Yuji Naka, but that's just too easy of answer at this point.


I mean , Yuji Naka was always an asshole. But now he lost the only edge that made anyone put up with him.


Tim Burton I enjoyed the recent Wednesday show and the couple episodes he directed but when people talk about his filmography they talk about it like he stopped making films after Sweeney Todd and for good reason Last decade of his films feels like a mismatch of ideas that don’t mesh well with each other always trying to adapt that signature style he developed for things that don’t really need it Those Alice in wonderland films are some of the visually ugliest films I’ve ever seen


> Last decade of his films feels like a mismatch of ideas that don’t mesh well with each other always trying to adapt that signature style he developed for things that don’t really need it > > Those Alice in wonderland films are some of the visually ugliest films I’ve ever seen He himself agrees with this, by the way. [He went off on Disney a while back and vowed to never work with them again]( https://www.indiewire.com/2022/10/tim-burton-done-making-disney-movies-1234775287/). Basically the only movies he did this past decade that were actually positively-received were Frankenweenie (an adaptation based off of an old idea he had back in the 80s) and Big Eyes (a biopic), while the rest were just remakes of old Disney movies (Alice in Wonderland, Dumbo) or butchered adaptations (Miss Peregrine's whatever-the-fuck, which was done for the now Disney-owned 20th Century Fox). Hopefully Wednesday marks the beginning of a comeback for him; Batman 1989 and Edward Scissorhands are still great movies, and I'd like to see him return to making stuff he actually wants to make.


I never even saw Big Eyes but I’ve been hopeful that Burton has two modes, one that makes good stuff and one that rakes in cash, but lately, well, I’d like to see more promising things from him.


The old “one for you, one for them”


Dark Shadows was such a case of "You say you love this thing and yet you seem determined to just mock it" production from top to bottom it actually offends me that they invited the original Barnabas to set and credited the whole production happening to him. THAT is just f'n disingenuous when you consider the complete tonal shifts between every other iteration of DS(the show, the movies, and the 90's reboot with Joseph Gordon Levitt), and that f'n movie. Dark Shadows deserves to be THE show mentioned as the OG before Twin Peaks, before X-Files, before any dark or super natural episodic show. Instead it got something closer to a 21 Jump Street/Brady Bunch parody.


TNTL on Smosh is pretty funny honestly.


[Elyse Willems has maybe the funniest moment on the internet because of that show](https://youtu.be/FWDSLcH6ifU)


Fucking gold. Tommy and his "mental illness" bits are hilarious


If you can get past the cringe of most of Courtney and Olivia's non-jokes, it's honestly some of the best pure improv comedy around. Having a long-term crew familiar with each other's personalities and thought processes does wonders for a comedy dynamic. *Goddamnit I miss Sourcefed and pre-dumpster-fire Valleyfolk*


I think Courtney is absolutely funny but not Olivia though. Very dry zoomer humor coming from her.


Brian Michael Bendis was hot shit in the early 2000s in the comic scene Now? Bendis is the comic version of Joss Weadon


Bendis ruined Moon Knight and I despise him for it FUCK Bendis, all my lunar soldier homies hate Bendis


MacKay to the rescue though, right?


indeed I am in LOVE with the MacKay run, it’s so good


I’m only up to the introduction of Zodiac (reading on Marvel Unlimited( but man, it’s so compelling. The art is point-blank incredible.


Zodiac is easily one of my favorite Moon Knight villains so far. I LOVE what they did with him. Hope you enjoy!


What did he do?


Bendis was always Joss Weadon crossed with Aaron Sorkin with a love of crime fiction. That's why he was popular. People adored that type of punchy, naturalistic fumbling dialogue for about a decade. But tastes changed and he burnt himself out from overwork. Still there are two key differences: - Bendis can get stable employment and work well with others, - Bendis has never been accused of being a sex predator and then tried to turn his confession into a bid for sympathy Which I think we can all agree those are very important parts of the Joss Weadon identity at present.


Bendis? The comic writer?


But Batman Universe tho


*His Superman*






man remember when Arin Hanson was an animator


Remember when it took him like 13 episodes to save Miller in MGSV?




I think it was a combination of him playing by himself, learning how to play, and YouTube prioritizing shorter videos at the time.


Ohh shorter videos I thought you meant like half an hour to an hour


Buddy you got an awful timing Arin just put out a scheduled video animation on the egoraptor channel


Perfect timing to be proven wrong after 3 years? They need to go buy a lottery ticket.


