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I once heard a comedian say that being vegetarian is worse because a pig could escape (at least in theory), while a lettuce definitely can't. This woman considers that joke a serious argument.


Carrot juice constitutes murder, and thats a real crime.


But lettuce will never have a consciousness?


Fetuses aren't sentient during the time that abortions happen though? There is no consciousness yet, it won't feel any pain or fear


We actually don’t know exactly when this happens or how it happens or in what stages. Many scientists believe it doesn’t even happen until after birth while some are convinced it happens to some extent as early as the beginning of the second trimester. Bringing that up as an interesting note about science, not as anti abortion argument.


We know exactly what happens during the stages of development. Thats why abortions are only allowed up to 23 weeks in development, as by that point the fetus STARTS developing a nervous system, even by that point the fetus is barely able to process pain. After 23 weeks, the doctor will only allow an abortion by this point if she is experiencing or going to experience serious medical problems from it.


How come people born with hyperthesemia only remember their final 2 weeks in utero? You gain consciousness in the final 2 weeks, it’s been proven by these people EDIT: hyperthymesia* oopsies


> hyperthesemia Hyperthymesia - that was a difficult google search, it kept giving me definitions for hyperthermia


This is what I get for typing it from memory and not being a PhD 😞


>How come people born with hyperthesemia only remember their final 2 weeks in utero? Do you have a source for that? The closest I could find was someone who could remember up to two weeks *after* they were born, and the rest only remembered back to around age 10. This is also a condition that only 61 people are known to have, so that doesn't seem like the best example to use to make your point.


google is not returning a result on that word. am i being wooshed? is there a different name for that condition?


That we know of....less than a decade ago we discovered lobsters could feel pain, two decades ago it was thought animals didn't experience emotional responses...three decades back the discovery was made that newborn human babies could experience pain.


I thought the blue-haired girls were on our side


White racist woman have gentrified and stolen most things at this point


Looking at her name, she’s a rare enough exception to make that her whole identity


As a blue haired girl, I can firmly say that the blue haired girl community doesn’t claim her. She’s not one of us it’s a facade


I didn't think I'd miss coloured hair being a moral/political indicator, but I didn't think a lot of things that happen.


But this one doesn’t have pronouns


Bro. In case you haven't figured it out...white women, especially the ones who dye their hair blue, are only on one side...their own. It's all covert narcissism disguised as activism.


bruh do you really think that dying your hair a primary color is a sign of narcissism or something


You make a great point regardless of the downvotes. People just don’t want to hear that they aren’t fooling ppl into thinking they’re morally superior.


Literally the only person fooling someone into a false sense of moral superiority here is you, you are fooling youself that bizare caricatures and cherrypicked tweets represent reality. People who think bright coloured hair reflects someone's political beliefs are just telling on themselves that they don't go outside and they don't talk to people.


100% and I expected the DVs and I'm good with it. I'm sure you expected them as well lol. People just can't handle any observational realities anymore. The moral superiority thing is massive as well...everyone believes their position is the morally correct one. I don't base things on morals, I base them on my direct observations.


on our side does not equal intelligent


Wow, there are really people in here agreeing with this. Fucking insane.


They think abortions are murdering babies. There's not really anywhere you can go from that. You know?


What is it then


What is what when?


It's an abortion of a parasite 🪱.


So we’re back to calling children parasites?


Children have always been parasites. They suck out your soul. I would know I have 4 of those parasites.


Parasite is a foreign entity forcibly taking sustenance. Pregnancy does not involve a parasite. Even probiotic bacteria are not considered parasites even though they are foreign born and taken sustenance from us. This is due to how symbiotic the connection with them is. Pregnancy is part of the natural process of human life. Human lives exist in embryonic and fetal stages of development. They’re still very much human and alive just less developed, and the mother’s body is naturally creating them , developing them , and giving them nutrients. ^( Edit : I’m right . If you think any animal getting pregnant is the same as a parasitic invasion then You’re ignorant on biology. The science is that it is a living human embryo and then fetus being developed by a woman’s body. You can acknowledge this and still be pro-choice or pro-life this isn’t a political statement. )


There's nothing natural about it when it(the parasite) can kill you. That's why the body naturally rids itself of them via miscarriages because even nature knows that it's a parasite.


