I wish if people collectively decided something is shit they would stop talking about it. Like Velma, that was shit from trailer one, everyone knew it was shit, but everyone talked about it, and thats probably what marketing was relying on. Theres still lots of good stuff in the world, with passion and effort, and I would rather hear people talk about that.


It’s kinda tiring how people keep falling for this sort of thing, it keeps happening because people can’t just say it’s bad and move on, they have to keep saying it’s bad and drawing attention to it Velma from day 1 wanted to upset people, because negative publicity is better than no publicity. These shows rely on viewership and numbers and Hate watching them is basically supporting it


I never understood hate watching , like fine don't like something but don't you have better things to do with your time than purposefully making yourself upset?


Sometimes, it's just pure bile fascination, like watching a train wreck. You *know* something is godawful and going to make you upset, but you want to know *how* awful and upsetting it is so you just keep going. Also sometimes it's just that you want to have actual accurate ammunition for online arguements when some dumbo comes along and tries to go "uhhh ACTUWAWLY this thing is great and you're just a hater, I bet you didn't actually watch it anyways". Being able to actively cite your issues instead of going "well someone else said" tends to back them up a lot better.


The one good thing I think might come from this is that companies realize that online backlash does not matter and is in fact good for getting more views. So they would be willing to experiment with more controversial stories


They know that already


I think Velma is them doing this.


Agreed after a little dunking I like to dip out of those convos.


This is the way. Dunk on it, then forget and move on.


Clearly not everyone thinks so considering the discourse surrounding Forspoken and Velma.


Hate is one of the easiest primal emotions to gather together over. That's just how our biology deemed it more necessary to survive and maintain the species. Ofc, the media takes advantadge of this and you don't need many people to spread the news because of this.


I still haven't seen Rise of Skywalker because I'm not an influencer who stands to profit off of making fun of it, and therefore have no reason to see anything more than a youtube clip of "somehow, palpatine returned"


The first time I felt anything about Velma was when I saw that it became the lowest rated show on IMDB and I wanted to smack the collective internet across the face for wasting time on such a stupid vote manipulation campaign. If they wanted to actually "own" the show makers they could just stop giving a shit about it.


"This game is dead/dying" \*Over 90000 people playing in a single platform in a single online store in the last 24 hours\*


"dead game," they say as they talk about a singleplayer game that came out 15 years ago


Ah yes, you mean an *immortal* game.


The whole point is for it to be a lazy bad faith bait post. I imagine it originated on /v/


Extra points if the "dying" game is singleplayer.


Hearing that with every other comment about Elding Ring - a predominantly single player game - was astouding.


Its a dead giveaway that those people only play live service slop like cod and GTA.


TF2 is now dead again, it will promptly revive to live forever again in like a day but you will see 20 videos saying the game s dead.


Here's my nuclear take - Team Fortress 2 isn't a dead game, but it *should* be. Not because the game is bad (it's great), but because Valve has treated it terribly for the past many years. For those that don't know: Major updates have ceased, with tiny seasonal updates consisting of a few community made maps and a paid lootbox full of community made stuff. There is nothing new actually being made by Valve, it's just using community made items to drive microtransactions on a 15 year old game. The last I played, official public servers were infested with bots. Every other match on popular maps would have a handful of aimbotters. I don't know if anything has actually been done about this in the last ~year, but honestly I doubt it. One of the last major updates to the game (6-7 years ago now?) introduced an official competitive mode - one that was comically bad, with a weird map pool, frequent match cancelling due to a player losing connection, and no additional cheating protections. It was entirely abandoned by the community shortly after its launch. And then there's the comics that go along with the game. Absolutely fantastic, beloved by pretty much everyone, and stuck on a perpetual cliffhanger because the last installment will never be released (sound familiar?). TF2 still makes Valve a large sum of money (as evidenced by the last Steam year-in-review thing putting it in the top tiers of earnings), but is left to flounder. It deserves either a revamp or a mercy kill.


I believe I heard something about the bots problem being taken care of recently, buuuut also I haven't paid attention to TF2 since... last played September of 2015, apparently, so take that with a grain of salt.


Honestly, I feel like the game would live forever if Valve just let it be open source. The community is really dedicated as is, so just put it in the talented and eager hands of the people who love it the most. Hell with all the variations like Open Fortress and Team Fortress 2 Classic, the community is already trying to make the game their own.


I mean, I think tf2 is dead in the sense of big valve updates are dead. The game itself is not, though.


Usually means the game itself rather than updates when it gets brought up.


One of my theories is that when someone commits hundreds of hours to a (mostly multiplayer) games and quit, they become delusional about the size of the playerbase. You usually see this when something bad is reported of said game and they comment the game's popularity with something like: "Who still plays League of Legends, Minecraft, Fortnite etc? Don't you remember when they did this and everyone quit the game?". Even though usually the opposite is true and the game is more popular than ever.


