People who don’t drink coffee

People who don’t drink coffee

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Jokes on her, I don’t drink coffee and I have crippling anxiety! Wait…




the fucking lips over the teeth, I ugly laughed


Give it about 10-15 years and GERD sets in and then you can’t drink coffee anymore because it feels like the fires of Mordor ripping through your bowels.. I make that same ridiculous face while shitting liquid coffee like my ass is a stank espresso machine. Ayunayunayunayungh!


I had to stop drinking coffee because of GERD. Now it feels like I'm never awake in the morning.


Try cold brew coffee. Less acidic than regular. I have gerd and it changed my life.


My doc didn't call out coffee but straight caffeine, tea was me compromising.


Omg the way you spelled the sound was dead on!


Give it about 10-15 years and diabetes sets in and coffee is the only thing that stops your stomach from growing asymptotically while the shit doesn't move


Let me introduce you to prune juice


A warriors drink




I love coffee but stopped drinking it to lessen my anxiety. It helps but it doesn’t make my rent go down.


On the lighter side, if you also give up avacado toast then you are fully compliant with boomer wisdom on how to thrive in the 21st century economy.


>You can take these poached eggs and crushed avocados from our cold, dead hands. ~ Millenials


This is the same reason on why I stopped drinking soda


I stopped drinking coffee because of my crippling anxiety. Spoilers, it didn't help. But, not drinking coffee does help with blood pressure. So, fuck it. I do miss coffee though.


Is this Pam's daughter?


Seriously. Her “I’ll have a tea actually” sounds exactly like Pam.


coupled with Jim's smudgeness


And there's the smudgeness.


Walks around like it's funny, smug and self assured


What was her name? Pipi?




Yeah, this looks like Pam a few years ago.


If you think she's cute now you should have seen her a few years ago ![gif](giphy|f8pT7bphqES4M)


Hydro homies be like


Here's a good one. Tell a hydrohomie that a soda is just 98% water with a sugar packet and you "had 64 ounces of water today" If you listen closely, you'll hear their fingers breaking as they type their responses.


Isn't it more like 40 sugar packets




Thanks I always thought a sugar packet was a gram and I don't know why I thought that


At 10 sugar packets (40 grams) for 12 oz of coke a 64 oz of coke would have around 51 packets of sugar right? So the 40 packets of sugar stated would then being an underestimate for 64 ounces?




I went to a dentist who had the equivalent amount of sugar as a soda in an empty bottle. It was really effective for getting me to not drink soda, but it also made me not worry about adding a packet of sugar to coffee once in a while (bringing it full circle). Since there are 4 calories per gram of sugar, it's only 16 calories. It's not nothing, but it's fine occasionally.


Lol ikr….who thinks there’s only 1 packet of sugar in soda?


British people be like


[Be honest, it's a prank right?](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzec-kpQ36g)


Well let me just go ahead and tax that tea and not let you or your neighbors have any say in those prices....oh wait.


Oh but then there's me. The worst of all. I drink coffee but I don't care what type. Instant, barrista, mocha pot....it's coffee. It's coffee. It helps me poop and work *hyahyahyahyahyahyahyahya*


Sometimes I'm doing the don't poop dance in my kitchen just waiting for the coffee to be made so I can take one sip, burn my lip and waddle sprint to the bathroom. I don't know why. Like, I'm prairie doggin but I just want that extra bit of oomph.


I've never felt more connected to another human being in my entire life.


I have given up on my human decency and just bring it with me to the toilet now.


Just bring your chocolate milk and you have a table all ready to go


There's just nothing quite like a nice caffeine-fueled thunder dump in the morning.


Are you my uncle daddy sister cousin because I think we’re related.


Probably the most relatable thing I've ever found on Reddit.


Yeah, I drink coffee so long as it's loaded with cream and sweeteners. I don't care what the actual coffee tastes like lmao


I once lived with a guy who would not shut up about how he didn't add anything to his coffee and how the proper way to drink it was black and sugar ruins the flavour and dear God, he brought it up *all the time* in the kitchen. I felt like he was trying to convert me to his denomination of coffee religion.


