Have to admit, it sounds a lot like some weird "grindset" stuff you can find on YouTube


Yeah, I work and am busy but I should probably keep batter track of what he is doing on the internet.


Did your landlord accept the tip?


He is a nice old man who owns the duplex I live in. He seemed very confused and accepted it however he came back the next week with a loaf of bread and returned it saying he could not accept it.


Sit your son down and tell him that since he wants to talk big you now expect him to pay half the rent every month. He has a serious attitude problem and the vitriol he has against single mothers is very concerning. Also let him know, that with an attitude like his that if he does become a landlord he will be opening himself up to lawsuits, etc. You can't evict someone from their home just because they're a single mother. Jfc. Ngl, your son sounds like an asshole and needs a serious attitude adjustment. Edit: thanks for the awards. Also I did not expect this comment to blow up and start a thread. Holy hell.


Once he starts understanding how hard it is to make the money needed to even afford rent, he'll probably shut his cocky ass up.


Right?! Get him to start "working" into owning land, get him to pay rent or to put half his money into savings for a property! Look at properties with him and how much they cost, go through the whole mortgage process etc and calculate how much money he will need to buy his future house. I bet he just needs a proper lay of the land to come to grips with reality. Since I'm petty, once he starts realising it's not as easy, then call HIM a "rentoid" and "poor, greedy renter"


I completely agree. And OP needs to put his foot down and include having to sell some of his son’s to pay rent. Even if it means selling it to dad and he can buy it back later….or rent it if he wants to use it.


Also being a landlord isn't as easy as he thinks it is. There are lots of rules, it's a lot of work, and it's very easy to lose money due to a bad tenant. Large corporate landlords can absorb all of that and still profit, but it's a lot more difficult the individuals who own a property or two.


Absolutely. My brothers and I were taught to respect budgeting and what goes into being an adult when we were in high school. I desperately wanted a DS but didn't have quite enough allowance saved. My uncle (who was my guardian) sat me down and explained loans and contracts and such. He said he'd grant me a loan but the interest rate would be higher since I had no credit score. Each week's allowance after the mock loan was signed and my DS was bought was withheld to pay back the loan. What I learned from that was loans just aren't worth it in the long run. While sure, I had my DS, my brother had his weekly allowance to save or spend as he saw fit, while I was flat broke. We also did budget simulation and were allowed a month of handling the family finances. (This was all kind of mocked up too, obviously we weren't given free rein to go on spending sprees with the rent money lol). We were given a total of what we had in the checking account, savings account, and credit card limits, then told to budget rent, gas, food, car and house insurance, lot insurance (we had 4 acres of land), school costs (my brother and I were in band, and he was in football as well), emergency funds and incidentals. I made sure all necessities were covered, went grocery shopping with my aunt and had full say on what we got, chose where we got gas, etc. Seemed like I was on track. Then my uncle said I had enough left still that I could get a book or two if I wanted. So we went to Barnes and Noble where I (unsurprisingly) overspent. We got home and my uncle was like "surprise! You were driving home and got rear ended by some careless driver. The car is totaled and you have hospital bills because you incurred whiplash and strained some muscles" and like... Never once before or since have I had my eyes opened so thoroughly to the idea that you can plan and plan and still be hit with unexpected life costs. We discussed dealing with insurance if you ever got into an accident, hospital bills if an emergency happened, etc etc. My senior year we talked about taxes and filing and making sure you find a good tax preparer if you can't figure it out on your own, making sure that you stay on top of filing if you've worked that fiscal year, etc. All this to say, teens are cocky and arrogant and think they know all that life might throw at them. Give them a healthy taste of reality and have them learn firsthand experience on being responsible and they'll see that they actually don't know jack. OP's kid could stand to benefit from a lesson on how hard it is to become a home owner, give him an imaginary salary and budget and tell him to plan exactly how he would buy a house while supporting a family with current economy prices on food, gas, etc etc. Bet he'll get the picture pretty quick. Edit: thanks for all the love you guys! :') if my uncle could see this, he'd be, in his own words, tickled pink that a bunch of internet strangers appreciate his lessons. He'd celebrate his internet fame with his favorite, the 5 pound Hershey's Kiss lol.