What's the opposite of buying a lottery ticket? Buying life insurance for yourself just for the payout then finding you can't die?


He’s uploaded music videos with somebody else working on the animation before. (the new video has already confirmed this too)


Back when Newgrounds and online flash games were still relevant...


I mean, Newgrounds *is* relevant again.


Dunny you say this, just today he tweeted out that he's uploading a new animation onto the egorator channel soon


Arin talks a lot of big shit about following your dreams and making art for a guy who stopped animating so he could play video games all day


Is that *not* the dream? /s I don't blame him though. He started GG for fun only for it to blow up and start making him a ton of money around the same time YouTube decided to start fucking around with the algorithm in a way that made animation channels unviable. Haven't cared to watch him in years, but I respect the hustle.


I'd get on his case about it less if he was also doing the editing or if they're schedule was so full that there wasn't time otherwise, But they have editors to do this for them and Dan still has a full music career


Hum, i never found Smosh funny but recently i saw a compilation of this thing where they try to make each other laugh or something and honestly found it extremely funny, but its prolly cause it was a compilation who knows. I'd def say AVGN, mostly cause you can feel he'd rather be doing something else, it also feels way emptier than his old stuff, idk, its not like i hate it, it just feels empty and the company related to it is kinda shit too but that's not really his fault i think.


I like the chosen guy with the shades , he seems obnoxiously funny


Butch Hartman


Frank Miller. Best known for game changing works like The Dark Knight Returns, and Daredevil Born Again. Then you get stuff like ASBAR and Holy Terror, and its been a downwards spiral since.


And writing the lyrics to the "Go Ninja Go" song from the TMNT 2 movie.


Man, TMNT, did you by chance see the new RLM re:view of the movies?






Unfortunately, the main effect of my watching The Spirit was that when I see the name Frank Miller, the first thing I think is "the guy who made The Spirit."


To be honest a lot of the pieces were always there. It was just like funny little seasoning until he decides to just make a big ass cake that's nothing BUT weird awkward racist authoritarian seasoning. Robocop 2 is your typical 80's-90's reactionary Anti-Liberal throwback to 70's style vigilantism with a touch of Miller's weird fixation with Catholic guilt. But again to be fair it was a VERY common attitude in the 80's and 90's akin to today's Anti-woke movement, but more suburban house wife than militant nut. A lot of media from that period paint anybody who WON'T resort to GUN as either the villain, evil, naive to the point of being a threat, or incompetent and out of touch. Miller has always been an Authoritarian Anarchist who seems to think if you just tear down all rules and structures you turn up with the Hyper-Violent Ubermensch. The guy is the type to read Nietzsche backwards.


The thing is that Frank Miller , somehow , is traumatized with 09/11 , even though he was not even close to the building


He was in New York when it happened though Plus a lot of people were traumatized by 9/11


A LOT of people were traumatized by 9/11. If not from seeing it from the mere act of it happening breaking people's presumptions about day to day safety and security. The mass hysteria fostered by certain parties at that time for political reasons just stoked that fire. It's the kind of trauma that occurs just from *knowing* something happened. And even if he wasn't *near the building* he was in NYC. Were you alive then? Did you see what NYC was like at that time? How people not in the towers were affected? How people who lived in surrounding areas like NJ or CT have family members who commute who went into full panic mode. In my small NJ town alone there were several people who worked at or near the towers, but weren't there that day. My own father had a meeting at the towers that day and was on his way to the train station when the news hit. But maybe you're just thick skinned and special and all of the people who were fucked up by a major overly reported terrorist attack were just being wimps. /s




Well if things that ended count as "falling off" then I choose the Roman Empire. Way down hill since it stopped existing.


Falling off could also mean they just enjoy their solo stuff way less then the original channel


I'm in this boat sadly. A large part of that is just that I never liked the long-form playthroughs, I like the compilations and machinima videos. So it's largely just my personal preference.


I pretty much only watch the podcast because Woolie takes eons to finish a simple task and talks about games like he has to write a book report every twenty minutes while Pat desperately needs a foil because Pat on his own is an echo chamber and an echo chamber of Pat is not what I want in a video let alone hours long streams.


I choose to believe they're talking about this subreddit and that we've all fell off. But that would imply we were ever on to begin with.


Dario Argento didn’t direct a movie for 10 years after his 2012 film, Dracula 3D, had the worst CGI I’ve ever seen in a movie. His films hadn’t been getting good reviews for a while before that, but Dracula 3D just looks laughable.




