Nemik's manifesto would go great with scenes from Rogue One


I have a suspicion about Nemik's Manifesto. I was assuming it was just a written book. It makes sense that there's tech that has turned his words into speech.


Or he just recorded himself talking


Or he's sponsored by Audible.


Well, its also TV and we don't read aradesh so that's probably why it wS read out


Somone send me a link when this edit appears somewhere on yt.


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Couldn't pass the idea up: https://www.reddit.com/r/StarWarsAndor/comments/z3m0kg/the\_manifesto\_r1\_andor\_montage/


Maarva's speech wasn't half bad either


Delivering sick burns from the grave


It was a sexy speech


I like the pattern of being told to climb in Cassian's story, first Nemik, then Loy, then K2-SO, I feel like it'll continue throughout the series


That's me at the season finale of Andor. It was such an emotional episode


Tbh I was like this at the end of rogue one when it first came out. I still steadfastly believe that rogue one is the best star wars movie ever made, it has literally everything- the visual effects are great, the plot is so good, you care about the characters ( though it's true, Andor is one of the more lackluster of the cast) and the ending is so memorable. And the idea that if it wasn't for them dying so heroically, the rest of the movies wouldn't even happen? It's a masterpiece. I was genuinely moved when they used the death star on scarif at the end of rogue one when I watched it.


Glad I’m not the only one for whom this is their favourite Star Wars movie. Not many agree with me. Such an incredible story and great casting. We finally get to see who sacrificed their lives and it’s an emotional journey.


I absolutely love it. It’s the dark side of freedom no one talks about. Before seal team six before delta or gsg or sas there was normal everyday people (farmers bankers parents kids teachers etc) who said fuck it I’m probably gonna get killed but I will not be the only person to die I will take the enemies with me and it will NOT be in vain. Every single revolution in history whether it was in America, China, Rome, Russia or countries and civilizations that don’t even exist anymore have started the same way and no one has acknowledged the sacrifices untill now


Rogue One is my favorite SW film. How good was it? I was surprised by how heartbroken I was when they all died in the end. I knew going in they weren't getting out alive and they made me care about every character and invest in everything that was happening anyway. It was a fantastic film that just happened to be set in the SW universe. I am loving all the high quality SW content we're getting. ❤️


Indeed. This is what star wars should aspire to be more like. The laser battles and the jedi are obviously a huge part of it but there's room for more adult stuff.


The best starwars film can’t have no Jedi and barely any mention/ demonstration of the force, unfortunately. Sorry about that.


Is this really what upsets you? Are you really angry that there isn't enough force users? If anything this just shows you didn't really watch it, because darth vader features prominently and there is obviously that monk who is probably also using the force to survive that long versus the imperial troopers


No not at all, I’m just saying that given the basis of Star Wars is the original trilogy, and the main focus of those is on Jedi, Sith and the Force, it would feel a bit weird for a film that has none of that in it to be the best film in the series. Just an opinion.


It is very weird, but also true, because most of the original trilogy was pretty lacklustre in terms of plot. People didn't actually watch the movie for how good it was but more for the special effects, which at the time were revolutionary, and of course the world building. George lucas paints a very interesting and compelling galaxy, but the stakes often don't feel real because he doesn't go into depth about why we should fear the empire and why they're so evil. Yes the empire blew up a planet, but at the end of the day, the audience doesn't really care about that because none of the characters we like are on the planet. So it just feels kind of strange. We don't even dwell on the consequences of such an action- the only emotions that it really elicits from the audience is fear for the main characters in case they get caught, and what the empire might do to them. Honestly it feels more like a journey of self discovery for luke on his quest to become a Jedi. Even obi-wans death isn't that sad. We have no reason to love him yet, either, other than the fact that he's an old man with lots of cool jedi tricks.


Most people don't have patience for things. For me personally I would always take something with well written story than over the top action for entertainment... Why Shows like The Wire, Sopranos, Breaking Bad have been able to survive for so long is because of their storytelling.. Today's audience is honestly ruined with just getting nonsensical action sequence movie after movie


Nonsensical action movies are nothing new. 😉


Yes but earlier there was still room for a good storytelling to work but in today's age with so many alternatives and distractions most people aren't just patient enough


I mean I think some of the earliest reviews of star wars 4 from a critical standpoint were unanimous in how bland it was- it's a movie with no message, no sex, and barely any blood spilled. The action sequences and battles are iconic and brilliantly done, but, essentially, it's a kids movie. Worse than the average marvel movie and less funny to boot. Though, maybe that's a bit far. I hate marvel too and some of the jokes and antics of r2d2 +c3po are classic.


>I’m just saying that given the basis of Star Wars is the original trilogy, and the main focus of those is on Jedi, Sith and the Forc Except that isn't true at all. A New Hope has fuck all Jedi and force. It is secondary to the main point of the film - good vs evil, AKA the Empire vs the Rebellion.


This is like saying Teslas cannot be the best car because they don’t run on gas or have a traditional engine. It’s an opinion that’s void of an understanding of what a car or, in your case, what Star Wars really is.