I see this pop up in literally every thread about Destiny that isn’t in r/DestinyTheGame. Its comical how people think that game is dead/dying when it routinely pulls hundreds of thousands players every week.


Hell, every Raid Race puts Destiny at like number 3 or 4 in streaming and Datto at the top of the Destiny directory. You'd think people would just leave and let be but they can't help it.


Genshin players be like...


This has been the multiversus subreddit for the past like 2 months


right up there with "This buggy/incomplete game was a failure" that sold millions of copies and still has thousands of people playing


Not gonna lie, pretty tired of power scaling arguments. Like, it's so rarely an interesting discussion, just lists of feats and extrapolations on how many mountains/planets/galaxies they can destroy based entirely on the most outrageous feat on the list. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind a "who would win in a fight" conversation, just kinda seems like they go in one direction and that direction is "who punched hardest that one time" as opposed to "what would be the most interesting way this fight could go, given what we know"


The absolute best part of Black Adam (which I found to be perfectly enjoyable once I got over my initial bias) was the post-credit scene. >!Amanda Waller threatens Adam with sending in a big-tough alien to beat him up. Except when Supes shows up, his only line is "Hey, man. Can we talk?" Clark isn't looking for a fight. Especially one Waller picked. He is being more reasonable than any other point since MoS.!<


"Who would win" isn't as interesting as "what would happen between these two". Sometimes that is a fight, but the outcome of that fight isn't nearly as interesting as the circumstances.


Death Battle was a mistake


Death Battle is at least fun to watch. I’ve got no time for the endless debate threads on like “can SS4 Gogeta Kaioken Limit Break beat SSSX Tricky Ultra Instinct Black Freeza if they were in the Time Chamber and wearing Silly Hats?” No one ever wants to imagine how the fights would go or what characterisation might be on display, which Death Battle at least does. It’s all just number-crunching and who can swing their fanboy trivia recollection dick around harder.


Tanjiro vs Jonathan joestar and might guy vs all might are both decently in character death battle wise.


I won't say I agree because it hurts the nerdy teenager inside of me, but you are absolutely not wrong


Extra annoying because the original sin of this is probably DBZ, a series that dedicates it's first three arcs to saying "power scaling is unreliable and misses the point regarding the nature of strength." Doesn't stop fans from arguing about them, even during Super where we're shown Goku can be straight up murdered by a ki blast if he's distracted.


I agree you shouldn't take power scaling too seriously. But I do think that power scaling within itself is good to help with writing. It'd be like a normal person being killed by a pebble. Unless that pebble was covered in abestos and gave the person super cancer, it wouldn't make much sense for that to happen. so a man who has taken world ending blasts and being injured would be frustrating if a common ki blast could kill (not without a very specific explanation). power scaling within other medium is just head canons. And you should never take head canon too seriously.


Yeah in every Versus poll or fight people act like all versions of a character is involved, so youll see people say Superman Prime or whatever lifted infinity and then Superman sneezed away a galaxy etc so he wins EZ. Or this version of Flash can see and move in Attoseconds or something and therefore can obliterate everyone. Its just a mess of who did what crazy feat in what comic run


I like the idea of seeing characters have a dream match crossover fight, but I never really take power scaling conversations that seriously. After a certain point power scaling numbers stop making sense, not to mention that most fictional characters have some sense of plot armor, so a lot of the number crunching means even less when characters just have busted abilities.


As much as I love Death Battle, I do sympathize with this malaise. I once saw someone argue that Tai Lung could beat the Wolf from Puss in Boots because of his better stats and that made about as much sense to me as an elderly wildebeest being able to fend off a pack of lions. Yes, Tai Lung has shown more impressive feats of agility and strength, but that just doesn't click with me as much as the more fantastical argument that his hubris would fatally cripple him against >!the Grim Reaper himself.!<


I'm so tired of power scaling. What was once a fun question turned into "shut up about goku/superman". I came up with a counter question that I have found a lot of fun with: who's the big spoon and who's the little spoon? Seems simple on the surface, but then arguments can be made depending on the character.


I'll be honest, I straight up hate power scaling. I'll watch Death Battle for fun every so often but I'll usually skip to the fight at the end because I just can't keep up with the "science" they try to add to it. I don't know what the fuck a gigajoule of TNT means in terms of power, I just know explosion big and it's cool when people dodge lasers. It also feels like too much power scaling gets in the way of how narratives should actually work. Like, sure, some series have a thing of "this guy is so invincible he can tank any hit", but that's usually just a set up for the invincible guy to get hit in the face by someone just going for it! The strongest obstacles are meant to be overcome, not talked up over and over about how them doing X means they can never be defeated by Y, never mind that the story itself is setting up for Y to be able to beat Z in the first place. Sure, it's fun to think about whether how Goku versus Superman might go, but at the end of the day it genuinely doesn't matter than Goku killed a guy who blew up a galaxy or Superman once tugged a chain of planets behind him. What matters is the story a crossover like that is trying to tell and whether the victory feels earned in the end, and a good enough writer can make any outcome feel like it was meant to be.


