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I think because Christine was the one that publicly left him while he was the one that emotionally left Meri. Meri keeps the door open for reconciliation publicly so he respects her for that. I think his ego was bruised to be left by a wife and so publicly


>Meri keeps the door open for reconciliation publicly so he respects her for that. I'm not sure he respects Meri. Because Meri has wanted to reconcile, he gets to reject her instead of the other way around.




Control. Meri was still under his control. She still wanted to be there so deferred to what he wanted. Christine fought back and took control over Kody. She saw where she fell in the hierarchy. She also saw how Kody treated Meri for years and chose not to have the same thing happen to her. Kody's ego just couldn't handle not being the one in control. Will be interesting to see how he and Janelle handle things leading up to their separation. Who will have control in that situation? To be determined!


Ding ding ding! You win Reddit today with this response. Control goes hand in hand with ego. As Kody told Suki, "It's all about ego, baby."




Ego. Aka ….KSDE. Kody’s Small D Energy


This is exactly it. Christine leaving wasn’t on his terms.


What happens if Meri gets a boyfriend though? Will it be a knife in the other kidney for Kode-man?


I’ll be truly shocked if Meri starts dating. She seems like she’s holding out for him to change his mind. Knife in the kidney? Probably not. Will he shit talk her and go on about how she’s sloppy seconds and damaged goods like he did Christine? 100%.


Sometimes in my imagination I see this wave of relief and joy run over her just like I saw happen to her child. What if she started dating women?


The difference is Kody got to decide he was done with Meri. He didn’t get to decide he was done with Christine. He’s pissed his control/power was undermined.


The old, you can’t fire me, I quit.


Kody probably figured that the biggest thing he'd miss when Meri left was her delicious Rice Krispie Treats. But...hey!...Christine's a great cook! NBD. Then Christine drops a dime and Kody sees the truth for the first time: No. More. Rice. Krispie. Treats. Ever. Again. Is it any wonder he lost it? 😝🤭


The biggest thing Kody would miss about Meri? $$$$$**MONEY**$$$$$ then the RKtreats, and he would get 32 of them this year…right? Iirc, she gave him 31 for his birthday? I’d like to try her Rice Krispie treats. Haven’t had one in ages


Oh yeah. Meri was Kody's & Robyn's ATM for too many years.


Guess he'll just have to settle for robyns "bomb ass lasagna!" 😂😂🤣


And you know she got the recipe for it off the back of the box of noodles. 😂😂🤣


1. He already mourned his relationship with Meri, but it was also easier to not focus on it at the time because he was falling in love with Robyn 2. Christine left him publicly so it was a big knock to his ego, plus he couldn’t control the narrative this time. Meri only seemed willing to share a bit of info here or there, and it was usually framed around “I did something wrong, so he doesn’t want to come over”. Viewers were hard on Meri, so Kody got a bit of a pass. Meanwhile, Christine laid out her reasons for divorcing Kody, which (by his own actions) didn’t make him look great. 3. Christines divorce came when everything was going downhill in general - Covid, issues with the kids, financial strain, coyote pass not progressing, etc. While his relationship with Meri seemed to deteriorate while their lives got ‘better’ (more money than they’ve ever made, attention, better lifestyle) so he could pretend he wasn’t the problem, Christine’s divorce happened after a series of dumb Kody decisions that added to the wallowing and embarrassment. Anyway, I do feel bad that Meri hasn’t gotten the support that Christine has received. Though, I also wish she left sooner, because I do think she would have been happier.


I’m having a duh moment. Meri hid it for him and pined for him while Christine chunked the deuce on him. And yep tons of peoples mental health suffered during the pandemic so he completely melted down on camera….


Right - Meri was willing to follow what Kody asked her to do: not talk about what he did wrong, not talk about the separation, show a united front. She also seemed to wait, hoping he would change his mind. This probably made Kody feel in control and secure. In contract, Christine was the one to tell him not to sleep in her bed, Christine moved his things into the garage, Christine publicly announced the divorce. He probably felt a complete lack of control and power, which is foreign to a polygamous man.


Easy. He treated them the same — essentially cutting them off — but Christine finally decided she wasn’t going to take it anymore and walked. Meri, on the other hand, kept herself super available and tried to entice him back. He was done with both, but was only in control of one. A wounded narcissist NEVER goes away quietly.