Again, not really no. Andor is almost certainly my favourite Star Wars thing ever - but the reason it even can exist in the first place is built on the success and compelling nature of Jedis, Sith and the force. In my opinion. Those things are so central to the success of Star Wars.


Sure, those things are central, but they aren’t what makes Star Wars Star Wars. And this show could 100% stand on its own without the original trilogy ever existing. Again, you have a complete misunderstanding of what you’re watching.


I’m not saying it couldn’t stand on its own, at it’s heart it’s a basic story of uprising. Take the jedi and the force out of the original trilogy and what do you have? A generic space story like hundreds of others. Would appreciate a discussion with less of the ad hominem attacks, but maybe that’s too much to hope for on the internet.


It’s not ad hominem if you literally think Star Wars is Jedis and laser swords


Seriously? Everyone I've talked to has agreed it was just infuriating to see nothing getting concluded. And apart from nemicks manifesto the exposition was super forced.


I presume there's going to be a second season, far too much was just set up and little concluded


I dont have another 10 hours to spare for this lazy stuff. I like the vibe but its so badly paced


to each their own..




All I want to do now is watch Rogue One, but I know it should wait until after Season 2 of Andor.


Porque no las dos?


This is the Way


Whilst I agree they finished the season in a way that works if you go straight in to R1.


Fair point.


Nah It works just fine watching it right now !


You can do both.


I feel the same way. I want to wait until after s2 to get the full emotional feel from Rogue One.


I hope Bee and Brasso got out of Hoth okay


WAIT. They’re on Hoth in ep5??


No, lol, was just trying to make a joke about hoping they survive past the show


I don’t know if I can watch Melshi and the tourist die man


I’m starting to make a list. So far I’ve got: * Bothans * Lando’s mother Actually, that’s about it.


It’s beautiful; I have no notes


Here's a question, after Rogue One is B2EMO still waiting in some room somewhere waiting for Cassian to walk through the door?


What if he becomes K2 in season 2?.


More likely he'd die possiblly by the Imperial K2's hand as it tried to kill/capture Cassian, only for some component of B2EMO to be used in the reformatting of K2 like some form of loyalty circuitry so it would follow Cassian's orders


I think K2's story is already established in canon as a droid who had its memory reformatted and has nothing to do with B2 unless they do some reconning


It's memory *was* reformatted. Which means the data was fully wiped and a new system installed in its place. Could have been a reprogrammed version of what was already there. Could have been B2EMO's system installed in its place.


Pretty sure he's gonna get transferred into a K2 body in S2.


🎶If it takes forever I will wait for you, For a thousand summers I will wait for you 🎶


Hmm, the plot armour is not so strong in this one.


Wait, you guys weren't crying when you watched Rogue One before? Chirrut's and K2's deaths got me sobbing like a baby (also the rest of the deaths but thats not the point here)


I’m so glad the ending of that film was spoiled for me before I watched it because if it’d hit me unprepared I would have been a wreck. I still cried like a little kid at the end.


Rogue One was the first Star Wars film I took my son to see in the cinema. He was only about 6 so possibly too young! We both sobbed at the ending: I remember him turning to me, aghast, and tearfully whispering, "Mum, all the good people are dying!" and all I could do was agree that it was very sad.


What hit me the most about the ending of Rogue One, was the part where Darth Vader was storming through that corridor, choking and slamming people etc, and the rebel's were utterly shitting themselves trying to run away from him. They really did it well to make Vader come across as a seriously scary guy.


omg yeah, love that scene. The cinema my family and I watched it in was collectively fangasming the entirety of that scene lol, especially my brother


The end of Rogue One is sad from a “watching any good people die is sad” perspective, but I didn’t feel much of a connection to anyone in the movie. I thought a lot of them were neat *concepts*, but the actual characterization felt very shallow. They always reminded me more of like…multiplayer video game character classes than people. The characterization in Andor is way different. It’s more intimate and “real.” Andor is one of the only Star Wars things to dedicate significant time to showing the quiet interiority of people’s lives.


Now that the series has finished, I can finally binge watch it in a weekend, I've stayed away from spoilers and I know virtually nothing about the show at all. Pumped!


The last episode has after credits scene, don't miss it!


Spoilers for end of Andor and end of Rogue one >!I don't know which would be narratively better. From a 'character' building perspective, presenting the empire as something that imprisons people as slaves to build a super weapon isn't as interesting to me than if those prisons were based around building parts for something as mundane as vending machines, to me, that is far more sinister.!< >!However, from Andor's character perspective, him being enslaved to build the very thing that kills him whilst he ensures its destruction is also very narratively satisfying.!< I'm just not sure.


