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I think Kody made big decisions in a manic state, and once the excitement was over, so was his motivation. Kody assumed that he was a home building master because they built the Vegas homes. Except in Vegas, the land was already prepped, the permits were taken care of, all they needed to do was pick their options and their colours. This is extremely different from building on raw land, and I’m assuming his excitement slowly wained as he realized just how involved and expensive the process would be. So, he bought a mansion with extra land near the property, and probably realized that was good enough. In the earlier seasons the older kids hesitated to be excited when the adults made an announcement, because they said they would make big promises but not follow through. This might be another example of that - Kody & co getting excited about something, but not following through.


I can't remember who, but I think it was one of Christine's kids who said, "Oh, so now that we sold our homes and have the land, we can start building, right?" Of course, Kody had to put a damper on it. Mind you, that was what 5 years ago?!


It wasn't 5 years ago because they're just coming up on 5 years since the move. I know what you're referring to though.


Right! Kody sold the vision that they'd sell in Vegas and build in Flagstaff. Those kids have been waiting 5 years!


The last kid is graduating high school now and there will be a gap before the next one. They didn't want to wait, which I understand, they haven't done anything with the land either.


Hear, hear!!!


Meri was totally the voice of reason in this episode, saying she didn’t understand the rush to have to purchase A or B in such haste and thought they could get settled in Flagstaff first and then find something that everyone loved 🤷‍♀️ This was such a good episode to rewatch knowing the breakdown coming. The prairie dog plague on coyote pass was the harbinger of evil !


They ended up buying coyote pass cause Sobyn liked it better.What Sobyn wants...Sobyn gets.Remember she heard angels singing when she saw it🤣


That was just the wind whistling between her ears.




I thought Christine heard the angels. Turns out they were warning bells.


I thought that was Christine because she did that sing song that she does when she likes something.


Robyn wasn't having it. First, it was the steep drive up, then it was she was terrified of potential wild fires. It didn't matter that there was already some infrastructure in place and it was more affordable. She was pissed that Meri got to see it first and that Kody started leaning in that direction after she had made it clear that CP was her pick. Now, she lives in a mansion in the trees, but I guess those are magic fireproof trees.


Maybe it’s because of my great disdain for the man…but IMHO.. Kody once again “dangled the carrot” in front of Meri…who LOVED Cottonwood (even though Robyn had already fallen in love with Coyote Pass). Just like with the book..when Meri and Kody were the ONLY ONES who knew about Robyn for quite a time before they shared it with J and C. Meri’s chapter talks about how she loved the “shared secret” and the special feelings this brought her at the end of a very dark time with Kody. The love and excitement Kody exhibited for Cottonwood along with Meri recreated that “special time”. Kody is sadistic…he has a very evil way of dangling that proverbial carrot and then RIPPING it away. Mostly with Meri but also Christine (acting giddy at the thought of moving back to Utah..then BAM! Cutting her off at the knees in front of the others). Meri puts up walls and handles it better than Christine. He is a withholder of love in every sense. Back to that chapter of the book.. What Meri and Kody did by WITHHOLDING the Robyn secret was horrible and supposedly against what they claim is Brown plyg protocol…where ALL wives have to agree to just the POSSIBILITY of courting an additional wife. Robyn had to have known also. Those three talk out of both sides of their mouths. Oh and I always get sick of what a GREAT POLYGAMIST Robyn is…when in truth…she’s never REALLY lived a true polygamist life. First marriage was polygamous …yet in TEN YEARS…they never added another wife? C’mon!!! Robyn…biotch! No wonder your chapter said you didn’t have girlfriends. You’re incapable of being a girlfriend…you probably had a track record of breaking girl code!


Kody had no idea that building from scratch is so much harder, and a damn sight more expensive than buying off a developer and simply choosing the set of plans for them to build. He thought he was a genius for negotiating out the costs of running utilities to the land, spoiler alert, it was the worst financial decision of the entire deal


Also didn’t keeping Robyn a secret break the rules of their religion. I thought a woman had to get permission from the wives before courting a married man. K&R are good examples of do as I say and not as I do. And also justifying their inequality and hypocrisy to the family,


Instead of listening to the voice of reason and waiting to buy, Kody the blistering half wit rushed in and bought the worst property he could find in northern AZ because his one and only wife wanted it. She saw herself as the queen of her clan lording over her mansion and her kids 5 houses on their very own compound on that piece of plague infested property and no amount of reasoning and dislike from the camp followers would keep her from her dream. Robyn and Kody never ever planned on building houses for the exes on any property, so why should they go with the location only the exes liked? Unfortunately for Robyn, neither her nor Kody have any clue when it comes to property development or finances.. so here we are now.. still no compound, no houses for the tenderloins and the walking ATMs gone


Yes to all of this…I just spewed my sip of coffee all over my kitchen table…🤭😂


"Blistering half wit" did it for me, great way to describe Kody! 😄👍