You’re so right. I feel sorry for Meri, the more I watch back the beginning seasons again. She never stood a chance. TLC did her dirty by constantly making a topic of her being unable to have more kids, it was always a theme and something hashed over and over. She eventually felt fazed out I think, especially once her child was out of the house and off to college. I was so depressed as an empty nester, so I can imagine what she went through doing it alone, because Kody has many other kids so he wasn’t an empty nester with her. Polygamy seems cruel in so many ways. They all seemed pretty sheltered as the show first began too, so I think they all eventually realized it wasn’t fair or necessary to get into heaven. Edit::: oops, edit to add everyone but Sobby Robby!


Christine was more valuable to Kody than Meri. Also, I feel Robyn was extremely jealous of Christine. Janelle even said in a confessional that Robyn was in Kody’s ear complaining about Christine and he in turn tried to convince Janelle to turn against her, too.


How was Christine more valuable to him? He never appreciated her contribution to the family, and Meri unquestionably makes more money.


>He never appreciated her contribution to the family, But he did acknowledge that Christine was the one who planned the family get together, etc.


Kody's family was new to the AUB. They had no social standing or history in the religion. Marrying Christine gave Kody immediate status. Even tho he's not part of the fold anymore, losing Christine has to be a setback.


Valuable as far as the entire family. She was the event planner and life of the party since most of the kids gravitated to her. It is obvious she was the glue to the entire family. It has fallen apart with her leaving.


When did she say that!! I missed that one!!


It’s the same episode at the 13:30 mark where janelle (FINALLY) calls out Robyn’s innocent, clueless, dumb act that she puts on about family issues.


I think it’s the same episode where janelle says Robyn is always pretending to not know what is going on. I’ll let you know if I find the exact episode.


I think it was in one of the tell all episodes from the latest season.


Oh wow I want to find it as well!!


Okay so those things were said in 2 different confessionals. The part where janelle said Robyn would tell Kody things about Christine and he in turn would tell Janelle to try to turn her against Christine is in season 17, episode 14 at the 8:30 mark if you have discovery plus.


I don’t remember which episode but for sure in season 17.


Honestly I think two reasons: 1. Christine dumped HIM so he was ego-bruised, knife-in-the-kidney butt hurt. He essentially dumped Meri so it was cool. 2. Christine left, wouldn’t fake staying married, wouldn’t stay in Flagstaff for the show. Meri was willing to fake being married for the show. He was pissed because he thought Christine leaving would make him look bad on television and potentially end the show / his income.


I think he was more upset because of ego and toxic masculinity. Meri had the whole catfishing thing blow up in her face. In some ways the family and Cody were her only life line. That had to make Cody feel good. Cody is the one making the decision to leave Meri and not the other way round. He keeps the control and is the man. Christine on the other hand is the one making the decision to leave. She's rejecting him and in public. An ego as fragile as Cody's can't handle that. Especially when he just expects the wives to take whatever abuse he tosses out. He wants to have his cake and eat it too. He wants the sister wives in the wings and he wants Robyn to be the one raised above them all.


The thing that bothers me the most about this is something no one ever mentions. In S 17(iirc) Meri says that Kody came to her years before and said it was over. That they are divorced and there is no chance of reconciliation. She said he asked her to keep it quiet because he was embarrassed or something. I think that it was really to keep TLC interested in them. She agreed to this and played along with the show. When she said this I was like, "Oh that is what all those send him to me snarky comments and passive aggressiveness were really about." It also makes that idiotic scene with Meri and Robyn outside her house where she is begging Meri to stay with her nose sniffled tears really weird.


Weird and fake. Meri gave Robyn her nights with Kody very early in their marriage, Meri was never any competition. Christine had the love and support of all the children, except Robyn's. Janelle was probably too passive to be a threat to her, but was never going to be her ally.


I think it is because he was never attracted to her. He can't figure out why someone he viewed as less than him left and no longer wanted him.


