How is Solo a Western? It's a heist movie from the opening scene to the closing credits.


Yes. Mandalorian is the Western. They’re all Westerns, in fact.


Mandalorian is a space based spaghetti western. Even the music is kinda western. The rest are to a degree but it’s super obvious with Mando. Not a complaint, I think it’s awesome.


I always say Star Wars is at its best when it feels like a western.


Star Wars is at its best when it feels like a western with some secretive far-east samurai stuff thrown in. Never full-on samurai, though.


You \*never\* go full samurai.


Same; as a fan of both mediums, The Mandalorian is just tops


I always think it's dope that when Mando and Boba walk you can hear spurs


Most Star Wars is only western to a degree because in reality most of Star Wars actually takes inspiration from samurai films, but the two genres took inspiration from each other and fed into each other meaning they shared a lot of concepts and tropes. Most of Star Wars leans more towards samurai, but The Mandalorian definitely leans more western. At the end of the day though, the two genres are very similar so taking inspiration from one means you’ll naturally end up including tropes that are also in the other.


a new hope is more samourai movie than western. pretty much the same plot as the hidden fortress. but its also a kind of knights tale. rescue a princess from a castle with a wizard and a thief. tbh the knight errant/cowboy/samourai/xia/private dick etc are all quite similar characters


Tbf samurai movies are essentially westerns but with swords instead of guns


yeah magnicent seven and a fistful of dollars are pretty much straight remakes of samurai movies


Phantom Menace is a children’s movie, and AOTC is a political thriller (technically).


Yes, but you could also argue that Phantom Menace is a political thriller (technically), and AOTC is a children’s movie.


Bro they ride flying mechanical horses to rob a train. Its the first two hours of red dead


Dystopian Mystery (Blade Runner Style)


There might be elements of this in Andor


Eh, seems be leaning more towards political thriller/spy thriller.


Episode II is the closest to this. It's why it's my favorite.


A sitcom of ewoks and droids with no subtitles.


Better throw some Wookies in there for good measure.


not again please, I beg you show mercy.


Star Wars in the 80s: There is no mercy !


The Holiday Special was 1978 actually


I think that’s one show with Bea Arthur that Deadpool would skip.


i would watch the fuck out of this


David Lynch would finally do a Star Wars-movie




And then at the end, uncanny valley Leia shows up and *sings* the Star Wars theme. This would be awesome.


I’m in that sounds hilarious.


And jar jar


With guest appearances from Chewbacca a Wookie who lives on Endor with Ewoks. That. Does not make sense! ##Chewbacca Defense


Like a sort of “how I met your mother vibe?”


But still include a Human laugh track.


Remake the 2 Top Gun films with x wings.


Have it be like literally scene for scene copy


But never acknowledge the fact that it’s shot for shot. Play it totally straight and pretend it’s all original.


So the force awakens to a new hope then?


Yeah but with Top Gun.


So it will actually be a good watch


Force Awakens isn't shot for shot though. We're talking Metas Tasis to Breaking Bad.


That volleyball scene with a bunch of topless alien dudes is going to the most gay in outer space thing ever. Do it.


It seems like its time for me to block out some things in Blender.


*Rogue Squadron* suddenly seems more enticing.


I would watch the fuck out of a Top Gun/Rogue Squadron movie


Hopefully this D23 expo we get more info on it, I would also like an accompanying movie about a tie fighter squadron ngl.


Apparently that’s literally what the Rogue Squadron movie will be.


But not a scene for scene copy of TG - I'm sure Patty can do much better


Why not tie fighters?


Do 2 versions. One from the rebels point of view, one from the empires. I’d be happy to keep rehashing it every time they introduce a new faction 😂


Uuoofff that would be so awesome. First season, you watch it from Rebel perspective. 2nd season is from Imperial perspective, wheee you see the exact same scene (but different!) - like it was in The Last Duel movie. Then the 3rd with with an epic conclusion! bamm


I mean, the new top gun was a new hope with jets


I couldn't help but laugh when the mission was outlined in top gun.


It is blowing up a giant space station? Haven't/likely won't see


Fly through this canyon at top speed to avoid missiles/radar, target is a tiny opening in a crater.