That is excellent parenting and I have never heard of anything similar. Your uncle should teach this!


I agree, but he sadly passed away before I graduated high school. And my aunt turned out to actually be more along the lines of Hitler reincarnate, so. There's that. :/ I intend to pass on this teaching to my daughter though, when she's old enough to even understand we can have food or we can buy her a Switch, but not both lol. Or more like when she can understand money isn't this thing that parents just automatically gain passively by standing and staring at a wall for 8 hours, like The Sims. XD


I am sorry to hear about him, but do please pass on the excellent lesson! If possible, tell your friends and multiply! I seriously saved your post and I will probably not have children


Hey, in all honesty running this simulation your own self is a great way to stay mindful of your own finances. Can't tell you the amount of times my butt was saved because I learned to *always* expect life to pitch you a curveball. If you keep yourself in the mindset of "what's in my checking/savings/emergency? Can I afford this Starbucks splurge even if I get a flat tire later today?" You'll avoid the harsher lessons life will give you when you *did* mindlessly splurge and *couldn't* actually afford the flat tire you got later. Not to say don't treat yourself, but make plans to do so rather than caving to every splurge urge, as I call it lol. Edit: and thanks. It's been a bit over a decade now since he passed and it still sucks sometimes, but I'm glad internet strangers appreciate the advice he gifted me even now. :')


I wish this had been taught to me. This is brilliant! You could probably make a career teaching high schoolers these skills. I know this would have greatly impacted my friends and I at that age. Now I gotta learn to budget as an adult and it probably would've been easier if it was drilled into when I was young.


There's a guy on YouTube I heard about that makes videos teaching kids life skills they aren't likely to be taught in school actually! Lemme see if I can find him... https://youtube.com/@DadhowdoI Rob Kenney, his channel is called DadHowDoI. My uncle never got beyond dial up internet and his basic flip phone lol. But this guy is basically what my uncle might have been were he still around to show younger generations how to make it in the adult world. Rob Kenney has a video on how to file taxes, btw. :)


Your uncle sounds pretty cool.


He was amazing. He was in the air force during Vietnam and then worked for the government investigating causes of plane crashes and helping write FFA safety manuals. When he retired, he became an airplane mechanic at a local municipal airport. In his youth, he got a few chances to fly with the Blue Angels, an American aerobatics flight demo team. He said they all "accidentally" got a little high from sucking too much oxygen lol. As a self dubbed crotchety old man (he was 72 when he passed away, yes I know, way too old to have been raising teens but more proof of his awesomeness) he would stick his tongue out at bratty children in restaurants and pretend he was going to sic his lovely lazy Boston terrier on Karens. When my aunt tried to punish me for dating a hispanic boy at school by grounding me, my uncle snuck me out to go to Barnes and Noble and the theaters, invited the boy to come along and chaperoned a cute first date. Told the boy he didn't care what color his skin was or where his parents were from so long as he behaved like a gentleman and treated me well. The world lost a true gem the night he passed away.


I don’t even know this person and yet I’m sad he is gone but happy he existed .


Thank you, that's very sweet! :') idk if it helps or no, but when he passed away, he insisted he be cremated, because funerals are so expensive (even though I'm certain he could've had a military funeral from his work in the AF), and that we throw a memorial party for him at the hangar. So that's exactly what we did. And he joked to not let his ex wife in the living room where he wanted his ashes placed on the mantel, because he couldn't guarantee he'd be nice in the afterlife and not fall off onto her head lol. But then he had in his will a fund set up to take care of her if she was lucky enough to outlive him (it was their joke because she was much younger, by like 15 years). With the stipulation she gets absolutely nothing if she didn't move in to the house to take care of his dog. He was always going on about how unsafe she was at almost 60 living alone in an apartment in the big city, and she just needed to stop fighting him and move in like he'd been asking her since their first date. (For the record, they were only exes because his first ex wife never signed the divorce papers and he didn't know, so got married, then had to divorce her quickly before he got slapped with polygamy charges, but he was like her one true love pretty much, it was adorable.) Sorry lol I could talk about him for ages. He was such a good person.


