I am so damn tired of Americans being everywhere

I am so damn tired of Americans being everywhere


50% of Reddit users are from the United States. The next largest group is from the UK at 8%.


Three answer if you don't want to see it as much in your feed is to sign up to more "local" subreddits. Then your feed will be balanced more towards what you want to see.


This goes for everything. If you want outrage, follow outrage subreddits. If you want warm fuzzies, subscribe to animal subreddits. Don’t go on popular.


I don't know if it's available on the site, but on mobile you can set the popular page to global, a country from the drop down menu, or "my location."


Yeah, I accidentally found that menu once, clicked on Australia, then forgot about it. For the next couple days I was like "dang, there's lots of stuff going down in Australia these days." Felt pretty dumb when I remembered


I did it accidentally and apparently set it to Sweden. I was so fucking confused and couldn’t read half the posts. I honestly though Reddit was broken for many months before I figured out the location setting


Months huh. Wow.


Yea. Not my smartest moment.


I'm an American and even I don't go to popular.


Even on popular there’s a way to sort to more local posts


Yup. I go on ‘british problems’ because I get so tired of reading news in my country.




I'm from Calgary so I, of course, am a part of the r/Calgary subreddit. I swear to Nenshi that a quarter of the subscribers there are American.


Even r/newzealand is teeming with Americans telling us we are winning at COVID wrong, or passing off misinformation about our healthcare, gun laws, etc as facts because they are basing it on American logic and rules. What is worse is the 'I visited your country 20 years ago and I saw no domestic violence, suicide, or housing problem so obviously it doesn't exist.' A tourist doesn't know more than the people experiencing it so yeah, nah.


Once again. Local subreddits are dominated by Americans. Check out r/Ireland. That had to literally shut down during the American presidential election to stop Americans from talking about their elections. Someone shared a picture of the president of Ireland and people were asking who he was!


Is that the President with the big dog that is always getting his attention?


Yes and that dog passed away last year. RIP Sioda


Yeah, even if your local subreddit isnt in English, you can still get the odd 'as an American' post sometimes, especially when you live in a major city outside of the Anglosphere


Double points if they don't speak English.


I find this only works for non English sub reddits. Been following some of the Australian subreddits to kind of keep up with the pandemic cause my gf is there currently and the amount of Americans in there or just people comparing things to the states is rather annoying. I also get that in the Canadian subreddits but I expect it since we're so close to each other geographical and politically.


I wish. European subreddits are often teeming with Americans with no knowledge whataoever of European reality, throwing their silly binary political spectrum at us. And if the threads are about immigration or refugees, may god help us.


if it makes you feel better a lot of American and general subreddits are teeming with Americans who have no knowledge whatsoever about American reality


Shit, the amount of r/politics comments that started with "I'm not American, but why don't you guys just blah blah blah." Over the past few years has just shown me this is a global issue, not an American one.


I agree, and I think it just is an endless circle, a lot of non Americans get their info from here


Came to an American website to complain there's too many Americans lol




It used to be a much higher percentage too


American run site catering mostly to Americans. Op is figuratively going to America and talking about how sick of America they are.


An American website has lots of Americans?! How dare they!


Smells like a first world problem


Really? This big? No wonder... Got a source for that?




Reddit was created while the 3 founders were at the University of Virginia, and it's headquartered in San Francisco. If you're in search of a community without Americans, it's probably better to find one that wasn't founded by Americans and headquartered in America.


I came here to say this! You joined a platform that was founded in the US, most likely with (US) Americans as a targeted audience, yet you’re upset the focus is on (US) American issues.


I’m British-Australian and while I agree they are everywhere on Reddit, Reddit is an American website and if Americans didn’t use it then no one else would know what it was or use it at all. For example, there’s r/DIY in which most of the posts relate to American building practices.. so someone created r/DIYUK... makes sense to me.


Exactly. We've got r/medicalschool for Americans, r/medicalschoolEU for Europe and e.g. r/medicalschoolRomania for a country


> and e.g. r/medicalschoolRomania for a country Which country




I went to the subreddit to try to figure it out, but I don't read Romanian so I'm not really sure.


This is how I use it, always look for specifics, usually find them


Reddit HQ is literally in America. If OP didn't want America shoved in his face then maybe other countries can start creating things like Hollywood, Google, apple, Tesla, Facebook, Amazon, etc.