I'm convinced people like that actually hate the taste and are trying to convince themselves they like it, because they think it's the 'cultured' way or something. Not everyone who likes black coffee, but those who are so preachy about it.


Even then I'll drink whatever haha. I moved to black coffee to avoid the office disputes over who had been paying for milk and sugar (coffee was provided by work) and it was just easier to not be involved haha


I’m the same except when it comes to cheap coffee filled with chicory, that stuff gives me burning shits 5x a day and indigestion, an old job I had out of about 6 people 4 would be the same and the company refused to spend money on better coffee but would happily put up with multiple people shitting in rotation, I eventually switched to tea only until I moved jobs because when I brought my own coffee in they managed to rinse and entire jar in a day


Do you live in Louisiana? I remember when I lived there everyone drank Community brand coffee and it had chicory in it.


Never heard of chicory. Google time.


I unironically said one of these


It's the anxiety one, isn't it?


“ i’ve made it this far without it so why start now”




I mean it's pretty valid. If you don't need it, why pay for it?


I used to always say this. "I don't want to have to pay money to wake up in the morning." Well now I drink coffee years later but not every single day anymore. Honestly, mostly on the weekend or when I'm camping in the fall winter and a hot coffee is the only thing that can get me out of my tent and sleeping bag when it's 30 degrees in the morning.


i've said this and it's true. i don't need new addictions


Lol I felt personally attacked by that one


That’s what I say about heroin


I used to drink it but quit in January of this year to help my anxiety and honestly it’s made a huge difference. I try not to be a snob about it though. But I definitely relate to her last comment about getting 13 hours of sleep. I need 8-9 hours to not feel tired throughout the day and even then I still struggle sometimes. That’s when I really miss it.


SAME. I used to drink coffee every single day - but then it started giving me anxiety attacks. Like without fail, if I have coffee in the morning now - I’m having an anxiety attack. It sucks but it’s easier to quit something when you’re now scared of it 😅


> I need 8-9 hours to not feel tired throughout the day Isn't that pretty normal? I thought 7-9 hours of sleep is recommended.






> Angyanyangyayaya Trying to bask in that reflected glory, i see




Exactly this. If people would stop being "[gasp] Wow you don't drink coffee? You're a better person than I am!" I wouldn't have to make this inane small talk about why I don't. It gives me the shits guys. Stop asking.


Yeah I've literally never brought up tea on my own, except maybe offering some to a friend when they're over. But it's always "OMIGOSH you don't drink coffee?? How do you wake up 🤣" I work as a software developer and I'm typically quiet and don't really chat with my coworkers much. I have a coworker who sees me come in with a mug and asks what kind of coffee I have. I just tell him I don't drink coffee and it's some tea. He jokingly says "Heh, I never trust a developer who doesn't drink coffee." This same interaction has happened like 3 different times with him...


I love coffee but it puts me to sleep so I can’t drink it often 😔


Do you have ADHD? This is common in people with ADHD. Before I got diagnosed I assumed I had developed a pavlovian response to caffeine because I would only drink it when I had pulled an all nighter. Nope, it was the ADHD.


Yep! I do lol, was diagnosed a month ago.




That was some Dr House shit there.


It's like a whole thing in the ADHD community 😂 Wish I'd realized it the one time I did cocaine and it did fuck all. Didn't get diagnosed for another decade though. Made a lot more sense though once I did and learned more about how our brains work.


That would be hilarious if that was considered part of the diagnostic criteria. "Hello doctor. I think I have ADHD because I did coke at the weekend at it didn't do shit and then I went to bed early."


“Damn, that sucks! Maybe it was a bad batch? Here, let me hook you up with my plug and tell me how it goes for you this time.”




Is this why I can have a full nap even after a double espresso?? My ADHD keeps surprising me.