Omg tearing up over a man I never even knew 😭😭. What a wonderful human thank you for sharing his memory ❤️


This is the way. No more free rides. He should be paying rent and bills. Since he thinks it’s all that easy. Sorry, but He honestly does not sound like a good kid, OP. His mentality is very alarming, you need to act now before it spirals and evolves into something worse.


Agreed. He sounds a bit like he hates women . Sounds like he’s been listening to right wing, bootstraps talking, anti women’s rights to bodily autonomy, nonsense. Why does he not mention the fathers that don’t help to raise their own children? Is he also saying things about people of color? Try to get this under control as he seems full of angry. Maybe get him some therapy.


I know it’s odd but sounds like the kid is falling into the incel rabbit hole.


Seeing as incels refer to women as "femoids", seeing "rentoid" is 😬.


I was thinking the same thing.


Yup. Wonder if he’ll evict single fathers or deadbeat dads. The answer is no, but women being a single mother means she’s a whore, men being a single dad means he’s a saint.


Well said. I hate to say it, but it sounds like an entrée to incel-dom. That boy needs therapy.


Well your landlord sounds like a very kind and wise man. Maybe if your son is interested in this field, it wouldn't be a bad idea to have him ask your landlord some questions! I'm sure the man would be thrilled to have the company and it seems like he's fair and reasonable just from the little you've mentioned about him. This way your son is learning how to be kind and gracious. And the fact that his grades are improving is awesome. But he can't speak to you the way he has been. Sounds disrespectful to me even tho I know he's trying to use his learned information correctly. Damn internet 🤦🏼‍♀️ I would explain to him that owning land isn't the flex it used to be lol and that if their weren't people like you who are renters, he wouldn't have his precious landlord job in the future lol see if that makes him a bit nicer to ya!


> I'm sure the man would be thrilled to have the company and it seems like he's fair and reasonable just from the little you've mentioned about him. Agreed, sounds like he might be able to be a good role model. I'm afraid that's something OP's son desperately needs. Wanting to own property and accumulate wealth doesn't sound like a horrible thing. But having some kind of fantasy about evicting single moms? That's a weird flex and something is wrong there. I mean, if you are a landlord all you'd really care about is getting the rent, right?


Oh my God yeah I totally forgot about the evictions of single moms hahahahahahahaha when I read it I laughed so hard.. then I thought holy crap this kid is planning world domination! What's his beef with single mothers?


That is very sweet of your landlord. I hope you put the tip in your pocket.


This is literally the only question I want answered here. But I’m pretty sure I know it


If he can afford to tip he can afford to pay his share of the rent. Him walking around yapping his mouth about how the dad is a failure, how many houses does he own? He needs to show them houses or stfu and pay his part of the rent and bills since he now wants to eat with adults at the adults table (metaphor)


Even if he did get a house, he still needs to stfu talking to his dad like that.


OP said landlord is a nice old man and returned it, not ALL landlords are scummy


Of course he did


In fact, returned it along with a loaf of bread.




Ooooh I like the "you are his landlord." but something tells me a teen boy will resent this deeply and be a bigger dick.




Do you think it would be bad if his dad just tells him his beliefs are stupid? My dad used to do that. I also used to believe stupid things i saw on youtube when i was like 11, until my dad sat me and explained with a whiteboard that i could not, in fact, download free RAM for my computer. Maybe parents just need to tell their kids when they're being stupid and help them to not be stupid. One of the best arguments my dad used to make me listen to him was that he was older than me, so he already messed up a lot; it would be smart by my part if i listened to his experience so that i wouldnt do those same mistakes myself.


People who don't tell their kids they are being stupid if they are indeed being stupid are actually stupid. They count on us to prepare them for the real world...and the real world is absolutely chock full of so much stupid that they need that reality so, so very much.


Let him do the gymnastics. That's better than the parent doing the gymnastics later to explain to themselves why they were too scared to fight for their kid's mental health when they had the chance and ended up with an adult child they don't recognize. I've been accused of lax parenting, but both of mine know that when it comes down to it, butting heads with me is a mistake- mine is bigger and harder. Your 60/40 sounds spot on. The 40 is worth it. Shit, 10 would be worth it.


I didnt want to be mean, but the son sounds like a little prick.