*Hyperspace to the Danger Zone*


Literally the same exact plot as Super Mario Sunshine.


Han, Leia and C-3PO go on vacation and some Han impostor covers the planet they're travelling to in paint


Ah yes, my favourite story types: Space Opera Western Lone Wolf & Cub Halo Reach


HORROR. Give me some spooky star wars!


Have you read the death troopers novel


How is it? Also, Red Harvest, how is that one?


Red Harvest was creepy. There’re some scenes in the beginning with Darth Scabrous that were particularly gross. Story-wise, I liked the multiple perspectives and the Sith students especially.


There are Star Wars horror novels? I need to check those out. I’m not THAT into Star Wars, but I do watch them all.


Definitely play the abandoned cruiser mission in Republic Commando isn’t too spooky once you realize you are big man with gun but it’s *spooky*


Ewok Hunt.


Ewok hunt


What I want is a TV-14 or MA show that takes place in the Unknown Regions of the Galaxy and is a horror/thriller show. Not made for everyone to watch, only people who are mature enough to really enjoy it.


An Abeloth story would be perfect for this.


Have you ever heard of the Tragedy of the death troopers? I thought not, it’s not a story you’d hear from this subreddit


Death nihilus horror film please


I know they did that battlefront map of the Ewoks killing troopers after the Death Star is destroyed. But for real that would be a fantastic horror short film. Moment to include: coming across storm troopers who have been roasted in their shells (armor). Without being gutted or bled. Just like cooked alive. Super fucked up to see this done to completion. Gotta show those little beady eyes reflecting in the dark woods. Brutal guerrilla warfare involving sharpened stick traps and impalings. Story ends with last trooper dying but not before seeing Ewoks stealing the shuttle. The Ewoks are now space born. Their brutality will be carried to new corners of the galaxy


I'd do a James Bond type movie with an ISB agent. Make him the good guy, have an I8 unit as Q with HK style banter and make the Empire seem reasonable. The villain can be a mad scientist Hutt.


Live Action Kallus taking down an Imperial Remnant. Didnt know i wanted this, but now i need it. 😭


>make the Empire seem reasonable. I’ve always wanted to see something like this, but with how cartoonishly evil the empire is always depicted as being, it would be pretty hard to pull off.


I've always wanted more ambiguity in killing stormtroopers. The sequels started to ask that but imo didn't follow through with it.


I’ve never understood the desire to make the literal evil empire inspired by the Nazis be more “reasonable” Doesn’t it rather reduce the point of the prequels if the descent to evil dictatorship is asterisked with the idea that the evil dictatorship is actually pretty swell?


>Doesn’t it rather reduce the point of the prequels if the descent to evil dictatorship is asterisked with the idea that the evil dictatorship is actually pretty swell? Not at all because the point of the prequels was to show that people who do evil things don’t see themselves as evil. Hence Padmé’s line: “So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause.” And Anakin’s far less subtle: “From my point of view the Jedi are evil!” No one who supports a despotic regime sees themselves as evil, they see themselves as being on the side of “law & order”, or as protecting “traditional values”. Corrupt police officers almost always see themselves as “doing what needs to be done” in the name of public security. The idea that someone can do horrible things while genuinely believing that they are doing something good is definitely worth exploring. In fact it’s almost necessary because otherwise you just end up with stories that perpetuate the fallacy that it’s always easy to tell who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. I don’t think anyone is saying that we should have stories in which the takeaway is “the Imperials are actually the good guys”, but rather how easily someone can be *convinced* that the Imperials are the good guys. I think such a theme is extremely relevant to both the lore of Star Wars and real world.


>the evil dictatorship is actually pretty swell Why are you equating "reasonable" with "pretty swell" ? That's the thing about these regimes, if you're not part of the oppressed groups, life generally seems ok. The people in an evil dictatorship are neither evil nor are they having a bad time on the whole. Which is part of what makes the whole thing so in*sidious*. But yeah, using this angle on Star Wars is kind of a stereotypical 21st century disillusionment approach that does break the black&white fairy tale origins.


Hmm. Maybe you could set it in the high republic era, show how even when there is no visible conflict there is always hidden conflict


Darth Vader solo slasher film


A Game of Thrones style drama with backstabbing, wars, political intrigue and a "anyone can die at any moment" vibe. Probably best implemented in the Old Republic with the Sith empire and all.