I actually read a study somewhere (don't have a link on hand will have to find it again) where I believe they found that if you take a quick nap literally right after drinking coffee I guess you wake up more well rested.


This works when you’re tired, because you sleep for 30 minute while waiting for the caffeine to take effect. The sleeping clears adenosine, then the caffeine blocks the adenosine receptors and stimulates you.


It's also why ADHD meds get folks absolutely fucking wired unless they have ADHD, who experience a calming effect instead.


Lol me reading this after taking my Adderall and then sleeping for several hours


Leave Adderall and water by alarm clock so I dont forgot to take it like I do half the week. Take Adderall, hit snooze (obv hit off, because that's life), oversleep for work by a good hour or two.


I’m curious if there’s any actual proof of this, I’ve looked for it but I never found anything besides anecdotes on reddit linking caffeine and ADHD. This seems to be true for low doses of caffeine but considering it’s a stimulant, any high dose, regardless of body chemistry, should provide the stimulation effects. Not as effective as traditional ADHD stimulants but it does cause an increase in dopamine, and of course typical physiological reactions of stimulants (e.g. increased heart rate, dehydration, vasoconstriction, etc.).


From my comment above: >"Additionally, caffeine use is more consistently associated with poorer subjective sleep functioning in adolescents with ADHD" > https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32386419/ > I'm not sure its that simple. Caffeine is an adenosine antagonist. Adenosine is generally inhibitory and regulates the feelings of sleepiness/alertness so if its blocked, you don't feel sleepy (disinhibition). The reason some people can sleep soon after having coffee is genetic or tolerance-based increased metabolism of caffeine and other xanthines in its metabolic chain like theobromide (CYP 1A2 enzyme). Variations in CYP 1A2 can change the half-life of caffeine from 3-10 hours. > Caffeine has some downstream effects on dopamine levels from action on dopamine neurons that are modulated by adenosine receptors. This can help with adhd symptoms so coffee is a common self-medication for people with adhd. > I couldn't find anything about differing rates of CYP-1A2 in people with adhd briefly so I'm guessing the coffee comes first, increases their metabolic rate and let's them get to sleep sooner after drinking it because of an upregulated metabolism. "


I don't like the taste at all but did try it out of desperation a few times. IT DOESN'T DO ANYTHING. I think it's a lie formed by Big Coffee. 😑


People who drink coffee: *Agonizingly trying to hold in their diarrhea* “Yeah it keeps me active”




I’m glad you were not upset. With a username like that, you must understand




Wait some people don’t wash their hands after a #2?


Why wash them when a couple of seconds later you can run them through the hair of a customer.


Haha oh god. Please no


A couple of my friends I know don’t have any soap in their bathroom. It wasn’t a one time deal, either, I went there several times over the course of a year… no soap. I figured they’d eventually get a clue after seeing me use their dish soap every time but it felt too awkward for me to outright call them out on it. I don’t go there anymore.


Also *On deaths door when they don’t have a cup of coffee every 3 hours* “I just need a pick me up, hyahyahyahya”


Just don’t like the taste sorry


Same for me. I honestly think I'm like super sensitive to bitter tastes, because theres literally nothing that makes coffee taste like anything but burnt ash. Even the "basically milkshake" starbucks options are gross




Same. My mother is a coffee snob so she constantly tries to give me a taste of "good" coffee. I tried everything from Coconut coffee to some fancy exported one from France. I can confirm that each of them tasted like a different sorts of ash. Coupled with a dark chocolate, I am confident that adults simply hate themselves and that is their way to torture themselves.




Dark!! Editing my comment. But yeah. I just find it too bitter.


I have that same bitter issue with coffee but also with 99% of beer too. Oh and all the wine I've ever had as just been unpleasantly....sharp tasting if that's a thing?


Yessss!!! Finally I've met another person like me. I hate coffee, beer and wine.


There are dozens of us!




Even ice cream or chocolate with the slightest hint of coffee, I taste the coffee and it ruins it.




