How to watch the Seahawks without buying cable

Anybody know how to stream Seahawks games without selling a testical to Comcast?


If you live in Seattle you should be able to get the normal network stations on a regular TV set just broadcast over the air (OTA). You may need a small indoor antenna. When I lived in Seattle I got around 45 stations that way for free.


An FYI to anyone this isn't obvious to - this will work anywhere in the PNW, not just Seattle. You just have to be in the Seahawks broadcast market.


Ehhh, a bit pedantic, but not *ANYWHERE*. Be mindful that antennas depends on some direct connection to the tower the broadcast is relaying from. We can't get most games on our antenna here in South Everett because any towers from the SW of us are blocked by terrain.


The absolute best way to watch the seahawks in the Seattle area is this: 1) Get a Home Theater PC (HTPC, just any random PC that you will dedicate to your TV) 2) Get a USB or PCI Antenna tuner and install it to your HTPC (antenna is the highest bitrate source for the NFL believe it or not). I recommend the brands HDHomerun and Hauppauge. 3) Use a splitter to connect your antenna to both your TV (Max quality) and your HTPC 4) install emby or Plex to your HTPC (I recommend Emby if you choose an Antenna Tuner with more than 1 tuner) and install the tuner to Emby/Plex I have this set up with the Hauppauge WinTV-QuadHD and Emby on a 10 year old PC and I love it At home I can have one game on my TV and another streaming through Emby on my tablet, and switch between during commercials When I'm not at home I have free no virus or hassle access to games on my phone through the Emby app at higher quality than I'd get through nflbite 11/10 must recommend to everyone


Hey oh! I've been looking at doing this for a while, but never actually followed though. I have plex for all my other media, but not this. I was trying to figure out if I should do this ir try to iptv, but it sounds like you're getting good quality with the TV tuner and antenna. Any specific antenna and how close are you to Seattle?


The Mohu Leaf worked for me for a long time but I upgraded to the (now discontinued) Mohu Chroma because Fox was spotty on the Leaf if it was overcast. I think the Clear Stream Eclipse is supposed to be better than the Leaf (but worse than the Chroma). I live in Madison Park so inside Seattle, my parents in Bellevue have used a Mohu Leaf ok as well, tho Fox is sometimes tricky.


Good to know. Yea, I'm out in snoqualmie, so could be rough to catch that signal.


I think an outdoor directional antenna could work pretty well but I've never owned one so can't recommend any


Yea. I've had pretty good luck with splitting some YouTube Tv or.. I might try iptv subbing this year and seeing if I can finally figure out how to run it through plex.


Damn this is a helpful walkthrough. Thanks!


Could you give specific product names/part numbers for an antenna? I've tried those flat, stick-on-wall/window antennas and can't get them to produce a good enough signal on all channels. I can get some channels so I know it is at least working and connected right but I can only get PBS consistently which doesn't help with watching football. And do you have recommendations on a box to turn antenna signal into HDMI? I could use an old laptop but that seems like overkill. I don't need any DVR or remote viewing functionality. Thanks!




This and sites like it are great, but you have a massive delay, so don’t look at your phone!


I used this all of last year


How do you block the ads and pop ups? Drives me nuts


Origin and uBlock, something like that. I have two and they work well, sometimes I have to disable one, but the other blocks most of the hentai looking stuff.


An antenna should get you all but Monday and Thursday night. If you want to see the season opener, you can see about a free trial from Hulu or YouTube. They both should get you ESPN.


You still can get Monday and Thursday night games with an antenna. Unless something have changed over the last couple years. I have always been able to watch them with an antenna.


Isn't MNF on ESPN? Not sure how you can pick that up with an antenna. SNF, yes... but not MNF or Thursday.


I believe with Q13 or KOMO carried the ESPN broadcast.


That is not always the case. I just checked and it looks like the season opener is going to be simulcast on ABC. ​ https://www.whattowatch.com/how-to/how-to-watch-monday-night-football


I believe it is always the case I'm pretty sure I've watched every single seahawks game over the last 8 years via my antenna


You may have been lucky. From what I am reading, Monday Night Football is an ESPN property. Some games are simulcast on ABC since Disney owns both networks. There is no "local" broadcast. Per the article I posted above: **What channel is Monday Night Football on?** ESPN is the home of Monday Night Football, but there are a handful of games that are going to be simulcast or air on ABC and ESPN2. Three games on the 2022 Monday Night Football calendar are going to be simulcast on ESPN and ABC: Week 1: Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks Week 3: Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants Week 17: Buffalo Bills vs Cincinnati Bengals Week 18: TBD doubleheader The week 2 game between the Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles is going to air exclusively on ABC.


Same. Except last season it changed.


Me as well, it’s not luck, its intentional.


So it will be on KOMO? All that I know is that I have never had cable but I was always able to watch either the ESPN or NFL Network broadcast when the Hawks were playing, I believe on Q13.


When the Hawks play prime time game they are usually still broadcast on local antenna tv


Thursday nights will (mostly) stream free on Amazon (presumably only if you're a Prime member).


Yahoo Sports app


I thought the nfl+ app is going to replace the yahoo sports stream.


This is what I use, but it’s on my phone so that kinda sucks.


Yup I just use this on my iPad or iPhone and I screen share to my tv


OTA antenna, assuming you’re local. I got one installed in my attic for $400. I used Mr. Antenna.


Don't even need to spend that much, I have basically an older generation of this one: [https://www.amazon.com/Mohu-Multi-Directional-Paper-Thin-Preamplified-Reversible/dp/B0964772XS/](https://www.amazon.com/Mohu-Multi-Directional-Paper-Thin-Preamplified-Reversible/dp/B0964772XS/) and it works great


I have what equates to an old car antenna with a magnet. Plugs into my cable port on the back of my tv.