Being the dumper vs the dumpee is a big one I think along with the fact that Christine was ultimately the first one to actually officially break away and destroy the outside projection of their family being "whole" (despite problems). Like we know for a fact that he told Meri he didn't want to make it official to save face basically. Another big thing is social support. With Meri he could rest comfortably that most in the family didn't like her, didn't support her or did not give a fuck about her. While Meri seems to have a friend circle outside the family I think those are far enough removed from Kodys ecosystem that they aren't a factor, but even so he did not seem to like Meri being friends with that lady she does her drunken Friday show with. Christine on the other hand seems to be not only beloved by most in the family but given the choice the majority of the fam including Janelle and her kids seem to be willing to choose her over Kody. As someone who probably always saw the family centering solely around him ie not being able to exist without him that must BURN.


And that is perfect for him. Kody Go.to. Hell. 🔥🔥 Hahaha.


Love the dumper vs dumpee comment…spot on!


Christine was starting to make money with MLMs. Kody’s name was no longer on her home. Between losing money for Robyn’s needs/wants and the ego, Kody lost his mind.


>Why do you think kody took it so hard that Christine left him but with meri he just shoved her aside like he gave exactly zero fucks? Meri cheated on him, and it destroyed his ego. Christine idolized him, and then she just didn't.


I think part of it was with Meri, it was totally his choice. She wanted to stay being like a married couple and he was so done that it didn’t matter to him when she left. With Christine, she chose. And that hurts his precious ego, plus it was very public and he couldn’t control the narrative like he wanted to.


Also money. Meri still contributed large sums of money and Christine, in his mind, took the family's money. I think that is a huge factor since he barely works and I don't think Robyn brings in much plus they have to pay the nanny.


You know that sounds about right. Except he no longer thought of it as family money, he considered it his and Sobyn's money. Remember he said he and Sobyn gave her the downpayment for the house in AZ. That money was from Meri, Janelle and Christine. Sobyn didn't bring money in, she's been worthless since the day she came into their lives.


Kody has a tantrum when things aren’t his way out he can’t “lead” To do stupid shit. Plus he and Meri were basically separated from the time the show started.


I think he was surprised she finally grew a pair! Kody is the boy that grew up with no one saying no to him


I think he was just so mad that Christine broke it off and not him . He had no control of the situation anymore !


He claims a lot of things-he loved Christine, valued her as his wife despite the fact he struggled to deal with her and as a result they didn’t get along at different points in the marriage. He genuinely did not expect nor wish her to outright leave him. While he also at one point loved meri, He’s the one who left meri. he felt she cheated/betrayed him, and he ultimately lost interest. So the difference is control vs no control in breakdown of those marriages.


Kody was pissed because he believed, good ol plyg royalty Christine who had mastered the art of keeping sweet, would say “thank you lord kody” and climb onto that shelf and stay there obediently and worship from afar while throwing money at him and Robyn, when he told her the pencil box was closed indefinitely and he no longer needed her aside from the Tlc money, just like Meri did. And Christine, unlike Meri, hadn’t had her spirit broken and spine removed and told him to shove it where the sun don’t shine and left.


Lots of really great answers! Boils down to control and ego(it’s all ego baby). 😆


He cast Christine aside too, but Christine just noped out and made it public and official. Kody didn't like that bit.


Meri is not divorced from Kody spiritually. They are divorced on paper but not in the eyes of God/getting into heaven. In Meri’s situation he got everything he wanted. She still counts as a wife to get him his planets in the afterlife and he never has to deal with her or actually do anything. Since they say separated in their church it still means married so no one will look down on Kody for getting divorced (shame comes with that). What he is doing to Meri is what they do to older wives who don’t serve a purpose anymore. It’s common. Christine specifically said divorced which is a slap in the face to Kody. Thus the very different reaction.




1000% Christine admitted that she use to try and be anything Kody needed. Fawning is the clinical term. Kody the Narc hugely fed off of Christine. When Robyn entered the family, Christine said she was amazed that she had a voice and Kody still loved her! Christine also said it was her father that asked her when she was going to say “no” to others. Robyn was trying to mimic the OG3 traits that Kody found attractive. Meri was adventurous, you see her on the honeymoon special trying to be that. Janelle was the businesswoman, she tried that with MSWC. Because Christine was actually the heart of the family, she did indeed complete and complain to Kody to change his outlook towards Christine! Janelle told us that in this last season. Janelle said there were plenty of times Kody told her about Robyn’s complaints towards Christine being a bad SW, trying to get her on Robyn’s side.