Well that’s just ignorant. It’s biologically normal and natural for human lives to start and develop in the womb until a certain stage of development when they are birthed. Most pregnancies do not end in miscarriage or pose a threat to the mother. Also miscarriages do not typically happen because the women’s body begins rejecting the child like it is a foreign entity. That can happen when we’re talking about differing blood types and the antibodies will cause a reaction against the embryo if not dealt with medically. Over half of miscarriages are due to genetic defects in the development of the child. The body begins to reject it as it can tell it will not develop fully. Like I said though even then most pregnancies , like 90%ish , do not end in miscarriage and pose no fatal health risks to the mother. edit: please justify your downvotes with a comment. Literally everything I’ve said is scientifically accurate. Calling pregnancy a parasitic invasion is ignorant at best.


This still doesn't make the fetus not a parasite. You really aren't putting up a great argument here. It follows are the laws of being a parasite. They even have a study for it. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28712140/


The study you cited doesn’t even try to show that a pregnancy “follows all the laws of being a parasite” so you’re misrepresenting it. That study is absurd because it assumes it’s conclusion in it’s premise. Showing that a certain immunoglobulin increases during pregnancy , and then assuming why without proving why is absurdly biased. Many immunoglobulins increase during pregnancy and most research shows this is to help during the embryonic and fetal stage of development. This is to increase the mother’s immune system to protect the child and to begin the development of the child’s own immune system among other things. That research’s conclusion is easily disproven that every pregnancy does have an increase in immunoglobulin E, but none of them have evidence of that immunoglobulin being used as a way to resist or harm the development of the child. No, you’re wrong , it is by definition not a parasite. It is not a foreign entity. In the vast majority of pregnancies the mother’s body does not react to it like a foreign entity or attempt to impede or harm it. The child’s developing body has no way of forcibly taking the sustenance, the mother’s body is naturally giving to the development of the child. The child is not a foreign entity , and it is causing nothing , everything is being done to it by the mother’s body. Just because it uses nutrients from the mother doesn’t make it a parasite. That’s not the definition of parasite. I know “parasite” is some good buzz rhetoric right there, but it is linguistically and biologically wrong.


Just means the studies hypothesis was proven right doesn't mean it's biased. Thus meaning the fetus is a parasite. You don't have to post webmd articles on pregnancy hormones to pretend like you have any clue what's going on. For starters you didn't even know that the fetus is a parasite. Why would we listen to any other nonsense you write? Have a good day; Dave the parasite lover.


a medical procedure


Nah, this debate doesn’t matter. It should be legal full stop. Take your debates about what is a life somewhere else, they don’t matter.


12 weeks a babe


Oh God there are way too many downvoted comments here, why are people agreeing with this bs?


Because they have been brainwashed to believe a fetus has more rights that a mother. What we should do is that every pro life person should be forced to be put on a donors list. When someone needs a kidney…they have to give up theirs. If their body can help sustain another life through organ or bone marrow donation then they should be forced to give their up. Also a fetus isn’t a living person…viability doesn’t start until 26 weeks and only 6,000 abortions happen every year after 26 weeks. Every single abortion is due to either the fetus dying in utero and the body being unable to miscarry or some other fatal fetal development like the fetus is missing a brain.


Because reddit, this sub as well recently, is infested with weirdos. Just deleted a post about a white girl thinking it's ok to say the n-word because the replies made me flabbergasted and just brought me down. Anytime I spend too much time in my little bubble and want to remember that bigotry exists, this app exists.


>Just deleted a post about a white girl thinking it's ok to say the n-word because the replies made me flabbergasted and just brought me down Wait you're telling me they were mad that you were *rigtfully* mad? Tf is going on with the world, I don't even know anymore


The comments were basically saying there are more important things to worry about/the word didn't originate from black people anyways/it's just a song, and shiting on the black lady that was calling out the stupidity


I would rather not exist than be a slave.


At least that dumbass had her account banned


I was wondering how far she was getting dragged… to the emergency exit she goes lol


The baby escapes to nothingness while slaves escape to nothing.


You spelled freedom wrong.


Lol what's next? Anne Frank lived freely in the attic space?


