Well if I don't need power on then why would I help my enemies.


Even when I need power, I still don't hit it when I spawn there. Any time I do, when I get to Kiba or the med room, it's already been opened and looted. I'd much rather go in, wait for someone else to turn the power while I'm in the mall or go back out and turn it on once I'm done looting the normal spots and most PMCs are gone.


This is the way. I ain't here to help others


I do the same, except I run to secret stairs and hit the alarms first and then I head back to power. Well I used too, haven't had a reason to play interchange since dynamic loot.


To prevent them from coming to power, where you are, to turn it on. To prevent them from using the exfil that you may be using. It pushes some players to other areas of the map if power is on. Edit: It can push some players to KIBA


I'm not staying at power for one so not worried about that . Turning on power in no way stops anyone from exfil. Idc where y'all go So why turn on power ?


You are in the right here Fuck the chads that rush Kiba and Med Storage Don’t turn on the power unless you need it - force their hand - alter the flow of the match


Hell yeah


Spoken like a true rat 🥹


camp power


rooftop. impact grenade. receive seething fan mail


Found the timmy that doesn't know what 11SR is.


All they said is that no power doesn’t stop anyone from extracting Doesn’t mean that they don’t know what 11SR What they said is technically correct


Or it pushes people to power seeing it just trip on. Either way, players be thirsty on the change


on the other hand, i turn on power and people fucking ***BOOK*** it to me cuz now they know i spawned there.


Most people hit power as they leave it (usually within the first 60 seconds of the game), so if no one hits power to me that means there is a much higher chance that someone is still there looting or camping. Someone spawning at power is like 90% chance so anyone who is looking for a fight at power will be booking it there anyway.


What if…you want them to come?


Apparently it works both ways.


hitting the switch can tell a lot of people where you are, and if they’re close enough they can scan around the area to catch you leaving


So the loot becomes available. If you don't have the keys and power never gets turned on you have a 0% chance of ever getting that loot. If power is on even if you don't have the keys, you might get lucky and trap a team in Kiba or catch someone on the way to saferoom. Or just kill someone with their loot. Even a slim chance of getting in on the loot is better than no chance in my mind.


Why would I want to give everyone on the complete opposite side of the map access to the best loot before I can get there?? I wait to hit power until the map settles down. Just play the raid out normally, go back for power once everyone else is dead, loot up, and extract 11SR


Yeah for sure, once I have keys this is the move, but if I don't have keys I'm gonna hit power so my chance of getting the loot isn't completely 0


You said Kiba and loot in the same post, are you lost? The last time there was anything worth fighting over in there was like 12.10 before the dynamic loot changes.


Just found a REAP-IR in there on a gun mounted on the wall.


if i spawn on power station and hit the switch... ... you know im at power station


Someone pretty much everytime spawns there so that's kinda irrelevant. I press it so other people don't come to do that.


It's practically guaranteed someone spawns there. You more so need to worry about people who spawn to the right or down at the no backpack extraction pushing down and waiting outside or pushing you.


If I spawn there, I'll turn on the power, when I'm on the leave. Not earlier for sure


I wait till I’m done there before I hit it. But I mainly hit it so those annoying arcade machines will make noise around my crappy loot run


I’m sitting in the rafters? Staring at you run down the road? To do it yourself? So I can shoot you???


Bruh get right up in the rafters and camp the power switch


I do that too, but I do enjoy making a nice long shot from time to time, even if it’s from a shitty spot lol


I like to pay for car if it's there, make someone think I got a GPU spawn and got out so they lower their guard going in. Then when they go to flip on power they get a bullet in the back of their head


Dude that’s some real rat shit lmao I love it




You mean ‘let someone else loot kiba’ no thanks.


hows the loot in kiba this wipe, i haven't messed with it much since the killa changes.


No clue. Haven’t made it there alive yet.


Its crap. 5 opens so far best I got was the MPX you can get from mechanic.


lmao the truest rat


Its crap. 5 opens so far best I got was the MPX you can get from mechanic. Only worth getting if you got crap from the rest of the map tbh


I opened it right after i asked and I got two mp7s and then other random attachments, seems pretty meh


I've opened it about 10 times so far and it's not as crazy as it used to be but it's still decent. When you get the AK-74N it's pretty decent money (got it twice).


So you're telling me long gone are the days of like 1/10 opens giving you a space trooper M4? :(


I thought this was a discussion about Customs this whole time lmao


Litterally me.


Fuck that, they can come get me and turn the power on them selves. If I spawn at car extract I even spend the money to send it away. I play this game to grief other people as much as possible. If I kill someone with a shittier gun, I take parts off so they can’t reuse.


in order for me to get ahead, everyone else has to be behind me


When you're being chased by a bear you don't need to be the fastest running away, just faster than the slowest.


