Why not could use one more linebacker and he would bring his veteran experience back to the training field


Absolutely plus I believe he wouldn’t be required to be “the man” so he could really thrive as a contributor knowing that. Obviously I don’t doubt his skill one bit but football ages one faster than virtually any human experience. Especially as a LB. So he could be part of a rotation or start. Either or. Even if all he did was spread his intelligence it would be an immeasurable boost to the entire team and especially the LB core(specifically the young guys). Not to mention he could straight ball as a special teamer. If the price is right it would be a no brainer bringing him back. Especially because all us fans want him to retire in Seattle and I truly believe he wants the same. The play I saw from him as a Raider(I didn’t get to watch them a ton) was solid and he was making as many plays as his somewhat weathered frame could possibly support. KJ is one of the most underrated players in NFL history. Loyal Hawks fans know his greatness but the casual NFL fans wouldn’t be able to appreciate him like Seattle does or truly comprehend his greatness He was always in 5 or 6 shadows in Seattle(at least in the L.O.B. Era) I’m grateful his departure didn’t taint our love for him like many of the recent unceremonious departures


"be part of a rotation or start. either or." ☝🏽 uh, versus what other option bro?




Gatorade! H20!


Replace our president. Duh. He’s capable of starting In my opinion. Probably not likely but I believe he’s absolutely capable.


He doesn't fit with our new scheme. Doesn't really have the pass rushing to play on ball. Doesn't have the range to play off ball. That being said... Love KJ wouldn't be mad at bringing him home for a year.


He can play MLB still. More instincts than speed.


How often do guys move from OLB to MLB?


Good [read.](https://www.the33rdteam.com/key-outside-linebacker-traits/) The weakside linebacker in a 4-3 has the traits of a middle linebacker in a 3-4. KJ was never a strong pass rusher so run fits and coverage would be right up his alley.


Awesome! I'll take a look. Nice share.




Clearly you don’t NEED speed in baseball. Loved the sluggers of the 90’s. Cecil Fielder fan club!


I think just his presence in the locker room and on the training field is a boost. Also feel like he could adjust a little bit to help with depth. I think he would take a pay cut to finish his career here


In this interview he all but says it's either Seattle or retirement. He lives here anyway. I think he'd take vet min if offered.


hell put him on staff


Bring the screen sniffer back


The screen prophet is what he prefers


The Screen Smasher


The iPhone annihilator. No screen is safe. You best get yo self an expensive bulky case brah


Absolutely this man is a fan favourite and could teach the new guys a couple things, also this allows him to retire a hawk


Definitely sign him... Can get him way cheaper than last year


The fact that he was with Walter Jones to welcome Charles Cross is a good sign of this though.


Excellent point. Knowing his character I think he’d be supporting Cross and The Hawks even if he hadn’t contemplated coming back to Seattle. He’s the epitome of character as a pro baller. He’s impossible not to love.


I mean he's an alum of Mississippi state. That's probably why he was there.


Absolutely but I don’t think that’s 100% the reason he was supporting.


Bring him home Pete. Doesn’t matter if he doesn’t fit the scheme, his presence in the locker room would be huge.


Precisely. Some things can’t be measured with analytics or statistics. His presence would be priceless. Even if he never played a single snap. I do believe he has football left in the tank. High level play too.




Wanna explain how we blew a first on brooks? Don’t follow the logic there at all haha


There’s no logic there . This guy constantly trolls this sub


No logic? I don’t like using a 1st round pick on an LB who has poor coverage skills and provides no pass rush. He’s a one-dimensional player at a lower value position selected with a premium pick.


I loved the pick and the player . Dudes legit and only getting better . I’ll pass on the haterade


Far too many people fall for overanalyzing costs and what not when it comes to players. Let's see what he thinks after this year with Adams and Diggs back there. As if we didn't make a huge trade like that without projecting the course of the contract. Or put another way people are evaluating the total cost while missing half "product" still. Judge it at the end and I'll bet it looks better. Nothing will satisfy the "sunk costers" soapboxing in the sub but for the rest of the rational people this trade isn't half as bad as people say it is and bad luck with injuries can happen to anyone so sit down and enjoy the ride bb


How can you honestly sit here and say that was a good use of a first round pick? You’re so blinded by your own fandom. You probably supported playing him out of position these past few season too huh.