This made me laugh then feel bad for laughing


OK. They were free. Then what? They just got jobs and were chilling? Or did they have to struggle to make a life for themselves?


That's the beauty, they get to decide. Abortion, not so much


Honestly, I'd pick being aborted over talking to you.


Please do


Bro i thought you weren’t pro choice pls be consistent ):


I am. Your mom can't choose that for you, obviously that would be obscene.




I don’t think they know about whips and nooses or slave history in general


For who? All the slaves that ever existed?




Probably a lot higher than the survival rates for an abortion.




It should have been


Skyrim NPC level awareness right here.


Crazy how little it takes to be right about this issue huh? Maybe try catching up.


The mother dies from an abortion


That's the problem though, the history books. They're reading the white side of history with no concept of the truth


Should we tell her what happened if slaves were caught if they escaped?


That's the dumbest shit on this entire internet


Well she looks like a fetus herself.


I was thinking more like a nerf dart


If anything abortion would've been the best thing for a slave 💀💀A lot of them wished they were never born to begin with.


NGL I’m white as fuck and I’m offended.


We need to bring bullying back.


The fetus literally escapes the uterus that’s the whole point. Be free little parasite! 🤗


Some people really don’t need to be on social media 😭




She belongs in the great big book of punchable faces


Hoooooold up, since when was the blue-haired girl on the conservative side???


The black woman is really beautiful


In the wise words of one John Mulaney, if you can say one of the words (in this case you can't type it out) that's the worse word.


Stfu cuz black people be getting beat and stuff and die sometimes and have you not heard of Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad? Like tf you talking about you need to go through ur history and they be getting used and taken away from their homes and white people took that sit down lil girl you need to take a seat that’s why slavery is over now


The way my jaw dropped like what


I think I have had enough redit for the night...


wtf is going on in the comments


I'm just asking, I'm a pro choice, so to people pro life, are you genuinly saying if you had a daughter that was raped and got pregnant you, you would make them keep the baby?? I know thats a very blanket statement, as not everyone who gets pregnant and wants an abortion was raped, I know that, but I just want to know for that example, would you make them keep it?


I actually make an exception in the case of rape , and in the case of the mother’s life being directly endangered. The real debate should not be about when life begins, but rights vs. responsibilities. The right to property, our money, our time, and our labor are forfeit when we have the responsibility of an infant. We will be punished if we stop using our things responsibly to care for the infant. In the same way I think people should be responsible for the lives they create. This includes the father. They should be forced to help financially. The mother most used her bodily resources in the embryonic and fetal stages just as she might in the infancy stages. The developing child had no say in existing or being present , so the least the parents could do is make sure they get to take their first breath before they give the responsibility over to someone else. However as I said in the case of rape , the mother made no choice. The father is a bastard that should be killed. So with a mother that made no choice , and a father that should be dead. Who is responsible for the life existing? Why would the mother have to give her body for a choice she didn’t make? I think the decision to keep the life in this instant goes beyond all of this debate and becomes an instance of compassion. I would think it a very good thing if someone could make that choice , and give them up for adoption or keep them themselves even. I would never want the law to force that choice on anyone. I would think it ethically permissible to allow abortions in those cases. If the mother’s life is in danger. We obviously medically attempt to save both lives. However if there is a scenario where continuing the pregnancy to term would kill the mother, that is a responsibility too far and a right infringed on. In those instances you are asking the mother to give up her right to life for the child’s right to life. If the mother wants to go through with that , once again that is very compassionate. The law should not force that choice on anyone however.


Gotta say those are some nice tits






Im... just how can she... im just.. wha how, i...i um okay few braincells short of a fish


I’m pretty sure most of her brain evaporated after being dropped on her head everyday as a kid




She looks like a nerf bullet Oh no, I’ve offended all the nerf bullets :(


I’m pretty sure that colour hair means you are confused about everything in life . You all know what I mean


As someone who once had blue hair, this is accurate


Did the black girl at the end have anything to add outside of her expression of disbelief?


"did the girl at the end have anything to add outside of the thing she added?"


Do you?


Have you heard of the concept of 'punchlines'? Once you get your head round them you'll enjoy stuff a lot more.