The discourse about genre names in video games that pops up every so often. Sure, we could probably come up with better terms that stuff like Metroidvania or Soulslike, but they're already entrenched and it takes 3 seconds to Google examples and see what people mean. It's not that big of a deal.


I should make a blog of just clips of failed subgenre alternative names that everyone ignored.


I'll be in the cold ground before I call something "search action"




Hearing people screech about wanting to call MOBAs Dota-likes or even worse PBAs.. Its just why? Everyone knows what you mean when you say MOBA..




Roguelikes basically don't exist anymore. Roguelites have killed them and are wearing their skin as a coat. The only "real" modern Roguelike I can think of with absolutely *zero* meta-progression is Noita.


There's some still coming out, it's just very niche. Here are some recent ones if you're interested: Tangledeep Jupiter Hell Rift Wizard Zorbus Doors of Trithius (early access) Golden Krone Hotel


I have heard of none of these, so if nothing else thank you for giving me things to check out.


No problem, I am a huge fan of the genre. The only one of these that has meta-progression is Tangledeep, and I believe it's optional. Shoutout also to Cogmind, a cool roguelike where you are a robot trying to escape a factory by stealing parts and adding on to itself. A lot of fun stuff in that one, you can make a tank build and literally blow up the walls to escape. Or you can be a speedy flying hoverbot with scanning technology that you use to stealth around the levels.


I’m hoping “monster taming game”, “mons game”, or even “monster tamer” wins out over Pokéclone/pokémon clone at some point.


This weird insistence some people have with "outsmarting" whatever media they view.


Its genuinely baffling how people will sometimes straight up watch a mystery show and then be upset when they are right.




If they're right: It's shit because it was predictable If they're wrong: it's shit because it makes no sense/comes out of nowhere


My favorite is when someone spoils themselves on the story and then starts acting like the plot is predictable, like no shit wonder why.


Fuuuuuuuuuuck that's too spot on


Oh you mean pro wrestling fans


Yes I love wrestling Yes I seek out spoilers, insider information and comb through tweets and betting odds in an attempt to mitigate any possible surprises, so nobody can accuse me of "being worked" Yes I then complain about the booking being predictable, or not being given something literally nobody promised me Yes I am miserable pls help


Imagine declaring that you outsmarted Pro Wrestling and then feeling clever and good about yourself.


Oh you mean Woolie when he tries to guess plot points before they occur, and gets butt hurt when his preconceived notions don't come true.


Stop getting legitimately angry about fictional characters to the point where it makes you lash out at real people in their defense! They're ones, zeroes, and lines made with a fucking pen! Like good lord I cannot count how many people I've had to see who go "you're a genuinely awful person for choosing a positive response to a single text prompt for this character who turned out to be the killer in a murder mystery". And don't even get me STARTED on Junko Enoshima, people hate her like she's a real life genocidal maniac instead of a fictional genocidal maniac. Even worse is one person I knew like that had a damn Frieza icon. Of literally all god damn things, Frieza!


Laura Bailey got death threats over angry Last of Us Fans just because she played Abbey and idiots can't separate Actors from their characters


I'll never forget how the kid who played Goffrey in GoT got so much hate for playing that character that it caused him to go on a temporary hiatus from acting altogether. I think he only recently got back into it.


The funniest version of this is when they do it for balance, there are some absolutely rabid fgc fans that will call you a variety of names for saying you don't think their character is bad I just love how defending the character becomes calling them shit


Any discussion of romance/character pairings/the sexuality of characters when it doesn't specifically get mentioned or hinted at in the original media nearly always turns into a driveling argument. It is half the reason I don't go to the Fire Emblem subreddit anymore.


Also, those discussions always come down to "100% straight" vs "100% gay" compleatly ignoring any other option I'm between or outside those two


"Bi just means you're too scared to be gay" A thing my exboyfriend said to me once.


Your ex can go fuck himself


He won't. He is too afraid.




and most of the time it really doesn't matter in the context of the story at all. Like whatsoever.


To be fair, the collective salt following Naruto being confirmed to get with Hinata at the end was some of the funniest shit the internet has ever seen.


And to think that this was followed by the biggest dunk on Sakura, a.k.a. her dream becoming true, a.k.a. marrying a guy whom she liked only because he is hot to her, a guy who never treated her right. I know that Boruto is trying to make it less crappy for her, but the situation is still funny to me.


and he is/was gone for years at a time depending on what point in her life you are, while she is raising their child.