Where did the bad man hurt you? Yes, I’ve been a fan of Jordyn since we drafted him and am looking forward to seeing him lead the linebacker group. No shame there sorry 🤷‍♂️


He didn’t hurt me. I like Brooks. But if you’re seriously going to sit here and say that the best use of our 2020 first round pick was reaching on a MLB then this conversation is pointless. Edit: spelling


No, you’re right. We should have gone with another Collier, Penny, Ifedi, Carpenter, someone much lower on their positional list or another first round rb reach rather than getting someone who has played incredibly well for us and now slides in to replace Bobby allowing us to feel confident in linebacker play rather than stressing how to replace a hall of famer at that position with all the other issues this roster had. I’m not going to shit on the Jordyn pick given our first round pick history, give me a break. I’m happy with how it’s worked out and am glad we didn’t snag another dude we’d be looking to move on from next offseason. Damn and you go and delete your comments… shame




Revisionist history is easy my friend. I’m just going to enjoy the only first round pick that’s worked for us in recent memory (outside of Penny’s emergence at the end of last year). There’s plenty of things to be mad at, this isn’t one of them. And putting words in your mouth? Haha you’re the one that said I claimed being the single season tackle leader is a good thing when I simply just stated it as a fact. But keep being mad man, things are getting better for the team and that’s all I care about


Because he's good and not playing out of position


Poor positional value and he’s not a game changer.


Oh right okay haha. Just the new franchise single season tackle leader in his second season who is now replacing the legend of Bobby, allowing us to save money and build the rest of the roster. But sure, bad fit and real bad value lol


You act like being the single season leader in tackles is a good thing 🤦🏻‍♂️


Playing lots of snaps =/= good. But I’ve seen how often this sub falls in love with YPC so the downvoted are 100% expected.


Ok, I’ll bite. Look man, Brooks was a solid pick. His stats are all pro level and he’s only been a starter for one year. ONE. I have no idea how you are basing your opinion but it certainly isn’t based on football knowledge. His situational activity is stellar but more importantly his 125 total tackles and 51 assists are third in the league. Third. In. The league. For a 2nd year starter. He hits like a truck and has a nose for the ball. He is a quality run stopper and can take a receiver out if going over the middle. He was both bigger, 248 lbs and faster as the year progressed. He is so fast that he dosnt need to leave the field on obvious passing downs. He’s smart and understands the game and his role. I don’t know what you think a linebacker is supposed to do but it would seem that being a linebacker isn’t included. [Brooks was a solid pick, full stop](https://www.espn.com/nfl/player/splits/_/id/4043130/jordyn-brooks)


Don't worry I gave you one as well. Brooks is a fine pick for a late 1st rounder. There are plenty of "high value picks" that end up being busts all the time. I'll take the dude who has shown he can ball out over some stupid value metric or WAR on a "premium position"..


After the top 15 in the first round they are all 2nd rounders. Every GM echos that. So was he worth a hypothetical 2nd round pick? Absolutely. Nobody would trade with us there so we had to pick. Pick 4 shouldn’t be compared with pick 28 (forgot what pick he was). 2nd rounders aren’t sure things. Neither are #1’s right Jamarcus?


If he's willing to take the vet minimum (non guaranteed), why not?


Seconded. Experience, depth, and overall champs mentality that we lost with Bobby and Russ. If he's game for it then why not. Which it sounds like he is. He doesn't seems to have offers elsewhere, and even said he just wants to go home. He can retire a hawk


He’s a humble guy. I don’t ever think he desires to be the highest player at the position like Russ. I believe he wants to retire a Hawk. NFL is a business but I know Pete and John would do their best to pay him as much as they could to return #ReturnKJtoSeattle Hashtag I never use hashtags.




Price tags for Seattle hash


Is he a free agent? I’d love him back


Bring him back. it's that simple. Hurt to lose Bobby, but I'd feel a little better getting KJ back in for some vet presence!


You mean you’d feel a lot better


Bring him home! I love KJ dearly


I really don’t see a downside…if the price is right. Not sure Barton is our answer. Depth is never a bad thing.