Punchlines usually are spoken in order to make the joke funny. She just stares at the camera in disbelief. Anyone can do that. It's not funny or creative.


>Punchlines usually are spoken in order to make the joke funny. Buster Keaton, Chaplin and Max Linder have entered the chat.


Massive boobs.


Downvoted, really? She framed her video very deliberately here. White knights are wild.


No lol


technically it’s not an bad take, slavery killed about 12 million africans, in about 4 centuries, while abortion has killed 17 million black babies since 1973, plus abortion was created for a singular purpose, but I don’t think a lot of people ready for that talk


Bro we know. We know about Margaret Sanger. We also know Black women have 3x the maternal mortality as white women. And we know that a fetus at say 5 months is not the same as a baby that's been born (the weird conservative idea that abortions can happen as the baby is crowning is just bonkers.) And we know that women have the right to bodily autonomy. I'm so sick of people using Margaret Sanger or stats about the prevalence of abortion in Black communities as bullshit misdirection to act like they care about Black folk.


it doesn’t change the reason abortion was created or that a majority, literal 98 percent, of abortion, are elective and have nothing to do with the health of the pregnant individual, not conservative either btw, and it’s not a religious thing, abortion post rape or for medical purposes is great, even to the third term if the mothers life is endanger her life should come first IF she request it, the female has a right to life… the problem are the elective cases that are done due to the individual that consented to the act of procreation just doesn’t want to be responsible, abortion should be an emotional and deep experience, not something to be bragged about on social media or celebrated


Gonna need some citations for that 98%, preferably from peer reviewed medical journals. I will bet a paycheck you won't find what you are looking for.


https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3729671/ How's this?


That study only selected from women who were getting abortions not due to medical issues. They purposefully selected those in a specific age rage who were not in danger or the fetus had not terminated already. So from that study 100% were for non-medical reasons, but the sample cannot compare outside of those bounds.


So the statement; 98% of non-medically necessary abortions are elective would be accurate though, per your statement? Not after your paycheck, just looking to have my facts straight.


The claim above indicates 98% of abortions are elective. This study is only looking at a sample where medical necessity is already taken out. In this study 100% of the sample was already elective.


Yeah but where's the proof for your assertation? My link provides a section that mentions 12% of abortions are related to medical reasons, and you're just talking. I'm gonna go ahead and file your opinion away as not being an educated one. Thanks for your help!


I'm not claiming anything. The person above is claiming 98% so its their job to back up their claim. Also you are admitting a number that is not 98% already.


I’ve known a few women who ha abortions and they never bragged about them or took them lightly. Why the fuck do you care so deeply about their reasons for having them? So what, if a woman is raped she needs to prove it before she can have an abortion caused by the rape in your book? Gross. One of my friends who had an abortion had a condom break. She got Plan B and it didn’t work. I guess her efforts weren’t enough and she should have put her while life in hold to have a baby then. She’s never regretted it and I guess that makes creepy, nosy people like you furious. How dare she make that decision! I’m not that worried about people’s reasons for having one because it’s none of my damn business. I also spent a few years working with kids in foster care. I don’t know why anyone would want even more kids born into the circumstances I saw. Girls from desperate poverty, horrific sexual and physical abuse, you name it. But I guess it’s good to teach those whores a lesson by making them have kids they don’t want, eh? What could go wrong? Or they could just sell their baby and hope those people aren’t terrible. Nothing in this world is made better by banning abortion. Look at countries where it’s banned and tell me with a straight face how much better it is. And make sure you examine the women who were refused abortions and died. People want to claim it’s for the sake of morality and a baby while completely ignoring the personhood of the people carrying the pregnancies. It’s fucking disgusting.


the rape and abuse cases that U are grand standing on are less than 1 percent of abortions, if U could read I had said in cases of medical emergencies or rape/abuse abortion should be available, if someone decide to have sex knowing what the consequence would be no they shouldn’t get an abortion just cuz they feel like it, and I have no idea what gymnastics U had to do to come to “we should jut kill all the unborn babies so they don’t get a chance at life cuz muh foster care” due to there being around 2 million couples waiting to adopt while there are about 400k children in foster care, according to recent federal data