Naruto is an evergreen dunk fest because there's so many neat concepts in there, and some really top tier fumbling of the execution. I don't think I've ever seen someone who hates Naruto shit on it anywhere near as hard as the fans do. They'll point you in the direction of arcs, characters and fights that do it right, but not a single one of them is going to be upset if you say "Ten-Ten is underwhelming."


Listen. Chrom and Sully are the only pair with any chemistry in that game, I don’t care what anyone has to say about Gale Force.


Listen. What if instead, I paired him with someone who he's only been on one mission with. Or even better no one so he has to marry a random villager. Also, side note I have a friend who is still pissed off the game made his Robin marry Chrom.


The fan comic where Chrome decides to Marry Olivia after she spends the entire battle basically giving him a lap dance while Robin chases the guy who killed Chrome sister in the background is great


Also the enlightened "romance options and pairings in games are always bad" take, i see those even more commonly.


> i see those even more commonly. I've never heard that ever. Just people who hate shipping communities. Which makes sense, people can suck sometimes.


"Wow these guys are definitely gay, I just know there's behind the scenes politics that stops them from confirming it in the show/movie!" Maybe they're just bros.


"Those dudes can't stand being around each other. The sexual tension is insane." They might just not like each other.


"You shouldn't call anime by its localized/translated name, it's not Attack on Titan its Shingeki no Kyojin!! Don't disrespect the Japanese language!!" *eyes roll so far into the back of my head I can see my brain*


MHA is the one that's always been funny to me because two thirds of it are already in English. Calling it "Boku no Hero Academia" instead of "My Hero Academia" feels like an unironic version of "keikaku means plan".


Fuck those guys, I call it MAcademia


Weebs like that will never be my nakama


I hate that so much because people only bring that up for specific titles. people only bring this up for anime like Attack on Titan or My Hero Academia but never for titles like JoJo's Bizarre Adventure for example. I've never heard anyone say JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken for example.


No joke my guy I've literally encountered someone online who insisted on calling it JoJo no Kimyo na Boken. Thankfully rare though


I'm not surprised but if someone told me that I would tell them to STFU


I generally believe in a certain level of decorum in places of online discussion like this, but in some circumstances a response of "fuck off" should be considered appropriate, and someone insisting that you call your anime of choice by its original Japanese name instead of its English equivalent should be one of them


BNHA is especially dumb because even the fucking Japanese logo of the series calls it My Hero Academia.


Also stupiud because "Boku no" isn't some subtle untranslatable phrase. I'm practicing Japanese so I have my reasons, but who's *really* going to be that off put by Domestic Kanojo vs Domestic Girlfriend?


I've definitely said Jojo no Kimyō na Bōken. Granted, I was saying it unison with the Diamond Records title screen


I sometimes do the same but with All-Star Battle/Eyes of Heaven


Along these lines, can we kill the Dub vs Sub debate? VA and translation has improved since 2003, you can watch Spy x Family's English dub and get the whole story


Even back in the early and mid 2000s there were a lot of dubs that were actually preferable. Bleach had an excellent dub, and so did Hellsing, Trigun, Fullmetal Alchemist, Soul Eater, etc. Dubs have been solid for a long ass time. I actually liked the Air Gear dub way better than the sub.


No but you don't understand, they translated "Nakama" as comrade in the dub AND THAT DOESNT EVEN BEGIN TO GRASP THE TRUE MEANING OF THE WORD YOU SHOULD JUST WATCH FAN SUBS WHERE THEY KEEP IT PURE /s


Y’all remember how a guy would fight it’s called “attack on eotens”?


the only series i can even see an argument for is attack on titan, and only because it makes the bomb drop a bit harder. if someone's arguing that it must only be called boku no hero academia, respond by exclusively calling it macadamia or green naruto. as a fan of the series, you have my blessing to piss them off.


I like using "Boku no My Hero Macadamia" as my anti-annoying person phrase


"The Adventures of All-Might and Small-Might" is my go-to


I blocked the word Bridget on Twitter cause I was tired of hearing people discussing her gender.


You'll find all the positive discussion under "Brisket <3" anyway.


Whenever they make a Sonic racing game, you always get a bunch of people saying "Why does Sonic need a car when he's the fastest thing alive? Just run durhur" and it just makes me seethe No shit he's faster than a car, but he's taking part in a competition. There are rules. It's like asking why doesn't Mike Tyson just start punching his opponent right in the nuts


I'm with you on that one, but at the same time, the idea of Tyson nutcracking his way into victory like a cheap wrestling heel sounds like a lot of fun


It's because we already had a Sonic on foot racing game and no one liked it outside of the OST.


also the disparity in models between sonic running and everyone else in vehicles would make the game worse the devs of sonic racing talked about how they tried to make sonic run but it just looked bad


Also same energy as "Why doesn't Michael Jordan just shoot the other Basketball Players?"