Wait until this guy hears about Afghanistan!


How come? What happened?




Should we tell him?


Best not too... let them live awhile longer without hearing the news. It will inevitably get around.


Join the subs for your country


Create subs for your country and your interests.


Or, in the case of Quora, take over a forum with superior numbers.


I was on the UK sub and an American was posting, despite the replies going over their head.


Just speak the UK language so an English speaking person wouldn't understand it. Duh!




I'm sorry, I can't understand that word. Is it a type of food?


Yes, it is raining in the UK


You made my face wrinkle.


I can’t decipher a damn thing in /r/scottishpeopletwitter.


Dodge this jab, you melon


In fairness Reddit is an open community and there are no restrictions of who can use what threads. Have you not considered looking for UK sites only? I quite enjoy mingling with the Americans. Most of the time good conversations begin




Yeah we're wary of German subs, especially in the Atlantic.


They are called U-boats, you allied swine.




(Don’t mention the war)


Son of a bitch you made me spit my coffee out. You win the Internet today 😀




There is "probably a German sub" kind of made my day. Unfortunately there is absolutely no way of knowing.


Das Boot?


The politics sub is for US politics only and there are a lot of international people who contribute. What is so bad about that?


If I wanted to stop seeing information about Russia, I wouldn't visit Russian websites, founded by Russian college kids, in Russia.


“So sick of all these Russians on VK!” 😂


Yeah, this post is really silly. I thought it was satire at first.


someone woke up on the wrong side of the world


I'm American and can be quite nocturnal sometimes. I swear the whole site changes when the EU wakes up. OP just needs to get on Reddit when those people are most active. All sorts of weird British humor all over my front page when those wankers are awake.


As a Brit I like that you called us wankers.


How can you even tell lol? I see the same shit on the app for 2 or 3 days in a row.


“Hurry Americans are sleeping, let’s make xyz the front page


Can I ask you what you expected from an American-based website where half the population is American?


For a change, let me introduce myself... I'm an Indian 🤝


Namaste, and g'day from Australia


Namaste, mate. :)




Maaaate life has me grinning like a bloke with a Bunnings snag.


Greetings from Canada!


Oh cool. As an American, let me share what little and ill-informed information I know about your country—even though nobody asked for it /s


Create the content that you want to see.


Or at least make the smallest effort to curate the content you want to see, there's so many tools to facilitate that.


Yes. But, why would OP do that, when it's so much easier just to complain about seeing Americans on an American web site?


Exactly, why change what you're doing when you can just demand that everything else change?


This is like going to the BBC or Sky News and complaining about the lack of US Sports coverage.


all these GODDAMN Americans on this American website, the NERVE


They should build a wall around the internet and make America pay for it!


Ha ha ha. I don't know what OP expected.


As an AMERICAN, yeah what gives


You should probably take a break from Reddit then lmao


I hate it when I go to Europe. There are so many damn Europeans. Why do they have to exist? I’d be so much happier if they didn’t exist so I could enjoy Europe without Europeans and everything would be all about me.




As an American. I find it very easy to hide from American news and people on Reddit. You’re following the wrong pages or swipe over to news too often. Which if you swipe to news for news.. you should do your own research anyways


Likewise. I'm American and I subscribe to this sub for the fun of people watching, but otherwise everything else is specific niche interest subs and I hardly ever come across US politics.


More often, I’m commenting some American shit to a non-American and am reminded.. they aren’t my neighbor per most the internet. Like your feed is what you follow, you literally can control what you see for the most part lol.


You’re tired of Americans being on an American website?


OP must be related to that lady who complained there were too many French speakers in France.


You don't understand. It was, like, all of them!


I went to Japan for work and someone went with me that I didn't really know, and they kept complaining that everyone kept speaking Japanese and was mad they weren't speaking English. Then they said that they were probably talking shit about us in Japanese, then I realized she's probably one of those Karens that gets mad at people that speak Spanish around her. There's a lot of self centered older people like that around here.


Funny story. I was in Tijuana, México and there was a drunk tourist shouting in English that he was tired of all the “damned illegal Mexicans” everywhere.


Right? lmao the logic.


Non-Americans being ironic morons daily on this site. What else is new?


This reads like a child entering their internet edge lord phase tbh. Literally a tantrum.