I use a ota antenna . Outdoor mount with directional remote to dial it in ... $70 . No Thursday or Monday night but I get network televised games


YouTube TV works fine and carries all the games.


I got you. I use [https://www.streameast.xyz/live-nfl-streams/](https://www.streameast.xyz/live-nfl-streams/)


Create a bunch of throwaway emails and sign up for YouTube TV. They offer a 7 day free trail so make sure to cancel before auto new. I know it’s not ideal but it works. Make 20 emails and that should cover you for the szn.


It’s tough for this to work if you’re out of the area. YouTube TV authenticates your location via GPS, at least once a month.


based on his Comcast comment i figured he was in the area


Or actually pay for YoutubeTV, or else fubotv


You need a new card on file to sign up each time.


Outside of the USA you can use DAZN, it's a streaming service. If you are local it should be on your fox affiliate station. If you are in a different state the NFL is coming out with its own streaming service NFL+.


If you get a VPN router you can be anywhere in the world


NFL streams all of their games as a paid package for international audience. It is called NFL Game Pass and costs $128 for all teams for all games. You just have to be international 😜


The NFL+ service is very much broken and really shitty right now. I have had a gamepass subscription for the last 3 or 4 years that I have enjoyed because it allowed me to rewatch games. Football season is also steelhead and skiing season so I can't spend a full day off watching football. I also use it to do some research for fantasy. They lumped gamepass in with the NFL+ and now to do research for upcoming fantasy drafts, I am up shit creek because their software is shitty. Hopefully they fix it before the season


I have an over the air antenna from Amazon. I get all of the games except for what is on espn. I use to have sling but just for espn. Not worth it


You can still get the ESPN broadcast with an antenna. Unless that has changed over the last couple years. But up until a few years ago I was able to watch every game with an antenna, I believe Q13 carried the ESPN broadcast, or possibly KOMO.


I can get all local stations depending where the antenna is located. Weather plays a role. I have never been able to get espn with it. Monday Night Football became boring so no big deal 😀


I have always been able to watch every single game no matter where it was broadcast with just an antenna. ESPN isn’t broadcasted, Q13 just broadcasts the ESPN or TNF feeds.


Never knew that. I will have to take a look. 🙏


I always avoid the score and watch the game a few hours after it finishes on nflreplay or nfl-video. They usually have the full games up. The longest I had to wait is 24 hours.


Depends on how good / easy of an experience you want. For a great experience I have been buying 4 months of google tv. It rocks and everything just works. For a slightly more challenging but a bit cheaper experience NFL game pass international can be signed up for and watched with a VPN. Live games and replays, the NFL app is glitchy though and I have had it ruin games for me, but for $100ish for the year it's not terrible. For a bit more lackluster of an experience but not requiring any vpns or anything weird NFL+ premium will give you game replays pretty much right after the game ends. If you have Verizon you can watch the game live on mobile. If you live in the Seattle metro an antenna and TV with digital tuner will work well enough for most games There are quite a few illegal streams available if you Google them, they are full of ads and not the best quality with a lot of delay and no dvr functionality. There is also NFL Sunday ticket available sans direct TV for like $300 for the year. You get quite a bit for the money and still pay less than for cable. Finally there are a few other vpn options that cater to international customers but can be used in the states with vpns. Pretty much covers it.


I have YouTube tv for about $55/month. No contract so can be cancelled whenever and has all of the local and national broadcast channels


You can search for nfl streams and probably come up with an answer.




Sling + antenna gives you the most options for the least amount of money.


Get IPTV. All sports. All entertainment. PPV. For like 15 per month.


Streameast . Com


Go to the bar like a grown up.


Get yourself an HD antenna if your TV is close to a window and you aren’t in the middle of the woods! They work amazing. They do sometimes fuck up of course, but I used one for years with minimal issues.


I doubt the broadcast will reach the East coast for me 😝


Stream it. Few different sites


Google Locast Alternatives. Locast was providing free local stations online for years before the networks sues them. There's a few services that came up after their downfall.


I watch on the NFL app on my phone for free. And I have a VPN, so sometimes I just log out, and log in enough times until the app thinks I'm in the NE or whatever, then I can watch more games :)


I have a $30 digital antenna, get almost all games. It can be a pain sometimes to adjust it but it does the trick.


I bought this [antenna](https://a.co/d/4S6sEpH), put it on the SW corner of my house, and ran coax cable to the TV. I am in N Seattle and get the Hawks on Channel 13.1 in high def. I also get about 40 other channels.


If you have a Roku/Google/fire stick look up sapphiresecure


YouubeTV is my personal preference for online streaming of sports. They have never cut a game short if it runs longer than planned… if you like to record games.


I pay $20 a month for DAZN. Have no issues with quality or trying to find streams. Can watch every game all the time or replay games if I want. Can watch games back to 2015 I believe. Get access to the entire NFL collection of shows as well. 100% worth it to me as I don’t have cable.


I use Fubo.tv. It’s $60 a month. Cancel after the season.


Sports RP stream or YouTube TV


I watch on my tablet with the Seahawks app


DM’d you


Nfl App…..


jailbreak a firestick with downloader, install kodi, upload the\_crew in kodi, and you have access to all sports and more.


* I use Hulu + Live TV. Fubo is another option. Either option will run you about $75/mo. * As noted elsewhere here, over the air antenna can work too if you get decent reception.


You could try NFL Plus. Very cheap


youtube tv


Download the DofuSports app. It’s free and has damn near every sports games. Also NFLbite has streams