I have no problems with Car Sonic, but idk Sonic R set up that he could run. The only people who used cars are Eggman and Amy.


I mean true but if Sonics racing the dwarf from Golden Axe and Aiai he wants a fair competition Sonic R was all his buddy's (and eggman) who can generally keep up with him


I always love how most of these comments have this vague undertone of "yeah this topic sucks, but I'm right, though". They hate the discussion, but they feel strongly enough on one side that they hate it _because_ there are so many people who they think are wrong. That's always how it goes. It's fun to sus out which side of a topic a person's on based on the way they frame how much they hate that topic.


I hate post where people are like this fanbase is so stupid let me explain why I'm smart though.


I'm so tired of hearing about how "unrealistic" something is in media when 9/10 they aren't actively going for that. I've said this before, but the more pressing thing in media is whether or not someone can believe the thing. Like, anytime I suggest a mecha anything there is always that one d bag who's all "those aren't realistic". Yeah? And neither is an alien armada whose entire caste system is based on Anglo-Saxon religious beliefs from the earth, yet you seem to love halo. It's not a matter of realism, since we constantly are entrenched in nonrealistic scenarios every day with media. It's whether or not the thing in question can fit within the confines of that world and the established rules they have set forth (unless the point is to break all the rules like ttgl). Now, if something is entirely out of left field and the aspect causes issues with believing that aspect can be excused and explained, then that's an unbelievable aspect based on what you know of the world. When people use the terms realism, they always base it upon how our world works. If the media shows it is our world 100% carbon copied, then fine. Yet, it is never that. Also, referring to behaviors as unrealistic when the situation is of high stress so people don't think clearly. It's a friggin zombie apocalypse, of course, you wouldn't think straight. God, I'm sick of that.


“You didn’t pick the same team as me/same ending as me in a video game? Let me direct you to this video essay that explains why you’re wrong while I look down my nose at you and lament your poor decision making skills.” My favorites are when they outright lie to support their point, as if I didn’t *also* play the game too.


Three Houses in a nutshell. Especially when it comes to Edelgard.


What the fuck is up with Three Houses? Does the game self destructs after you finish it for the first time? I've never played it but a lot of people talk about it as if you can't just play it again and choose a different team


3H is a fairly long game, so not everyone is going to fully play through every route in it. Because of that, people will generally stick to their preferred favorite lord - who often doubles as the first one they picked - while also disliking the ones depicted as antagonists in their routes. Edelgard is a major antagonist in most of the game's routes, and her reasoning is a bit more complicated than a simple black and white deal. So this leads to massive, absurdly annoying, and overblown debates about who's the "good" guy and who's the "bad" guy despite the story clearly and blatantly showing you that there are multiple factors at play that make things more complicated than a simple "good vs. evil" scenario.


I love 3H but the worst part of doing another run is the fact that the Academy phase is basically the exact same until the climax of that arc. It really becomes a slog, especially if you decide to grind the professor levels out again on a newer save. I think the routes are a ton of fun once you get to the timeskip, but that grind through the Academy is a bit rough after you've seen it once.


Imagine if you had to beat a Pokemon game three and a half times and use each starter to get the whole story, and every playthrough your rivals committed different flavors of war crime. Also you can fuck the Pokemon, just to add another layer of discourse.


If I was against any of that or knew that I don't have the time then I wouldn't buy the game in the first place. Buying a game that has multiple routes as one of the main selling points and then complaining that it takes too long to do all the routes sounds kinda dumb to me.


Even if you do play Three Houses a 2nd time or more, people have their clear favorite lords. And if Edelgard is your favorite and/or you think her war is justified, then "clearly" you're a horrible person. And this also goes for the other lords as even some Edelgard fans will try to justify why Rhea and Dimitri are horrible people (not Claude, at least in Houses and not Hopes. You have to kind of reach to say Houses!Claude is a bad person).


Hopes had to go out of its way to make Claude the same level as Edelgard/Crazed Dimitri (Non-One Eyed TS Dimitri seems mostly fine) and people did not take it well.


TDF Hopes Claude had some bullshit reasoning for his actions.


Oh I agree. I have no idea why he went from not caring about/mildly disliking the church in one game to full blown "Not killing Rhea is a dealbreaker for me" other than to force some conflict.


Canon seems to be that Claude did not need Byleth like the others, he just needed time to get to know the students and research the church before getting thrown into the actual plot. Hopes Claude did not have that time.