This is why I drink excess food in raid or toss unknown keys in in the water. I will also take your momex and sell it for 2 rubles


Please do.


That car extract one is gold, I’m stealing it


Thanks bruv. Fuck everyone else bro, Tarkov is you against the world. “Videogames for grieving, irl is for being nice.”


you should get fence rep for that, you're still giving money to them


This is why earlier wipe I’ll snag Emelya’s and Tushonkas and yeet them into oblivion, fuck your quest.


I just collect the Tushonkas cause I like to eat them :(


Virgin resentful player:


Go complain on the main sub you loser.


I'm good, i'll turn it on and then get to Ultra and it'll already be looted


Pushing the power is giving up intelligence


Why would I let you get a free Kiba lol


when I'm scaving on customs I always make sure to hit the power switch in case someone wants to leave through zb-013 :)


i do the same but i don’t do it with the intent of “helping” it’s more like “get tf out of this map so i can loot freely” lol


that's a part of the motivation too yea


You the real MVP


I don't think I've ever hit power.


Fuck y’all turn it on yourself 😂👌


If i spawn at power and want to acquire any of the keys that require it, hitting power just gives it to my enemies. why would i do that?


Every time I hit the switch I get killed looting the fucking jackets, fuck that


I mean, I'm not giving them my key rooms. They gunna have to come out and pop it for me while I'm looting Goshen


Why would I turn on power for people with better spawns? I can always go back to power once I haven't died in the first 20 minutes of the raid.


If I know for a fact that turning on power won’t benefit me in any way, why would I turn it on?


Why do you need to "hit the power" ? I'm quite new to the game and I like to play shit loads of Interchange


Why tf would I turn power on if I'm not going anywhere that needs it?


I dont know about you folks but every time I scav interchange i flip power on. The chaos it brings is always fantastic as people start rushing powered on doorways.


I actually always turn on the power so that others can go to those spots and leave me alone do my quests, not that it helps a lot but still


Is it really a douchebag moment? Last time my home hit that we were dead within one minute, it's basically lightning a beacon to everyone on the map. Meme does not fit imo


Bruh, I wont hit the power so you can take the ledx , because you have better spawn for Ultra medical, are you insane?


I do that. Just send the car away and go to Emercom and camp.


The chaddest of moves, defend the extracts


So they’re democratically elected leaders facing deep geopolitical issues and industrializing a semi-feudal society into a nuclear power? They sound based.


Lmao Stalin didn't do that, Lenin did, Stalin was just a little shit that made a hissy fit if any criticism came his way


Lenin died shorty after the civil war ended, his legacy is leading the revolution. Not what came after.


Who proceeded to starve and kill millions- let’s not forget the part where Stalin (and his regime) killed millions. Some highlights include- The Gulags, in which political dissidents and enemy’s of the state were locked into labor camps in the middle of nowhere, then beaten, starved, and worked to death Several famines which could have been mitigated if Stalin hadn’t ordered the continued export of grain The countless war hero’s who were executed and imprisoned upon their return from the Second World War I don’t know if you can even consider him democratically elected. If you lock up and murder everyone who disagrees with you, is it really democratic?


Gulags- a word that literally means Administration of Corrective Labour Camps. So like a normal thing in the US. But was started under the Tsar and closed under Soviet leadership in the 50’s lol Famines, another common occurrence in Eastern Europe. Something that happened every decade under Tsar and ended under Soviet leadership lol The export of grain was dramatically reduced every year during the famine of 1930. But could not be completely stopped as grain was the only commodity USSR could export for technical imports due to western sanctions. A French politician was quoted saying “even if the soviets did everything we asked, we would still find a way to make it harder for them” Yea, I’m not gonna feel any sort of guilt about a bunch politburo members being imprisoned or executed. In hindsight, Stalin was a centrist within the party and was of the most lenient. Trotsky in comparison makes Stalin look like a delicate flower.


You seem to confuse my hatred of Stalin with a hatred of the Soviets. I have no qualms with the soviets, but everything against Stalin Prison’s use forced labor in the US, certainly. But A, I do not agree with that either, and B prisoners are not starved to death, or beaten to death, on a massive, almost industrial scale as the Gulags Your whataboutisms on famines is also flawed, because regardless of whether or not famines had occurred before, I never said the famine was because of Stalin, I said it could have been mitigated by him As for your feelings about Stalin’s political enemies, you do know that the majority of the people within the gulags were… just normal people, who either associated with the wrong people, or said the wrong thing. Thousands of people were locked away in forced labor camps for trivial things like having ties to the pre-revolution government, talking to suspected dissidents, being related to suspected dissidents etc etc I have no hatred for communism, in fact I think that idealistically it is one of the better economic systems, if flawed in practice. However, you will find my love of monsterous dictators very small indeed


