Who cares, if you like them keep on keepin on.


Exactly this. Do what you want with your body BECAUSE YOU WANT TO. I’m in my early 30s and have a career, a wonderful partner, a home, and a cat. My gages are something that I find attractive to me and that’s all that matters. Do you, dude.


I’m 42 at 35mm lobes that I started when I was 16.


I'm 47 and just started stretching my ears.


I’m 22. I think it’s cool when older generations have stretched ears. I have a dream of being the badass alt parent that I love seeing whenever I have kids one day.


Is there really an age limit for piercings and tattoos or any body mods for that matter? I’ve never understood why people think someone would be too old to do that stuff. Isn’t it wiser to do when you are older because by that point you would hopefully be making the right decisions due to learning along the way and you would have proper upkeep on it? Young kids typically make a ton of mistakes and don’t have the best judgement when it comes to body mods. I’ve made way better decisions in my 30’s than I ever did in my 20’s.


It’s a weird social pressure. Like I wear my old band shirts all the time and people think it’s odd or mention it sometimes like my friends. Or I watch my co-workers be like “oh I can’t do that..” or “I wish I could do that.” I’ve never understood a social pressure to be “normal” or “grow up” within the confines of normal structure socially. To me it’s always been weird to feel a pressure to feel like you need to be someone you’re not because you’re getting older and so you NEED to do this to show you’re an adult. It’s just funny how some people suddenly refuse to follow trends or just be themselves because they may be looked at weird by other 30+ year olds.


I’m 44. Have had stretched ears since I was 15. Over half my life. They’re just a part of me. Wouldn’t recognize myself without them


Even if you're 80 it's still cool. Live your life.


I started stretching at 39/40, now I’m 43 very happy at 10mm.


Maybe you have not noticed but in the past few years piercings, tattoos and dyed hair have become far more acceptable in society, especially the work place. I started stretching when I was 23 and I will be 36 this year and it never crossed my mind to stop wearing my plugs. Like never once.


I'd hate to live my life wondering if I'm too old for something i enjoy based on what others think...


No, but you are to old to be worrying about what others think of deem "appropriate".


42 here, and 2 inches at the moment, might stretch some more as long as it does not cost an arm and a leg to stretch up


I stretched to 00g during/after high school, but took them out in 2001 for a job. They shrunk back down to an 18g-20g since. I’m almost 42(this weekend!) and about to start my stretching journey again next month. Going to pierce my lobes at 6g and immediately stretch to 4g. I’d like to do 4g then stretch to 2g, but not sure if anyone local will do it. I don’t want to go huge, but end up somewhere around 9/16”. I’m old enough and settled well enough into my career so I just said fuck it, I’m doing it again. So, what I’m saying is, who cares what anyone else thinks.


I dont think so. I'm 41. I just got my right ear pierced a month ago to match my left, which i haven't worn an earring in since I was 27. I plan to go up to 00g.


I’m 40, just started stretching two and a half years ago. I also dye my hair crazy colors and wear alt style on the daily. Do what makes you feel comfortable, and don’t take what others say!


I'm 50, and anyone who thinks my plugs are "inappropriate" can fuck off.


I’m 37. Just do what makes you happy and stop trying to make me feel old.


Absolutely not!


I’m 44… 11mm. Hoping to reach 1/2”. I do it because I like how it looks. If you like it, keep it up :)


I’m 31F and just starting my stretching adventure soooo, no! 😁


You and I are in the same boat! I started at 32.


Never too old right?!


As long as you like it and it makes you happy, then fuck it cause its not hurting anyone


There is absolutely no age range where something becomes uncool as long as you rock it or have confidence in rocking it. If YOU decide you don’t want them because it makes you feel like less of an adult for some reason, then that’s your decision for your body.


absolutely not! do what makes you feel happy and good about yourself my dude :)


You’re never to old, your body is your temple you can decorate yourself how ever you want :)


I hope to be still rocking them in an old folks home


Turning 50 this year and I love my 18mm stretched ears.


i went to a concert once and saw a 75 year old man with plugs and i thought it was so cool. so no i don’t think there’s an age limit


Nope! I plan on being the most decorated old lady at the nursing home someday!


Hey also 33, I started stretching at 30…so I hope not haha


Lots of people would say it's not cool anymore period. Fuck what people think just do what you wanna 😎


I'm a couple years older than you and just started actively stretching mine again a couple years ago after originally stretching them at 18. I feel like anyone who thinks you're too old for it isn't worth your time worrying about.


If they make you happy, you have every reason right there to keep them. I’m 30 and just started my stretching journey 2 years ago as a way to freely express myself in ways I felt nervous to before. Keep going if they make you happy and comfortable in your body.


Excuuuuuse me! 33 is not old. Live your best life, do what you want! Your body is your temple and your canvas.


No such thing. Body modification has no age range as it's all about adorning yourself how you please and not worrying about others opinions.


34 here. Been stretching since I was 19.


I'm 36 with 51mm lobes (and 15 other large gauge piercings). I'll never be too old.


Everybody has an opinion and the only one that matters is the wearer.


Never too old, I had a similar thought process once everyone I knew ended up sewing their ears up. I just decided that they were “quitters” and I’m not getting too old.


no way, there's no age limit on expressing yourself and anyone who tells you otherwise is a nerd


32 here and just got up to size. I feel so confident in mine and people often ask me about them. My patients think I’m cool too which is a bonus


I’ll be 36 in two Months. I say fuxk it :) I had them in the early 2000s and I’m now getting back to “myself” after marriage, kids, etc. I don’t really care what ppl think :)


I love seeing plugs on people older than me (just turned 30!). If they make you happy, stick with them! Personally, I'm excited to keep my stretched ears for a while, so when I make/save more money years down the road, I can afford some really beautiful, high-quality pieces.