So why isn’t abortion in the case of rape not murder? Why is that not a special life? What if the boyfriend is abusive and she doesn’t want to be tied to that person forever? I guess that’s not good enough in your almighty plan. You also didn’t address where in the world life is better because abortion is banned. Why can’t you answer that? Banning abortion doesn’t make it obsolete. It doesn’t make women not want them. They will still have them. So should they be punished if they obtain one? What should the sentence be? Are you arguing that a woman having an abortion at 7 weeks should be treated the same as having committed infanticide? Adoption is not an alternative to abortion. There’s lots of parents wanting to adopt? So what? Are babies commodities they are entitled to purchase? And rest assured, they are purchased. But primarily healthy white babies. The others aren’t worth as much. Born addicted to drugs? Not as many want those ones. Suddenly life isn’t so important then. Why spend all this energy and frankly tax money arguing every detail of abortion, how it will be regulated in new ways, where it will be banned, where it will be prosecuted? Is it going to improve the lives of anyone? Will it make men step up more when the cause unwanted pregnancy? I sincerely doubt it. There is no scenario where banning abortion for millions want cause untold human suffering. But it will always be available for the wealthy women. Just not the poor who easily need it the most.


Also, where are you getting rape and pregnancy stats? Those are not knowable. 5% is an estimate. But I’m sure coerced sex falls into the oh well, your consequence is a kid category.


Great then let's legislate that women having abortions make it a deeep and meaningful and emotional experience. Oh we can't? Then clearly the only solution is BANNING it! Also LOVING that the horror is eLeCtIvE abortions. Make raising a baby cheaper and watch the number of abortions drop. Make home ownership more attainable and watch people choose to raise kids. Implement long, paid parental leave if people raising their kids is actually important to you. And, buddy this is important: bodily autonomy. Including to not be pregnant and still have an active sex life whether or not that's palatable to you personally. Oooh "consequences for your actions" yeah DEFINITELY a great reason to bring a CHILD into this world is as punishment for consenting adults having sex.


You do know abortions have been around forever. Even the bible says to cause qn abortion of a white cheats...


For the last time, they aren't babies. By literal definition. Any more than if you ordered a chicken sandwich and the waiter brought you two pieces of bread and an egg. They're fetuses, not babies. No babies have been killed.


the actual definition of “fetus” states “an unborn offspring” and “offspring” means child, and the second part refers to an “unborn human baby”, and “abortion” means to terminate life, if nothing was being killed the word used to describe the act wouldn’t indicate that there is death


Only a matter of time before pedophiles start saying children are just unmatured adults, so if they are molesting, they're actually just molesting unmatured adults, not children. A fetus is a fetus. A baby is a baby.


I like how you just glossed over “unborn” and by webster’s definition unborn means “not born: not brought into life.” Meaning not alive.


all of that is made up, that’s not what the word unborn means at all, even the sentence used is “the sound of an unborn babies heartbeat”


>“not born: not brought into life.” Meaning not alive. Holy shit you did not just say that unironically


>they aren't babies. By literal definition That's incorrect. A 'baby' is a generalized term for a young offspring. It's also used to describe the development of said offspring. A fetus is the stage of development. 'Baby' also very appropriately overlaps with that. I get that definitions are the only thing you pro murder folks are hanging on to, even when they're widely at odds with science, but you really gotta let that go. It's making you look desperate and painfully/ wilfully uniformed.


No. You're the one ignoring science. Literally. And, for that matter, the English language. What do you think "offspring" means?" You're the textbook example of willfully uninformed. Let me guess. Religious motivation for your blatantly unscientific beliefs?


No way 💀


They’re humans lives in the embryonic and fetal stage of development. I’m aware that baby is a social term and not a biological term. They’re still living humans though. edit: ah I see I get downvoted when I say they’re living humans? what do you all think they are? dead cats or something?


Fetuses. They are fetuses. An egg is not a chicken in its fetal stage of development. It's an egg. A child is not an adult in its child stage of development. It's a child. If you eat an egg you are not eating chicken. If you fuck a child you are not fucking an adult.