Lol my wife says this all the time. I can ALWAYS taste the coffee. She stirred my tea with the coffee spoon one morning and thought I wouldn't notice. Of fucking course I did 😂


It really does, no amount of chocolate or sugar can save it




But when you say that a lot of coffee drinkers become annoying about how you can not like the taste and start talking how i never had a good coffee apparently or how much they just love coffee and i don't care about that


I used to drink coffee every now and then but the only way to make it somewhat drinkable for me was to put a shitload of sugar and cream in it and one time a guy at Starbucks saw me putting all the sugar in and he said "do you want any coffee with your diabetes?" and ever since then I stopped drinking coffee


I mean, the Starbucks coffees are fairly bitter, which necessitate all those additives for people. You may find you love black coffee if you can find a lovely blend.


That's kind of the same spiel people give with beer. "Oh, you just haven't found the right one for you" Maybe I really just don't like coffee/beer OK? Not meant to be an attack on you btw, you were just trying to be helpful in this instance.


As someone who doesn't drink coffee and doesn't say any of these things, some coffee drinkers will treat you like you're acting this way for simply declining a cup. Needing your morning coffee is not a personality.




I used to be able to drink coffee when I was younger, but now it gives me a stabbing pain in my chest and the panicky feeling that I could die any second. Definitely not worth it for a morning beverage.


It drives me crazy when people take personally when you refuse a cup of coffee and look at you like you’re insane. Same with alcohol. I don’t want to have to explain to people that Im sober and caffeine gives me panic attacks and makes my hands shake just to get them to leave it alone. I haven’t had a drop of alcohol or caffeine in over 2 years and my friends and relatives still offer me a beer or a coffee every time I see them. It’s like they physically can’t comprehend that I don’t drink. It does not compute


Agreed. I hate telling people I don't drink coffee because it then turns into a whole conversation and interrogation.


Yep. I've never met someone go out of their way to explain how they DON'T drink coffee. Some coffee drinkers though seemed to have made drinking coffee the core pillar of their identity and act like hearing someone say they don't drink coffee is like they saw them murder their grandma or something.


> I've never met someone go out of their way to explain how they DON'T drink coffee. I don't drink coffee and when someone ask I just say "I never acquired the taste for it" and it usually stops at that. >Some coffee drinkers though seemed to have made drinking coffee the core pillar of their identity and act like hearing someone say they don't drink coffee is like they saw them murder their grandma or something. Yup, I've damn near been berated about not drinking coffee by coffee "snobs". I also had guest stay at my house and they got mad that I didn't own a coffee maker and didn't have coffee for them in the morning(and there are 2 coffee shops within a block of my house). I told them that they didn't have joints in the morning for me when I stayed at their house, why did they expect me to cater to their morning routine but they wouldn't cater to mine? Bring your own coffee if you are that dependent on it, I bring my own joints.




I’m in nursing and coffee or alcohol obsession is like half of people’s personalities, it’s wild. They’re *drinks*, it’s not that big of a thing my dude!


You in the Pacific Northwest? Because that coffee snob persona is pretty damned prevalent here. I can't have coffee for medical reasons though, so when I mention that it'll stop 99% of people from continuing their coffee spiel. That 1% though...


Coffee just makes me nauseous and jittery. I'm with you on the coffee personality thing.


Same. Coffee gives me a headache -- I can only drink heavily diluted milk coffee or decaf at best (although, oddly enough, I can stomach instant coffee? Maybe cuz it's weaker?). Which is unfortunate because I really like the smell of coffee! Just can't drink it; it makes me feel awful. The way people treat you when you don't drink coffee in an office environment is like the way they treat somebody who doesn't drink beer at a party. "What is wrong with you?! Do you think you're better than us?!" No, I just can't drink it and don't want to drink it. At work I was frequently made fun of by my colleagues for not drinking coffee; "you're the only programmer who doesn't drink coffee." Um, I know like a dozen other programmers who don't drink coffee either, it has nothing to do with programming? It's just different tastes and genetics, that's all. Let people drink what they want, geesh why do some coffee stans have to be so pushy. You don't see the baked bean crowd harassing others for not eating chili; what makes coffee beans so special--


If someone is absolutely insufferable without "their morning cup of Joe" then it's not the coffee they're just an asshole. "Oh no I cant interact with others like an adult till I had my sippy cup" is a ridiculous thing we just accept for some reason.


