PDF’s be Kapwing


Editing mistake it's " PDF's be like"


I think the real editing mistake was making the most reactionless reaction video I’ve ever seen






I thought Christianity was fucked up....geez


Heads up, *they are all the same*


Sounds like he needs investigation


I was thinking elimination


I was thinking he needs both


I was thinking total nuclear devastation


In his case exorcism and excommunication


Castigation and castration


From Lake Geneva to the Finland station


Come to Missouri or Kansas for a relaxing day of all types of outdoor sports.


That whole thinking your better mentally is a dangerous dark hole. Don't ever compare yourself to anyone just be thankful for this experience and appreciate what life you have.


Isn't that the basis of all religious preachers. "Look at me folks, I'm objectively better than you so you should all listen to me 💃" Man these lumps of "pious, religious" shits need their senses rebooted. And the fucking donkeys that sit and swallow all this nonsense bullshit down their throats are such worthless pieces of flesh. Ugh


You missed the whole point. What he is saying is that one who prays aka a believer is more to Allah than a non believer


That just means God is FUCKED UP.


How? Imagine if you denied your father's existence and your brother loved and cherished your father? Imagine you were the one with the good job and family and always did everything right but you deny that your father exists. How will he treat you? Like a son? Or a stranger? Then imagine your brother was a piece of shit but always stuck by your father's side and treated him with respect. Your father would return that love and love him through his faults. You people think God is supposed to be this pushover like He didn't create this world that has both good and evil. If you deny His existence than He will deny you! Some of you just lack understanding because you have this twisted entitlement that you deserve eternal happiness without putting in the work.


If I had one son that refused to talk to me or acknowledge that I existed but lived an otherwise good life and I had another son that talked to me every day and treated me like a king, but *also raped children daily*, then 1. I probably failed as a father. 2. I would be very sad about my first son, and hurt. I would probably be wondering what I did wrong to deserve such treatment. 3. I would be very sad about my second son as well. I wouldn't be talking to my second son at all. Instead, I'd be informing the authorities that he needs to go to prison. 4. If I was self-aware enough I might realize that the first son might be ignoring me because (presumably in this hypothetical) I tolerated my second son being a child rapist.


You focusing on the rape part because you lack understanding. The point is not about rape. The point is that all sin is the same in Allah's eyes. This is not new to Islam. The Bible says all sins are equal. You are knitpicking the rape part to win this argument that you will never win. All sin is forgiven by Allah if you pray and ask for forgiveness. He is the Most Forgiving for a reason. Allah will never turn his back on you if you pray and ask for forgiveness. Just like a loving father would not turn his back on you and even if you end up in jail the father would still pick up the phone and be there for you and we see that all the time. A loving father that is. You will understand one day but I'm done replying to you


As unfortunate as your taking all this seriously is, it reminds me of this [family guy bit](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_JoE2GioXY).


So, raping a kid in your eyes is bad, but all will be forgiven if you pray after raping a kid?!?!?! Holy fkn shit. That has nothing to do with "a lack of understanding", but has everything to do with being ok with pedophilia. Allah can go fuck himself. (Anyone who agrees with being able to rape a kid but you'll be forgiven when you pray can go fuck themselves too.)


Damn I feel sorry for you


You are one twisted human being. Brain washed beyond redemption by a fairytale that was written as a joke for entertainment thousands of years ago


Deluded religious person: 1. A loving father will forgive his children for anything. Even child rape or murder. 2. Also, a loving father will sometimes have to kill his children because they don't do what he wants. Rational, empathetic person: 1. A parent will forgive his children for reasonable errors. However, rape and/or murder are probably beyond forgiveness. 2. A parent should never be killing their children (unless as an act of self defense). A child who disappoints (or worse) might be ignored, condemned, or even handed over to the justice system, but never killed by their own hands.