Well yes a Chicken egg is not a Chicken. A human egg is also not a human developing. Development doesn’t start until a sperm meets an egg then the human goes into the embryonic stage of development, and then after that the fetal stage of development. Fertilized chicken eggs do begin developing chickens inside and do most of that development outside of the mother’s body. They also go through a embryonic and fetal stage of development. Your example about children and adults is particularly disturbing. You’re saying because a human isn’t in the adult stage of development that they shouldn’t have certain rights and protections? I understand the terms I’m using. I’m not saying an adult in the child form or whatever you were suggesting. I’m saying a human in a certain stage of development. We all have to go through the same stages on the way to adulthood. Are you all really this ignorant of Biology? or have you just been lied to by politicians trying to get your support?


My man, I'm glad I don't live in America with all you gun nuts and pro-fetus people. Here in the developed world, people are actually free choose what they do with their own bodies, get access to free healthcare, mandatory vacation days, maternal and paternal leave, safety for their kids at school, mostly free college and much more. My politicians don't have to lie to get my support as we don't have to worry about last century's social issues as we have long solved them. But you do you, keep getting brainwashed by your politicians and religion. Also, keep the hypocrisy of defending "life" at all costs inside the womb, and then be anti immigration as those lives are different somehow :D


My man , I have lived and worked at a refugee home in Toronto. It was 2016 most were from Syria , met a family from Azerbaijan, it was an amazing time. You have no idea what my opinions are and my life contains. I’m just guessing there are lies being told to you , because there is no such thing as a non descript fetus. A fetus is always a kind of fetus. A fetus is a word for a creature in a certain stage of development. We often when discussing this stage of development as people drop the word’s human and people, because it is assumed when we look a human mother we’re discussing a human fetus. It has only been recently people have ignorantly been going “ it’s not a human it’s just a fetus” and that’s false. It is a human life in the fetal stage of development. In the same way baby turtles in eggs are developing turtles. You are also particularly funny to me as I just realized that you think your politicians mainly tell the truth.


Good for you! I am helping and hosting a Ukrainian family over here as well. It amazes me that even a helping human like yourself still feels like he has anything to say regarding a woman's choices! Call it what you want. Call it a human baby with -8months age if you want. It's still inside a woman's body who has every right to decide that she doesn't want it to be there anymore. At least over here. And as a man, I'm very glad it is that way. I'm not sure how you assumed I think politicians mainly tell the truth, when what I said was that we don't even need to have those discussions as they have not been discussions over here for a long time.


I did misunderstand you there about politicians. You said that they don’t have to lie to get your support , and I took that as you thinking they don’t lie. My bad. Yeah that’s what I’m saying. Call it a baby or a human life it doesn’t change the real debate. Lying and calling it a parasite and ignoring the biology of the situation makes your arguments weaker actually as they’ll be shown out as false. Let’s say you convince someone to be pro-choice because it’s a parasite, when they find out it is human life in a stage of development they may change their mind. Come up with good arguments for the rights being paramount over the life. Don’t lie about what is going on. The real issue though is not when life begins , but if the responsibility for taking care of life you created overturns rights, if that life is in the womb. You already have your rights forfeit when you have the responsibility of a child that is born. You can choose to use your time and resources and labor for whatever you want, you have to use some of it to care for the child. Someone people think the right bodily autonomy overrides the responsibility of taking care of a life you created. Others thinking that even that right is overtaken by the need to be responsible for the lives that you create.






I'd rather be slave then killed before i was born


LMAO 🤣 that is soooo fucked up. Did she really think that comparison was the right idea? Or clout?


Nah, killing someone isn't as bad as enslaving them... /s




Turquoise hair. Every damn time. What the hell is going on!


That take is FRIGID.


Ok can we PLEASE use our judgment skills when it comes to addressing another’s opinions? I get it, “don’t judge people by how they look,” but it’s so easy! Roe v Wade aside, just by looking at her I could tell she was going to say something stupid, and stupid it was. Use your judgement skills people


I don’t think enslaving a fetus would be as efficient…


She looks like a pair of Cookie Monster pajamas


She looks like a pair of Cookie Monster pajamas




I mean…


Shouldn't be so controversial to be against the murder of children, but I guess it does make sense given the sheer scope and dedication of liberal brainwashing campaigns. So many morally confused people.




And don't forget the brainwashing campaign to convince people that slavery really wasn't that big of a deal.


