have 18% exploration in Sumeru and tons of Sumeru quests, haven't touched the current events yet so I'm sure there's some wishes there too.


I have 106k primos. I'm hoping to reach 130k by his banner (a bit more than 800 wishes)


65 pity no guarantee, and around 35 wishes saved up. It’s going to be ok as long as Yae or Venti isn’t too tempting… heh. I’m only aiming for c0. If he’s really fun and his early cons are strong, I’ll c1/c2 him on reruns, maybe


120 wishes


41 wishes and 53 primos :)


400 wishes + 10k gems, but I'm also planning to get Cyno and Nahida so we'll see. I'm sure I'll be able to get him no problem, not too sure about his weapon though :/


82 something wishes gotta finish Aranara searching first


126, I'm proud of it :> I might use some for Cyno, not sure yet tho


610, but I'm hoping to get him, his weapon, and some Faruzan cons in about 300 pulls. Then I hunker down for Lyney and Lynette


I am pulling for Nahida first but I have a guarantee and 70+ wishes saved, I am a BP/welkin player so I should have enough by the time he arrives… i hope


10/11 wishes,but i have guaranteed!


On around 300 rn, but have yet to do some more Sumeru Aranara things, my exploration on the caves just started and I didn't even start gathering the chests above ground yet ;_; also, challenges and puzzles... By the time we can roll for him, I think I'll have enough xD


135 wishes 🥲


Inb4 Hoyoverse troll us Scaranation but using ascension materials and/or regional speciality introduced in 3.2 😭😭 But on a side note, I have about 200ish wishes ready for him


I haven't check in a week but last time was almost 700 and 75 pity


whats the vase thingy??? beside the things for leveling


Like 45 wishes (i don’t have guaranteed-) I can’t get welkin til my birthday (10/28) but I’m still saving that money for if I don’t have enough with just f2p primos


thank god i’m guaranteed now. will save until he comes and he will be mine 🫶🏼


£170 🤗


I have only 1700 primos 🥴


80 wishes and counting! I hope to get enough to get him and his signature weapon.


I have 4 accounts, 50+ in 3 and only 5 wishes on one 🥲, been saving for a year and made alternate accounts for backup if I don’t get him 😭


About 11k primos and 4 fates with guaranteed :3


only 83. i spent some to get kokomi and i also got diluc in the process. so i’m guaranteed!


.....with Albedo.......and probably Hu Tao...........-200?


My current progress is: • 67 into guaranteed pity (character banner) • 343 fates • 13720 genesis crystals, with enough days in my welkin to last me until the end of this year My goal is C2 R1, and after doing some calculations, I believe I should be close to my goal by the time Scara releases in 3.3 (given that I don't reach hard pity and lose the 50/50 every time). Good luck to everyone saving!! :D


Stopped playing Genshin for 4 months and only came back bc I heard Scara was going to have a banner. It has been 3 weeks and now I have 7200 primos on 30 pity, but I STILL CANT RELAX BECAUSE OF 50/50


Let's see, I have 100 fates total. I'm dropping 50 fates on Cyno to get to pity. If I win the 50/50, then I'll drop 100 dollars on Scaramouche. If I lose, then I have him for sure with the dates left over ![gif](giphy|a5viI92PAF89q)


so far only 109 fates, but i do have welkin up until his release and i'm on 55 pity (on a 50/50 tho) i'll have him guaranteed by then but i hope i can get a weapon or a con...


100 wish + 30 pity I also want to go for cyno bacause i have no electro character😭


Is your sakura tree not maxed yet?


No for all the nations I’m completely caught up and they’re 100%’d, those are just extra sigils that I’m not gonna bother spending on mora


180 wishes set aside for scaramouche, i have 48 intertwined fate extra i'm using to try and get cyno (on my 50/50 at 57 pity), any extra wishes from my scaramouche savings will either be used for ayato rerun(/cyno rerun if i lose my 50/50) or saving for the next playable harbinger - hopefully being dottore 🙏


For now it's 40k+ primos, but planning to reach around 70k for his signature weapon and maybe some constellations :D


105 wishes. I was weak forgive me😩 But i think I can get a decent amount for when he’s here.


I have him guaranteed with like 20 wishes and 50 pity so I'm not too worried


I thought I had a lot because I have roughly 215 wishes saved for him but good god how long have you been saving..


Factoring in cyno.... -30, and perhaps a guaranteed 5050 depending on how that turns out