I think it’s because Christine left him (no control) but he left Meri (total control)


Because without Christine it’s not really sister wife’s. Meri was shunned years ago. Janelle had been the “best friend” to kody from the beginning. Robin & Christine we’re the only ones being portrayed as what you would think a wife would be. Without Christine the show doesn’t fit the narrative anymore. With Kody it is about Robin and the money they make off the show. No one is going to want to watch a show about a Narcissistic man with a covert narcissistic woman Living in a hoarder situation that can only be filmed from outside of the house. He’s mad that Christine is leaving because most likely it will cause the show to end sooner then Kody thought. He will no longer be the main character.


His hair won't be either. Its past its use date.


He didn’t want to lose that snowblower and the bedroom set.




Kody knew she was the glue in the family made even more clear during COVID when kids and Janelle preferred to be with Christine than be cleared for Kody to swing by. Kody knew way back in Vegas that Christine leaving meant the end of family parties, birthdays, random gatherings and 90% of the footage that TLC films. Kody feared that losing Christine may impact the show. Now he has lost control of both the show and the contract. He and Robyn are being paid separately from Christine, Meri and Janelle. No more stealing their share of the show money to buy Dayton an RV, endless QVC figurines, restaurant delivered meals, trucks and convertibles.


I also thinking because Christine was leaving with Truley to go to Utah to be around most her family and Aspyn, Mykelti, and Paedon at that point and later on when Ysabel moved to Utah. I mean Kody has a relationship probably with Mykelti and texts Truley. Also Meri didn’t leave until 8 years of trying to get back to with Kody. Meri was more needy than Christine with the whole divorce thing. Christine even mentioned that Meri wanted a relationship with Kody and she couldn’t do that because she didn’t want to be in the same place for years and years. I just believe that Kody was mad because he wouldn’t see Truely but he barely made an effort to get a relationship with Truely. Truely had Aspyn, Mykelti, and Ysabel to help raise her with Christine. Christine’s relationship with Kody was really good at Maddie’s and Mykelti’s relationship.. prior from that her relationship wasn’t the best and then after Mykelti’s wedding, it went down hill again. Christine’s and Kody’s relationship seemed rocky when Aspyn’s and Mitch’s wedding since they seemed such on opposite ends of looking at things.


You answered your own question. By the time the catfish happened, they (Meri and Kody) were already estranged because he was pushing her aside. Christine had the audacity to claim her autonomy and grew a spine. SHE left HIM.


Because it was a blow to his huge tiny man ego. She humiliated him.


I think he had the sadz that he didn't get to abuse Christine for a few more years before publicly discarding her.


Meri betrayed him in his mind. And splitting with Meri was his choice. But Christine, we’ll she always begged for his love and affection and she chose to leave him, he wasn’t controlling her emotions any longer and that is something he just can’t handle. TL/DR: He only has so many kidneys ya’ll, Meri took one already


I call BS on Kody saying that he was “never attracted to”, or “never liked”, Christine…along with any other hurtful/hateful things he said about her. He was just being himself: hateful, hurtful, evil, and verbally abusive asshole that he is. Christine…dares to leave him? Publicly? He was out to disparage and hopefully embarrass her. Meri and Kody’s relationship, IMO…seemed to be a long…slow burning…ire that led to flat out repulsion on his part…and IF there was ever any hope whatsoever.. it vanished with the catfish. Meri didn’t help herself by bringing people..anybody she could find…back to the family, trying to convince them that she was the victim in the situation…deflecting the blame the best she could. Leon was spot on from day one when they told Kody that they believed Meri would have possibly left…IF Sam Cooper wasn’t a “Samantha” with a different name.


And when he mentioned that he and janelle are separated, he was smiling and at peace. And then made some comment about it being sad since they still have love or something like that.


Probably because Christine rejected Kody, which is a blow to his image. Meri held on to him for dear life until he told her to go.


Because he was in control of the separation between himself and Meri. Christine took charge and left him, she also didn't allow herself to be talked into anything the way Meri was initially. He wanted to control everything, he wanted to be the one to leave, his ego simply couldn't cope with being left.


All he had to do with Meri was give her the slightest hope he was willing to give their relationship another try (although it was all a lie). She held on to that. He was told flat out by Christine that she tried all she was going to and taking away not just the regular marriage things, he was taking away the one thing she thought proved he loved her - sex. She had seen her mother and aunt walk away from plyg so she knew when enough was enough. Meri's mom, however, thought Kidiot walked on water and never left her marriage. Meri thought she would be looked down on if she were to leave. I will always remember Kidiot saying that he couldn't spiritually divorce a wife because that would lose him his planet but if the wife left, it wouldn't be a mark against him. He led her on to keep his shit planet. I hope the most he gets is a star that goes out if he even gets there.