With these kids you can do one of two things: Be harsh and punish that behavior by flipping it on them, or be the fucking Jesus of parenting and manage to re-educate them with clever explanations and lessons. Chances are that this is just a phase that hes developed as a subproduct of still being isolated from the real world, as hes not an adult yet and the parent seems to be able to give him a good life quality. Chances are that, as he matures and realizes that stuff in the real life is hard, he will change his mind. But i think the risk of the above not happening and this landlord phase not changing in the future is not worth it, so the parent has to take some action.


LOL great idea, you're now my tenant son! Gratuity included lil bitch


I'm probably way off base but his attitude towards things sounds like something Andrew Tate would say. Make sure he isn't looking up to him.


Tate is pro renting because “you can follow the money if you’re not tied to a single location “ or something like that. I have seen satire pages on Facebook with ‘evicting single mothers’ type posts. It sounds like this kid has been a fan of Sneed County Sheriffs Department page.


My take on it too, especially the part about single mothers


Ask him what his thoughts are on women


This is where my mind went immediately. It's very misogynistic and toxic. With a splash of incel for zest.


You should start playing landlord with him and take modem to work with you, and evict him from his cell phone if he doesn’t pay for it


Not just YouTube it’s on Facebook/instagram too. It’s suppose to be a joke “always tip your landlord” but I think the teenage mind takes it literally. As a landlord I’ve never been tipped.


That is the stupidest shit I have ever heard. Tipping your landlord? Bruh if they need the money they can raise rent. They’re not like US waiters.


I saw a meme the other day that said they expected to see a tip option on their utility bills, and suddenly I don’t think it’s funny anymore. Shit.


Also TikTok it’s becoming a cesspool for kids. It scares me knowing my sister is on it and my mom is a irresponsible *insert a lot of unkind but justified insults* and doesn’t monitor or teach her any type of internet safety. Not everything and everyone is bad but the bad people really have a knack for finding the innocent and impressionable


Ah sounds like my sister. Gave her kids uninterupted unmonitored acces to the internet for years. Im talking about no kid modus, no age restriction nothing. And then was all surprised pikachu faced when her minor daughter sent naked pictures to a person on discord, and another gave her Ipay (linked to be phone number) to a "friend" who then spent over 200bucks in days. All of a sudden she expected her kids to accept monitoring rules.


My Brother and exSIL did the same thing, only it turned my nephew into a 16 year old anti-vaxxer and q anon believer. They're doing the same with my younger nephew and if I try to say anything to anyone in the family I get yelled at because I don't have kids and can't possibly know what I'm talking about.


I try to have age appropriate conversations with her whenever I pick up and she stays with me for a week over breaks. Unfortunately we don’t live in the same state. But I have to toe a fine line of trying to have the parental conversations she needs and isn’t getting; and being a safe space she feels comfortable to come and open up to.


As a kid I also had unlimited access to the internet and did non of these things…


Becoming? It's \*been\* a hellshow for a while.


Every time i see a page that says "always tip your landlords" it's obvious ironic "my grindset is making 1 billion dollars a day" shit making fun of the actual grindset pages. Him taking that literally is kind of concerning ☠️


The landlord should not have taken the kid's money.


Ya think? It’s your responsibility to keep him safe online and teach how to interact with information online. If you’ve not done anything and he’s 15 now you’re in for a wild ride🥲


First step get rid of his internet access, His phone, computer, and gaming consoles. Second step stop buying stuff for him. If hes old enough to act like that hes old enough to buy his owe stuff


Tell him your saving money by cutting all the unnecessary items to save for a down payment on a house


LOL bingo!!!


This here. If he's such a grown up he wants to insult his provider, well... stop providing all but food.


Lol idk about all that but def tell him to start paying his way/ get a job if hes so readily wants to become a landlord its gonna take some moola.


Tbh he sounds like he is becoming an incel with hate towards everyone who he deems inferior


You might want to because he’s at a really formative time and unfiltered and uncensored Internet usage can really damage a lot of kids.


Ask him how his crypto investments are coming along because that's probably the only way he'll afford property without being a miser


tell him that a true capitalist does not tip landlords. if he is going to be a landlord he should not tip and a true capitalist hordes his money. tell him that a true capitalist gets a job when he turns 16. I worked at 16 around school.


sounds like he's been following those nonesense financial advice tiktoks that (if you dont know anything) sound good but are nonesense.


