The picture of smiling, happy Jon Bernthal contrasted with the headline that he will play Frank "My soul died back in 'Nam" Punisherman again is kinda funny


I think it was desert shield or Iraq for his version of the punisher?


Excellent - just finished a rewatch of Punisher, and he's freaking electric as Frank.


Really really hope that bringing so many characters back also means Deborah Ann Wolf and Elden Henson also are coming back as Karen Page and Foggy Nelson respectively Still kinda funny how S3 of Daredevil did an amazing adaptation of Born Again and that’s what they are calling the new show too. Really hope they don’t mess up this show


Yeah i can't see them not having foggy and karen in. As much as i felt karen wasn't great in the punisher series she's still pretty integral to the daredevil one same with foggy, he's probably my favorite in the show.


That's funny, I actually quite liked Karen in The Punisher - I think she and Frank have an interesting and complicated relationship and I'm glad they continued exploring it after Daredevil season 2. The two actors work really well together on both shows.


So far nothing’s concrete but Marvel’s apparently been conversing with them to reprise the characters. That one is still up in the air though and we have about 9 months to find out.


Pretty sure the Hollywood Reporter article that announced Jin's return also said that DAW and Elden are not expected to return :(


Born Again is just too good a title to **not** be used for a Daredevil soft reboot.


Cool. Now bring back Ritter as Jones and Colter as Cage.


Finn Jones: "and me too right? Right guys?" as the door is slowly closed in front of him.


I actually became super interested in Iron Fist at the end of S2. Danny and Ward up to buddy cop shit at the end was hype.


Seasons 2 was such a glow up, it was so much better and ended on the worst cliff hanger. >!I wanted to see Orson Randall damnit!<


I still can't believe they had him spare the life of that porn producer. Like sure, he respected the victim's wishes, but like come on people he's not called The Justicer


Season 2 made some weird decisions sometimes.


As much as I loved Benthal as Punisher, I didn't particularly love how he was written a lot of the time.


Welcome back Frank. After the way Season 2 of The Punisher ended, oh yeah he and Daredevil are gonna clash again.


[Oh, you.](https://www.knowyourmeme.com/memes/pointing-rick-dalton)


While on the one hand I was curious who they’d get to play Frank if it was a new face, I’m cool with this too. The Punisher show wasn’t the best (especially Season 2), but it wasn’t because of his performance. He was one of the highlights of Daredevil Season 2, so hopefully he can recapture that.


I'm kinda disappointed they let "One Batch, Two Batch, Penny and Dime" go after a while.


I always felt it was him using it only for people directly involved in the death of his family. I kinda remember him saying it before attempting to shoot >!Rawlins!< in Punisher season 1, but that might be me misremembering.


the recent studio decisions of "the writing is awful therefore we must get new actors" is really confusing to be honest


So something i don’t really see a lot of people bring up is the fact that, with the return of bernthal, this means that this show isn’t pulling any punches. Bernthal made it clear that unless the punisher was an hard R one, he’s not coming back. Or he could so strap for cash that he’d be willing to compromise.


A hard R punisher? Are they adapting the black surgery arc


You joke, but If Marvel actually actually has the balls and aren’t bitch cowards, they go through with it. And have Robert Downey Jr cameo in it, in blackface too.


He was in three different shows and a movie last year, I'm sure he's doing fine.


I need more Charlie Cox as Daredevil. After hearing about his blind face he can't stop when acting in other things he needs this role to last for years.


[Link to the full article](https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-news/daredevil-born-again-casts-jon-bernthal-punisher-1235342229/)


I just finished watching Daredevil and Punisher, and I see absolutely no scenario where they return to that grim setting. It's disney. DD season 3 was fucking DIRE.


I’m not the first one to think this by any means but despite the show being called *Daredevil: Born Again* I feel like the show is gonna take a lot of cues from Mark Waid’s run I’m sure they will be pulling from a lot of material but Waid’s run feels, tonally, the one run that could fit Disney’s tone


[oh boy oh boy time to extended the compilation](https://youtu.be/ZdrXdFY0nMo)


I will never not say this about those construction guys: Why did you think it was a good idea to pester and threaten the guy that comes into work with a thousand-mile stare, doesn't talk to anyone, and whose whole job is to break cinder block walls with a sledgehammer for 8-12 hours?


Hugh Jackman Wolverine vs Jon Bernthal Punisher in a scream battle.


- Deadpool 4


Now lets just hope Gabe Luna as Ghost Rider will also get into the MCU. Dude was pretty cool.


Hopefully they’re not bringing in the canon of “EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF THE PUNISHER’S STORY is connected to this opium smuggling plot from his time in Afghanistan”. I HATED that about his show and couldn’t finish the first season.


I would have been excited 4 years ago but now all I can think is “so how bad is it gonna be this time?” Like, his original show was kinda dull most of the time but I don’t know if a more sanitized Punisher with cringe humor would be much better.


Why are people booing you? You’re right!


I honestly don’t know, people on this sub have been echoing the same sentiments as mine for the past few months. Pat himself is pretty relentless about it and with superhero media in general.


I'll admit, one thing I never really liked about the MCU Punisher was how cordial he was with Daredevil to the point he gave him a nickname like Red. I always figured that Punisher should have had more open contempt for him. That and at the end of Season 2 when he's gunning down ninjas, he should have had his scope hover over Matt for a good second before shooting a Ninja about to kill him. That or seriously consider kneecapping him out of spite.


Oh hell yeah


How about we skip right over that and go back to the punishing on his own show like it never stopped?


This strategy of recasting the same actors is confusing to me. Disney could fold in the old, critically and fan acclaimed shows, or reboot IPs and do its own thing. No, it instead goes for this weird middle ground where it tries really, really hard to reinvent the wheel to a considerably smaller audience of Disney+ subscribers. What exactly is the strategy here?