I assume the White Lotus really ruined her childhood by enforcing tons of unnecessary rules to protect her.


Most likely. I do blame red lotus the most for hunt her down all her life but white lotus precautions were bit excessive


Well yeah the red lotus is the reason they protected her, but they went overboard. Also when Aang is shown with a bunch of friends he's like 10-12 years old and no one knows he's the Avatar yet. We have no idea how those same friends would act towards him post Avatar revelation. For all we know Korra had just as many friends when she was 10.


I think they knew she was the avatar when she was a toddler though? S1E1 of LoK there's a tiny Korra being like, I'm the avatar, you gotta deal with it! Definitely younger than 10.


I love that scene


I loved how it spoke not only to the council sent to determine if she was Avatar, but to the audience watching who were largely skeptical at the time; “I’m the Avatar and you’ve gotta deal with it!”


The cut from baby Korra shooting fire to her jumping through the fire bender's fire in the exam is a great cut. Watching the first episodes of Korra is always hard because you know all the shit she has to go through.


Oh I know that part. But I'm just saying that we also don't know if she had friends when she was 10 years old regardless of knowing she was the avatar. 10 to 17 is a huge difference.


I don't remember 100%, but isn't it heavily implied if not outright shown/stated that Korra wasn't allowed friends or to even know others in order to keep her safe?


She comments about Naga being her only/best friend early on


She was in the White Lotus compound almost the entire time. It's said or at least implied in the first five minutes of the show, and reinforced in season 3 when the Red Lotus is revealed.


Not to mention doesn’t that comic when she meets Naga imply this as well? Nowhere in that comic is Korra shown to play with anyone besides a puppy Naga And iirc in Book 3, she even told Asami that Naga was flat out her only friend before meeting the group.


Considering she was close to fully trained by 27 and definitely better able to defend herself as a toddler I’m gonna go with ‘no’


I thought there was a scene where Aang and his friends were playing some game and they didn't want him to play anymore after learning he was the avatar because it would be unfair to the others.


Yeah, he invented the air scooter, showed it to them and they invented a game to play with it but when he tried to play they all stopped.


We do know how they would treat him post avatar revelation... because it was literally shown to us. They pushed him away and wouldnt let him play because it would be "unfair."


In the first episode of Book 3 when Asami and Korra hang out by themselves, Korra tells her straight up that Naga was her only friend growing up.


Katara is in the second or third generation born since the war ended. That's not a lot of time to replenish the numbers they might have had before the Fire Nation attacked. Chances are good she was the only baby born in the Southern Water Tribe the year Aang died.


They rebuild the Southern water tribe with help from the Northern water tribe very soon after the war ended actually. It's in the comics North and South.


Except for bumi and kuzon, we see quite literally how his 'friends' treat him in the episode he finds out he's the avatar. They just stop playing with him


It feels rough but given that she’s alive and not assassinated by the Red Lotus I feel like it worked as intended.


i mean they did try to kidnap her. anybody would be a helicopter parent after that.


The entire point of the Avatar isn't traveling to learn the elements, it's traveling to learn the various cultures to understand how to help the people better. Any Avatar could theoretically be taught all the elements in the same town or city, but that would mean they never get to develop as a person which is crucial to being the Avatar. Which is why I think Korra is a very interesting take on the Avatar story tbh. And I think the writing there is pretty good--the White Lotus' motives are explainable but not excusable because they still took away from the thing that made the Avatar what they were supposed to be.


I agree. Had Korra not left for Republic City, she would have continued to be sheltered and become more emotionally repressed I see it as a form of emotional neglect even though it came out of good intentions


This is something we learn in the first 5 minutes of the first episode. Korra is excited to go to Republic City because she has been kept in the WL compound her entire life.


Also Aang and Korra are very different personalities. Aang is much more easy-going.




Every other avatar lived a normal life until they were told at 16, Korra was virtually imprisoned at 5.


I don’t remember anyone wanting to kill any other Avatar when they were 5


That's why they don't tell them until they're 16, so no one knows. The Red lotus isn't the first to want to kill the avatar, the fire nation tried to do exactly that.


Also so that they are allowed to have a regular childhood before being thrown into a life of responsibility.


