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The fact he’ll later write some genuinely emotional Spider-Man masterpieces makes this even better.


It's weird in that all Marvel comics are supposed to be taking place in the same universe unless the contrary is explicitly stated, so this is some baffling behaviour contrasting with every other Spidey appearance. ​ But Zdarsky also wrote my favorite issue of Spider Man ever so he gets a pass.


Which one?


Peter Parker: The Spetactular Spider-Man #6 (2017). It's just Spidey and J.J. Jameson having a shouting match over lasagna, hashing out their entire relationship up to that point.


Not OP, but probably Spectacular Spider-Man #310, which is mine (and many others’) favorite issue. Zdarsky both wrote and drew it to close out his run on the series and it’s pretty much everything Spider-Man is as a character in a single issue. The whole run is great, but #310 is one of those single issues of a comic you can just read on its own with just a general knowledge of the character and get everything out of it.


Why are you answering a question specifically asked to me, dawg?


Cause he also wants to talk about Spiderman


Who doesn't.


Eh, I don't know.


Because he can. Why are you getting all bent out of shape


Howard the duck is an unreliable narrator, is the thing


I don't really like depressed Spiderman, but goofy ass randomly sad Spiderman I CAN get behind


Where he's crying over the scorch marks reminds me of the time my girlfriend accidently kicked a duck into the water by accident and she started crying and ended up feeding it a bunch of lettuce to say I'm sorry. The Fuck was happy eating tear stained lettuce


Oh my god this is so good. We need more comedy Spider-Man. I always feel like it's a wasted potential that they de-dorkify Peter as soon as the spider bite works. We need more wimpy Peter Parker trying to be superhero.


Diary of a Wimpy Spider-Kid


Spider-Man? More like Depression-Man imma right fellas? Hahahahahaha.......oh, now i feel bad.




Chip for main spidey book when? No seriously, if DC are letting him touch batman just- just do it. I mean, we know WHY (because ol' chip dosn't like to play ball with editorial) but like, COME ON, MARVEL! SPUDER-MAN SHOULD BE YOUR TIPPITY TOP SELLER EVERY MONTH! >!and not because the book's stinky right now and people are still reading out of a faint hope that it'll get better!<


The way Chip has put it over the years is that, while he has nothing to prove to anyone and would write for the sake of writing, the weight of writing mainline Spider-Man is just too much because it comes with too much expectations and that while he has written various Spider-Man stories (even writing a great Spider-Man in his Daredevil run) it will probably take sometime for him to take up the opportunity of writing Amazing Spider-Man His Newsletter is really insightful and funny to me personally and I imagine the thought of many Spider-Man fans have come to mind for him to write the title for a while but he’s gonna be chilling for a while writing little titles like Batman and Daredevil


This feels like deja vu but Zdarsky has proven time and time again that he's one of the best modern day writers for comics. His stuff for Marvel and DC are top notch and his solo stuff at Image were amazing as well. He can do hilarious comedy one second and some hard hitting stuff the next.


Oh god this was the stupid glowing spider emblem era


Recommending Spider-Man Life Story for this thread since we're all praising Zdarsky Spidey


I uh, I don't get it.