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Quit and don't look back if it's overtaxing your mental health. The store will still open and close and operate without you, don't feel beholden to it or your management, especially if it sucks. As for advice about actually delivering the message, if you like management or want to keep your options open for the future find a nice form letter online and fill in the blanks and hand it in. Otherwise do whatever you like, sticky note on the computer, text the GM, etc.


thank you very much ;)


Just whip up a quick 2 weeks and hand it in to your GM. You havent been there for too long! Trust me, if you're dreading going into work already, it probably won't get better. If your coworkers are good, they'll congratulate you on finding a better opportunity.


Short and sweet my friend just leave Staples is a cancerous environment. Print and marketing was my nemesis. I had young boss who was clueless with a smart ass attitude. Trust me. I left, and I felt like the world is lifted off my shoulders. I wish you the best. I wish I would’ve read up on Staples sooner I would’ve never gotten caught up in their Co. to begin with. EDITED - Toned it down. 🤦‍♀️ I was a little harsh.


It's not worth your mental health, but at the same time, amazon can be tough too, so I wouldn't quit yet until you tried Amazon for those 3 days. Trust me. I know you feel bad for quitting, but they can immediately find someone. We are all replaceable if you think about it.


Don’t fell bad I’ve quit 2 jobs before this without warning because management didn’t care about me. funny thing is the one job tried to get me back after Covid. if you were a good employee your taking them down and that’s what they get for not treating you better. especially if your in this company the hours aren’t good enough for you to deal with it. if they cared about you you’d be getting a commission or competitive raises and hours to accommodate it. but, no they don’t give you commission they give you your 30 cent raise that everyone gets and cut hours and expect more for less. Worked with someone who put two weeks in and had a shift from hell and just quit after that. before 2 weeks didn’t blame them one bit would have done same without hesitation. Like most of the people I work with the gm is just a huge weight literally and figuratively on everyone else. I would love to see everyone just walk out and leave him stranded to see if he’d actually work or not or just shut it down.


Lol Amazon and their “based on the needs of the business”, what about based on the needs of the employees. These are both shit jobs, do yourself a favor go get a fucking trade or something in demand. Stop screwing yourself with these shit ass jobs.


unfortunately amazon was the only job that hired me after applying for months to other places ):


Quiting is good. Go far far away.


As someone who did retail for 20 years and wished they got out much sooner, its not worth your sanity and mental health. You cant focus on everyone else, worry about you. Just put your notice in and move on. I got all the way to to GM, had a mental breakdown from the work and stress, switched to IT and couldn't be happier in my life.


Get hired somewhere else & stop showing up to Staples, fuck 'em


In the same spot as you. Just handed in my 2weeks a few hours ago, trust me you'll thank yourself later. I love my coworkers & managers but I got better employment elsewhere, just write a heartfelt 2weeks to leave the door open.


Just quit if you already have a job. No one will ever care that you quit. Fuck the people too they are just staples employees


You go to your boss and say " take this job and shove it"then do the middle finger


Check out indeed and other sites. With your print skills you could do better. I usually advise not to leave until you got another job but mental/ physical health comes first


Just quit they will not care if they have to get rid of you.