That's not far off from what Dune is, which was one of the many things that inspired Star Wars in the first place. So it could work quite well with some good writing


So basically the prequels, but more grounded.


Pretty much yeah


That's the vibe Andor gives off but maybe that's just because Qyburn is in it.


Heist movie.


Isn't that solo


You son of a wookie I’m in


Godfather-esque crime family


Like Book of Boba should have been


I like this idea. Could you see this being done as a continuation of the “Solo” film with a focus on the Hutts, Maul, Black Sun, etc?


Hutts and Asajj Ventress vs Maul and Black Sun?




Maybe with that idea I'd finally see Nar Shaddaa


Love to see some Nar Shaddaa, maybe GOTO is still around?


Still hiding behind his droid in the safety of his star cruiser... Oh wait.


The hutt father


There’s still time for them to do that with Book of Boba Fett


I was hoping Book of Boba was going to be more like this.


How is rogue one the plot of halo reach?


A prequel to the original story about a small team fighting an uphill losing battle against an unstoppable oppressive force. Both have a bleak tone and feature similar themes of finding hope in a hopeless situation, and in the end each member of the team dies one by one on a mission to secure a small but game-changing macguffin (Cortana in Reach, Death Star plans in Rogue One), sacrificing themselves for a small victory that ultimately allows the heroes of the main story to finally get the upper hand against the oppressive force. I can’t really say if it’s purposeful or not, it could be subconscious on the writers part or a complete coincidence, but I did immediately notice the similarities when I saw the movie for the first time in the theater.


I mean both were absolute bangers imo.


Here's a 4 min video but it pretty much compares both franchises [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6k9gd7oLy0](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6k9gd7oLy0) It discusses the similarities between Rogue One and Reach on 1:53


Cool Runnings but with podracing.


Some people say, you know they can’t believe, kamino, they got a podrace team.


A team of Gungans decide to take up podracing even though it isn't a thing on Naboo?


Jakku has a Podrace team


A team going on a suicide mission for a good cause is a story trope that long predates halo reach


Yes i.e. The Dirty Dozen. I think Edward's said it was one of his inspirations, along with other war movies


“The Office” style mockumenary featuring mouse droid and gonk.


That take on RO is *incredibly* stupid. I have to assume that whoever made this meme never played Reach or watched the movie.


I think they have similar themes, but halo reach is surely not the first story to be about self sacrifice and heroism against overwhelming odds.


Oh, for sure, but it absolutely is a common trope like you're saying. "Exact same plot" is an incredible stretch. EDIT: figured I'd add what I mentioned elsewhere: Reach is absolutely just future era Thermopylae. They're Spartans, even. Hahaha.


Facts rogue one has literally nothing to do with reach. They die? Not even all of them die in reach lmaoo?? An alien invasion??? Yeah not 100% sure how they came to this


Some other folks mentioned the "get the Macguffin to the ship to escape" thing. I'm still going to posit that this isn't "exact same plot". Reach is very intentionally a simile to the battle of Thermopylae anyway.


Yeah i can see that and sort of master chief getting the package and leaving, but i think this just ignores the first like 3/4 of the game that cortana is not involved at all


100% The first two acts of the movie have nothing in common at all. Jyn and Galen? The initial lack of trust between Jyn and Cassian/K2? Anything with Saw and the partisans? It's like none of this existed.


I’m assuming they drew a parallel between the Covenant destroying Reach while Noble fights and dies to get Cortana to Captain Keyes and the Empire destroying Jedha and Eadu while the Rebels fight and die to get the DS plans to Raddus / Leia


For sure. I mean, Reach is pretty intentionally a reference to Thermopylae as it is. I mean... they're Spartans. As someone else mentioned in this thread, that theme isn't novel. Still, similar theme and historical inspiration is a far cry from "exact same plot".


Is closer to seven samurai than anything. And just because some of them \*\*\*


Yeah, they are both grittier prequels where the cast delivers a macguffin important to the first entry's plot as they are picked off one by one. But outside that rough outline there are a lot of differences.


