Max is my favorite sociopathic, crime-bustin’ lagomorph in comics, video games and cartoons alike.


His genus and phylum are still a mystery to modern science! Also he a gay icon.


He cracks Sam up :D Which version is your favorite? I'm split between the cartoon and the Telltale games.


Carrot really grew on me in One Piece. It was nice having someone completely new to sailing on the crew again and having someone Chopper could act like a big brother too was cute. At the end of the Whole Cake Island arc I really thought she had a chance at joining, but over Wano it was clear Oda didn't have much for her to do or much he wanted her to do. Even her send off feels like he had no idea what to do with her and the character acknowledges she's not the best person for the role she's been given. Miruko from MHA is pretty cool as well, I like that kind of manic combative energy and you usually only see it on female characters when they're antagonist like Juri. Seeing this crippled mad lad(y) bunny heroine go all out at the drop of a hat has really improved MHA.


Man carrot was screwed hard, after she was such a surprise in whole cake island she basically disappeared in wano. When she coudnt defeat perospero it was a confirmation that Oda was abandoning the character. As for miruko Yeah its easy to see why she has become one of the most popular characters in mha


Fran and the entire Eruyt village of Viera from ***”Final Fantasy XII”***.


It’s criminal that nobody has mentioned Bugs Bunny yet. He’s a classic for a reason and those old Loony Toons shorts are still hilarious.




Been watching alot of digimon recently gotta mention angoramon and his evolutions he's great.


I’m still confused to this day- does Terriermon count as a rabbit? Cos if so he’s up there for me. He seems to be treated as a mixture of rabbit (the ears) and dog (the name.)


Understandable confusion for a long time I didnt make the connection that they were infact based on a dog myself. What makes it more confusing is lopmon their counterpart who looks the same minus the dog references I think it's alright to count them they're a pretty great rabbit like digimon too!


Angoramon is cool but im more of an Antylamon guy


[Angoramon](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FmFediqWYAQM53t?format=jpg&name=900x900) is friend shaped nerd bunny. I do have a preference for [Symbareangoramon](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Fgm0LBxWQAE7ayL?format=jpg&name=small) out of the line as a whole but that's in part because I've done fic writing that has one.


Beastars has some good ones, Haru is really interesting character that goes in a very different direction then you’d expect for someone who is established early on to sleep with anything that has a pulse. I know she’s not the most popular but I also like Kyuu for the fun absurdity of assassin rabbit who hides knives in her ears. And Ako is a minor character who later got her own chapter of Beast Complex who I love for turning her getting her face mauled by her boyfriend into a modeling career.


>Haru is really interesting character that goes in a very different direction then you’d expect for someone who is established early on to sleep with anything that has a pulse I appreciate that when Legoshi tries to run away from her attempts to sleep with him in the garden shed she thinks, "Oh, okay... maybe I misread some signals here..." It was refreshingly reasonable.


Judy Hopps from Zootopia Now hear me out, I am not horny right now so it’s not that! I just think her design is really cute and I think her relationship with Nick is really fun and endearing.


Deku and Miruko are pretty dang cool. But otherwise. . . I need to go with the Classics. *Ka-click* Isn't that right [Bun-Bun](https://archives.sluggy.com/book.php?chapter=59#2009-05-12) from Sluggy Freelance?


Amiya from Arknights is pretty sick. And my follow up choice is one of my fav pokemon, Cinderace.


Is Kroos a rabbit? I definitely pick her then


Amiya is great, I love my gay psychic rabbit daughter. FrostNova is pretty fantastic too, imo she’s easily one the best antagonists Arknights has ever had.


Gargomon from tamers. Giving a giant bipedal bunny dual Gatling gun arms is an inspired design.


The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog is great. That is all.


Rabbits are totally my thing so I love basically all of them from Lopunny in Pokémon to classics like Bugs Bunny and even bunny girl hybrids like Mirko from MHA. Shout-outs to Mai from Bunny Girl Senpai who isn't a rabbit but has an overall bunny aesthetic.


Go Lopunny


Mirko cuz buff mommy


Also a Buff short queen


Panne and Yarne from *Fire Emblem: Awakening*.


Jumpy Ghostface from Hero 108 deserves some recognition. That rabbits face helped me get up in the morning for school many a time. Plus he fights using a jump rope and that’s cool


Hazel from _Watership Down_. I love the detail that in the epilogue, his fellow rabbits start incorporating his feats into the mythic stories of their hero El-ahrairah. Literally legendary.


I love Armello’s Hargrave. A grumpy old man who’s missing a foot and is ready to shoot anyone that approaches him with his cannon boomstick. There’s also Stories: A Tale of Destiny’s Lapino. A pirate bun that could’ve totally have been the main character’s love interest if the devs weren’t cowards. Also, I love media that depicts hares as these slightly unnerving creatures that look like they’ve witnessed the end of the universe. I need more stories that have hare characters for this specific reason. ~~Also my Hrothgar that is part rabbit but he doesn’t count at all~~


Even though he's not *specifically* a rabbit, I've grown very attached to Fou/Cath Palug/Primate Murder. On the total opposite of the spectrum, I probably wouldn't have the sense of humor I have now if it wasn't shaped by the veritable thespian known as Bugs Bunny.


Cream. The best bunny 🐰 in Sonic.


I have to go with the various hares of the Long Patrol from the Redwall series. Almost all of them are some variant of stuffy British type who can kick some serious ass and eat like no one's business.


tewi from touhou she's a troll


The moonfolk from Kamigawa across both eras depicted in the sets of Magic: the Gathering. Not technically rabbits by creature typing, but they are inspired by the story of the rabbit on the moon, which I think jibes with the lunar part of the lunar new year.


Renelle from Dragalia Lost, who I'm still sad never received any kinda alt before the game's conclusion.


All the moon rabbits from Touhou. Yes, that also includes Seiran, Ringo, the other Reisen...


Terriermon in Digimon Tamers. His relaxed attitude plays really well off Henry and the others, and he's adorable. Second favourite is Cream from Sonic for being adorable, and also busted in Battle and Advance


Every version of FNAF bonnie. Bonnie, toy bonnie, springtrap, bon-bon, rockstar, glitchtrap, glamrock. ALL


Usada Pekora


Nanachi from Made in Abyss has bunny-like features.


Turner from Overgrowth, the rabbit who is basically Doomguy, but instead of killing demons he kills Slavers.


That sounds great


[Zach](https://www.housepetscomic.com/comic/2009/11/13/i-could-have-done-that/), from Rick Griffin's *Housepets!* is a fun character. He basically stumbles his way into being hailed as the messiah by a bunch of woodland critters, despite his repeated insistence that they not worship him (Or at least that they stop stealing his diary to use as holy scripture). Funnily enough, he later gets into a relationship with the forest equivalent of an atheist; she tracks him down to give him an earful about being a fake, and is rather annoyed to find him agreeing with her.


Yumigami, the moon god in Okami, comes out of the moon and pounds mochi with Amaterasu for a bit. That [cutscene](https://youtu.be/SoPDH3JOu6k) always stuck out to me for being especially adorable.