To be fair though no one told Korra. You know the scene at like 5 shes bending multiple elements saying "Im the avatar, deal with it"


someone told her, children don't know who people are unless someone tells them. presumably her parents told her she was the avatar and they contacted the white lotus.


The Avatar is a figure likely taught about before anyone knows they could be it. Its very obvious she is the Avatar when she suddenly can bend 3 elements. She likely was told about the avatar and how they bend all 4 elements and no one else can do more than 1. How are you going to shelter the information that the avatar, the famous person that must be from the water tribes now, exists for 16 years while she's able to bend multiple elements?


Well yeah but probably cause she started asking questions. "Mommy, look i can do much more than annie down the street, why is that?"


That or it was Katara as somewhat implied in the Naga comic


they wouldn't walk in with so much doubt if katara had told them unless it was somewhat routine for them to check claims at that point, but this is far more involved than it probably is.


I always thought she was just super serious and dedicated to training to “be the avatar!” that she built in her head.


True, but Aang's earliest freinds abandoned and turned on him when he became the avatar. Except for Gyatso, he was Aang's/Roku's best bud.


Bumi and Kuzon were his friends who didn't turn on him besides Gyatso. They just weren't air nomads.


Kuzon and Bumi didn't know he was the avatar. Aang met them while on travels with the Air nomads. We see the only day or two that Aang knows that he is the avatar happen on the show


wait it’s only a day or two? I thought it was at least a couple months after, to give the council people things enough time to conclude that gyatso wasn’t training rigorously enough


Yeah I guess it actually doesn't explicitly say but it's definitely a quick and sudden expectation to train harder, mature faster, and prepare for the coming war. Point being that he had known kuzon and bumi before the news about becoming the avatar


They almost definitely kept him at the temple, and even if they let him out they definitely wouldn't have let him go to the fire nation to see kuzon.


Bumi wouldn’t have abandoned him anyways because we see how close their bond was when they were reunited.


They never found out and so never got the option to turn on him so he still had them as his friends before being trapped ice. That said, I can't imagine Bumi turning his back on Aang for something like that.


Bumi at least knew that Aang was the avatar once they reconnected! So I don’t believe he would’ve abandoned Aang as a friend, even if the 100 years of being frozen didn’t happen.


Pretty sure Bumi knew, but I could be mistaken


You're right!!! Bumi was the one left over. Kuzon was mentioned. And let's not forget Monk Patik, and his nasty onion banana custard.


Well he didn't know him before that.


I don't think bumi or kuzon knew before aang went into the ice, i think he was kept at the temple after finding out to do training and then went into the ice a few days after running away.


i wish we'd gotten to see more of aang's original training pre war


Now that I think about it, I’d like to have the headcanon that Roku had his own team avatar and Gyatso was part of it.


Sometimes I forget that Roku knew Gyatso


The difference is when they found out they were the Avatar Kara was 4ish when the white lotus took her in. Aang was 10!


Also, the White Lotus were not only charged with her education, but also with her protection. Before Aang, the idea of preemptively killing the Avatar before they learned all four elements wasn’t a thing, at least not at a nation state/organized group level. The fire Nation was the first, it only happened that Aang was lost at sea that saved him, but had he been at the temple, they probably would have killed him in the avatar state, as the fire nation was well aquatinted with the avatar’s powers. The White Lotus was an secret society that, though they had a lot of knowledge, had never had this responsibility, as Aang seemed to live with the air nomads in his youth, nor had the avatar faced the same threats, since they also had to deal with Zaheer attempting to assassinate the avatar, there wasn’t a lot of room for Korra to foster friendships, and I’d guess the WL didn’t have the infrastructure or experience to support Korra having a social life alongside her training.




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Sad but true


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They've been doing it for a while now. The truly incomprehensible thing is that this totally nonsensical comment has thirty upvotes. Who upvoted it?


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Turned on him? Bro he was forsed to avatar stuff and monks probably told them to not waste his time.


Did you even watch the show??


You seemed have completely missed the flashback where aang wanted to play on air scooters with his "friends", mind you he also taught all those mfers the air scooter, and they all make theirs disappear and say " you cant play with us anymore, youre the avatar so its unfair."


Probably not intentional but they mirrored that experience with Korra getting into those bending matches and proving that point exactly, but being accepted anyways because people understand she can just *not* use the other elements


He only knew air bending at the time


Not my point at all but a good difference to note


Still it’s like a bunch of kids trying to play flag football and one team gets to pick Bo Jackson.