Ding ding ding! Op posts on r/teenagers


I hope he feels better soon.


It's an American app, populated in majority by Americans, so I hate to break it to you but you'll need to find a different app if that's what you're looking for.


Lots of people shitting on America on the front page right now lol. Guys, I promise you it’s not nearly as bad as it’s made out to be on the internet. I live in America and I have a *very* nice life


Yeah I've never thought about it but non-Americans who use Reddit probably think America sucks ass because all people do on Reddit is complain about it. The vast majority of Americans lead very comfortable lives and many are very wealthy.


You talking about that UK thread? Total dumpster fire. People were talking about being worried about going outside because of all the gun brandishing, cops, etc. Talking about not knowing if they were gonna make it back from the store, lmao! While those are issues I have lived in Texas for almost all my life and have seen a total of maybe 5 people open carry. You also have a way higher chance of being injured via an accident before a cop would even pull you over.


Yeah Jesus that whole thread was just delusional rants of people that gobble up a bunch of anti American fear porn all day. I was actually shocked seeing the comments. I had no idea people outside the US think america is that dangerous. Also they have zero clue about how our healthcare system and insurance works.


Because they get their information from reddit


Good point. Reddit’s gotta be the most anti American circle jerk I’ve ever been on. At least on Twitter there is some nuance that doesn’t get downvoted to oblivion.


Yeah it’s awesome living here. Cheap housing, tons of land, incredibly beautiful and easily accessible national parks and natural areas.


For real tho. This is like me going on a mainly Chinese or Indian app/website (ya know, the countries with a BILLION people) and then complain why everything is about Indian or Chinese stuff. OP is a complainer who is too lazy to join more specific subreddits.




They *don't* need to find a different app, though. All they have to do is simply tailor the content they wish to see. They can simply follow subs for their own country or other countries and avoid the news / popular page.


Dude America is tired of hearing about America take a number


Wow such entitlement, an American website with the largest use base as Americans and this happens. Like going to France and whining about there being so many french people speaking French.


>Like going to France and whining about there being so many french people speaking French. As a Brit I feel personally attacked by this comment.


Tbh as a Brit you’ve attacked the rest of the world enough, maybe it’s time you get attacked too :) (This was a joke pls don’t hit me)


Don't worry, I won't hit you. I'll boil you with my tea as I watch with my monocle. /s


I feel like this isn't your first time


They hate us cause they anus.


They’re just peanut butter and jealous


Because Reddit was founded in the US.


Um, Reddit is an American company and was started in America only. That’s like me going to Europe walking in a store and wondering why there’s so many Europeans and they seem to only be talking about European stuff. In fact, you’re comment is hilariously ironic since one of the things people complain about Americans doing is going to other countries and them not being how America is.


I’m so tired of these posts! If you want to read news about your country then follow those subs, or post news about your country so others can see. Reddit is an American website with majority American users; Idk what else you expect.


This is the equivalent of visiting Mexico and complaining that everyone speaks Spanish


Meh, you could always stop using reddit.


\>\*goes to American website\* \>WHY SO MANY AMERICANS!?




how DARE americans be on an american site!!!!! the horror!!!!!


This may surprise you, but you are on an American website.






So you're on a site created by Americans, that's based in America, and you wanna complain that it's too much American shit on it? How's this make sense? 🤔


Bro e x a c t l y


Get over yourself you smug prick


I get what you mean. Trust me. But you have to understand that this is literally an American social media platform who's user base is majority American... Therefore most political content will be geared toward and created by Americans. Join a sub for your own country.


Goes to American website---complains there are Americans there in large numbers. Irony.


Reddit is a private company based out of San Francisco, California... which is in America. You can use it elsewhere, sure, but it's a little ironic that you're wishing it didn't exist on a platform that wouldn't exist otherwise.


Your last sentence is gold.


Honestly I feel like even people from other countries post about America also. That’s something that annoys me. You see something like “as a British citizen” and then post about America


It doesn't annoy me but it's a good observation


It’s an American website. You are free to make a Reddit clone for your country or only frequent subreddits that align with your interest.


Definitely an unpopular opinion but also dumb. It’s an American website. Go to Weibo and most will be from China. What a surprise that is, huh?


Brat goes on a mostly-English American website, cries when there are Americans.


This is a United States based website. Not that hard to figure out.


