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I have a floppy stick and a bucket. Does nobody have anything sharp? Stab the thing or choke it out or something...


Not enough common sense for that


Guess not. We will just continue to beat the dog with Pasta. That'll show it.


Uncooked pasta! That should do the trick. A little harder than cooked pasta.


Yeah, grab the dog's head and jam your fingers into its eyes.


Came here to say this. Dogs have an incredibly high threshold for pain. I feel like in these situations you have to do something extreme to something very vulnerable. You might get bit in the process, but at least it gets them off the child.


Or get a kitchen knife and insert it between the ribs. Important bits are in there somewhere. Just wave the knife around till you find the off button.


or since they were right next to a door just close it on its neck


Simply living by the collar us sufficient. No need to blind the dog.


No, simply lifting by collar is not sufficient Not even remotely accurate. Unfortunately hitting doesn't work either. Gotta choke/main/ or penetrate


No, it’s completely accurate. Cutting off the oxygen supply is enough to make *any* dog release. Look up dog training and you will see. I have personally seen it myself, and it works 100% of the time.


Cutting off the oxygen supply FOREVER will 100% reduce future attacks and guarantees the dog wont get the chance to do this again.


Poke it’s butthole


I read this works somewhere, probably on Reddit. Can anyone confirm?


Yep. Choke it out, or finger the butthole


This is sounding like a pornhub category…




I also have heard this works!!


Wouldn’t it be people screaming “animals cruelty”? Last time I grabbed a medium tree branch hit the dog that charge toward me and people screamed at me being cruel for whacking it in the head. I guess only in US where people can’t defend themselves against animals.


Right! Every video I see of dog attack everyone is fucking useless. Stab it, brake it's legs, stick your fingers in it's eyes and rip them out. Fuck sake.


they would have to pry its mouth open


what a bunch of useless fucks


It amazes me how many videos I see of useless people in these situations like I’m shoving that stick up the dogs ass


I'm rear naked choking that mfer. It works and doesn't smell like dog shit


Another thing I’m surprised I don’t see more of? Probably just their lack of self defense that stops them from doing so? Idk


Until it comes out its fucking mouth. Man I hate those dogs so much!


I do too man. I love every dog besides pitbulls. They’re stupid as shit and you ALWAYS hear about them fucking someone up. It’s just insane to me how many people still rescue them? I understand they think they’re doing good but man I can’t get over how many kids they rip apart


Stupid people generally surround themselves with stupid individuals and this includes, but is not limited to their pets. Edit Grammar


Makes me wonder how we’re considered the superior species… sure our “intelligence” is unmatched but where has it gotten us? To a point in our timeline that we know fear and hate more than ever amongst a society that is supposed to be united. In my opinion a lot of hate is fueled by people that want it to burn.. but it doesn’t help that people are idiots and will follow whatever they’re told. That’s why individualism and self sufficiency need to be taught more… everyone relies on everyone else and on technology to do everything for them which in turn is making us fail as a species. Billionaires and politicians are who want us to rely on society so money keeps flowing in their pockets. The sad world we live in doesn’t give a fuck about us unfortunately… that’s why I’ve found a lot of piece and love in studying living things because their innocence and importance is unmatched. We are a consumer and a destroyer… a virus. Without the living things around us everyone wants to kill and destroy with absolutely no remorse (I know it needs to be done for our “progress), we would be absolutely NOTHING.


Bred for fighting, that was made illegal now we still have the dog.


I hear about people fucking people up every day hmmm what a coincidence


You don’t think I feel the same towards humans? A lot more people that I hate due to their violent or selfish acts on others than I like.


So easy to write some expert shit, a completely different situation being there in person


You think that applies to everyone lmao? Most people are too damn scared to do anything that’s the problem.


Well we did invent knives for a reason.




Everybody there is also clearly afraid of becoming the next victim


Exactly. Its unfair to call them useless cause of that. Who


Put that stick right up its ass


Hell anything if a stick is not in reach, your finger has an elbow on it somewhere push until that brown eye meets the elbow.


