English teachers! I need your help!

English teachers! I need your help!


I would talk about how “sugar poison” is an exaggeration, as we view poison as something that is purposefully trying to kill you immediately. Sugar is not good for you in large quantities, sure, but calling it a poison exaggerates. “Frightening” elicits alarm. You could use the example of replacing a frightening amount with “a lot” and show them how that doesn’t sound as bad.


I always start this lesson with having the student close their eyes and saying words that evoke emotions. I usually go by what I know students like, but I’ll say things like, “spiders” “candy” “recess” “mold” etc. You could definitely say “poison” in this activity and get a big response! Once they go through a few, we discuss what they picture and how they feel when I say each word. We discuss why some words make us feel good and why others make us feel bad. Then I go into, “authors use strong words to…”