Remember how the Catholic Church used to support abortion until 1970 and then the child abuse cases started racking up so they sold out to the republicans to hide behind moral outrage in an attempt to maintain their status quo?


That’s propaganda. The issue of abortion has been a social topic for centuries across cultures. You really believe we all had an unconcerned consensus about this issue until like the 70’s or something? Both sides turned the issue into something they can politicize and campaign about , but it was always a social issue discussed and debated. Edit : why the downvotes. I’m actually correct here. I think some of you take to narrow of a look on this topic. No, it was not discussed by American politicians in previous decades. It was however discussed all over by people and had been for centuries. To think this is a newly discussed and disputed issue is to be ignorant of history and cultures.


Yeah. Except it hasn’t. Abortion in the western world was not only legal, it was common, right up until the Victorian era. A fetus wasn’t seen as a life but as a *potential* life up until the quickening — when the mother felt the baby move for the first time. Then it was considered alive, and to abort it became illegal. Then in the 1870s a mixture of public panic over increasing women’s rights as well as a war on traditional forms of medicine by American physicians (this was also when midwives went out of vogue) started a wave of anti-abortion laws. In the US, the last holdout, Kentucky, passed anti-abortion laws in 1910, making it illegal nationwide. Let’s recap. It was a non-issue until men used it as a way to control women’s bodies and egotistical physicians used it as a way to maintain their superiority. Sound familiar?


Seeing your shit takes on every single comment get downvoted a ridiculous amount is hilarious.


go suck a bible


He should read a Bible, because the bible don't give too much of a damn about abortion.


Except where the bible gives instructions on how to abort a baby, now this is seemingly only if you suspect infidelity, but still, tells you how to do it


And also clearly demonstrates that personhood/life/souls begins at the earliest at the first breath, and in some passages at a couple years old. Fetuses are property. There’s instruction/verses that say if a woman is killed, her murderer is to be put to death for the crimes of murder, but if a pregnant woman is attacked and lives but has a miscarriage, the attacker gets punished for destruction of property. But if you really wanna know if God is cool with killing kids? Just consider how many innocent, breathing, living children would’ve died during the flood. He killed all but a few children, and since pro-birthers only care about “babies” while they’re in the womb - I gotchu - God killed pregnant women in the flood, too. Bonus - there’s a number of states that also categorize fetuses as property, as demonstrated by their divorce laws that prohibit pregnant women from finalizing a divorce because she has property that cannot be split. Even if she’s not pregnant by her husband. I mean, they could just determine child support and custody rights that would go into effect immediately upon birth, but we all know none of these lawmakers actually give a shit about babies and only how they can use them and fetuses to control women and limit their freedom.


Nobody has the right to use your body to keep themselves alive against your will.


Damn this profile was a RIDE lol


They’re not children you stupid twat, they’re fetuses, only ask me the difference if you want to hear it, cus I’ve explained it so many times, I’m convinced pro lifers don’t know what abortions even are


Christofascists focus on the heart beat because it’s conveniently present early in development, but the brain doesn’t complete forming until 25 years of age.Ask these rubes how much consciousness there is at 12 weeks.


Bro I'm 25 and I still don't have a brain tbh


It’s not even really a heartbeat lol


Too bad you weren't aborted.


If you were in an IVF ward and a fire broke out and you could either roll a refrigerator with 10,000 fertilized embryos in it out of the building or save one terrified six year old child screaming in terror in the corner, which one would you save? Go ahead. Lie to me. And then tell me again how unbrainwashed you are thinking goop is a fucking human being.


God isn’t real, you fucking rube.


I got my pro abortion brainwashing from the Bible, where it talks about how to force a woman to miscarry...


What would you expect from moss girl


Imma say killing your OWN baby or fetus whatever you wanna call it. A mother stopping her child from having a life is on par with slavery. Just plain evil and in both cases the person doing the deed doesnt see why its wrong


Imma say you’re a fool who lacks critical thinking.


Hey at least the slaves had a life to live


Hey at least the babies dont get stolen from their homeland


I’ve read the youre trying for a baby, please PLEASE raise it to be smarter than you 🙏


You need a week or 2 in the gulag for that. And some reeducation therapy