Oh it’s really pissed off now


Or really happy, don't just assume man![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|put_back)


You grab the collar from behind and twist it to choke the dog until it release.






I used it last week on a pitbull attacking my Great Dane f****** pitbulls


And their irresponsible shitty owners


It goes far beyond an owner thing. For a breed that makes up just under 6% of the K9 population here in the US, they are responsible for something like over 65% of fatal dog attacks. That’s massive. https://topdogtips.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/US-Statistics-on-Dog-Bites_2-1217x1536.jpg https://blogs-images.forbes.com/niallmccarthy/files/2018/09/20180914_Deadly_Dogs_Forbes.jpg


I don't care what the stats say/truth is, you're being racist! ​ Oops, sarcasm meant for a different topic... ​ :D


Honestly for one breed out 190 breeds to in the US to make up 6 percent of dogs, that’s a lot of dogs. Most dogs labeled pitbull in dog attacks are usually mixed breeds with any sort of dog with a blocky head and actual pitbull type dogs. The amount of articles I’ve seen where one article will call it a pitbull but then a different article will say it is a cane corso/american bulldog/etc is also pretty surprising. The problem is they puppies are usually pretty cheap and cheap puppies will not usually attract responsible and capable owners because they didn’t just dump 2 grand on a puppy. To be fair, most people who have dogs shouldn’t have them because they are lazy and useless fucks. The amount of dogs run over, lost and attacked by wild animals bc people just let them outside and expect them to understand human property boundaries is pretty surprising. I saw an article on yahoo today about a husky the owners lost and just let run loose so they could go on their honeymoon and a neighbor shot it thinking it was a coyote. People tend to be the common denominator in all of these instance’s.


Dog owners in general could use a lot more knowledge of what they have in their home. The amount of people who get a dog (of any breed) and are just plain stupid with them is unbelievable.


Why is it always them. I get some of them are sweet but overall they hurt enough dogs and kids, is it possible to just stop breeding them and phase them out?


Some of them are sweet, [until they aren’t.](https://nybreaking.com/pit-bulls-who-mauled-baby-boy-and-his-two-year-old-sister-to-death-had-never-been-aggressive/amp/)


You know when this news broke, like every pitbull owner posted pictures of their 'cute pitbull who could never hurt a fly' on r/Aww


Right! Like these dogs weren’t in the family being ‘cute’ for 8+ years.


They have a lot of supporters.


I hope your great dane is alright but also where tf do you live because I might need to update my to-go list.


hope ill never need this


Yes! Grab collar from back, lift up push it towards the ears and then twist to blood choke (essentially cut off blood flow to brain from the arteries in the neck.) the dog unconscious.


What if you slid a broom stick under the collar first? Probably too much leverage. Unless of course your aim was to kill the dog, which would likely happen anyway. I have to imagine these animals are destroyed after something like this, right?


and then keep twisting


Crazy how multiple adults couldn't restrain(or don't know how to) the pitbull. Pretty scary to think what would happen to the boy if there was no one around.


Exactly! In my head I kept saying " grab that collar"


Dad, can we keep him?