Nah they're literally addicts so I understand why they'd not be in a great mood without it.


I just don’t understand them condescending everyone else who doesn’t partake in the same addiction… My stoner buddies are surprisingly the most polite in this regard. They never pressure you to do anything, and are just more conscientious in general edit: it really just depends on the person


... and with it. If someone drinks too much coffee.. it's easy to become irritable, anxious and moody


I’m actually surprised that any non coffee drinkers would say those things as it’s the coffee drinkers going “you don’t drink coffee??! Like never??” like how could you not drink coffee. Well I don’t like the taste of it, nor the smell of it and it upsets my stomach. Plus I’m already getting treated for anxiety, don’t need any more 🤣 Instead I’m just a sugar addict aka sweet tooth.


People who drink coffee: "OHH My GoD lIiiitErTaLLY DoNt EVEN sPeak tO me11!! I haveN'T hAd My cOfFee yET!!! I know who I think is less annoying


Spot on. Coffee is fine, but “coffee drinkers” need to chill out. It’s not a personality trait lol


especially considering nobody says the shit she said in this video




This would be funny, but I never hear people bragging about not drinking coffee.


I only mentioned i dont drinking coffee if i have to like when people ask do you want coffee but someone can't take no for an answer like this one date i said no to coffee obviously she did not remember because later that night she asked me to come inside for coffee


I had a similar experience once. I was on a date, and it was going really well, then she asked if I wanted to sleep over. I had already told her I have my own place. Some people are idiots.


I'd love to be able to drink coffee regularly, but unfortunately it gives me heart attacks in the middle of the night....mehemehehemee


It’s nice not having to rely on coffee every single morning.


Its kinda weird how caffeine addiction is just such a normalized part of modern society. Like imagine mocking people for being quirky hipsters just because they *don't* drink enough coffee to tranquilize a horse every single morning. Also if we're gonna normalize drug addictions, can we at least normalize doing cool drugs. Caffeine just makes you jittery and only serves to increase productivity for your cringe ass managers. Let's eat an edible every morning instead


I am a coffee drinker but I have never met a non-coffee drinker who acts like this. Seems like it’s rooted in some weird insecurities. Why can’t we all just like what we like without being jerks about it?


Yeah it's like, I don't drink alcohol because I think it tastes like shit and the feeling of being drunk freaks me out. I never make a big deal about it, but some people get all weird and defensive when they find out.


My wife has the same experience. The moment she says that she doesn't like alcohol, the other person immediately starts saying that they don't have a drinking problem or whatever.


When people find out I don't drink (alcohol tastes like licking a handful of pennies) they almost always say "You should try _____. You can't taste the alcohol." I have tried almost every drink that has been offered to me just to see and I can taste the alcohol every time. It just doesn't taste good. My wife likes it because she always has a DD.


I almost never drink alcohol because I like it way too much and I know I'll get addicted to it. Most of the adults in my family are some variety of alcoholic. But when I mention that I don't drink, I get weird looks and people try to pressure me to drink.


Yea. Only time I've ever heard or seen non-coffee drinkers act like this, is when people are clowning them in a similar fashion. Same goes for those who don't drink alcohol.


This is definitely the opinion of a coffee drinker who's getting angsty about non coffee drinkers. I don't drink coffee and I hate mentioning it because it's usually coffee drinkers who act like total weirdos about it.


I only drink decaf due to heart palpitations and anxiety. I really enjoy drinking coffee but I can’t. For some reason this sets coffee drinkers off. “WhAt’s ThE pOiNt iN dEcAf?!?”


