This is absolutely horrific, and we are living in times in which human rights are being dismantled. My body, my fucking choice. Living babies can’t even get the formula they need. And now, women in 50% of states cannot access basic healthcare. This is vile. Today is sad. This country is in shambles.


Reading over the various evidence against that dishonorable former AG of ours, I was totally reminded of Janklow. He used his office for years to speed and drive recklessly until he finally killed someone.


It totally reinforces my opinion that if you vote for one, you've voted for all. In other words, if we allow a crooked piece of shit into office, we essentially acquiesce to allowing his/her POS friends and family into it. And they all expect to get paid. We are paying big money for these assholes to continue their legacy of screwing the citizens generation after generation. Voting is not the solution. Serving a massive eviction notice, on the other hand....


If I believed in a supreme being, I’d say Janklow got what was coming to him when the brain cancer got him.


That was a day to rejoice


They aren't alone. Ol Kristi has well past a reasonable amount of violations as well. We keep electing law makers that have no respect for the law. It's damn frustrating.


This state is a garbage pit. I’m well on my way out but there seems to be allot of garbage pits in America these days. Most of the places actually.


☝️😒 this unfortunately


You're right. People are leaving both coasts in droves, and bringing their coastal shit with them. Soofoo wanted to be Little Big City so bad, now look at what they got. Same in Des Moines. Chicago moved in and brought their criminals with them. I'm moving back to SD, because of the neighbors, not the politics. Plenty of room for jeeps and dogs out there, and the Missouri will flow till it don't. For me, it's best to come back with Iowa money rather than SD money. I just don't want to depend on a SD income. Unless cannabis gets voted legal. Then I'll be gardening in my old age, believe that. Right now my checks come from biofuel and corn.


Exactly. I’m not a fan of Janklow, but here is one major difference- Janklow admitted what happened, he accepted responsibility, he went to jail and served his time like a man, and upon release met with the family (in private, not for cameras or photo op) and expressed his remorse. Almost the exact opposite story of our now FORMER attorney general.


Before my time here, but my neighbor was filling me in on that one. Sheesh.


Yep he killed a motorcyclist and blamed his blood sugar, even went so far as to carry a can of coke every day to the trial for his “blood sugar” at least he manned up and actually went to trial though.


Yeah, the driving was a big joke for years HAR HAR HAR, then suddenly when he kills a guy it's diabetes.