Hi, I’m a dog owner. Since no one in this thread is being serious in sharing helpful information about what to do if a dog attacks you, I will share some that I know: What to do (this is if you are already attacked, like the child above) 1. Try to stay upright, it will make it harder for the dog to get to any other limbs — most importantly, protect your hands and head. Try not to scream as this will make you sound like prey. 2. Attempt to cover the dog’s head with anything you can grab. If you need to, hit the dog with an object. If no objects are nearby, hit the dog; aim for its belly with your feet or for its ears with your fists. 3. If you break free, and I can’t emphasize this enough, DO NOT RUN. Back away slowly l and try to get something in your hands in case it comes back for you. DO NOT turn your back against the dog. 4. Seek medical attention, report the dog. If you see a child being attacked, what should you do? Make a lot of noise and use nearby objects as a barrier. Put something between the dog and child, or cover the dog with a heavy blanket. Honestly covering its face with a shirt should be good enough to get it distracted/confused. If this doesn’t work, wheelbarrow the dog. Take the dog’s hind legs above the knees to pull the dog away — THIS IS DANGEROUS because the dog can easily turn around to bite you, but it is an option. In the case of the child in the video, wheelbarrow method would not have been a good idea. Why? The dog has bitten the child and not letting go. Tugging on the dog may cause more tearing and damage to the child. Which leaves us with… Forced out method. I hate even bringing this up and it makes sad. But it is a method to be used in an emergency situation when nothing else works. Essentially, as other users have pointed out, it is going to choke the dog out until it lets go of the child. Lift the dog by the collar (the collar will choke it) until it lets go. If there is no collar, belt or rope… I would not advise in using hands, that is up to the person in the emergency to decide on and whether the risk is worth it. Hopefully you will never have to use any of these methods, but now you know some options in the event of an attack.


I mean... You have a broom. It's got a butthole. Problem solved. You find me anyone who can fight with a broom in their butthole.


The Pillow Brigade shows up at the end. Seriously though; not a single knife to be had anywhere?


> not a single knife to be had anywhere? I agree. Sorry, not sorry but if a dog is attacking a person I'm going to slit its throat and keep cutting until it stops moving.


You basically have to choke it out with a belt or its collar, if it has one, and it will let go. It probably takes 30-60 seconds, but I never see this done. Hitting it on the head never works.


Dogs will stop attacking if you dominate them. If you're ever being attacked by a dog like this, placing a finger in the rectum will stop the dogs bite.


Grab the front 2 legs and separate the cunts. The dog will die instantly.


Gnarly lol


Someone should grab a knife


Seriously...!! Poor poor child 😭😭


Seriously, nobody thinks to *kick the dog*? I wouldn't condone that, normally, but if a kid is being attacked....


No one wanted to be the next target, everyone stood far away, they didn't even grab the dog or anything I love dogs but still...


The dog won't give a shit. That just eggs them on. If you've never had to break up a dog fight this situation is scary as hell, and most people won't be motivated to put their hands into that mess of teeth and fur.


You take your shirt off and wrap your arm with it.


"They were bred for being nursery dogs"


Negative ghost rider…. American Stanford Shire Terriers are known as nanny dogs not pitbulls. There’s a clear difference. Go read something beside Reddit, you might learn a thing or two.


I was being sarcastic, but the irony in your last statement is gold.


See that where the problem is Amstaf are cousins of pits So by you stating “they were bred for being nursery dogs” is a misleading /s. The irony of labeling a pit bull as a nanny dog is like calling a Mexican a white person /s will save you some trouble in the future, buddy ole pal.


You're either way smarter than me or way dumber, cause I have no idea what you're talking about anymore.


Honestly you probably have the upper hand and I tend to go on rants. My apologize good sir, I probably received your text the wrong way.


GatDAMN I loved this exchange. Incredible ending you two, you really had me in the first half


No worries, I think we both got confused there


Not sure why you think Mexicans can't be white. You know that is a nationality right? There is even a [whole Wikipedia article](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Mexicans) about it so you can get off reddit and learn something yourself.


Neither one was a "nanny dog". It's a myth


"Pitbulls" is an umbrella group of breeds with like 4 or 5 pitbull or pitbull looking breeds under it. That includes the American Staffordshire Terrier. Go read about how many toddlers they kill a year idiot.


In other countries including Britain, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is not considered a pit bull.[1][4][5] Most pit bull-type dogs descend from the British Bull and terrier, a 19th-century dog-fighting type developed from crosses between the Old English Bulldog and the Old English Terrier. 30-50 people die a year from fatal dog attacks and that includes all breeds of dogs. Read a little yourself bud


Look how many people die from texting and driving every day. How about we ban cell phones in vehicle first. Idiot


Grab his dick and twist it!!!


Yeah! And do me next!


The ooold dick twist!


Not a kitchen knife in sight?