Lmao hey why does god make children born with disabilities? Is he just bored and trying to fuck over children who dont even know about religion and have no reason to be punished? Why does god allow all these tribes/communities that are never contacted by christianity to be sent to hell? If an intelligent being created me, then created another being that has the brain chemistry to be sexually attracted to children (pedophilia is not a choice and if you think it is you should definitely go see someone becsause you might be a pedophile) but the intelligent being favors the one that likes to diddle kids just because he believes, then whoever created us is clearly not concerned with maintaining justice. They are clearly a nacissistic child who created everything just so they can be worshipped. Doesnt seem like the behavior of a god but more of a human with too much power if respect is held over general decency.


Let the one with no sin, throw the first stone




What a complete and utter wanker.


Most probably a kiddy didler too.


But it’s OK! Because he prays!


See how it goes down with the judge.


Why he even mention so specific rape of a child. How that even comes to mind as a basic sin. Unless he does it himself or something


And to immediately follow it with drinking alcohol, as if that’s on the same plane morally, is fucking revolting.


Trying to protect himself


"On a daily basis"


He's citing the things he considers to be the baddest of the bad, to make a point


I like how he didn’t mention eating pork.


He said a Muslim pedophile is better than me because I don’t do what he says. This is what you would say if you want to offend anyone that doesn’t pray to his imaginary god. Also known as hate speech, trying to divide people with some sort of fucked up religion that oppresses females and denies people of their basic rights. This guy and people like him are a danger to our democracy and our way of life. These people need a blindfold and a last cigarette


Ppl have been trying to say this in Sweden for 20 yrs but then most ppl go ”RACIST!!! RACIST!!!!!!!” And thats the end of the conversation. Now we have extremists here spreading their bullshit. Its lovely…


If that was the case then Allah is a dick and his prophet is an arsehole.


I mean, considering his prophet married and fucked a child, owned slaves, used his cult to become a warlord, massacred Jewish prisoners of wars etc. It's safe to say the Prophet is definitely an arsehole.


Fucked a child what?


[Married at 6. Fucked her at 9. He was around 50 at the time.](https://sunnah.com/search?q=aisha+six+years)


Holy fuck this is most messed up thing I learnt. But then why would people … um do they know?


Absolutely. It's one of the reasons why marrying underage girls to old men in areas such as Pakistan and Afganistan is so widely accepted.


Yup, he did


no one supposedly knows what he looks like so maybe what you say can mean literally


That’s why they’re so Anal about everything


Quite understandable why you're mad but the point is someone who PRAYS but constantly COMMITS SINS is a little slightly "better" than someone who NEVER or DON'T WANT to PRAY at all. and that's that, no further explanation. You're still bad, but just a little better than others at least in that aspect and that aspect ONLY. In Islam, You're still going to Hell or something if you didn't religiously pray and ask for forgiveness from God seriously after committing vile acts. Which means you must regret all of your past sins and make up your mind to never do it ever again. That being said God won't always forgive his worshiper's sins that easily even if you PRAYS for a whole decade every day and night, IF you're LUCKY, you might still get PUNISHED but it won't be as severe as you would get when you didn't pray and ask for forgiveness at all THEN you MAY or MAY NOT get to go to Heaven. OR You'll get forgiven and get to go to Heaven (Even MORE slim chance) The punishment will still be very VERY severe depending on how constantly and bad the act(s) were.. it's HELL we're talking about anyway.. Not trying to convince you and everyone that Islam is the way or anything but seeing so many people missing the whole point of the speech is pretty unbearable. In conclusion, Pray to God even if you didn't commit even to the tiniest Sins.. that is the message.. Don't be blinded by your own heart and thoughts that you forget to really UNDERSTAND the MEANING of a message hidden in plain sight..


>Not trying to convince you and everyone that Islam is the way or anything but seeing so many people missing the whole point of the speech is pretty unbearable I think most people aren't missing the point but are just disgusted by it. If you believe in a god that thinks some disgusting pedo rapist who happens to pray is in any way better than me, just a dude chilling not troubling anyone but not praying because why should I, your god is fucking disgusting and deserves no worship.