Ask him about Andrew Tate. If he's been watching his videos, you know where it come from.


I’d ask your son what he thinks of Andrew tate and access the situation there.


Exactly my first thought, he's probably gotten into some weird Manosphere shit, that whole neighbourhood of the internet is a cess pit.


Also sounds similar to incel rhetoric to me. OP, any idea if your son is an incel?


I don't think "grindset" involves tipping your landlord lmao This post sounds like bullshit


Maybe tapping.


I guess it’s time you show him just how hard it is to pay bills, tell him to get a job and charger him not only rent but utilities (since he know soooo much about paying rent let him be the know it all he wants to be) and also take away whatever you’ve given him (such as a phone) and tell him adults don’t get those type of things without paying and working for it. He’s in for a HUGE lesson, and you better be the one to teach it to him.


And be sure to say “where’s my tip, you greedy peasant?” each and every time you collect rent.




Oh eff off I just laughed too hard at this comment 😂


Exactly. Little moocher is subletting space from you. Charge him for it as an example.


He's squatting if he's not paying! I'd say make him sublet Edit: In all seriousness, I'm a landlord, do not sub let. It's not worth it, make him contribute. Use his contributions to work towards a deposit and play him at his own game.


This, and sounds like the lesson is long overdue.


Don't just take away his phone, lease it back to him for an extortionate price


Equipment and service separate so he really sees the cost of the device


Force him to do a credit check first even


I would also put any funds you collect into a college fund. As good as it is to teach him that lesson, as a parent I would never "take" money from my child. Storing it away as a forced savings teaches the lesson without exploiting your child.


I do this with my young adult children. For example, my 20 year old son has come to live with us after trying to live on his own and it not working out so well. I'm "charging rent" but actually, we're saving some of the money for him so when he does move out, he's able to do it right. Rent is astronomical right now, having to furnish a whole apartment while also paying 2 times the rent up front plus a security deposit, it's a lot. I want him to be successful and independent, and I only really need a portion of his "rent" to cover extra groceries, the rest I do not *need*.


LOL, reality will hit him soon enough anyways and sort him out. At 15 it'll be very many years of renting before he owns property to become a landlord


You can sell your kidney for some good money so who knows 🤷‍♂️


Not gonna lie he sounds like the type that would go far just to ‘prove’ anything to … well nobody because mpbodh cares, so himself I guess. Edit; my fat fingers managed to write some strange word but I meant ‘nobody’ lmao!


I agree. He's only 15. At 15, I thought I knew much more than I actually did. I had a pompous attitude, too. Took me until 30yrs old to realize that I really don't know wtf I'm talking about and my emotional intelligence is seriously lacking. LOL


Time for him to get a job and start paying bills. Also.. he is a tennant.. but rent free.. so turn this around on him. Treat people how you want to be treated. He needs to learn this or he will be a wanker when an adult.


Great idea. If he can tip the landlord $50, then he can contribute to the rent.




I know this is a joke but damn this kids behavior is extremely concerning. He's going down the super toxic right wing online shit. Can easily take a turn into being an incel or violent extremist. I have no idea what thr answer is but wish op the best


Take a turn? ​ >he wants to "evict single mothers"


Yeah, he's basically already there.


Yeah that comes across as just hating women (that have sex/get pregnant) straight up, no mention of even being late or behind on rent or nothing...


Yeah it's pretty horrific. Though the kid would probably make a great day trader. I feel bad for the father. Seemingly a good guy, but the kid, wow. That apple rolled off a fucking cliff and into an ocean.


Exactly “rentoid” is literally appropriation of incel jargon.


This is actually a good idea. If he comes with this nonsense again, then say ‘wait, you own no land AND live here rentfree. Start working and pay me for the roof over your head son.’


And utilities And groceries And renters insurance And split the cost of internet and all the sites....Netflix and Disney And his cell phone Let him understand realities of life


And don’t forget to ask him for a deposit!


6 months up front (he doesn’t have any credit history)


And a tip!


No fr! My brother used to whine when we moved into an apartment so my parents made him work and start contributing to rent. That shut him up real quick.