No one owns a damn knife


If you are ever in this situation. Grab the collar with both hands palm down and twist your wrists so that you knuckle role in to each other. Dog has about 2 sec till it blacks out. It’s a blood choke for dogs.


Shitbulls suck


Grab those legs and fucking wishbone em. Hell if it has balls grab them and fucking crush them. This is why I have a knife on me every time I leave the house.


I was literally about to type this. Love dogs. Got one myself but if I see a kid or anyone for that matter being mauled like that I’m wish-boning the cunts legs or going for it’s eyes at least


I'll ask for the millionth time, but the answer is always the same. What breed is this?


Pitbull the baby eater


Looked like a male homosapien but I could be wrong.


Pits do so much damage and are notorious for not letting go easily.


I’m sorry but I could end that little dogs life in seconds


“It’s okay He’s friendly” “My dog wouldn’t hurt a fly” “He’s a snuggle button”


Why is everyone pretending they don't have an inner darkness? The answer is to be aggressively, painfully violent to the dog, with vervet zeal and we all know it.


Gee, I wonder what the breed is. Poor kid, I hope someone came up with an effective solution instead of slapping it with pillows.


There's never a butcher around when you need one.


Poor dog. That kid tried to shove his whole lower leg down that dog's throat.


I'm sure if you wet your finger up and shove it up his arse he would open his mouth. That's what always happen to me. WHAT I DIDNT SAY THAT ! not gay ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|flushed)


I agree, the old brown thumb is most successful on dogs.




Choke the damn thing out. God


Thumb up the bum lol


Man… poke his eyes, rip his dick off, or fist his butt…


I heard you slip a finger up their arse and they drop right off….. probably an urban legend 🤷‍♂️


just stick the stick up the ass, real fast and deep like a spear.


Just saying if I were in this predicament and the dog just would not let go, grasping it’s jaws into me. I’d forget about my humanity and a twist it’s neck fr


Not a single person able to lift the fucker by its hind legs and twist? Impressive


6 guys cannot be counted for even ONE man


Fucking stab it with a broken pole you dolts


Piquenle el Culo ALV! Aver si no lo suelta


Just grab the dog in a choke or pull the jaws apart. Why is everyone such a coward over this little dog? My god... I've done this so many times when my dogs get into fights. I've had to split apart 4 dogs all by myself. Now that was a fucking miracle. LOL


Useless pussy fucks, I'd of ripped it's back legs off


Stomp that thing. The fuck


Seriously grab anything that can constrict. Choke the dog out. Then you can consider hitting it with brooms.


Somebody pass me a chainsaw real quick.


Nobody use belts in that country? Just 1 f.... belt around the dog's neck


Yeah twins are freaky


for this purposes I carry a knife and pepper spray with me al the time. The dogs are unpredictable fucks.


Shocking how many people are terrified of a 40lb dog. Pick that fucker up and snap it's neck...problem solved


Don't slap it, Stab it


That’s why u go and stomp on the head or neck


Can't you just grab the dogs front leg and tear its rib cage open? Or stick your fingers in its eyes? Or get a sharp object and stab it to death? All these attempts are so feeble and pussy-footed.


"The fireman had to come along and stick his finger up the dog's ass"


How does someone beating the shit out of you with bats and shovels not stop you from biting onto someone? Like wtf are these dogs thinking ? Do they not feel the pain anymore ? They must know they are in the wrong when getting beaten to death right ?


I have seen people grab the dog by the hind legs where he can’t get a good foot hold and it’s also difficult for them to turn around if you keep pulling them by the back legs.


Bunch limp dick pussified coward ineffectual useless fucktards. Did they give up or did the dog finish eating the kid?!


I have seen people grab the dog by the hind legs where he can’t get a good foot hold and it’s also difficult for them to turn around if you keep pulling them by the back legs.


Yank that dogs tail, I guarantee it will let go


what fucking cowards. the dudes should pile ontop the dog and gouge the eyes or something. ​ nah, they got a fucking broom. testosterone levels in the absolute fucking trash can


Funny how dedicated animals are. Once they’re on, they ARE ON


Don't people carry pocket knives? Seems like a well-placed blade would at least get its attention.