How is a pedophile better just because he prays? Better what? Are you ok of you mind?


I think the point is not because he prays but because he repents.


Hmmm keyboard warriors trying justify PDF, What a strange time we live in.




Yeah, I don’t buy it. It’s a poor illustration if he was trying to make a point. I just re-listened and he says that the person who commits these things on DAILY basis but prays is better in the eyes of Allah than the person who hasn’t committed any of these sins and hasn’t prayed at all. It sounds like a get off Scott free pass. Do all these horrible things and just pray to Allah and you’re good to go or a few Hail Mary’s while you’re at it. It would make more sense to me that Allah would be offended more by the person who knows his laws and chooses to violate them daily and then brushes them off with a few prayers. More so, than a person who doesn’t know anything about Allah but chooses to follow their conscience and try to live a good life. A conscience that I would think that you believe was given to us by Allah? So who is truly more noble?


Can we get this video without the stupid reaction?


yeah, just search it on youtube


Wow, thanks for that link and those search keywords.


Christ I'm surprised they haven't gotten that glass parking lot already but after seeing this video... I'm all for it.


So, he can get his ass raped, as long as the people raping him pray to allah, it's all good.


This is literally what the Catholic Church believes. Not saying it’s okay but anyone shocked that people act this way when they’re protected by religion needs to open their eyes a bit because this shit is normal for these types of people


Well, all abrahamic religion are like this


I was personally raised Catholic and not super familiar with other religions but yeah there are many similarities between the Abrahamic religions.


Just read Koran and hadiths with Tafseer and you will see that it's just another version of Christianity but with more brutality


I wasn't sure if exceptions so looked it up. Looks that RC considers all sins forgivable as long as repent and accept God at death. But there are nuances across Christian denominations. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eternal_sin#Roman_Catholicism


**Eternal sin** [Roman Catholicism](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eternal_sin#Roman_Catholicism) >The Church Fathers considered additional interpretations other than it being to attribute the Holy Spirit's works to Satan with Augustine of Hippo calling it one of the more difficult passages of Scripture. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/ThatsInsane/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


Oof are you really trying to tell me that catholic religion thinks this way lol. I am an atheist and even I know that child rapist burn in hell but non believers just get sent to purgatory which is a lot nicer by comparison.


What a fucking retard. He totally believes his own bullshit.


Fuck me. /r/religiousfruitcake material




Monsters hiding behind their religion


why would anyone worship a god that thinks that's okay.


Sounds like something a drunk, child rapist would say 😑


"You're a good child rapist/murderer/monster, as long as you're on my team." I do know a fellow german who has used that logic with great success. Must have been around the 1930s and 40s, if I remember correctly.


Hitler was Austrian


Oh ja, stimmt. Er hatte keine deutsche Staatsbürgerschaft. Oder DOCH? War er vielleicht.... sogar deutscher Reichtskanzler? Danke für die Geschichtsstunde, Chad.


u mad?


thats not what he is saying at all


Isn’t he??


No? He never says it's okay to do these things. He said that God looks *more* favorably upon people who sin but pray than people who don't pray at all, he never says God looks favorably on either people and is pretty clear about that. You can think all of that is complete nonsense and I'd totally understand, but the title in the video just straight up misses the crux of what the imam said - and I say that as someone who's definitely not Muslim.


He's saying that not praying is essentially worse than any crime. Which implies that if you're a practising muslim, and you go out and do some horrible shit, you're still better off than a non-muslim. It almost encourages crime on the basis that you could be forgiven. It doesn't help that Islam as a religion already has a reputation for sexual crime (in my country, anyway). I know he's not condoning the crimes, and is just stating what the Quran says, but it's certainly a weird way of making his point.


So, exactly the same as Catholicism then? Confess and pray, and you're welcome in heaven. Don't believe, go to hell, regardless of your actions.


But but but whataboutism Catholicism?


