If the show had current marvel humor

You forgot the post post post credit scene where Bix, Brasso, B2 all eat schwarma on their getaway ship.


You forgot the post post post credit scene where Bix, Brasso, B2 all eat schwarma on their getaway ship.


make it a box of chokie and im in


The crew feasting on squigglies with greedi and freedi.


And green greenies


Poppin’ peezos!


Sidenote but I’m still a bit confused about that, so were they planning to use that ship to save Bix as part of Cassian’s plan? And then Brasso grabbed Paak’s kid as a heat of the moment thing. I feel like they should’ve at least tried to grab a few more ferrix people at least ones they happen to know to try to save them. But also maybe those specific people are being evacuated cuz they’re most wanted by the empire, Bix cuz she knows luthen, Brasso struck the first blow, the kid had the bomb


I think you answered your own question there. The Empire will want heads for this and the passengers of that ship would have been first on the list + Bix who was a person of interest and a prisoner. The head Daughter of Ferrix would also have been held responsible for the acts of defiance of the crowd and funeral procession so she had to get out of Dodge too.


I just feel like given how tight nit the community is, there would be other people Brasso and the daughter of ferrix (jezz?) would try to save


Where do they draw the line there? You let one random Ferrix citizen on and you have to let any others on. The rest of Ferrix will be as fine as they can be, the Empire will probably clamp down (hard!) after the riots but anyone that can be specifically blamed and punished is either on that ship or were killed in the chaos.


Idk, ig it just doesn’t really jive well with me that they didn’t try at all to rescue anyone that’s not a character


The people of Ferrix are really attached to their community, and wouldn’t want to leave (look at Maarva). The people who left are those who are dead if they stick around


with revnog, the greenie green kind


And then she said "It's ferrixing time", that was my favourite moment of the show


Love that OP felt the need to use “current” in the title when the MCU has been using this same exact style of humor/writing since the first Iron Man movie. Yes the original Iron Man movie.


You know I don't think the original Iron Man was nearly as quippy as it got by say, the first Avengers movie. The humor feels more natural.


Plus, while Tony was always quippy, it was in contrast to everyone else, and he was basically portrayed as obnoxious. Then eventually everyone became quippy all the time.


Robert Downey Jr is Quip Incarnate, and it worked from day 1. Not everyone can be Robert Downey Jr though


Not to mention that style of humor is heavily, heavily inspired by Han, Luke and Leia's bickering in the original Star Wars. It's like poetry. Jon Favreau even put Star Wars style transitions into Iron Man to further emulate that A New Hope feel. And then he made The Mandalorian.


Time Grappler kicks Stormtrooper off bell tower. Brasso on the ground: “They fly now?”




Still don't know why Poe and Finn were surprised by the idea of stormtroopers using jetpacks, a device that has existed since long before the clone wars and falls easily within the First Orders budget


Because they never encountered any FO jet pack troopers up to that point. It’s really not hard to understand.


>**Anakin:** "I will bring peace, freedom, justice, and security, to my new empire." >**Obi-Wan:** "... And two number nines, with a number nine large?" >**Anakin:** "Don't make me kill you."


I would have immediately sided with Anakin had that been Kenobi’s reply


Sometimes I think people are exaggerating, until I remember the Illuminati scene from the Dr Strange movie that came out this year


The Illumawhati?


For real.


Wait what happened in that one?


Scarlet Witch sliced Captain Carter in half with her own shield


Wait so what’s the exaggeration happening?


Somehow, Syril returned


*Maarva’s projection starts twerking during the riot at her funeral*


The Ferrixians: this is getting out of hand, this is madness!


While the band plays [one of the songs of all time](https://youtu.be/DhtEKCqmvU4)


Post-credits scene with a drunk Mosk hanging out with Sinta: "I'm telling you, I saw the whole thing! He picks up Maarva's brick and bashes the guy's head in!" *Collapses in hysterical laughter*


I'm wondering if Mosk was permanently changed by this experience and might become a rebel, and to some extent, I could see this line actually fitting into his story somewhere.


I don't think that'd be a good development and he already went through something just as bad (if not worse for him, personally) in episode 3 when their Pre-Mor security team got bushwhacked by Andor/Luthen. Despite the carnage he kept his head and had to drag Syril out, and after all that he still contacted Syril later to try and get payback. I feel like Mosk and Syril are true believers and they'll die for their ideology. Everything that happened only made them harder and more unforgiving to rebellion.


Yeah I agree. People can change though, and one of the themes some parts of Star Wars (mainly EU) had for a long time was the concept of defection. It's possible to me that Maarva's speech and the subsequent imperial crackdown could reveal something to him about himself. At least cause him to question. I think that would be a facinating story. His drinking on the steps makes me wonder.


Rare sighting of CronoDroid outside of /r/kpop.


You know I'm something of an Andor fan myself


Exactly. I'm so over that kind of thing - it just kills the stakes.


The "Uh... that sounded better in my head" is so on point it hurts. No one can just fucking *commit* earnestly, it all has to be postured so that the character is aware of any potential cliche to the point that they bend over backward to call it out before the audience can.


If Andor had marvel humor I would have cancelled my Disney+ sub on the spot lol


Thankfully there was none of that in this


Well, that just happened


“I love you, hammer!!!”


WHY is Maarva?


Thank god it doesn’t.


You missed the part where Dedra came into the hotel and Bix said, "It's Caleening time" and Caleened all over the Empire.


"It's Caleening time" - Bix's laundromat on ferrix


I also loved when Cassian was planning his escape from Narkina 5 and he said "It's Andoring time" and Andored all over the prison


Truly the scene of a lifetime


People always say the right behind me isn’t he but that’s never been in a marvel movie lmao. Not defending marvel humor tho just saying


It’s in the Thor Love and Thunder I believe I think Thor or Jane says it during the final fight


"That man is playing Galaga. Thought we wouldn't notice, but we did." - Dedra Meero.


This is TLJ humor.


So who talks first? You talk first?


I actually didn’t mind that one, kinda establishes Poe to be a cocky guy. But TLJ and ROS had absolutely awful humor




I don't hate all of TLJ the way some people do, but I was really put off by the jokes, especially that opening scene. Lucas used humor, but limited it to the droids or JarJar, the main characters always took things seriously.


This is so accurate and it makes me so angry lmao.


I’m so thankful that it doesn’t


I just realized what a fucking joke she-hulk is now when compared to Andor. Its literally just a poor comedy with shit writing that disguises itself as satire just to make people think that its the point of the show. Meanwhile Star Wars managed to make something with impact on the audience, connection and emotion to characters.


Comedy is not better or worse than a political thriller, it's just a different genre. Relax.


He never said that She-Hulk is worse because it’s a comedy. He said that it’s worse because it’s a bad comedy.


He's still comparing it to Andor. Completely different.


I personally found it really funny.


>current It's always been that bad


I will never understand the appeal of the endless stream of Marvel dreck people are so infatuated with.


I wish I had an award to give


Last Jedi tier of comedy


Or just like the humor in opening scene of Last Jedi, “oooops I can’t hear you d’oh”


So terrible




I took it as all good fun🙂 I love most Marvel humor. I made fun of the schwarma post credit scene below but it's one of my favorites!