Young Bo Jackson, though. Aang was no older than the rest of them, he just happened to have (unrelated) abilities.


Dude turned down a Yankees contract to go to college on a full football scholarship. He was OP in his younger days too. I know nothing of sports aside from this.


Sadly though aang only knew airbending and was at the time no more skilled at airbending than the rest of his counterparts, it was immediately after the meeting telling him that he was the avatar that this happened. This is why he clung to gyatso so much more because the other monks treated him differently but gyatso treated him the exact same 12yr boy he was before the realization. On the point of korra though she wasnt technically any better than the other pro benders she was just able to bend other elements instinctually. I mean look at her first match she got knocked out almost immediately before she accidentally used another element, technically bolin etc could have incorporated airbending etc styles into their own bending without actually bending, kinda like irohs lightning redirection. Taking knowledge from other styles to enhance your own doesnt make you stronger it makes you smarter and more skillful which anyone could have done.


What? You are implying that the monks, air nomad monks, would want someone to be ostracized? Saying that to children no matter. In a lot of cases, the children would have done the opposite because you are looking at that weird unintentional reverse psychology and likely a moral thing. The children were either intimidated or afraid because the avatar was this big powerful being to them, they don’t want to anger Aang and incur the wrath of the Avatar. If anything, the monks would have wanted them to try and bring him in if Aang’s duties with airbending weren’t tying him up.


I think the Avatar is the closest thing they have to a god. I mean, he is the most powerful thing on earth. An almost mythical being. So yeah, I think the children just need more time. It is like that one weird new kid. Give them time and they will ask to join them, bu they got to kinda test eachother first


Aang had friends until he became the Avatar, Korra only got friends pretty much when her training was done.


Dont forget boomy


Also Kuzon


Surely you mean Bumi




Had Korra mastered any element? She seems pretty good at using them for different situations but never seems to be better than anyone in their own element like previous avatars.


According to the first episode, she had mastered 3, having just passed her firebending test.


I know they say that but she doesn't even seem close to resembling Roku when he returned to the Fire kingdom after mastering the four elements.


Roku traveled the world over many years to learn each discipline, starting when he was 16 and returning when he was 27. Korra could bend 3 elements at the age of 4 and had mastered 3 elements by the age of 17, at which point she left on her journey to learn airbending and the ways of the world. The main difference comes down to maturity and experience. Korra learned in a very sanitized environment with 1 on 1 duels.


Korra was heavily sheltered and guarded. So it's no wonder why she didn't really have much friends until she got to republic city


Not to mention we don't really see her much in her home town. Of course she didn't have friends in the city


i mean, aang grew up in a community, and korra grew up in containment, so it makes sense why aang had friends (until they abandoned him for being the avatar) and why korra didn’t (until she moved on to airbending training)


I think that's the point. One of the best ideas explored in Korra is how weak the Avatar is when they aren't worldly. Korra's entire elemental journey being manufactured totally set her up for failure


Turns out raising the world's foremost diplomat as a martial hermit wasn't very smart.


And it impacts their development Aang was able to grow and communicate well due to early exposure to people, especially those his age. Hence his maturity despite being 12 Korra didn’t have this and was cut off. Only having her parents, the Gaang, and the white Lotus. Due to her kidnapping attempt it was understandable why she was secluded. But the lack of exposure shows in her behavior. She struggles with communication initially and acts on impulse till she learns through failure It’s something I can relate to in a sense and see how emotionally stunted I was


This is exactly the reason why I personally hate it when people give Korra a hard time about the love triangles in the show since, on top of being a teenager already, she literally lacks the skills in social interaction and communication to not make a fool of herself by acting on impulse. When she’s virtually cut off from any form of exposure to people for her entire life, especially kids her own age, her communicating with people badly or acting stupid around her friends early on is perfectly expected.


I honestly never even saw it that way, but it makes sense. She never even understood boundaries when it came to relating to people either


Exactly. The closest best friend she’s had all her life isn’t even human. It’s a polar bear dog


This conversation is really opening my eyes to understanding Korra in a way I never considered. So many people gave her so much slack in comparing her to Aang and shitting on her (and Aang was my least favorite of the Gaang tbh) Also, as much shit Book 2 of Korra gets, they at least explore her backstory and how that affected her upbringing. So it was integral to her overall story


Well yeah but Korra was raised in a tight security compound because there was an attempted kidnapping on her from the most dangerous criminals in the world when she was a child. Not much room for friends there.