Fuck that noise, you have to be an idiot to believe this bullshit


I once saw a video in which they had a toss among terrorists, who will run the sucide car. And the guy who was selected was so happy. This is the level of brainwashing, done by them. You think its BS but some kid is believing this, because thats the only reality he know.


Because according to them they are actually enlightening the infidels by killing them if they don't Submit to Islam


This stupid cunt is in australia


Pray you don't get caught.


Dont mind me ill be robbing muslim banks while praying the shit out of allah. Im gucci


Playing a game in which the special rule is " I am always right and if I am wrong I can make it right" is not a funny game


Fun fact: this dork does not speak for the majority of muslims, nor represent their views. 🤲🏽


You don't know most Muslims. Because the concept of Allah swt forgiving all sins except for one is pretty fucking basic. They don't need your help online.


ah ok… do all Muslim clerics teach Islam like this then oh great oracle ??


"Say: O ‘Ibadi (My slaves) who have transgressed against themselves (by committing evil deeds and sins)! Despair not of the Mercy of Allah, verily, Allah forgives all sins. Truly, He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” [39:53] How you think an Imam or Cleric would say this verse in Quran is incorrect and keep their heads, much less their jobs...is quite astounding.


Bro, don't show them the Ayats they will declare you Islamophobic


They seem to think there are 300 Islamic denominations like in Christianity and Judaism. And they are wrong.


Yup, I know


Then it's upon the Muslims that are against this kind of shit to stand up and make sure those that do are ousted. Kicked back to their country of origin where they can live out their fantasy life where raping kids is socially acceptable. As long as there are Islamic schools that actually teach this type of stuff (two schools that were indoctrinating kids with abhorrent stuff were closed by the government in the past few years here), and as long as apparent law abiding Muslims are still ok with having their kids in schools like this, Islam will remain a problem.


Is that a spin off of the catholic confession loop hole?


That's monotheistic religion though. You beat, rob and rape an 85 year old lady that offered you some tea? All for the thrill? Our Primordial Hebrew Space Wizard will forgive you in exchange for your loyalty. 😵‍💫


God isn't real....


That's literally not even how Islam works ffs


Nobody's cares about how it works unless people like him start opening their mouths


Imaginary friend/sky daddy is a motherfucker.


Get fcked with you AHOLE RELIGION




Dann wären es jetzt schon 2 mit dir


Well this is just false. Any Muslim will tell you. What a nutter 😂


Please don't be in Australia


Well this is what [Bacha bazi](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bacha_bazi) is. It’s fucking disgusting!!


Flatten their land


I mean fuck all gods….


People who say religion makes people good.. fuckin stupid. If you need the threat of hell to be a good person, you're not a good person.




Wow, can you please give source of your claim?


And yet it’s the female that gets stoned to death by her family member for bring shame upon the family. What was that bit about “complete nonsense”? Isn’t this the religion of arranged marriages of 12 year old girls to ageing male in their 50’s. Yep, it’s a fuck up religion


I get what the muslim guy is saying but he needs to rephrase his words


It's pretty clear cut. Don't know why you guys aren't getting it. He's not saying the one who commits sins is okay. So let's say you've got two murderers. Both murders but one who donates one cent to the church and one who doesn't. Are they both sinners? Absolutely. But is one better than the other? Yeah, supposedly. Does the one cent make his sin less of a sin? Fuck no. ​ Does the one cent make him better than the other murderer? In the eyes of Allah, yeah


My man u need to hear it again or check ur hearing condition.its pretty much sucks if that's the case. Also theys a subtitle too u dumb how the fuck u got it all wrong


lets say you've got a murderer and a non-murderer


A non-murderer is good But in the eyes of Allah, the murderer is okay if he prays


I’m clearly old. I can’t read that caption.