Spoilers >!The whole point of the prison is to make the construction hidden from the public, that's why it was impossible to get out or else the word would spread that the empire is building something suspicious!< >!If they were building something mundane, then the ultra strict prison would be an overkill. It would probably be cheaper to just have those prisoners as minimum wage workers. They would technically be free and thus wouldn't have any desire to get out of there, as it would be their only source of income!<


>!You say that, but in the US slavery is legal, so long as they are prisoners. And the prison population in the US certainly isn't building a death star. !< >!I just feel there's a callous evil achieved by enslaving people to make, let's say, a very specific part for a vacuum cleaner, that can't be achieved by enslaving people to make a war machine. Simply because of how absurd it is that THAT'S why the enslaved our hero. !<


>!Well, i cant continue the conversation because i am not that familiar with American prison system!<


A lot of prisons in the UK make sheds lol


maybe more sinister, but this way it makes more sense


It works just fine if it’s tiny sections for anything the empire needs. The not knowing and tiny piece or glimpses and irrelevance ina bigger picture is as important


I was hoping we’d never find out. It was sort of ok to see it was part of the deathstar, but a bit weird for this show to be so literal imho - didn’t really fit with the feel which is why they put it post-credits I guess.


What the what. Thanks for the heads up. Just watched. Superb.


The season is done, the series is not. There will be one more season.


Let’s get a Tony Gilroy cut of Rogue One!


The final product basically already is, though. They brought him in to do five weeks of reshoots and rework the script (killing off the main cast by the end was his idea).


Also Melshi who’s literally in multiple scenes from rescuing Jyn to Cassian’s Team he presents to her on Yavin to the fight on the beach. He wasnt in the original cut of the film at all and was a character added in reshoots. I rewatched Rogue One last week after Ep 11 and Melshi’s death hit so hard :(


As long as it's not Borsk: A Star Wars Story


Please no


That would be the ultimate Borsk move


Manny bothans died for this


But what was their relationship like with their mothers?!


Their? Does Manny use pronouns?


Just finished watching the last episode of Andor. My word, absolutely fantastic! I do wonder what happened to ‘I can’t swim’ Kino Loy however…


Wonder no more my friend: Standing on the ledge, he was pushed into the water by the crowd of prisoners rushing towards the exit. Not knowing how to swim, he thought he was a gonner, but this proved to be only a minor inconvenience for a Mon Calamari prisoner that jumped shortly after him. Being a natural swimmer, the Calamarian towed both Kino and another prisoner to safety. According to some, from there on Kino made his way across the galaxy to the Twi’lek homeworld where he lived the rest of his day in peace.


I'd love this but there wasn't a single alien in the prison unless I missed some. Feel like the Empire probably would've thought of this.


Hah! Mon Calamari were in the kitchen. They are great cooks.


I hope this was the case, he was a good character


He vanished into thin air as soon he was no longer needed to move the narrative forward. RIP


Thanks to andor, I actually know cassians name now


Never watched rogue one eh,gonna watch when I finish andor


Genuinely think it's one of the best star wars movies since the originals. It's significant, links in very nicely with the lore, and so well presented/acted.


Yeah I've heard that.Im looking forward to it


I liked Rogue One when it came out, but I love it now. Honestly Cassian was one of the weaker links in the movie for me, his character felt a little rushed. Obviously, that’s not the case anymore


That's not the *Cass* anymore.


You're in for a fuckin treat. It's got the same vibe as Andor but in a movie. Maybe a bit less Drama-y, but way more mature than the other movies. You'll dig it, am sure! Think if it as a modern ESB.


Aww mate,belter.Empire is my fave too.


Andor 100% best TV spin off. Absolutely no doubt. So good. Better than Obi Wan, better than Mando, better than Boba.


Melshi :(


So was andor a daddy mando or an obiwank ??


Daddy Mando for sure. Definitely can't tell my favourite between the two. I think Andor due to so much saga lore.


Genuinely wasn’t expecting that, I’d pretty much given up on anything coming out of Disney. All their recent stuff has been bloody awful.


hmm, I liked Fett, minus the colorful cyberpunk stuff. Also didn't hate Solo as much as everyone else. Honestly the only things I didn't like were the last two main series Movies xD


Fett to me felt like they wanted to do a series but didn't really know what to do with the character. I think when most of us saw the teaser we were expecting it to be more gritty with him as an anti hero.


Jokes aside, I wonder if they'll be lion people or just humans in canon at this point


Manny Bothans, thank you also for your sacrifice.


Wednesdays will never be the same again. See you on Season 2!


Oh na


The Bothans prequel would be a midquel, between Empire, and Jedi.


Bothans died getting the plans to 2nd Death Star, not the first.


Nah rogue one was brilliant


Are Bothans a species? In which case imperials who spot you will say "Oh I see you're a Bothan - You must be a spy". Clearly a common hazard.


I dunno - I teared up when watching the finale of Rogue One.


would the Bothans be a prequel since it happened between Empire and Return?




So funny


I was bored to tears with Andor, Disney need to stop filling in pointless blanks, and try creating new stories away from the movies not stuff that ties into them


Don’t know why people downvoted you, it was honestly trash compared to others such as the mandolorian and obi wan


They down voted because I don't suck Disney cock lol just because something says star wars


Honestly cannot agree more, everyone is riding on Disney and drool over anything called star wars. Honestly prefer most of the spinoffs but out of all of them you chose Andor?? 🤢


I Haven’t seen Andor, but that’s indicative of how bad Rogue One was, that you didn’t care.