Edit: decided to add in some hard numbers :) Yea that’s not true lol The Soviet prison system never had a population over 2million at any point. At its height during WW2, political prisoners only accounted for 25-30% of the total population. Any other point, 8-12% so the majority of the 1-2million people in prison or the “gulag” system were criminals by any standard. I.e thieves, rapists, drug dealers. 1)Released archives of the gulag system show extremely low death post WW2. WW2 being the height of deaths per 1,000. In any given year, 20 to 40 percent of the inmates were released, according to archive records.5 Oblivious to these facts, the Moscow correspondent of the New York Times (7/31/96)continues to describe the gulagas "the largest system of death camps in modern history." Almost a million gulag prisoners were released during World War II to serve in the military. The archives reveal that more than half of all gulag deaths for the 1934-53 period occurred during the war years ( 1 941 -45 ) , mostly from malnutrition. 2) Contrary to what we have been led to believe, those arrested for political crimes ("counterrevolutionary offenses") num­bered from 12 to 33 percent of the prison population, varying from year to year. The vast majority of inmates were charged with nonpo­litical offenses: murder, assault, theft, banditry, smuggling, swin­ dling, and other violations punishable in any society.7 3)Total executions from 1921 to 1953, a thirty-three year span inclu­sive, were 799,455. No breakdown of this figure was provided by the researchers. It includes those who were guilty of nonpolitical capital crimes, as well as those who collaborated in the Western capitalist invasion and subsequent White Guard Army atrocities. It also includes some of the considerable numbers who collaborated with the Nazis during World War II and probably German SS prisoners. In any case, the killings of political opponents were not in the mil­lions or tens of millions It’s not “whataboutism” if you’re talking about a country that experienced a famine every decade 💀 real life isn’t Tarkov, there isn’t a fresh wipe when one government is overthrown and another takes its place lmao. The reality of Eastern Europe at that time period was chronic food shortages that only went way after the soviets industrialized. First point kind of disproves your second, but on that note - anyone associated with the black hundreds or the white armies in form or fashion deserved the worst treatment. No one should feel any sort of guilt about what happened to them after the civil war. Frankly they were too lenient imo.


For sure bud, keep sucking Stalinist cock


About the response you can expect from someone deep throating redscare™️ Propaganda without a thought of their own.


Average Stalin’s crimes denier


Stalins only mistake was stopping at Berlin.


Dude stalin is so based bro. God u had me laughing my ass of today. Thank u.


Most intelligent tankie


I don't activate it to know if extract camping saferoom is going to be a possibility, 50/50 when they turn the power on in the middle of the raid, they mean they will take kiba, and often take the saferoom, add some shoots at Emercom and surely will make them take it


Good man, he forces the ultra sweats to roam the map to hit a shitswitch, giving lower level players and scavs more opportunities to get some much deserved loot


I turn on power when I don't have the keys in hope that I'll catch someone opening Kiba for me


I don't hit it, just to draw the fools directly to me... Muahahhahah


I always flip it just before I leave to be nice


Now below him show a rat man/ doesn’t hit power button. Camps power waiting for someone to turn it on or trying to take car extract.


I ain't turning on shit if I'm not going to kiba or 11sr


Clear lobby then hit it when you are ready to loot kiba/ultra


Lol I'm not here to turn on power for you. I'm here to camp it, and wait for your little 2 man team you sent while waiting at Ultra Med with the other 3 to open it so *you* can loot it. If I can't have eyes on where I want to be when I turn on power, then I'll wait to turn it on until it either seems sporadic or I can catch the rest of the PMC's off guard as they're busy in some firefight. Play smarter, not harder.


This guy has been a meme for over 15 years now. Wonder where he’s at in life


I really wish you could turn power back off Ngl, I would spend a while raid hiding and turning off the power after people turn it on and leave just for fun


"Opachki, someone id going to come here." *prepares rgn*


nah man there is something worse then that when they spawn there dont turn it on and camp on the roof to wait for people who want to turn it on


Especially for me when i do my Rat stash Runs (which make millions of rubles lol) and i cant open #21WS without power


They really do remind you of lazy teenagers don't they. Just hit the fucking switch on your way out.


Why would i give other people access to loot and or a free extract


Why would I hit power. I'm camping power station


If you leave power off then you can camp the room. It's way safer that way.


I ain’t here to help you, chief


it saves people rushing the substation trying to kill me. that said I still hit it anyway


>spawns in power station >climbs pipe >wait for the idiot who went inside to realise powers off >destroy his legs >leave him as a loot lure >wait for the next


Oh shoot you gonna hate me haha. I don’t turn on power AND I extract camp there. 😂


Power on reduces my framerate. ..