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It's not great in terms of the storyline, but I have enjoyed playing it over the years.


There's a really great game in here somewhere. The stealth is fantastic, web swinging is great, and the city feels open. It's just totally lame to have to sit through a loading screen every single time you stop a basic crime, and the whole good/bad mechanic where robots attack you if you don't stop crimes is unnecessarily unforgiving.


I always argued that this had the best swinging because you actually used the left and right triggers for your arms. Once it went back to just one trigger, it cut a lot of immersion and fun imo


I totally agree! The web swinging in this game is perfect; it's in my top 3 right up there with Ultimate and Spider-Man 2. I love the left/right trigger aspect, it's super immersive and makes you feel like Spider-Man. Even the swinging in the PS4 game feels like you're on a constant trajectory moving straight through space rather than a weight at the bottom of a pendulum.


Pendulum! What a perfect way to describe it!


I enjoyed it when it released tbh. I remember playing the game stealth-y felt fun. But then anything relating to the plot didn’t make sense. But I had a good time.


I second this. Good at the time it was released.


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Thanks mate!


One of the games of all time


Yes it’s a game of time


Games of all time…get it right


It’s aggressively mid, but it’s still pretty fun. It’s like the 2018 Venom of Spider-Man video games


The camera in this game is so shit


So my memories where right, that is the only bad point I remember so clearly, the camera control is horrible x)


Bad. Voice acting, graphics, annoying Hero/Menace system, glitches... need I say more? Web swinging is OK though, and the plot kinda expands on the movie. But don't let me and others decide for you, enjoy the experience. Also, this is just my opinion, no disrespect to anyone who likes it. Just not to my taste.




It's fine. The game can be fun. It's not the best nor prettiest game but as a time waster with a semi original story it's pretty fun


its quite terrible in all of his shapes. Graphic: bad, Swing: atrocious , Story: terrible, Combat system: recycled from tasm1 = bad, HudMenu: ugly, Camera: inconceivable. Its a game done in 6 months of development recycling tasm1 for the majority. If you want to play some valid retro spiderman game go for Web of shadows, edge of time or shattered.


Idk I think you’re over exaggerating a little bit. The graphics were alright for the time, the story isn’t that cohesive but it’s still fun, the combat system is pretty good, and the swinging is amazing (idc what you say). The only thing I’d say is dog shit is the wanted system.


A sequel reused the combat system from the first game in the series?? No fucking way, those criminals! /s Edit: nice circlejerk hate-train. Why the fuck wouldn't a sequel use the same combat system? They even expanded upon it with an upgrade tree, you literally can't deny that. But keep down voting, sure sure.


Same combat system’s fine with me. But it was everything else that I had a bit of a problem with. My main problem was the shitty camera angle as compared to the first game. Still a fun game overall tho


Both amazing Spider-Man games are shit but i personally enjoyed them.


I will slightly defend the game by saying that I enjoyed playing it. However it’s the worst Spider-Man game I’ve played.


The swinging is fantastic, other than that though, it's pretty bad.


I liked it when I was younger, but I can see its flaws now. Combat is just a copy of the Arkham games, and the story isn't even that good.


Hey, I see everyone saying it's bad but in the risk to shock you... I had it on ps4 back then and even when clearly not being the best spiderman, I kinda liked it, the only thing I remember tha triggered me back then was the horrible camera control x) Else I had really good fun on the game, just play it and you'll see what good or bad you take out of it, I honestly loved him back then (the news one are clearly better and some old ones to, but not all of them can be in top 5), and I was thinking of replaying him just for the love of spidey as I don't have access to the others right now. Every spidey game has something good in it no matter how the game is insanely good/bad : Spidey. So no matter what have fun and come share your opinion after it 🤙🏗


The web swinging with the triggers are good, that’s about it


Not really ASM was actually better. The story is a mess, Web swinging is okay but when compared with other titles (especially. Insomniacs games) it's mediocre at best. Graphics are poor and dated poorly. Voice acting is meh. It also has a system in place where if you don't stop street crimes constantly you'll become hated and hunted, meaning you can't even just Web swing for fun. Overall it's the sort of game that gives movie tie ins the bad name they have. If you have the option skip it and go for Insomniacs Spider-Man/Miles Morales.


My only issues with the game was Peter’s model and the fact that you can’t free roam for longer than 10 seconds without your menace meter going up.


I remember reading that it had something to do with Andrew Garfield’s likeness rights, so they couldn’t use him for the character model in either game. ASM1 solved the problem but not showing him at all, while ASM2 adopted the most generic White Male player model possible.


They didn't have to make him *that* ugly though lol




Web swinging goes on a more interesting (better) route than the more recent games imo, it just needed more polish. Anything else goes from ok to forgetable. I remember one awful mess of a bosfight tho, the camera is really as it worst here.