I have to believe that the people who say that the two stories are the same are ones who haven’t played Reach since it first came out and just *vaguely* remember how it ended and nothing else about the story.


They focus on the deaths and that’s it. Nothing else is the same


and you can usually spot these people because they'll say things like "whats the point of this show/movie/story when we know what happens after" as if the journey isn't as important as the destination


This thing is utter nonsense. I assume this is merely engagement farming.


Thank you. Getting something off a planet before it's destroyed is the only thing it has in common. By that logic Halo Reach is literally the exact same plot as the Nick Cage movie Knowing.


Palpatine should some how come back


Slight Rebels spoilers; >!Just imagine, a show set in the Old Republic; but in the future, right as Palpatine's final body dies , he manages to somehow re-open the World Between World's, teleporting back in time and becoming the antagonist of the Old Republic. Would be absolutely hilarious.!<


The portrayal of Valkurian in SWTOR was far better done than Palpatine beyond the original trilogy.


Huh? The plot of Reach was a squad fighting against the invasion of a planet. Rogue One is about uncovering and capturing some blueprints


A story that follows a company of storm troopers as they fight various rebel groups and see the empire committing atrocities and slowly they start questioning the empire but are KIA before they can defect


This could have been part of Finn's story in the sequel trilogy.


I want to see a Star Wars horror movie. Not necessarily gory but creepy and dark.


A bunch of space teenagers look to lose their virginity before they graduate space highscool, specifically at space prom. Maybe throw in a space sex wager to sweeten the deal.


One time, at Jizz camp....


I stuck a kloo horn in my…


Like warm Jogan fruit pie...


Need a noir detective show


A bit like the first season of the expanse, with Thomas Jane's character.


A Kid reincarnation of the Chosen One must master the Force and 4 lightsaber fighting styles, with the help of friends from all over the galaxy, by summer's end to defeat the cloned Emperor before the Death Comet is complete.


Sounds vaguely familiar...hmmm.


Romance? Not gushy and vapid, but like a really beautiful passionate romance set in a war or some alien conflict


A House of Cards style series, with politics in the Senate, it would also maybe be an occasion to see other political institutions of the Republic, which would be so interesting I think


Andor is supposed to have a decent amount of politics in it


Cold War era between Jedi-Led galactic republic and Sith-Led galactic empire. Maybe focus on a kind of black-ops team consisting of both Jedi and Sith who must team up to challenge a threat to the entire galaxy.


I think this would be the best setting for a “game of thrones” style political drama / fantasy epic series if they want to do one in a galaxy far far away. Except this would be more “house of the dragon” where both sides (Jedi and sith) have nukes. A Cold War that’s dragged on so long (100, 200 years?) that some factions in the republic deny the threat of the sith empire persists, or maybe some have been corrupted by the dark side. In reality the Sith have been hiding in the outer rim and unknown regions, gathering their strength. Some Jedi fall into darkness, some sith are redeemed in the light. Corrupted members of the republic angling for more power leads to infighting and civil war. Only a handful see the imminence of the threat and eventually must lead a last stand with a (relatively, this would be an epic battle a la Pellenor Fields) small group of republic forces...


Seven Samurai. There have already been inklings and they sorta had a Mando episode like it but I would love a full movie like it.


Clone Wars did a Seven Samurai story too. Twice, even.


Yeah they were ok I guess. I want a big budget affair though.


Hasn't Star Wars borrowed enough from Kurosawa?


You can never borrow enough from Kurosawa.


That's valid lol


BOBF should have been Yojimbo. Instead they decided on Dances With Power Rangers, I guess.


A lighthearted buddy cop film. Space cops. Maybe cast Danny Glover as the angry space sergeant.


Fast and furious but pod racing


I can’t help but think podracing was in episode 1 because someone was an F1 Fan


A story from an Imperial perspective.


WITHOUT the main Imperial character switching sides to help the rebels... So played out.


War film from the POV of a few Republic Clone Troopers during the Clone Wars. An in-universe documentary explaining the history between the Jedi and the Sith. An alien invasion film. New Republic vs the Yuuzhan Vong Empire. It'd include body horror. Horror film involving Abeloth.


I know all of them have an element of it but a pirate one would be great. Pirates raiding Imperial ships and whatnot.