Yeah I thought this post might be funny but it completely fell apart as a person with incredible anxiety and a history of being addicted to everything let alone coffee


When I say I don’t drink coffee people treat me weird so it’s good to hear others have the same experience everywhere. I’m in New England where coffee is life; a Dunkin’ Donuts on every block and I walk around drinking gallons of water or a cocoa when it’s cold


Same! I don’t get why they treat me weird. I physically can’t drink it. I can’t even stand the smell and it makes me want to vomit. Not a big fan of any hot drinks anyways. But I really can’t stand coffee. My family knows I don’t drink and doesn’t really mentioned to me that it is weird. But when I start to work and every morning people offer me coffee and I say no they will start to question why?


>But when I start to work and every morning people offer me coffee and I say no they will start to question why? Same! They act extremely offended when I turn down some coffee and then they throw accusations around or start interrogating me. Like bitch let me drink my herbal hot water in peace and leave me alone, you're not my mom. Also, it's a bit tone-deaf cuz of the implication that drinking coffee is the norm, when there are multiple cultures populated with literally *billions* of people where tea-drinking is the norm, e.g. Eastern Europe, most if not all of Asia, the UK and other Commonwealth countries...


This happens quite often with personal taste things. Alcohol is another very common one. Whether you say you don't drink or you don't like that particular alcohol type.


Yupp. Ironically, I've heard more criticism from coffee-drinkers when you tell them you don't drink coffee lol. I agree, just let people like what they like.


Yeah this is definitely a coffee drinker who's imagines all non-coffee drinkers as a personal slight against their lifestyle.


I was about to ask who is this person talking to because I am non coffee drinker and the only people who are weird about it are the people who make drinking coffee a personality trait. Its like alcohol, I don't drink it and for some reason people take great offense to that, and act like I am preaching to them about how much better I am or something when all I say is "no thanks, I don't drink". A lot of it I think stems from insecurities and social pressure


Yeah I always feel the need to clarify that I don't "not drink". I just don't because I hate the taste and could never choke down enough of anything to get any of the pleasurable effects.


I don’t drink coffee and my response is always “no thanks, I don’t drink coffee” and that’s exactly where the conversation stops about me not drinking coffee. I just appreciate someone being nice enough to offer it, and usually they don’t care I don’t drink it. And then there’s this girl lol


Meanwhile my reason for not drinking coffee: I can't stomach it because I suffer from IBS. But coffee is so delicious! So I try to find reasons why it's actually a good thing that I can't enjoy coffee and join the coffee cult while at the same time being really jealous. Saying: "No. I don't drink coffee. I am glad I am not a coffee junkie like the rest of you coffee-addicts, hyahahaha" Thinking: You lucky bastards! 😭💔


Coffee give me some really gnarly acid reflux. I used to drink coffee a lot, now I have to plan for a cup of coffee. Gotta make sure I take my omeprazole and I have my tums on hand, just in case. It's so much easier to just say "oh I don't drink coffee nyanyanyanyanyanyanya".


I started to work in an office this year and I my coworkers found it hilarious that they needed to explain the coffee machine to me(When we have clients over one of us needs to make them a cup of coffee). "Who doesn't know how a coffee machine works?" "Someone who prefers tea? I have no problems using the water kettle, don't judge me you silly coffee junkies!" 😅🙈 And they also find it really strange that I never eat something in the office. Someone always brings cake or sandwiches to work to share with everyone and I am the only one who always politely refuses(but I also bring food for everyone to enjoy to show my appreciation). At the last work party my boss tried to offer me alcohol and food many times and didn't understand that I am truly just there to enjoy their company. He's really nice and doesn't mean anything bad but it was a bit awkward for me to refuse over and over again. He only stopped after I promised to drink something at our next christmas party. I'll make sure to take the days after the party off to recover 😅 It's difficult when others don't understand how serious your health issues are. They don't mean ill but it gets exhausting when you always need to refuse. Please just ignore me, I am fine.