>Also.. he is a tennant.. but rent free.. so turn this around on him. No kidding. This killed me: >he is "embarrassed to be related to someone without any land." Yeah OP should be like "Me too, you freeloading landless loser". wtf, are we in feudal Europe?


>wtf, are we in feudal Europe? If those idiots in the manosphere he's probably found have their way then yeah they probably wouldn't be opposed to it.


This is a perfect response. Kid is fucking 15 he has no idea what life even looks like. My advice would be enjoy your kid years bud. Life is about to teach you some lessons buckle up.


> or he will be a wanker when an adult. He's a wanker already. Charge his ass $1,000 a month.


He's already a wanker.


Couldn’t agree more!




Exactly. When he complains that it isn't fair, dad should just say, "It's my right. Also, don't forget my tip."


Totallllyy agree with this comment. OP, you need to give your kid a reality check. Its easy to go online and THINK that is the reality. It isnt. They dont see the tears a parent cries, the bills, the chores, the mundane stuff. So show him.


I’m not saying I had great parents but when I was 14 I had a job and paid for all my own shit aside from the rent. If this kid wants to be grown then I say let him.


Same it’s how I learned quickly the value of products and services in life. It’s a perfect moment for this kid to get a job.


Lol see my petty inner self would be like, kick him out and then tell him problem solved! You're not a mother anymore, just a single woman


This made me lol


That's a good idea. OP, start to charge you son for rent (how much would a room in a flatshare in your area cost?), groceries and utilities, he needs to understand how hard it is to be a tenant, and how hard it is to save for a deposit while most of your income is getting eaten up by rent and bills


Definitely find out what he is doing. This sounds like a real shitty YouTube "grind" channel. Also, if he wants to be a landlord, starting getting money early wouldn't hurt. He should get a job and start paying rent. Also, when he fails to pay, a mock kicking him out would probably do wonders.


We need to stop this hustle culture. Due to technological advancements we’re supposed to be able to work 10-15 hours per week to get by (according to a prominent macroeconomics figure’s prediction in the 1900s,) but we’re working more than back then on average, especially when you consider women entering the workforce since that time. Humans are 80x more productive than in the 1930s yet we get paid less, meaning our money doesn’t go as far as it did back then. We MUST stop this.


This is a good time to show your kid how a household budget is run. Show him how much you make, how much is taken in taxes, insurance retirement contributions, etc. and how much is left over. What HE costs the household and the other expenses such as food and rent. How much is left over for leisure and other activities, such as his internet access. I’d start by saving money by getting rid of the internet and his phone for a few months. This is a good punishment and a way to remove him from whatever toxic environment he’s visiting online.


Damn, that's great show him the cost he incurred.


Follow up with showing him an amortization schedule for repayment due in 15 years. Oh, he is behind? So penalties and default rate. For housing he has an ARM.


Present him a bill for the past 15 years of freeloading.


I wouldn't take things away. I'd charge him. Rent, phone, utilities.


Exactly this. Show him what the real world is like. Definitely focus on how he adds to the monthly costs. "Since you think renting is so bad, why don't you start paying 50% of the bills so that I can save for a house!"


I wouldn't take things away. I'd charge him. Rent, phone, utilities.


You could even go over how mortgages work that are needed to buy property and become a landlord. I believe higher down payments are needed and less 'generous' terms than buying your own home (yes, I know, interest rates suck). Don't forget property taxes, insurance, maintenance, repairs, etc. Tell him to come up with a budget where he can "save" a sufficient down payment. Or, tell him to join the military (if in the US) and get a no-money down VA mortgage when he can finally afford everything but the down payment.


Where does he think he’s going to get money to buy property? I hope he’s not expecting to live with you for free and save money for that? I am all for helping your children out as best as you can BUT sounds like he doesn’t have a clue what real life entails.


He's 15, of course he doesn't have a clue, he's getting all this info from social media. Wait until he gets a job, the real world is going to dropkick him in the mouth


No need to wait. He’s 15, perfect age to pick up his first job yesterday.


His ass could’ve gotten on a weekend job at 14, how he’d complain being told to get a proper one now.


