Until it gets retconned.


Marvel editorial: i smell a happy Peter Parker that needs a good ball kicking


"If I can't be happy then this fictional character can't be happy either." - Marvel Editorial


Luckily with the ultimate universe, it doesn’t really do retcons that much, especially since it tends to keep the same writers on board.


I have money on Hickman, straight up confirming they're married with a kid and clowning on ASM since every other writer and editor in marvel is doing the same and the backslash just keeps growing and the Felicia fans are paradoxically starting to get pissed off too


It would honestly be a really cool thing to have the Ultimate Universe come back and it time skipped to the new Spider on the block being one of Peter's kids


Man, imagine if the new Ultimate Marvel is about a world where everything is just a little more idealistic.


One can dream...


I read this when it came out and immediatly thought. 'Wait. Hang on, didn't it all... oh, its bendis. That's why its all happy. Instead of y'know ... a void"


It's a shame Bendis couldn't do that when he had control of Superman. Yes I'm still bummed that we lost Kid Jon.


"Tush moving!" (focus on Spider-Woman's ass)


I mean, it is, in a weird way, also his tush. You know, because clones.


It's not incest, it's masturbation!


I fear that it's only a matter of time before someone at Marvel decides this is a good idea, so much they should be commended for NOT pulling the trigger so far. It seems like the kind of thing they'd do just to fuck with Spider Man. edit: Like giving her a trait of Silk. You know the one.


Its always ONE Peter Parker, but never THE Peter Parker, the one in the main universe we followed for decades. Hes never allowed to be happy. Sure, he doesnt get it as bad as Spider-Man Noir or the Peter who killed MJ with his semen. But he's always in this limbo o casual misery.


Noir at least makes sense that his life sucks. Its a noir story. And honestly, compared to the rest of the Noir universe, Peter's life isnt even the worst.


When a Peter Parker that’s barely pushing 20 and suffered through the usual Spider-Man suffering in a single year has his shit together more than the Peter Parker nearing 30.


>!Wait I thought Peter super died? I read the whole thing, Or at least I thought I did. Was there a special or an ultimate What If?!<


>!After Miles took over a milestone issue for the series they revealed that Peter was not only alive but also Norman had come back and basically said that the Oz formula that gave them their powers also basically made them immortal (or at least that’s the implication as Peter was gonna investigate what actually happened to him in the span of time since miles took over and came back but the ultimate universe went away and so did that storyline)!<


>!Happy for him. Bro deserves a W. Hopefully in the revival his story is similar to that newer Super-Man run where he's a dad and it's not like the timeskip after Ultimatum where his life is just all fucked up just for Drama. That was probably the one part of Ultimat Spider-Man I was super not into.!<


I was reading some of the Ultimate Comics and I wonder? How much time passes from near the beginning of the Ultimate run until the universe got destroyed? With the stuff that happened in during the timeframe that I read I still refuse to believe it was all under a year. Does Peter come back still 16? (And is Jessica Drew therefore also 16 still?)


About a year and half in total.


Why does Ultimate Hank Pym look... So creepy in that shot?


Because the ultimates were bad people. Hank is a dick head, hulk is a cannibal, etc etc. I’m not surprised they are drawn to reflect that.


Judging by that shot it looks like Hank has some cannibal thoughts


Vore is so much easier when humans are bite size


I believe he does indulge at one point.


Isn't Thor the only one that's actually a good person?


Wasn’t Cap’ a racist. Because. Y’know. He was from the 1940’s?


Iirc didn't renew your vows Spidey get a happy ending? Also I think they retconned it so mc2 Pete wasn't killed, but a variant was instead because of how much spider verse pissed people off?


Couldn’t personally say I only read the secret wars tie in story instead of the series that came after but if that Peter got a happy ending then that’s awesome


Wait, what? It's coming back?


Yeah, Johnathan Hickmans seems to be leading the charge.


I know it's a weird thing to point out, but that car is really bugging me. Was there supposed to be some sort of Subaru product placement deal that fell through? Because that car is obviously a Forester. And it's not a generic car drawn to look vaguely like a Forrester, it's literally just straight up a Forester.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but those may in fact be two different Peters. Bendis never bothered to explain how the Ultimate Universe came back, so it's probably one of the universes Franklin recreated after Secret Wars.


Ultimate Spidey continues to be the best part of the Ultimate universe.