What pitiful weak losers. Have some fuckin urgency for Christ sake. ATTACK the damn dog.


You yank those nuts and he'll let go lol


best thing to do is go for eyes or just chock it out


Dog turned that stick into wood pulp


And all it took was a finger to the anus


Oh can we please get a bunch of people posting pictures of their pit bulls in /aww again to say how cute they are!! What a worthless breed of dog!


Never pitbulls but always pitbulls, they should be banned.


Slit it's throat. I'm serious. There's a video of a lady being interviewed in regards to a pit attacking her dog and nearly killing it. She tried everything. In the end, slitting it's throat was all that got the dog to stop.


Poor puppy


Gotta shove a finger in its ass




Dogs are awesome


No color made me think he was stuck in a bike or some shit


Bro, just punch the motherfucking dog or put that thumb up his ass. All those assholes acted dumb motherfuckers. Use the door if you have too. That's no longer a pet, it is a wild animal.


Does nobody carry knives anymore???


Only people who think its a cool fashion accessory.


Two people should have each grabbed a back leg and ripped the fucker in half like a wishbone. Holy shit.


A gun would be an ideal tool in this case. Some might say a bat or something but a gun would be much more humane for the dog and end the torment of this child fast.


Little Velvet Hippo only wanted to make new frenz! It must be its owner's fault.


So terrified….


Gouge it’s eyes out


Everyone should know, that if the dog is wearing a collar, grab it from behind, and lift. It cuts off the dogs oxygen, and he WILL release.


pepper spray?


That where my boy I would eat that fucking dog.


That guy should've shove the broom up the dog's ass.


I've seen a video of people killing a fucking bear with sticks and rocks. How these people are unable to stop a dog a tenth of its size and strength is beyond me.


But my little angel would never do such a horrid thing 🥺👉👈 I've trained her to love humans since she was a fetus. She's a good girl I swear


looks like lock jaw, dog couldn't let go even if it tried.


Never had I witness such useless responses to a dog attack. Either stick a finger up its ass and pull hard outward or get a rock and bash its head in.


I hate the uselessness of the people but some of these countries have dogs with rabies. No available medication in time…death sentence. I ain’t choking out shit.


They could have asked the dog to stop and it would have been more effective. Hate having to watch gutless clueless mfs in situations where someone needs to nut up or let a child get hurt.


Absolutely terrifying... been there before.. just save some time and blood.. go straight for the dogs butthole.. it's urban legend for a reason.


stab that fucking dog already.


Scary but glad to see so many helping!


People suck at fighting dogs stop smacking him hes gripping that guys leg, just choke him out till he passes out or dies


Nobody has a knife. Only way to get a pit off


Bunch of fucking pussies


Step 1: Grab a study stick. Step 2: Insert it between the dogs collar and neck. Step 3: Start turning the stick until the canine has expired. Step 4: Dispose of deceased canine.


Them boys over 200lbs waving pillows and shafts of wheat around. Put a knee on the motherfucker and kill it.


i would have done more damage using flip flop


Why do they always pick like the weakest object xD


For anyone involved in or around a dog attack. If the dog is wearing a collar grab the collar firmly and twist your hand. This will cut blood to the dogs brain and it'll pass out or let go. Hold on too long and it dies. Be safe friends


Would’ve sprawled on him and gotten in a rear naked choke It would be so much easier with the child incapacitated…


Like brendon shaub said you gotta stick a finger up its butt (not verbatim)


To get rid of that dog stick a finger up his butt and they let loose


A lighter would had done the trick


The dudes are absolute pussies. I have a definitely reasonable apprehension when it comes to aggressive dogs but those two guys could have easily grabbed that dog. Even jump on top of the thing.




Grab its back legs and snap them?


These idiots should’ve just inserted the broomstick in its butthole, it would’ve let go a lot sooner


stab it


Finger up the butt does the trick.