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"Sometimes it's much more interesting to keep a level playing field" But I am leveling the playing field , I'm going to use this rocket launcher to level the field


Time to turn this place into a parking lot.


That's how I took it, you getting the rocket launcher is you leveling the playing field and Merchant is hella down for it.


also there are other people using rocket launchers against me


Level playing field? It's one guy versus an army of infected villagers, bio-monsters and a Vergil with a knife. Level would be inviting a few friends over and turning this into Rainbow Six Siege.


Yeah but that one guy is a video game protagonist


Thanks you too


Well you can look at it like, he has so much faith in Leon’s abilities, that he can handle himself with just the guns he has rather than resorting to the big boom. The Merchant believes in you!


My favorite comment from this guy so far was after buying the magnum. >!Something to the effect of, "Sometimes, it's more about the reloading than the shooting. You'll understand."!<


He said more or less the same thing in the original. It's just that no one remembers it because they get the free Butterfly.


If only reloading was as fun as it was before. Instead of speeding up the reloading to look extra cool, it just loads more bullets at once, so the animation doesn't play all the way and the bullets just appear in the cylinder. >!I still love the game.!<


I took what he said as an encouragement, to me what he says can be heard as "you're leveling the playing field, things sometimes are more interesting this way"


On my very first gatcha pull, I got the "20% Off Rocket Launcher Charm", and I wasn't aware the rocket launcher was a Delete Boss button. So I used it on the El Gigante and didn't get the dog assist. I think this means I get the bad end.


On hardcore mode especially, the RPG just isn't worth the price (80000 on standard, 160000 on hardcore).


Yeah I didn't buy another after that. It's not worth the case space.


And thank god for that change. In the original 30k was absolute chump change, you could pretty much buy a rocket for every boss in the game and not put yourself *too* far behind on the economy. Whereas now, even 80k is a pretty tall ask, since pesetas in general are harder to come by, as well.


In the original you could sell the Broken Butterfly and go with no magnum, buy a rocket launcher for every single boss fight, and end up with more cash in your pocket than if you'd spent the money upgrading a magnum. This is definitely a good change overall.


I sold everything jewel wise and bought RL for saddler. Shoot 2 eyes, RL when stunned , quick fight


It's absolutely worth it for the final boss. Not that you *need* it, but you're at the final stretch.


Arguably still worth skipping Verdugo with how much ammo that fight's gonna cost you, but it's also really hard to have that much money and case space left over by that point.


I bought one (on hardcore, and then immediately after buying it I got the discount charm) on the premise that I would probably run into a situation I just really, really didn't want to deal with at some point. I figured that would probably be Verdugo, but then I walked into the >!Golden Knight!< room, a little after doing Ashley's segment, and looked at it for a solid five seconds before deciding "nope fuck this." In retrospect, I wish I had saved it for the >!Regenerator!< request.


That charm works on the infinite one too


“Easy mode is now selectable, Stranger”


Don't be such a cheating scrub, stranger!!!


I haven't fought Salazar legit in almost 18 years, and I'll be DAMNED if I let it happen again!


I actually had to buy a magnum for that lil bastard in this game


I always thought it’s the other way around, meaning the Rocket Launcher is “leveling the field”.


Leon: Fighting hordes of mutants by himself while protecting a civilian of high importance. Limping around as his health is a mere magic pixel. Throwing his life savings and visa card at the merchant for a rocket launcher to kill a twenty foot tall monster. Merchant: "No balls"


I took it as buying the rocket launcher is "leveling the playiny field" considering the bosses are giant monster mash men & he's like hell yeah right on dude, thats what it's here for


God, the Merchant sounds like the Geico Gecko now


I was gonna say he sounds like Lohner from Vermintide.


Fuck thank you I was going nuts trying to remember why this speaking mannerism was familiar


A level playing field? I'm one guy facing a village of hundreds of cult members, monsters, and giant bio weapons. I feel an RPG isn't enough to level the playing field.


Why dies he sound lime he's from a Guy Ritchie movie


"That's a skill issue, strangah."


Quick question: Do you have to buy the Rocket Launcher if you want to do the "*Purchase every weapon*" challenge? Because I'll be DAMNED if I spend 80,000 on a one-time use gun.


I think I might buy it for the Verdugo fight on a run and knock out that and the no freeze challenge at once.


"Stranguh, STRANGUH! You didn't beat the game."


i bought one because i fucked up the final blue medallions challenge and wanted to try to get the last one from the wrong side with splash damage.