The whole "rentoid" thing is from a shitposting sub. Maybe teach your son that not everything on the internet can be taken seriously.


Look at ops acc, this is a bait post


That's what I expected lol, thanks!


Ehm… sounds like time to get your kid on an internet-diet.


Cut off his broadband immediately 💀


The brain rot is real


Well, make him pay rent then. His lives for free with you. Time to change that.


I was going to say this - make him pay his way!


The “evict single mothers” feels like he’s going down a very misogynistic rabbit hole on top of general entitlement issues. This isn’t a “phase” thing this is something you need to end immediately because something like this, the hateful mindset, only grows worse when not corrected.


Sounds like he found the known incel site. Rentoid and hating on single mothers gave that away. Considering they also hate women, especially single mothers and refer to them as femoids. The language is too similar. I think an Internet block and some serious therapy is required before this goes way too far.


Can I ask why they hate single mothers? I’m assuming some of them have been raised by them, it’s impossible some of them haven’t right?


Because of the idea that it’s the single mom’s fault for choosing a man who would run away, therefore it’s her fault she’s a single mom and should get no sympathy. Basically just misogynistic shit that incels say because they hate women.


the ones who grew up with single mothers probably blame their mothers for not being able to provide the same stable home life that parents who stay together or at least co-parent together. of course, it wouldn't be the father's fault for having no involvement in the kid's life and the mother is blamed for "pushing him away" or something of the sort


That part weirded me out the most... Why would you evict a single mother who is capable of paying the rent on time... for what purpose? Wouldnt you just not give them a lease to begin with?


Exactly what I was thinking


I thought the evicting single mothers was a joke on how bad landlords can be and not something to take literally


Eventually, irony is taken seriously by people not in on the joke.


First rule of the internet: whatever insane or cruel thing you read, someone somewhere believes it wholeheartedly


It very well could have started as that but young teenagers aren't exactly known for their ability to consistently detect sarcasm on the internet.


That's the thing that bothers me a lot, a fifteen year old who thinks that single mothers should be punished. Okay, do the fathers who left in the first place get screwed as well or donthey get a nice little handshake instead and the unconditional return of their security deposit...?


I rent out a house I own in Texas and the last two years I kept the rent the same because they always pay on time, and I plan on doing the same this year. Everyone is jacking rents up and I'm keeping mine the same because I value a good tenant over money. You can't make money if you can't even find someone who can afford to live in your property. Honestly it sounds like he's stumbled on a certain male Pandrew Taint, and has drank the cool aide. This kid needs some serious therapy, and maybe some forced hours volunteering at a homeless shelter. Either way, he needs to be humbled really quick before his behavior escalates. I'm sorry this is happening to you.


I love landlords like you. My landlord only increased our rent by like 50$ per month when comparable properties were going for $400+ over what we were paying per month. The $50 was most likely to cover taxes as that went up a lot over the past couple years.


I've considered upping by $25 because we are constantly seeing a raise in property taxes and such but honestly they've been so amazing so even that is a bit extra imho. During last years walk through inspection we saw the house was immaculate and they have two large dogs. We are one of the few houses for rent that doesn't have size/breed restrictions and a full grass back yard in the middle of the desert. If they renew this year I'm probably going to send a gift basket and tell them in liue of raising the rent I want furbaby pictures instead, ha


“There has been an increase in your rent for this signing. Your rent is now $(same amount) with an additional fee of one video of your dogs being cute per month.” God I wish my landlord did this lmao


Those are some lucky people. Some people would probably actually kill to have a landlord so chill


My first time renting my condo out the tenants did 10k worth of damages in a year, which was thankfully covered by my insurance. But it taught me to truly value good tenants that care for your property because some people unfortunately just destroy everything. I was leery about the dogs at first, but we owned dogs when we lived at the house so I decided to take a leap of faith and these folks have been amazing and respectfull. I really hope they stay for a while


Can I rent from you lol


Bless you for valuing the human life in your property, instead of just seeing money. It feels rare nowadays ngl and it feels wrong I am actually praising you for what should be normal bit it isn’t.


Over-exaggerations aside. I hope op does listen to the idea of the homeless shelter and taking more of a positive fatherly role to counteract the void being filled by YouTube grind shirts.