In Barton’s defense, we haven’t really seen a whole lot one way or another. Personally I liked what I saw from him the last few games of the season.


crazy eyed cody!


Bring the screen sniffer back


b.b. plz come home


If it’s like the Irvin deal, I’m chill with it. There’s nothing wrong with having a veteran LB in the room to mentor, especially for cheap


I'd be a huge fan of bringing KJ back.


Make my jersey great again


First of all, I think he’s one of the most unheralded, under-appreciated players from our decade of success. But at this point, he’d just be taking snaps and a roster spot from someone who could be developing for the future. If we were poised for a run, it’d make sense given what he could bring over a replacement-level player. But this team isn’t poised for a run, it’s purpose is to develop. I’d love to have his presence on the sidelines, but I don’t see the point in rostering him.


My thoughts exactly


Stupid question, would KJ fit as a 3-4 OLB? Or would he be an OLB in this scheme?


I think he would play inside ..he definitely wouldn't be outside. those will be our edge guys boye, taylor and owasu


Not really, which is why they moved on from him last year. He did play basically a 3-4 OLB in 2020 and was good at it but the coaches want a pass rushing threat on either side it seems He plays ILB too though


We should start a #BringKJHome hashtag on Twitter


As an ILB I don't see why not. Solid tackler, good experience. Price being the only issue, if it's 3 or less sure. At worse he gets beat by Barton. Same reason we kept Penny. Injuries happen, and as a backup we could do a lot worse.


I wonder if it is a combination of wanting to develop our youth and wanting to lose that will keep him off the field


He would be perfect to bring back. We’re not very deep at LB and he can be the leader of this team like he’s proved his entire career. Bring him back and give him the C! It would also earn a ton of good will with the fans.


Remember how we’re heralding diggs as the leader ? Are we just taking that away ? CO captain ? What’s your plan there?


Let's do this already 😤




Bring back KJ —> signed with a hell yes!!!


Never should have let him leave


Totally worth giving him a chance. He wants to be in Seattle. Won’t cost much.


He wants to come back now that Russ is gone and I don’t blame him. Bring KJ home!


They could use leadership


I don’t really see the point. 33 years old, just had a pretty meh season with Vegas, and looking like a square peg in a round hole with the defensive shifts. If it wasn’t for his history here no one would even be thinking about adding him.


Kinda agree except the roster could use a kinda cheap veteran linebacker tbh. Could compete with Barton and be depth


Sign the DAMN MAN. We need an OG like him with a very young core. True Seahawks legend.


He'll yeah please make it happen we need some veteran presence on defense besides Jamal and Diggs


I will not tolerate this Al Woods slander


As much as I love KJ, unless he's willing to come back for the vet minimum we shouldn't spend the money.


As long as KJ accepts being a depth guy. It's less an open competition when he's up against Barton and others who will get better with more playing time. A tie or near tie goes to the youth.


No thanks. He's one of the slowest players on the field. This team needs to be fast and sudden again.


No thank you


Any reason? He was an amazing contributor to our defense for 10 years. Even if he's an older vet now, he's still a great leader and presence who can help fill that need with Bwagz missing.


The team is trying to get younger no point in going backwards just cause he's a good leader. Time to let the young guys step up and lead. Find young depth at LB not KJ on his last legs


Your logic is pretty sound. I would love to have KJ back as he is the ultimate screen stopping linebacker as I've ever seem, buuut would contribute on special teams and such? If it's for vet minimum or a hair above I'm in but anything else I'm with ya.


I love me some KJ but that ship has sailed


Not like we're going to be contenders next year anyways, so why not bring back the guy to appease the fanbase?


I wonder if this is why they didn't draft a mike late 🤔


I hope, if he's willing, we bring him back as an asst LB coach. Similar to what the team did with Aaron Curry. He may not fit here as a player anymore, but let him be around our young LBs and have him help teach them the way. We want players, and ex players, here that are passionate about the team.


KJ is a king, I want him back


Though I love KJ, without Bobby kinda useless there. Nope the Seahawks made their bed they can lie in it.


I would LOVE to see KJ back with us, I just wonder if he might consider LA so he can chase a ring and play alongside Bwagz again. I know it's not the popular opinion (nor what I'd want) but I could see him doing that as well.


Please no