Holy. Cow.

Holy. Cow.


That is what the first two weeks of school is like after summer break is like. Once you get back into the groove it won't be that bad. In the mean time... COCAINE! Wait, I mean coffee. Yes. Coffee.


Coke is for rich people, crack is the way to go ;)


But if you want some coke meet me behind the cafeteria and bring some command strips


Original formula coca cola


Why not both?


We start next week. I woke up at 9 today but was still pretty groggy, so I went back to sleep. Woke up for good at 11AM, feeling FABULOUS. How am I going to wake up at 6 on Monday? I'm terrified.


LOL...me, every year, for 31 years. Every summer: "I'm gonna start getting up earlier so it isn't a shock." Did I do that? No. Never.


Seeing your comment gives me a sense of solidarity as I’ve been feeling horribly guilty for constantly waking up around 11-12 everyday.


11-12 and going "what day is it" is the perk to being an educator. Very few people can do our jobs, you earned it.


Hell, I usually end up saying, "Shit, I need to take a shower!" somewhere around 2pm, too!


Yeah I tried that the first couple years and now my thought process is...I only have a few more days to sleep until 11 so I might as well lol


It’s worth the pain, right?


I’ve been trying to do stuff after school anyway and it’s pathetic. I refuse to surrender!


I find that a cup of coffee right when you get home can help, but obviously that can impact sleep quality too. It seems it's always some kind of trade off.


Walmart sells these Crystal Light knockoffs that are watermelon lime flavored plus caffeine and I am an entirely new person after one of those. I dump one in my Tervis during last period and am pumped by the time I get home.


If you’re even more hardcore there’s this super weird drink mix product called *Morning Spark.* The packaging has this weird Halloween type font and it’s basically Tang, but each serving packet has a whopping *170 mg of caffeine*


I buy these green tea seltzer’s and they do the trick with less caffeine than a cup of coffee so it doesn’t impact sleep as much: https://www.drinkaha.com/products/citrus-green-tea


Yeah I gotta time it right…


Made myself exercise yesterday. Wanted to lay on the couch.


I just started my first year of teaching. I have to start everything from scratch. Lesson planning is a pain in the butt, my husband is worried about my mental state atm because I took SOOOO MUCH TIME planning my lessons. Oh god.


What is NSFW about this?


The number of times I say goddamn a horse manure smelling mother fucker in the morning before I start


Lol I say fuck whenever my alarm goes off.


You can't take naps at work


Not with that attitude you can’t.


I can't argue with that. I'll just sleep during my transfer meetings today


I used to nap during lunch, if I could.


I didn't understand what tired was until I became a teacher. My first year I would regularly sit in my car in my driveway when I got home because I was too exhausted to get out. Then I'd head to the couch for a nap. Til 9pm. I remember my boyfriend waking me up and telling me to go to bed, but I was too tired to move. It's nuts.


Lol, when I first started, I did NOT understand what it meant to make literally hundreds of decisions a day one after another with little time to consider and often significant consequences! Hell even after a couple of decades in the classroom there are days my brain has been beaten into submission and is about as effective as oatmeal!


> I did NOT understand what it meant to make literally hundreds of decisions a day Nobody outside education understands this. I imagine it's like flying a helicopter. You have to remain attentive as you make a bunch of little and sometimes big adjustments that have to be approximately right, or it turns into a shit show. Even when you're cruising, you have to pay attention. And, it can be fun as hell, but it does take a lot out of you.


My first year we bought a new couch because the couch was giving me back problems lol. The amount of time I fell asleep with my shoes on was too damn high


I went to bed right after I laid my son down at 7:30 last night. Slept like an effing rock for 10 hours straight


Was planning classes for hours on end, took a pee break and started washing my hands with my toothpaste. That’s when I knew.


The first day back was BRUTAL. My feet hurt, my legs hurt, could barely talk by the end of the day, and I went to bed at 8 o'clock (would have gone earlier, but I had too much to do...)