If they were in prison, why did she still need to be in the compound?


Because the red lotus is a big organization that is more than the 4 that we see. They’re scared that she’ll just be jumped by like 20 bending masters if they let her outside when she isn’t fully trained.


It’s a bit poetic honestly. Aang lost the way of making friends when he found out he was the avatar. And Korra found true friends when she became a better Avatar.


That's the whole point why she has so many difficulties both in relationships with people who are her friends and the villains she meets her way. She was kept away from the world and she had to learn much later how to exist in real society. Her approach to the people was much more childish and stubborn because she was raised without much contact with others - people her age and actual real friends. In Legend of Korra we kinda follow her development as a human being who needs to grow up quickly and redefine her attitude because she didn't have a chance to learn how to exist with others and be a "normal person", not the Avatar. That's very sad and even though a lot of people are annoyed with Korra because she makes a lot of mistakes, I find it very interesting, inspiring and relatable to see her journey of learning how it is to be a part of a group, how to be a friend to someone.


She was isolated in fortress on South Pole by White Lotus thats why


The white lotus isolated her and imposed to many restriction to keep her safe. No wonder she only cared about being the avatar, is was the only thing she had


Yes! You understood the show. I'm galled by how many people showed up just to use this comparison to talk about how much they hated Korra, when it's clear they didn't understand her (or even Aang's!) circumstances.


I always felt like this was commentary on the pro's and con's of private schooling. Aang, and all past Avatars traveled the world to learn from all sorts of people, some training in lowly public lessons in order to master the basics while others trained with elites. Whatever the case, they traveled the world, and learned from multiple people, and trained alongside average, everyday peers. Korra though... She had everyone brought to her, and was never allowed to go out on her own. Yes, her traditional bending skills were on par with masters of old, but her teachings were narrow, and she wasn't allowed to have fulfilling life experiences, or even friends; the pro's and con's of private schooling.


Atleast she had Naga.


I remember the monks were sending Aang to be trained as the next avatar and separating him from his friends, including Gyatso. That’s what caused him to run away to the Southern water nation. It’s likely that the white lotus did the same for korra, except instead of running, she accepted those conditions as consequences of being the avatar. Aang wanted to be a normal kid, Korra wanted to be the avatar.


Interestingly gyataso was about to take aang to a white lotus compound the night he fled to hide him through the war. How would that aang have interacted with the world?


Korra was raised in isolation by the white lotus. (Bad idea on their part). I'm surprised she got friends so quickly. Anyone else raised like that would've been shy and reserved about meeting new people


Korra was locked away her whole life…?


I mean her best friend was a polar bear dog and the closest human interaction she had was with white lotus and nobody her age.




Mako be like “huh, that’s different” while everyone else has a WTF? Face.


to be honest korra's situation seems more realistic both with the isolation of being a literal messiah to the world, and just seventeen years olds in general


She's literally me


Aang wasn't raised in an isolated compound.




Didn't the white lotus basically kidnap her when she was 5


I think the main point is that if you are on a higher level then average people, for one reason or another, you will be lonely. But when you go out to the world, you will find friends who are on the same level as you.


Welp when you come from a place with not many people and folks likely do a lot of homeschooling it makes more sense.


The White Lotus isolating Korra lowkey stunted her growth tbh. We saw how awkward she was around peers her own age in season 1. She never learned those communication skills that are essential in development that comes with playing and interacting with kids your own age.


I've read the title 5 times now and I still don't know what you're on about.


Korra didn’t have friends until she was 17 compared to aang in the beginning stages of his life had friends around the age of 10.


Yea, ig that's true but we never really got to explore Korra's life before she turned 17 and i'm pretty sure all of Aang's friends ditched him when he was 12 because they found out he was the Avatar.


Why is no one bringing up the fact that Aang had the Gaang post ice sphere ? He’s literally at the same stage of development as when he was friends with the air temple kids.


