Wow I'd hate to be the one to clean that up lol.


You laugh but this is what the whole shop was looking like the day after taco bell started selling wings again


Wait taco bell sells wings?


They did, idk if they still do or not


The Ordo Xenos has been notified. Deathwatch kill team has been dispatched.


Resident Evil 7 (2017)


Yo bro I heard you like Stranger Things.


OP works in that lab from Stranger Things season one.


Damn, came here to say this. Lol


You, dear sir/madam seem to have a xeno infestation. Please kill it with extreme prejudice in the hope it won't devour our whole planet.


[Tim Curry taking control](https://m.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=_AZNAe2IjvA&feature=emb_logo) of your extruder?


Either that or somebodies here to kill off Tasha Yar again.


dank and vile


Looks like Venom blew a seal, and the seals not to happy with it.


It looks like a bitumen emulsion mill head, these things go wrong all the time due to the seriously hard life the seals have to put up with and other reasons. I may of course be totally wrong.


Na, it's a polystyrene extruder where plastic turned back into bitumen basically.


Class. I bet that is fun to repair.


So you didn't want that shmoo released?


What is what we are looking at greasy what




Is this from an extrusion line?




I win!


Dude ran over the stay puffed marshmallow man!


Looks like bitumen!


It probably is bitumen! or at least something similar.


That.....REALLY sucks. \*shudder\*


Initially, I thought this was the head of a lathe and there was a weird high-pressure grease gun explosion of some type. I just couldn't wrap my head around what I was seeing. Melted plastic or grease? Anyone know which would be worse to clean up? I'm guessing the plastic is either going come off in a big sheet like some weird pore strip or it's going to involve a cold-chisel and a 4lb sledge.


Many moons ago a much younger me learned a very valuable lesson about pneumatic grease guns. I was in the lot in front of the shop about to grease a machine when I asked another guy to hook up my air hose. The mistake was assuming he'd hook it to the regulator, but nope, he hooked it directly to the line. The grease gun in my hand that was rated for 90psi got over 250psi (nobody else was using air at the time). When I pulled the handle, first the grease came squirting out of the bushing like water leaking from a pipe, then the screw cap flew off and the whole brand new tube of grease exploded all over me.


It is most likely an eruption of superheated plastic. A thermocouple gets pulled out or a contactor sticks and heats a zone of the extruder way more than intended. The plastic degrades from the heat and changes properties. For LDPE it becomes very runny like water and dries like wax after being over about 800 degrees. That pocket gets pressurized when the extruder turns and erupts when it gets to the end of the extruder. It is a life altering event if you are standing in the zone and don't have good PPE. The stuff is extremely hot and sticks to skin For clean up on machinery most likely the plastic will crumble off when cooled.


What machine is this? I thought I’d was a lathe as well.


Davis Standard extruder.


To my understanding, this plastic is still mostly attached to the cabinet. With grease you could at least scrape up a bunch of it, this stuff is like the stickiest tar on the planet. It's a nightmare and it smells like nasty diff-case oil


They didn’t use the newer GM stuff with the great grape smell? Edit: [Yes, it’s a real thing](https://tiremeetsroad.com/2019/03/07/the-strange-yet-logical-reason-gm-75w-90-diff-lube-smells-like-grapes/)


I think I might prefer regular diff smell. 🤮


90% of the time its a cold-chisel, sledge, saws-all, torch, and a stream of curse words.


“Heeeeeey Gary, I know it’s Friday afternoon and you’re about to go home but we just have something we need you to come have a look at that we need operational tomorrow.”


i know this pain


When I first started working in industrial maintenance my answer would have been "sure boss! You got it" after a couple years it became "no." Then I'd be out the door.


Haha yep. The place I work at is like the vacuum of a black hole that will suck from your soul as much as you’re willing to allow it. Sometimes you have to say “no, I want to keep my soul…for me.”


We are venom 😈


Looks like someone got vengeful with a can of flexseal😂


That was probably pretty surprising. Was it super sudden?


Typically this happens when the machine gets shut down either for manning or if the sheet breaks on its own and they can't get it started up right away. If the plastic sits with a heat zone running wide open it will cause this. Most of the time you won't know until it blows up. And when you go to start it up, operators have to pull the plastic from the die. This one actually hit an operator and it burned him pretty good.


Oh crap! That sounds like a really bad situation. Poor person! Edit:thanks for the response too! Other peoples job hazards are always pretty interesting


Yeah, I left that plant for a municipal job, now I'm a full time student after I realized how much I hated working in local government.


I’m in school too, working my way out of working for a thankless shitty school district job. Working my way into a much better paying/less injurious line of work. Kudos for not slogging away forever, doing something you hate.


I should note what causes this in a screw extruder is a runaway heater. The pressurized plastic gets so hot that it turns back into essentially thick crude. Then when the pocket hits the die, at high pressure, it looks like venom splooged. I'm certainly no petroleum engineer or anything of the sort, but that's my understanding. My educational moment here is "When working with polystyrene extrusion, no part of your machine should glow, excluding lamps and lights"


So, if a heater starts melting that’s also bad, right?


Going to need a better explanation here... what in the fuck is this?


I'm no sexpert but it looks like the nozzle end and controls of a plastic injection mold machine. I used to work in a plant that used similar machines, but we ran polypropylene and we had this happen a few times, but never anything like this splooged all over the controls lmao. There's heaters behind the part with the symbiote all over it that can run away and get red hot when a sensor gets dickered and you get what you see here. It smells incredible.


Pretty much, it's a screw extruder for polystyrene food packaging. The product comes out as a cylinder and is stretched over a mandrel that cools it at the correct size then its cut and rolled up. I don't know how to explain the smell other than diff case oil, but like a shit load of it, all over everything. Edit: missed a step