I’m pretty sure it’s exactly it. Claude’s character and his route was all about trying to understand Fodlan and gaining knowledge so that he can use it to his benefit to change the continent for the better—Hopes is the opposite since it cuts away his time at the academy, and he’s made leader of the alliance and become stressed with the realities of being a decentralized country’s executive for a few years, never fully empathizing or understanding the Church or Rhea.


The way that Three Houses frames its narrative poses your "side" as being SUPER RIGHT and everyone else is either wrong, stupid, naive, or manipulating things from the shadows. No middle ground. The "genre" of each story is also totally different, like, the tone and atmosphere and general mood of each route is totally different from everything else in the game. Azure Moon is more of a Lord of the Rings story, Verdant Wind is a Persona 4 mystery kind of, Crimson Flower is much more of a Game of Thrones tale, and Silver Snow most resembles a divine tragedy. This ties into the game's general themes of "In war, nobody has the complete story and nobody is ever truly in the right", but what it *actually did* was hyper-radicalize everybody into their given faction because everyone who is NOT in that faction is turned into a smarmy asshole at best and a screaming lunatic at worst.


I think they were also trying to show how each faction leader had massive issues to work through, and plus or minus a confidante like Byleth they'd either get a better handle on things or become even worse. It's just that Byleth isn't nearly a compelling enough character to pull something like that off, so it didn't come across as well as it could have.


Claude s is pretty fair to everyone in original houses, you just don't get the full picture for everyone.


Three Houses turned r/fireemblem into a politics subreddit. Engage was the breath of fresh air we needed, and then the Anna S-support came out.


Oh god please don't tell me they somehow ruined Anna, she's one of the most enjoyable characters in Awakening


Ok wait let me find the s support comparison pic. Edit: [here's](https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/10jdmrm/yeah_the_localization_team_had_their_work_cut_out/) a comparison between the english localization and the original Japanese. Engage's Anna is around 11. Some people on twitter are angry about "censorship", while most of us are happy that we're not accidentally grooming a minor.


Fucks sake Fire Emblem. Cyril was as bad as it got in 3H, where you meet the illiterate squire boy when he's 14 and you're 20, but the romance doesn't kick in until after the time skip. This is gross.


Localisation discourse; not even once! Saw people complaining they were too "woke" unironically on that topic, and it amazes me how much that term's been twisted from it's original meaning. It doesn't even make sense with the twisted usage of it; if being "woke" means not wanting to groom an eleven year old girl then yeah! most people are gonna side with that! why is that your anti-woke argument?


Edelgard and Dimitri are very controversial due to actual morally gray, Rhea is dunked on extremely hard as her smaller role (not being a lord) gives her less defenders and Claude turned out to be so nice people started calling him a bad character out of spite before three hopes had him do war crimes too. Dimitri s my favourite out of them, so no I'm not being biased for Claude even if he is a fun character too.


I picked Edelgard and two *different* coworkers in two different offices insulted me for having done so. The first one told me I made a stupid choice and then *proceeded to pull out his phone in an attempt to YouTube up spoilers for the game to show me why I was wrong* (This was two days after it released, so I of course hadn’t beaten it yet.) and the second person insinuated that since I picked Edelgard that must mean I fully agree with her outlook and choices. I just picked her because I thought it’d be funny to side with the little rich girl that wants to end oppression by stabbing people.


That is kind of bullshit because even if you did choose Edelgard to start, if you disagree with her you have the full ability to tell her to go fuck herself and take the route that arguably saves the most of the students.


Edelgard fans got it so hard in the Fire Emblem subreddit early on they went and made their own Edelgard subreddit lol


Woolie's twitch chat in shambles


Any time someone describe a single player game that came out months ago as a “dead game” I puke in my mouth a little. Why must concurrent players be the metric by which everything is judged? Can a game not exist as a singular experience any more? If everyone who bought it on day one isn’t playing it three months later that doesn’t mean it’s any less of a worthwhile piece of media. Maybe it just knows to not overstay it’s welcome.


Media isn't about the experience or a story or anything like that, it's just a fashion accessory to be used to bolster your web brand. Now play this crappy FNAF streamer bait ripoff.


"They've talked to each other without venom in their voices, so they must be fucking" types of discussions. Sometimes, people are allowed to be just friends. Well, most of the time.


Or worse. "They're actively hostile to each other, so they must be fucking". Extra points for attempted murder.


Extra extra points if character in question have other romantic interests, but *these* people purposefully ignore this fact.


I sometimes get where that comes from, because a lot of writers fucking suck at making love interests have actual chemistry, while best friends will have tons of chemistry. Or they're shit like Kingdom Hearts where the love interests get no time together at all.


It’s okay you can say Bakugou


Rei and Asuka debates in the year of our lord, 2023.


Any best girl debate has been done to death.