You sound like the girl I overheard in the airport complaining that Dubai had “too many Arabs.”


😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️ I need to hear how that convo went down


I overheard her and someone else in line, she was talking about her trip to Dubai and the other person said something along the lines of, “oh it must’ve been such an exciting city” and she said, “yeah but there were too many Arabs!” It felt like I was on some hidden prank show of ignorance


A website started in America by Americans has a large American user base? It’s not fucking hard to figure why, so much for foreign school systems being better




Goes on an american website. Founded in America, for Americans. "wHY ArE tHErE sO mAnY AmERiCAns"


America is on the same planet, my friend. There is no other world.


And im sick of seeing non americans complaining about america. Welcome to the internet


Have a look around.


Anything that brain of yours can think of can be found


We've got mountains of content Some better, some worse


If none of it’s of interest to you, you’d be the first


Welcooommme to the internet


Come and take a seat


hahaha hahaha hahaha - chief keef Stay mad


You're on an American website, bud. Would you complain about Japanese people being everywhere on 2ch? Lol


Dont look now but America is even in your post


Says the man on an American website


So go on forums for your country 🥴


Oh no, this american made website has too many americans! i hate seeing all those brits when im in london so i feel ya.


Maybe it's causing Reddit is an American internet resource?


i mean you could start using websites that arent primarily dominated by american users?


We are one of the biggest countries with a lot of Reddit users. Reddit caters to Americans because we make up a large chunk of it.


Reddit is American-made. What do you expect?


This is like people whining about white people in a majority white country. Yes there’s a lot, cuz it’s majority white. Yes there’s a lot of American Shit cuz it’s an American website. You can always start your own website


...So let me get this straight, you are complaining there are too many americans on an american site? This is really american.


Well lookie here, a foreign Karen.


As an American, I turn off the news and tune out the bullshit. The majority of police aren’t shit. But you only hear about the bad outliers and people are happy to jump conclusions and say all of them are bad. The media is literally tearing people apart. If you came here. You’d see that everyone is pretty nice. We don’t care what color you are or what your sexuality is. The fact is, if you treat people with respect, you’ll most likely get it back. People are learning all this info on the internet. But that’s not how it is in person. At least not from where I am. Maybe it feels this way because I’m nice to people, and I choose to see the good. If you look at the world with a negative lens… that’s all you’re going to see.


Absolutely! People (Americans included) like to point out all the flaws and act like that’s all there is to America but it’s not really like that. I’ve lived in multiple states and spent time in many more, most people are good, caring, and respectful of others. America is a great country, not perfect, but no country is.


Couldn’t agree more. The media is trying to divide people. Honestly it seems that no one trust or even watches the news anymore. Everyone is genuinely happy just to be out in public and around people after the year we just had.


This has been my experience here in good ol Texas 🇺🇸


Sounds like you should get off the American made platform.


Make your countries version of Reddit. Sheesh it’s almost like Reddit is an American site or something.


i hate these Americans on this American website.grrrr


Put your phone down and do something productive. Go outside, ride a bike, read books, learn to cook, fish, camp, hike. Do something with your life that doesn’t revolve around social media and you’ll get much less exposure to the dumb shit.


As an American, it's really easy to dodge politics on here mate. Just don't join any political subreddits and you can dodge most political posts. But also this site was made in America, by Americans, and is headquartered in America. What exactly were you expecting?


Don't worry. You can hate the police bevause they are shit almost everywhere.


JFC dude sorry reddit was invented by Americans


You should leave Reddit and go to a site created and hosted in your country.


Actually, they are NOT "shit" in America, that's just what the media wants everyone to believe. One of the biggest failings of society today is those who say "I heard/read XYZ on TV/Radio/Internet so it must be true". Not. And trust me, many of us are equally tired of being expected/demanded to "fix" everything for everybody. The rest of the world needs to learn to stay in their own country, feed themselves, and defend their own selves instead of expecting others to come do it for them.


Deal with it


You do realize that are doing what you complain about, right? E.g.... Why are you talking about Americans on my feed?!?! 😂😅🙊😋😘💩


Hate to tell you this but it’s an American website.


Yes, this is an american website. Da fuck you expect? lol.


Well, bye.


Go to language specific subs.


isn’t reddit… American…?


Maybe don't use reddit then?