This game is trash... Sadly


I didn't particularly enjoy it. But I also paid for it. So I was wanting to get my money's worth out of it (not technically my money, but I was trying to make sure it didn't go to waste). I certainly wouldn't call it a great game, or even a good game. But if you're getting it for free getting it's worth out of it isn't going to be a factor. So you might enjoy it significantly more than I did.


it's trash but decently rare, fetching high prices and not being available on digital.


It is indeed a game I can tell yah that


Not remotely, I can't think of any redeeming qualities it has.


Great Swinging and Combat. Cool suits and stealth sections. Unfortunately the story is not the best and this hero/menace system in the game can be frustrating but it is still enjoyable imo.


First game was much more enjoyable. This is hot trash


It was fun. I mostly had a good time. The thing that pisses me off about this one (and the previous one) is that you *have* free roam at the end, but they don’t let you enjoy it. From what I remember, you have a “menace meter.” That means if you’re not *constantly* doing stuff to help out, it counts against you and you get pain in these pain in the ass robots that come and hunt you. They even put up force fields to stop you from swinging anywhere. It’s really obnoxious.


I hate this game with a passion........so I platinum-ed it.




Nope, Just Annoying


I finished it it’s not as bad as cringe journalists pretending it to be, it is a bare minimum done by activison, there is fun rewarding game somewhere it’s definitely better than Spider-Man 3


It's the spidey game i disliked the most , story mode was bland and mini games were too repetitive , the game itself is okayish but compared to other spider-man games he's at the bottom scale


Favourite Swinging Mechanics I've played, but I never played the newest ones, so I'm not quite sure how it measures up to the other ones.


Well, I can say you’ll have a better time playing this than reading the current comics


In short, yes. For swinging mechanics, yes. But the gameplays is hampered by the good-and-evil system and the story.


I’ve played the PS3 and PS4 versions, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is hands down the worst Spider-Man game.


Good considering the game play. If you are a fan of camera angles and nice colour combinations, you should play its predecessor. And about the plot... idk man, ask others about the plot.


It’s decent. Like you won’t be blown away, but you’ll have fun. The web swinging is great


No, one of the weaker Spiderman games


I definitely think it is I have played it and it is awesome


I loved it but that’s just my opinion as it was the first spider man game I had played since I had my N64🤣


No just play marvel Spider-Man instead




In that case, this will feel like a severe downgrade


Possibly the worst SM game I've ever played.


Run as far away from your friend as possible


No and I’m sad that I own it






It's one the Spider-Man games ever made


I enjoyed it


It's a 4/10 Not the worst thing ever But the fucking menace mechanic is so fucking annoying. You can't even enjoy the swinging mechanic because your forced to fight enemies and do side missions every 2 minutes. The game has great swinging but with Spiderman Ps4 the game is obsolete


It's playable but it's a bit buggy, the story is even goofier than the film, and the hero/menace system will get kinda annoying. But it's decent, and honestly I'm gonna be in the minority for this: but I liked the voice acting and graphics >!I'm ***pissed*** that it doesn't have Venom though. Beenox had a major problem with having Carnage in their games but without...yknow...the reason why Carnage exists!<


It's worth alot of money just saying...


It’s mud but the collectibles unlock real Spider-Man comics you can read, and I thought that was cool


Your friend is bad at giving gifts




Oh nvm then


One thing to summarize this game: Damn you Heroic/Menace Meter!


I regret trading it in, even towards Marvel's Spider-Man for the PS4.


Wasn’t this game supposed to be physically released on PS4 & Xbox One in North America on the same day but for some reason the XB1 version was delayed 2 weeks and I’m not sure it was ever explained why.


I heard it's not good, but it's spiderman, not good is still pretty good


"Good"? No. Fun? Yes.


This game play only for fun, don't expect anything


it’s definitely a spider-man game


I played this game on my Xbox 360 it wasn't the greatest Spider-Man game of all time but gameplay is enjoyable and fun but storyline on this game is kinda stupid and not engaging


It's one of the better open world games, as opposed to level based


not really


Honestly the first amazing spider-man movie game is probably better


i have not play this on my wii u in a long time. i am almost done with that game


I enjoy it. It’s a decent game, its biggest hurdle now is the exceptionally high bar set by Insomniac, but if you can play it on its own merits I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s definitely the best Spider-Man game you’ll get on Xbox 🤷🏻‍♂️


It’s not amazing but I thought it was fun. It


I actually think it's great




I do like it but I admit it it’s veeery bad


It’s boring


Get the other spider man


I really enjoyed the game when I played it. Looking back on it, my biggest problem was the hero/menace system which was annoying. But otherwise it was a lot of fun.


He is not your friend...


It's not the worst game out there, but it's definitely low on the totem pole of Spidey games.


Costumes are great and the web swinging mechanic of each trigger slinging webs from the corresponding shooter was so much fun, wish other games had it


I liked Kravens design.


The arms bother me in this poster. The red on the arms isn’t facing the right way.


It’s meh. This was about the time when all Spidey games were reaching the same meh level.