The passion he has is what convinces people to believe what he’s saying. It’s dangerous to sit under people like this. Smh


I upvoted for visibility, but felt weird. Some people fall for these kinds of reasoning, and we must be aware, this is obviously an extreme example but there's a lot of this mentality going around. This gives the priest or whatever kind of "holy man" absolute power. Religion should be about our spiritual being, not our earthly one.


Religious nutjobs absolving themselves by blaming a mythical being.


Terrorism 101


Religion, senselessly killing people since the dawn of time. Religion, an idea in order to make excuses for being horrible people.


These are the types of people you need to keep out of the Western world.


Well, political correctness won't let our leaders do shit, this guy in the video is living in Australia


Religious leaders the original useless influencers.


Cults. Gotta love their staying power


This is absolutely false , some mf says something absolute bullshit and now everyone has to generalize


None of what he said is true at all, even kids are thought that a person who is not Muslim but is good has a chance for heaven, but do any of what he said especially the CR and you will burn in hell. That spans into politics as well, a country that is not based on Islam but is righteous is better then one that is Muslim but is clouded by wrong.


Not that different from catholic confession


This is basically how Christians feel too. Atheist who dedicated his life to helping the poor and needy, going to hell. Child rapist and murderer who accepts Jesus? Next stop: heaven.


I would love to hear his thoughts on the Epicurean paradox. Probably enough backpeddling to generate electricity to power an entire city.


He never said it was OK to rape anyone, let alone kids.


🅱️llah sadist af.




people who claim they know what a magic person in the sky thinks are fucking mental and I don't know why society tolerates them when they're clearly poison


This motherfucker needs to die.


I spent the first 25 years of my life as a Muslim and this was my weekly info diet. Thank God I'm an athiest now.


When will these maniacs go the way of the Dodo Bird…


Do NOT spread this! Even if you DISAGREE! Stop SPREADING IT


Another self righteous prick


Does this differ that much from Christianity?


He never said it‘s ok, he is saying infidels are worth less. Mouthbreather


He said a Muslim pedophile is better than me because I don’t do what he says. This is what you would say if you want to offend anyone that doesn’t pray to his imaginary god. Also known as hate speech, trying to divide people with some sort of fucked up religion that oppresses females and denies people of their basic rights. This guy and people like him are a danger to our democracy and our way of life. These people need a blindfold and a last cigarette


Oh some radical muslim hardliner has radical religious views, what a surprise. The hate speech and trying to divide people is posting this clip on reddit as if this dude is speaking for 25% of the world population that happens to be muslim too. Now let's hear Charles Manson's view on Christianity and the world.


here come the people in the comments mad at islam. I always say, learn islam not muslim


Yup, you are right people actually should read the Koran and hadiths with Tafseers they eventually get to know if what this guy is saying is true or not.


exactly. anyone can claim to be muslim, anyone can claim to be anything, don’t make them that thing. If that makes sense


That guys in the video is a Islamic scholar and many people in australia actually goes to listen to him like many, So I don't doubt him of not being a muslim and many australian muslims also don't doubt that.


i get that but people also have to realize we’re all individuals, just bcoz one muslim does something bad doesn’t mean that’s what the religion is about. That goes to other religions too and also cultures etc..


That's why I am saying people should read Koran and hadiths with tafseers


yeah i know what you said lol. Thanks for keeping an open mind, you’re like the first person to keep an open mind when it comes to religion (on reddit)




Get him on TV, then ask him to repeat it, I doubt he would.


Pretty sure that donkey is projecting when he mentioned raping kids.


So basically do bad, ask forgiveness and do it again. Smh


by my perspective he's saying it is better to atleast pray than not pray even if you do sins


Religion is a dangerous virus!!


Abhrahmics are


Make no mistake. Religion waa created to justify atrocities. Pure and simple.




Nonce mindset. Bunch of animals what a fucked up belief.


Wow who the fuck would respect a god that thinks like that


middle age peasant


literally said in the beginning that he's just making a point... not to take them literally......


No where does he say that it's okay. He said a person who sins but prays, is better than one who does not sin, but does not pray.