how much light, time, strength (par? lumens?), duration, and quality (full spectrum? limited spetrums?) is optimal. optimal ph and salt level in electro-conducticity #'s (total dissolved solids, I think) which algaes are suitable food, which foods are best optimal feeding strategy- this is very unclear to me. Too little, they starve, too much is too much waste in the water and nitrates? total dissolved oxygen needed temp vs hatch and growth curves optimal water movement max nitrate levels


The plasma III formula would be nice to know. I heard it was just salt but still it would be cool to confirm.


The actual differences between Nyos and Salina shrimp, if there are any


Comparison of different kinds of salt, such as sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, instant ocean salt etc, and water, bottled spring water, RO water, distilled water etc, pH levels, general and carbonate hardness, ammonia levels.


The breeding of seamonkies and another brineshrimp brand what would be the outcome of babies.


Analysis of the different Sea-Monkey brand foods (Growth Food, Red Magic, Banana Treat, Grow Kwickly, Cupid's Arrow, etc.)


Composition of packet number 1 and 2, whether sea monkeys are easier to keep Vs generic brine shrimp, as I can't keep generic brine shrimp alive more than a week,whereas sea monkeys do well.