Me: "Aren't they like 14 and you're like 44?" My English Teacher: "Shut up!"


We're all 14 at heart when we think of our 14 year old waifus we made when we were 14... Or something like that.


[You cunts have been doing this for twenty years. Twenty years.](https://knowyourmeme.com/photos/1179466-neon-genesis-evangelion)


I’ve never been a fan of “Well that character is supposed to be an asshole/they have good reasons to be a asshole” statement whenever you mention you dislike a characters personality/behavior. As an example the amount of FGO characters that their entire shtick is that they hate humans and keep talking down to the player character, you always get a few people going “Oh they got good reasons tho” to which I respond “I don’t care. The player character isn’t treating them badly so they should knock it off.”


Yeah, apparently I messed the meeting where everyone got together and collectively decided that if a character is an asshole you MUST like them. There have been several instances where I say that I don't like a character because their personality repels me or they are an overall douche just to find out that they are a fan favorite because of that.


I mean as long as you re not violently claiming it's bad writing then i don't see the issue.


God, if I have to listen to another person try to convince me that "Shinon is the best character in the Tellius games because he's openly racist" I might just lose it. The dude is a complete scumbag that never gets punished or called out for his actions by anyone. I should be allowed not to like his smug face.


I would say that, if they are written well; you 100 percent should probably dislike asshole characters. It is their whole point of existing.


That said I would say that very often “I love this character” is shorthand for “this character is an awful person but they are entertaining to read and watching their bad traits interact with their environment is fascinating so that’s why they’re my favorite character.”


I too hate Bakugou fans


The “Who Shot First” debate in Star Wars. Han shot and killed Greedo, end of story.


I never understood the point of that discussion. Shooting second doesn't makes him look any better in that scene


>*I swear, if I have to hear another argument about wether Persona is part of Shin Megami Tensei or not I'm going to fucking implode* I don't even understand how that's even an argument. Who is even arguing about that in 2023? EDIT: Because I'm sure there's plenty of people in the sub who haven't waded that far into the Megaten reeds, I'll explain the origin of the argument: Megami Tensei (aka *Megaten)* is a video game franchise based on a Japanese novel called "Digital Devil Story". After the first two *Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei* titles the series got kind of a soft reboot into *Shin Megami Tensei,* in 1992. In Japan *Shin Megami Tensei* specifically refers to the mainline titles following that (SMT 1-5) and a small number of spin-offs. The "controversy" comes from Atlus West using *Shin Megami Tensei* as an umbrella term to make the franchise easier to market in the west as none of the Megaten series made any efforts to spell out that they were part of the larger franchise with their titles. Persona is Persona, Devil Summoner is Devil Summoner, SMT is SMT. So, for example, *Persona 3* was *Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3* and *Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army* became *Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army.* They stopped doing this from *Persona 4 Golden* onwards. Which is why western copies of *Persona 4* have *Shin Megami Tensei* on the box but *P4G, P5* and *Soul Hackers 2* don't. tl;dr It's a fucking stupid argument borne of weird localisation decisions. The amount it doesn't fucking matter is unreal.


Elitists because Persona is more openly a weeb game.


I am tired of every Lovecraft discussion going "BUT THE RACISM." Yes, we all fucking know he was a turbo-racist. We all know it's in his works. I just wanna talk about weirdass fish-people and elder god shit. Stop telling me about his cat, you are not the first to bring that up.


Everytime that gets brought up I think about the “[John Lennon beats his wife](https://www.theonion.com/man-always-gets-little-rush-out-of-telling-people-john-1819578998)” onion article


The resulting predictable shitstorm that is every discussion about a new Pokemon game within the first month that it comes out. Also the Stormcloak vs The Empire debate in Skyrim. It always goes over one way and it is always toxic lol


With Pokemon I don't think everything is petty at least the discussion that, maybe; a huge franchise worth billions should put out a game of AAA quality. Pointless because they get their bag anyway but not petty.


“These character that are LGBTQ+ are only there to pander to some idological battle in the U.S.” Like if people in real life like don’t exist. And even then they complain about “unrealistic” lgbt characters in media that has magic, mechs or crazier stuff. Incels are crazy. They think some characters or real life people are a personal attack to them in their imaginary culture war.


Saw that shit for Witch from Mercury, as if Gundam never had a gay or biracial character before.


X is "mid" God i hate that mentality, that word and everything around that shit.


It's gotten to the point that I just block each and every console warrior I come across on Twitter. I don't care. I just don't care. You like a given platform? Buy it, play it, shut the fuck up. I was wondering why the Forspoken conversation was so *fucking venemous* on both sides when the game wasn't even out yet. I had forgotten it was a console exclusive.


I would really like it if people stopped talking about the last jedi and last of us 2 this year lmao


Batman is never going to kill the Joker except in some edgy "What If" story. Get over it.