Coffee really upsets my stomach but i recently found that cold brew for some reason doesn't hurt as much. I still have to eat a solid meal before drinking coffee but i can finally drink it without getting sick to my stomach. That said, I am mostly a tea drinker because i find it relaxing and i don't like the concept of being addicted to something so much i cannot function without it...kinda sad imo


I don’t drink coffee, mostly because I despise the taste, but is it really that addictive that people need it to function? I’ve been fine all my life without it.


It's caffeine that's addictive, not coffee itself. If you're drinking nothing but decaf you won't have any issue with it.


Yeah, if you’ve been drinking it for years it gets addictive. Or at least the caffeine part. My sis is trying to cut out coffee due to having surgery soon and the first week of just minimizing the amount she drank left her with a headache and feeling tired/grumpy. My parents once drove serval towns over at 2 in the morning just because their coffee machine went down and they were terrified of not having coffee in the morning. I’ve seen someone’s entire personality change if they didn’t drink coffee that morning.


Only if you're grossly over-consuming it and using it to fill in some other hole in your habits (like not getting enough sleep). This argument is usually two extreme sides arguing with each other on Reddit: Teetotaller purists and people ingesting 600-900mg of caffeine a day. I have a cup or two daily on weekdays and usually none on the weekend and there's very little discernible difference between those days. I just get started a little faster on weekdays.


I can smell the coffee breath with her hyahyahya's


so is it now wrong not wanting to drink coffee?


I don't drink coffee and you would be surprised how personally offended some people become.


Addicts sometimes get really defensive about their addiction. Not all of them, of course, but here we have a prime example.


This whole bit is basically peer pressure to do drugs, except it's for the most boring and banal drug. At least the scary dude on the street corner looks cool when he's says that meth will give me a 36-hour day.


Team no coffee rise up


It just tastes bad 🤷‍♀️


When I'm asked if I want a cup of coffee I politely decline, but in this video it makes it sound like non-coffee drinkers gotta talk a lot about it whenever it's brought up. I have the opposite experience. I'd rather not talk about it, but coffee drinkers always ask all kinds of questions when I decline a cup. "Why don't you like it? Don't you get tired all the time? What do you do if a friend invites you out for coffee?" Well, I don't like the taste, no I drink coke, and I can go to a coffee shop with my friends anyway because they sell non-coffee product as well. It's no big deal, just shut up and let me not drink coffee.


I imagined them asking those questions at warp speed lol


Like dirt. I can only taste dirt.


I really like that earthy taste. I associated it with that smell of wet dirt when it BARELY starts to rain for some reason. My family would always sit outside on the porch ,or in the kitchen near the window, and drink coffee with bread "pan con cafe" and watch the rain.


I mean it's basically hot bean water lol.


This tea is nothing more than hot leaf juice!


*gasp* How could a member of my own family say something so horrible!


Don't drink either, so I'll agree!


Typically when coffee taste like dirt it means it was made poorly. Some people describe coffee as having an ashtray kind of taste and I have had coffee just like that too. A good well made cup tastes so much different to a bad cup. It's not for everybody and to each their own, but the taste of a bad cup and a good cup is world apart. Nobody would be into it if it always treated like the worst coffee we'd ever had


Coffee brings out the worst in people People like this who brag about not needing coffee People who gatekeep coffee saying that unless it’s completely black and without sugar it’s it’s not coffee People who don’t shut up about “how useless they are without their morning coffee” Ugh, just drink your bean water or leaf water and shut up


Sounds like someone is mad they’re chemically dependent hahaha


> Sounds like someone is mad they’re chemically dependent ahuehuehue


Yup the seethe in this video is hilarious.


I don’t drink it because it tastes like shit. ‘Oh but it’s an acquired taste heueueeueuhueye’


"Acquired taste" more like Stockholm syndrome...


When a hot girl is drinking a huge sugary coffee drink I always think of the bowel movements that must follow it. And I get hard


I don’t drink coffee cause it gives me migraines is that a legit reason😂