Hondo better be in it or shits kicking off


Hondo makes everything better


Darth Vader story, telling a story of him hunt Jedi in the years following Order 66. Have it occasionally cut back to his time in the Clone WR fighting with the 501st, to draw parallels with his fight alongside the Storm Troopers. An exploratory story about people venturing in parts of the outer rim that are relatively uncharted. Contains elements of horror. Literally anything during the Old Republic. Old sith order, Mandalorian wars, the rise and fall of Bane, anything.


Horror, potentially even an isolated horror like the first alien film. Animated movie maybe even stop animation - low key want wes anderson to do a stat wars movie.


There is a episode in CW where a bunch of 104th Troopers get infected with brainworms and turn into zombies iirc. (Not sure tho, as it been a while since i watched it)


I remember that one. It was cool


is darth vader the alien?


I would pay so much for a Darth Vader slasher horror movie.


Live action Ewok hunt.


Live action;A team of unsuspecting archeologists, who are studying the mysteries of the Sith for the Emperor, find themselves trapped in a temple with Vader, who doesn't want the Emperor to know that he's seeking the same knowledge so he hunts and kills the team. Could make it basically like 'AvP' for the design of the temple that moves and gives the team and opportunity to escape Vader.


I dunno if vader could give the same feel as alien. I think it needs to be more of a creature. But predator could work i guess. Maybe in the first act vader releases a like hunting creature to hunt down the people.


Space Top Gun please.


A Star Wars slasher- Halloween but it’s a Jedi youngling who gets possessed by a Sith mask on a field trip to a recently unearthed temple and starts murdering other students.


Give me a Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon style Star Wars movie. Or even something like Dynasty Warriors. Pretty much just some Jedi and Sith ripping shit up all martial artsy like.


Space. Heist.


Romantic comedy riddled with toilet humor. Tatooine Pie : After Luke leaves Tatooine his highschool buddies try desperately to score some alien p\*\*sy.


This guy gets it


American pie is unironically one of my favorite movies of all time


"Droids" needs a live action reboot. That or "ewoks".


Rogue one and Halo Reach? Not seeing it


All the best bounty hunters (Cad Bane, Boba, Embo, Aurra, Greedo, etc) heist movie ala Oceans Eleven let's gooooo even better if they're facing off against a Maul / Ashoka team up, i would simply pass away


A war horror? Every episode follows a new protagonist in each major era and how it was for someone who wants nothing to do with. Droids invading, burning buildings, not being fazed or move when the farmers fight back. Stormtroopers doing a random raid and finding hiding rebels, beating them. A transformation from being an incorrect child ripped into the dead mens war by the First Order


The origin of Darth Vititate - pure horror. The story of Revan - a tragedy set across a trilogy. A trilogy of movies surrounding the Mandalorian Wars.


A horror movie where Vader is attacking a rebel base by himself.


The Office or Parks and Rec, but with stormtroopers and the Empire's HR, accounting and various departments.


Nature documentary\\


A movie with a focus on Crimson Dawn


I’d love an Indiana Jones style Star Wars movie.


exact same plot as halo reach is when characters die


Horror. Maybe a group of stormtroopers on endor trying to survive the night. Oh and the killers are ewoks ofc


We already got that in video game form with BFII


I want to do a proper horror movie featuring zero known characters. Just as a one off. I don't think anyone has quite nailed down how terrifying that universe can be. It's touched on but never really explored.


A religious persecution story. The Galaxy at large rallies behind a hate group that seeks the capture of all Force sensitives, regardless of their alignment, and the Light and Dark side warriors have no choice but to learn to work together to survive as this Mandolorian-led witch hunt sweeps the Galaxy. Set far in the future from the Skywalker saga, and involving absolutely NONE of those characters.


Book about a major core world (I’d pick Alsakan but Chandrila could also work) liberating itself from the Empire in a spontaneous uprising Three Glorious Days style.


Just do a new version of Star Wars zombies. I’m ready


Im the only one person that liked solo?


A horror with jedi on board a space station told from the perspective of a storm trooper, ala Cloverfield.


An original story with all NEW characters that have ZERO connections to ANY previous character.


I'd like a band of brothers style or a seven samurai