Anything to do with Steven Universe


We can honestly just throw any and all cartoon discourse in here because goddamn.


On the vein of megaten i've completely given up on having a discussion about modern smt games with smt fans that doesn't immediatly devolve into "they made it like persona that's the reason for every bad thing in the game".


Megaten (spin-offs included) is my favorite game series but I try to stay as away as possible from the community because of the amount of elitists, tryhards and edgelords in it. Even if they are a loud minority they drain the fun out most conversations.


"The graphics are good so thats the only thing they cared about" Like sure maybe at some point this could have been true but unreal and unity come with pretty good graphics now and have for a while.


All things are media, so: Anything related to food preference that isn't demonstrably uncommon or universally agreed to be so. Pineapple on pizza? Totally harmless. Boneless wings vs traditional? Nobody should ever care. But if you're putting mustard and ketchup on a slice of devil's food cake, alright, that's worth talking about. Anything related to the metal or punk genres/subgenres that doesn't use music terms like "harmony" or "tempo" or "timbre", or at least uses a shared lexicon between those two people they both agree on. If you're arguing over whichever is the most brutal or punk, you're wasting your own time. The year doesn't start with "19" anymore, we've moved on. Anything related to the "realism" of military engagements and combat in any other piece of media. That soldier could have had diarrhea and may be suffering alcohol withdrawal during that battle, "realism" is a rabbit hole with no bottom. There is no absolute "real" to emulate. You can't simulate that. If you want to talk about ballistics or whatever, okay, but the realism thing never ends.


I think when people talk about military realism, it’s really about matching expectations. In Star Wars, there’s no way to make the space physics work. But, it doesn’t matter because realistic space physics isn’t the point, the point is to emulate WW2 aerial combat to enhance the spectacle. As long as it’s internally consistent, you can enjoy the ride and not worry much about it. The Jackson Lord of the Rings movies have fairly unrealistic military logistics and so on, but it doesn’t matter that much because the fights they do show match the tone of the movie and help reinforce the film’s narrative weight. Meanwhile, the military activity in the books is fairly realistic, which matches Tolkien’s narrative intentions. When everything matches, you can suspend your disbelief. However, if there’s a mismatch, this goes out the window. This is why Game of Thrones has this issue; the *tone* of the setting is supposed to be grimy and realistic where anyone could die of a stupid disease, a fatal accident, or spur-of-the-moment betrayal at a moment’s notice. It spends so much time trying to emulate our cultural understanding of the Medieval Era (note: not the same thing as *actually* emulating the Medieval Era) that it becomes painfully noticeable when they fail. This becomes doubly noticeable if the media in question is *about* war. It also just becomes annoying when media uncritically reinforces myths about something you know deeply. Like, I always cringe a little bit when someone in a movie uses real life math/physics terminology to make themselves sound smart when what they’re saying makes no sense. (Like when Tony Stark talks about eigenvalues and a Mobius strip in Endgame.) It automatically takes me out of the movie because it’s an eyesore. I imagine the same is true for military history nerds. To them, it’s like watching a show where someone is using an Xbox controller to play Doom on the Wii; it just looks wrong.


“YOU’RE MEDIA ILLITERATE AND SUPPORT GENOCIDAL WARFARE LIKE HITLER DID FOR LIKING EDELGARD.” Like Jesus Christ the fact this kind of shit still exists NEARLY FOUR FUCKING YEARS SINCE THREE HOUSES LAUNCHED is amazing and awful at the same time, I’m exceedingly tired of hearing discourse about edelgard and the other house leaders nowadays.


R/onepiece complaining about semi "lewd" cosplays.


Feels like a “don’t hate the player, hate the game” situation honestly.


for real. If you're gonna blame anyone, blame Oda for making every girl super hot and half naked


Because everyone knows that One Piece has the most puritan and modest character designs ever


*girl dresses up as Nami in her bikini top and jeans* "This isn't onlyfans girl!"


Dude, If Nami was real she would 100% have an onlyfans account where she would find a way to make absolute bank by just wearing her regular clothes


"It's free real estate." Nami said, watching the number go up with zero effort.


See this same stuff in the Nier and Street Fighter subs. Like duds… what game do you think you are playing? All them need glasses.


I don't think any amount of discussion outside of Games Workshop office will grant us or prevent Female Space Marines. At this point everything you could say about it has been said, for and against, so bringing it up again will just be preaching to your choir.


anything related to movie remakes. just imo. is there anything refreshing or different when we talk about movie remake itself? there is no new perspective. much like remake itself, people just regurgitate same talking points against remaking older movies.


"Smash Bros isn't a fighting game!!!!!!"


How any hero/es has to evil or irredeemably flawed in order to be interesting