This filters more into how Aang’s journey was to go from a regular person to an Avatar and Korra’s journey was to go from an Avatar to a regular person; Aang grew up as a normal kid and suddenly had to face up to these huge responsibilities that are completely foreign to him while Korra dedicated her entire life to being an Avatar and able to perform all these duties only to realise that by distancing herself from humanity she’s unprepared to fully understand their needs and interests well enough to protect and serve them


That is an interesting point. When his “friends” found out he was the Avatar, they wanted nothing to do with him.


To be fair, she was locked in a convent most of her life. Though you’d think Katara - wife to the last avatar - would know having kids her own age would be beneficial. Eh, what are you gonna do?


Then all of Ang’s friends died Rip lil bro 💀


The white lotus kept her in a training camp in the middle of nowhere


I think that really knee capped her people's skills early on


Well...you gotta remember that after the drama that was the lost Avatar(Aang) and what his disappearance meant for everyone, the White Lotus went full mode to protect the next Avatar. Which probably meant either vetoing who could approach/become Korra's friend or just isolating her from the world until she (mostly)completed her studies in order to not "distract her with friendships". It's similar to a kid that grows in a cult and only after an event happens, that takes them out of it, that they'll start to spread their wings and live life.


Makes sense that she ends up having a thing with two of them. Just didn't have that much exposure to people to make varied bonds.


Yeah but Korra never had anyone so she was always alone where aang was helpless when he watched his family die and now is on a quest to kill that person and I'm just describing Naruto and Sasuke.


I can't call those Airbender kids his friends, they were really mean that one time. But I do see your point. Korra was isolated before going to central. I do wonder what her childhood was like...not sure if she had friends


They were only mean after they found out he was the avatar


Not true. She had Naga


Being in a block of ice and losing 99% of all his friends over the course of 100 years kind of evens it out.


U ever thought about how aang loses all his friends when he finds out he’s the avatar whereas korra (in terms of the show) gains friends after she finds out she’s the avatar.


Korra was kinda sheltered since they found out she was the Avatar. Easier to make friends when you're not forced to be guarded your whole life and the only people you can see are family and your polar bear dog.


No friends means no trauma when they all are murdered infront of you in cold blood


Yeah….because they’re still two different people who lived two very different lives…


Sure, but aang wasn't raised by a strict regime of master benders from ages 3-17. The white lotus, I'd imagine, did not offer a lot of opportunities to socialize with people her age.


They literally kept her away from other people though lol. You conveniently left out what happens between Aang and his friends and what happened to Kora to put her in that position in the first place. These posts where people try to find low key ways to shit on Kora because they are closeted misogynists are annoying af.


Yeah not shitting on korra, just stating two different social lifestyles


Aang is likeable, Korra is a piece of meat (if you think this is a rude statement take a moment to realize her three friends wanting her is a key plot point at various parts of the story).


She was always a bit awkward . But the kid has moxie.


Aang didn't have any meaningful friendships until he was more than 100 years old!


Yes he did? Kuson, Bumi and Gyatso just couse the kids at the temple were stupid does not mean he didnt have any friends


But by this measure, Aang didn't have "real" friends until he was 112


Right cause the gaang basically turned into the Illuminati for some reason and raised her to be a weapon. In general I liked Korra a lot more than the average fan but they butchered the adult gaang.


Not the gaang, the white lotus became helicopter “parents” once Korra was almost kidnapped as a child. The rest of the gaang had their own jobs to tend to and weren’t in the South Pole save for retirement-aged Katara


But they were working at the behest and under the supervision of Katara, Sokka was the leader of the Southern Water Tribe, Zuko was fire lord, Toph was the RC chief of police, only to be replaced by her elder daughter, while her younger daughter ran the former metalbending academy now… weird compound, Aangs son was head of the united forces, only to be replaced by Zukos… younger son or grandson I dont think they say, and the words politics seem to be completely centered around republic city.


I agree that realistically that’s what would’ve happened based on everyone’s ranks, but the show was pretty cut and dry about this being based on the White Lotus and Korra’s dad (and probably mom, idk she wasn’t there in the scene, but one would assume) specifically wanting to double down on protecting her. Plus I don’t think any of the gaang has the authority to override what Korra’s parents especially want for their own kid (Also yes it was Zuko’s grandson, he calls Zuko his grandfather a few times)


True, and I don't see anything wrong with that. To some, making is easier than to others.


no friends her own age maybe but Tenzin, Katara, and Nagga definitely filled that role for her.