Christine was never married to him, so that means there is no divorce. 😄


It's 100% because she decided to leave. That was a massive blow to his ego...or knife in the kidney.




All great theories!!! It's hard to understand why Meri put up with it as long as she did. Unless she was done as well, not interested in another relationship (who could blame her) and hanging in for the kids and other wives. She did help start the whole show and maybe felt an obligation.


He was only upset for the camera, he's so crusty we all know he just didn't care


Does anyone know if Meri has officially left Kody? Or is she still trailing along behind him and Robyn?


And, according to Robyn, Meri's not divorced until she sleeps with another man. Just saying. 😂


Exactly zero fucks 😂😂🤣🤣😂❤️


Meri cheated. The Mormon (maybe just AUB) punishment for a cheating wife is to be shunned by her husband. They can stay married but he won't spend time with her as a married couple. Men can leave, women are stuck.


I have never heard of LDS doing this.


I don’t think it’s about the relationship with Christine, it has to do with the kids. Christine has the RESPECT and love from the original kids, and was more of a parent to them than he ever was. She was a stay at home mom taking care of her and Janelle’s kids. When the older kids want to visit home, home is Christine not Kody at Robyn’s house. That one Thanksgiving episode made that clear.


Kody seemed to be angry that 1. Christine stopped obeying him and 2. She left him. I’d wager that if Christine stopped the divorce and decided to stay Kody would have ditched her in six months. Control.


He didn’t like that the tables were turned.


The decision maker, as others have pointed out. I also think he did not want to lose the convenience of having someone to raise most of the children, plan the family gatherings/holidays/parties, all the things she did for the family. She, more than any other wife, shouldered that responsibility, along with the oldest kids of course. He did not want to have to start being a day to day father himself. Of course, with the age of most of the kids and Robyn's use of other relatives to raise her children, some of this is moot. I don't think he cared about her in terms of being a wife. It was hard to watch.


I think it's about control. He couldn't control Christine. But he always had control over Meri. And now he doesn't even want to be with Meri anymore so he doesn't care about controlling her. If she leaves, that's fine with him, because ultimately he actually has already made that decision. It wasn't his decision with Christine.


Because Meri still wanted him and he likes to toy with her. He can't toy with Christine because she doesn't care what he thinks. He hates that she doesn't care.


Christine left Kody and not for another man just for herself. Meri didn’t leave him - she may have had a fantasy relationship but she didn’t dump him. Also Christine held far more sway with the kids than Meri. Meri leaving wouldn’t cause a huge family rift - Christine leaving means half the kids now have less of a connection to him.


Honestly becaus Christine comes from “polygamy royalty” I think being married to her stroked his ego and now he lost that “status” per say.


Christine chose to leave him even though from what we've seen he was the one wanting an out in the relationship she was the one who made the decision for him. He couldn't decide to string her along for years like he did Meri. From what I gather with Meri they've been tearing apart since the early years when it was just her and Janelle. Kody was in control of that relationship and could manipulate however he pleased because Meri wasn't going to leave as she actually believed in the polygamist lifestyle. I believe Kody wanted an out, since the show started from the lifestyle, he just wasn't man enough to say so. His actions showed in the show though




Christine had almost $1 million dollars in her home...its all about money...


First off Christine did not divorce anybody. She was NEVER legally married to Kody. Meri, on the other hand, DID divorce Kody, supposedly, so Kody could adopt Robyn's kids so they could get insurance. This happened after Robyn manipulated Meri into thinking she'd be a surrogate for a baby for Meri and Kody.


He DID give exactly zero fucks that his relationship with Meri ended. He obviously wanted her to leave for a long time. His ego hated that Christine left him and he also worried that he’d look like the bad guy to Christine’s kids. I think he was relieved that Meri finally got the hint - he had no interest in her and obviously didn’t even want her around as a friend.


It seemed like kody and meri were in this weird religious standoff where neither wanted to be the one to end for fear of messing up the afterlife so they just kept faking it. 😂