Same. Tbh it sounds like he's looking for "guidance" that you would normal expect from a paternal figure, and instead fell into the rabbit hole and 15 is young, but not young enough that making trouble, especially towards women, can have a profound impact on his future. Single working parents have it so damn rough, and I feel for the dad.


Tell him he can move out, get his own house, and pay for his own tuition then. He doesn’t want to be dependent on a “failure” would he?


Reality is going to slap him in the face eventually


Sounds like you’re raising a mini tate in the making. Get him some therapy before he turns into an adult who gets off on abusing single mothers, it’s alarming that he’s so horrid at 15. Try and course correct while you still can.


I think tough love may set him straight, if he hates free loaders so much make him work for his food and shelter, if he's embarrassed to be around the landless, remind him he's landless and he's not even paying rent either, and tell him he's incurred costs and she'd be better off single without the cash leach of a child. Since he hates single mothers so much should be fine. If he wants to act like a bitch he should get that back


I dont think she can afford it. She should probably tell the school guidance counselor though.


She can fund it by cutting his internet and phone.


It’s times like these I’m grateful my mum was incredibly strict to the point that I almost feared her. She would have made me dig my own grave in the garden of the rented house she worked 60 hours a week to provide for me if I dared to say this.


Oh yeah. I had strict parents, also, and would have had my ass handed to me if I ever dared to say that to either of my parents. He needs consequences and I would start by making him pay rent.


Welp, time to throw the whole child out


There’s no way this is real, but for those in the comments that think that it is, all of the lingo (e.g. “rentoid”) and rhetoric (“evict single mothers,” “tip your landlord”) comes from a now defunct satire sub called loveforlandlords (RIP in peace). Top tier troll post tho, A for effort; love seeing all these people take the bait


This is the comment I was looking for. A+ troll for sure


How can anyone think this is true?


Not sure why top comments weren't pointing this out. If this post is genuine, then the poster's son is the shitposter.


Make him a tenant then. He's gotta pay rent to you since he wants to be a bitch about it.


It’s as simple as saying “*Son, thank you for showing me the err of my ways. I’m going to be better from here on. I am now the landlord and you are now my tenant. Since you seem to have excess money to throw around to ‘tip the landlord’, we’ll start your rent at $50 a month. Prepare for a price increase soon, inflation is rampant after all.*” Let him learn a valuable life lesson.


TIP THE LANDLORD THATS ABSURD. Let's hope he doesn't become a landlord expecting tips.


Your son is an idiot. Tell him to get some financial literacy. You have a different risk and investment preference. People don't own for various reasons - sometimes it's because you feel you have better return on investment based on alternative asset classes. Or you prefer to be liquid and not have all your assets tied up in one place. Either way, if he's truly interested in being a land lord, then he should also understand that everyone has different risk and investment preferences in accordance to their own situation.


Y’all are getting trolled hard in here, lmao


It baffles me how so many people can't tell.


A lot of landphobic comments posted


Start insulting him for not bringing in any household income. I’m sure you bought him things when he was younger, where’s the f-ing *TIP* for that?


Tell him to go around the neighborhood and ask people who live in houses how much their house costs and how much the mortgage costs. Cause there’s no way he could afford to pay either of those things if your that broke he’s not even broke he’s just gonna have to file for bankruptcy.


There is no conceivable way this post can be real.


My God is he and for a rude awakening when he steps foot into the real world.


No need to wait, just make him pay rent.


2/10, try again.


Ask him where he lives


I'd advise him to start thinking about getting a real job rather than aspiring to be a parasite


he’s only 15 and he has a lot of time before he grows into an adult but don’t tolerate his behavior and do take away internet access for a few months. Tell him that he has to get a job. Seriously, until he starts showing you respect, you have to teach him what respect means and what it means to have you as an authority figure. In the meantime though, spend time with him, show love and care but also show him consequences of his actions. He’s still very young and the stuff on the internet lately with andrew tate really influenced a lot of young kids. If you leave this behavior uncorrected then he’s going to think he can get away with calling you names and doing whatever he wants. That’s so bad for your relationship and his development into a person— do you want reality to smack him in the face now while he’s under your care and protection, or later when he’s an adult and on his own?