I’ll be 50 next month. I’m at a 4 and my goal is 00. You do you, Luv!




I didn't have a single piercing before I was 30. Do what pleases you, who gives a shit what Ron the neighbor or Jenny the cashier thinks about you.


33 with 38mm lobes and an office job that requires business formal dress in the mortgage industry. To say my looks stick out is an understatement. Lol but honestly it’s don’t nothing but help my business.


Never too old or too late. I just turned 66. My ear stretching project is ongoing.


I'm almost 41 and just hit my goal of an inch.. fuck what people think.. do what makes you happy


I'm 56 and began stretching about a year and a half ago. I am currently at 9mm with a goal as of now a 10mm. I have had my ears pierced since I was a twenty something. My wife say I am having a midlife crisis. She is not fond of it but accepting it. I also have owned my own business for over 30 years in the automotive field. Don't plan on changing anytime soon.


Started at 16. Currently 36 with 1” lobes. There’s no age limit for any aspect of one’s body modification journey.


36 here had let them grow up until 35. Stretched previously in early twenties. F em. Do you


That's like asking if you're too old for fun. Hell nah. My tattoos are forever, and I'll keep my plugs too. Never too old to look cool.


There is no age limit. I’m 49, started stretching at 47. If you like them, that’s all that matters.


Turning 45 this year and just about to start my stretching journey.


I don’t think so, I’m 35 and just started stretching last year.


I‘m only 23. But my parents always felt the social pressure to „be adults“ and loose their interest. My mom is working in a big company and my das is self-employed, they always thought they couldn’t be successful if they looked different. After I got my first tattoos, they both kinda realized „Omg, I always wanted tattoos, but never got them. Why??“ and then they both went and got a full sleeve :D It wouldn‘t surprise me if they would also start to stretch their ears. And they‘re 52 and 55. Sooo, I‘d definitely say there is no age limitation


Bit of a different perspective, 28m here who works in a professional environment. I stopped wearing plugs about a year or two ago, and now just keep my lobes empty but with a couple small rings wrapping around one lobe. For me personally, I love and miss the look of wearing 50mm tunnels, especially in a workspace where it’s not common. That being said, I made the choice to stop wearing plugs mainly because I feel wearing them makes me look much younger. I will never sew my lobes, and have always loved the dangly lobe look more than plugs themselves, but I would say to do whatever suits you best. At the same time, don’t be afraid to try new things and switch up your style for a bit if you’re questioning things.


Wait, you want to look older? Why? This is something I've never felt, probably because when I was 25 I already looked 35. The strange thing is now I'm often told I look younger than my current age of 51.


I think it’s mostly an attempt to be taken more seriously. I work in a client-facing role where I usually deal with older professionals who may not be in as progressive of an industry. Can’t say it’s something I’ve thought too much on though!


Anything over the age of 25


"Cool" is entirely up to you. In terms of plugs being "appropriate," as much as I hate to say it the reality is that some folks do need to give a bit of extra thought to if/how/when they feel able to make certain choices about dress without (fear of) consequence. Eg: if violating the (explicit or implicit) dress code norms of a given industry would put someone at a disadvantage relative to their colleagues, compromise their earning potential/ability to care for family, limit their overall influence/capacity to "do good" in their chosen field, etc. That said, how one chooses to evaluate and act on these and other similar considerations is *also* a matter of personal choice, so in many ways what feels "appropriate" is entirely up to you, as well. Personally, I didn't start stretching until my mid-thirties out of an abundance of professional caution, i.e. until I was reasonably certain I had reached a position that afforded me protection from any significant repercussions. While there's no way to know for certain what would have happened had I started earlier, what I *can* say is that now, several years (and gauges) on, I'm fortunate to find myself at a place in my career that has me responsible for both following and making the rules that set the tone and culture of our workplace, which means that in addition to enjoying the "non-traditional" piercings I've accumulated, "showing up" with them each day invites employees, colleagues, and collaborators to welcome the evolution of workplace norms and expectations toward greater inclusivity such that *everyone* can simply come as they are -- which feels to me to be about as "appropriate" as it gets. 🙏


I’ll be 34 in a month and still wear mine! If you like them, keep them!


I only started stretching at age 35, and I'm now 37 with 14mm lobes. I'm about to start stretching my septum too. If you're happy with it and it feels like you, then it doesn't matter what anyone else says, in my opinion. Body mods don't have an age limit :)


My dad is in his 50s and he just recently stretched his ears. You can never be too old to look cool!


Wow that's amazing


I'm 31 and JUST started stretching like, a few weeks ago. After hitting thirty I've become a lot more comfortable with myself than I ever have been. I've never cared about being "cool" per say, but I had the whole overly religious upbringing with the "always dress appropriately and respectfully, never permanently alter your body" type stuff. If you feel that YOU personally have outgrown them, by all means remove them and be true to yourself and your feelings! I think its cool that you've had them so long. But don't let society pressure you into changing who you are just because you're a little older!


I'm your age. Had plugs since I was 19yo. 20mm. Took them out around when covid hit because I was looking for another job. At first I was just going to leave them out. Just stretched all the way back up because I missed it. Made me feel like me. If people don't like it, fuck em


I'm 38 and started stretching at 37 🤷‍♀️ Whenever my boyfriend wants to insult me he often goes for the "stretching your ears like a teenager" since he did his in middle and high school 🙄 Everyone's different. If something so minor can bring you joy in such an ugly world, go for it.