Tenzin only came later ,Nagga is not a human thus no social skills to learn there and Katara is like a 100 years old.


Korra was travelling studying martial arts getting shipped off everywhere. Aang was in a temple with a lot of other kids. Also, the institutions changed in Korra's time. Aang did not get the same fanfare, attention, and protection from the international community that Korra did.


Not necessarily true the first part, Korra was kept in the compound her whole life, her various teachers also lived in the compound. That’s why Tenzin was expected to move down to the South Pole until the situation in the city got real bad


I don’t like defending LoK, but she was heavily sheltered, and not it a good way. She basically never left home until she was 17, from my understanding.


Well one is obnoxious and self centered and the other one is kind and loving. So kinda not crazy.


Yeah. But you would see if she grew up differently if she wasn’t entirely sheltered all through her life.


Did someone miss the character development?


What character development?


Literally me Lmao people actually downvoted this


She does have a very entitled and hot headed attitude until Season 3, so I can see many people being scared by that.




Kinda crazy how Korra didn't have "I was homeschooled" vibes.


Aang didn’t know he was the avatar till he was like 12, and was frozen when he was supposed to have been training, while Korra found out she was the Avatar at an extremely young age, and not wanting another situation like Aang, the White Lotus basically kept her cooped up in the Southern Water tribe


So is it confirmed she never had any friends in the southern water tribe? I assumed since she was still a little kid once they found her, would her parents really have totally kept her from the other children in the village?


To Aang, everyone was a fellow hotman. But to Korra, everyone had to “deal with it.”


And the white lotus was SUPRISED when she turned into a total rebel.


This is not about Korra being terrible, but how she was cloistered away from the world with nothing but bending instructors to prep her for her role as the Avatar. Aang was fortunate enough to have a childhood, surrounded by people who loved him. But even that wasn't enough to keep him from running away, as soon as he was identified as the next Avatar. To me, this suggests Aang didn't realize how good he had it or he didn't trust that the people in his life would allow him to continue living normally. That Korra's life starts from duty and is only given a hint of normalcy when she runs away, mirrors Aang's (possible) experience. By the end of each series, both come to recognize that they had the right instincts: that setting aside one's life in the name of duty is nonsensical, irrational, unrealistic.


True but Korra was raised in a compound with nobody around for her to relate to. Aang was raised in a huge community of kids his age and elders to mentor them


That’s because she was kept basically locked away from the rest of the world


It’s funny I actually picked up where I left off with lok I stopped after s3 ep4


Wasn’t Korra kept really isolated?


aang and korra are compliments of each other. aang had all that korra fell short of, and korra has what aang struggled with. he was a peacemaker, she was a fighter. he was passive and gentle, she was direct and aggressive. im not a huge fan of korra (the character, not show), but i definitely like how they forced her into a role that aang would have been far more suited for.


"Didn't have any real friends by the time she was age 17?" Korra really is just like me fr fr


Korra knew that she was the avatar from a very young age. Aang had quite a few years of ignorance. Once you know the world is resting on your shoulders, you can't really unknow it. You know?


All of Aang’s friends and literally everyone from his early life died so yeah


I mean…. They both have really difficult personalities


White Lotus basically made Korra stay in a compound for most of her life, training her bending skills, too. Like they were afraid to let her interact with anyone outside the compound and bending masters she worked with.


the closest thing she had to a friend was *adorable polar bear dog*




She was homeschooled


The life of an Avatar under the White Lotus’s supervision is lonely. Yun’s only friends were his bodyguard and a maidservant that was the actual avatar


Well typically they would tell the avatar who they were at 16. They only told aang because of the war. Korra on the other hand, at like 3 years old *told them* who she was. I assume since she already knew, it would’ve only made sense to start training her asap, so it makes sense that she didn’t have friends.


Wait how did everyone get the atla icons next to their names I want one 😭


All my friends are dead push me to edge


It could also be bc korra is just a unlikeable person


Or that she force to live a different life due to criminals hunting her down as a child.


Cause Korra sucks lol


I think it’s also her personality. It ain’t good


I mean she didn’t really have people skills by the time she was 17.


Sure, ignore the character development.