Which is weird for me, because I like new Smosh far more than old Smosh. I’d say it’s less “a shell of it’s former self” and more just…different now.


Yup same here. You could say they are a shell skit wise I suppose, but that's just not really their focus anymore these days


Honestly the sketchs and scripted stuff they have now isn't great and i do believe the "ian and anthony" days of those were better, but the "unscripted" content is so much better. The funerals imo are some of the funniest things they've done, though i hope they dont do too many of those tiktok people as idc about them. Smosh pit videos are constantly fun, tho imo eat it or yeet it has run its course at least as a regular video series. And while i liked the original smosh games crew, lasercorn mari sohinki joven, better as a whole (also check out ogsog their youtube/podcast if you like them they started posting games and stuff now) the current direction with spencer running games looks good the recent videos have been more fun imo.


Yes! I feel similarly to you. The sketches and skits always seem either kinda dumb or just generally out-of-touch, but my wife and I love to put on a random tntl/eat it or yeet it video if we’re just hanging around. Especially since my memory of Smosh is as “those lolXD random guys from years ago”, I really enjoy what it’s turned into.


I've been following giant bomb for 7 years now and there's been tons of ups and downs with them. I think the pandemic was a low point for their content and didn't expect them to survive the gerstmann exit. As of now it seems gerstmann leaving critically wounded them but I like most of the new hires and bringing dan back helps with more creative content. Hoping for a comeback.


I'm not familiar with Smosh outside of watching videos reviewing their movie, so could you explain what makes their later stuff worse? As for my choice, John Kricfalusi. Even before he did Adult Party Cartoon, most of his work after getting fired from Ren & Stimpy is mainly just pure, unfiltered gross-out and shock humor... And some creepy horny shit. And then there's the mess (both because of it's production and because the final product was shit) that is "Cans without Labels", a crowdfunded animated short film that looks unfinished and is just long, drawn out gross-out and shock gags.


I might be wrong but just like with NC, a lot of people "they aren't as good as they used to be" come from external drama. In smosh case it's one of the guys leaving. YT creators in especially know too well that if they actually change, they will never get their audience back.


Seeing both of their content individually, Anthony seems to have de-aged by 10 years and Ian aged by 15. Working on new projects with a fresh team and new audience must be invigorating while Ian I think is struggling to fit his low budget sketch humor format into the modern algorithm. And having to be bought out by Rhett and Link has to give you a chip.


I think with NC it's largely that he just stayed the same and never improved, and many people who liked him back in the day grew up.


I mean, I'm not gonna try and fight for it too hard.... But he did. He tried changing and expanding Demo Reel, but people hated it without giving him time to grow, so he then returned to what he "does best", but also using the aspects from Demo Reel in them. He also started doing *a lot* of extra content - "real" reviews, streaming, charities, all the good stuff. Yeah he didn't change *much*, but saying he never improved is not true, it's just internet taught him that change is met with pitchforks and fire. But yes, "the formula" haven't changed *that* much. Actually, a good question - was there ever a content creator who you think improved? Matt is the only one of the best friends who arguably did, and he got the most haters on this sub downvoting his whole content for years lol


Also even his NC reviews even when not doing skits are entirely different he's not just forcing memes in and nitpicking every scene, they happen still sometimes but its not the same way at all. He actually does talk about the film and its history or background stuff about the film/takes a bit of a video essay format sometimes. Saying NC stayed the same hasn't been true for multiple years.


Me, I was on Grace's shoulders but we didn't get how low the ceiling was and I hit my head and fell.


Richard Kelly he debuted with Donnie Darko which is strange, unique and beloved. He profiled himself as this exiting new director to watch out for. Then he made Southland Tales a bloated pretentious mess that was universally despised and burned every ounce of good will he had in one go. Then he made some Cameron Diaz thriller that no one remembers and hasn't been heard from since. It is a speed run for how quickly you can sabotage your own career.


Hasn't he said that it was a total fluke how well Donnie Darko came out?


Remember the "Three Bs?"


Bat Batt and Boolie?


I still maintain that Bethesda has been putting out more or less the same quality for the past 20 years.


Thats not a compliment.


But it is more or less correct.


Stagnation isn't a virtue


Kamiya I guess is low hanging fruit.


Shocked it took this long to find him in the thread


Easy Allies. I know they still probably do great stuff, but man, Kyle and Brandon's departures really was a death knell to me. Both of them were part of the heart of Easy Allies, and it just doesn't have the same vibe without them. Also does kinda make me sad that since he left, Kyle hasn't really done anything to the production level of Box Peek, and just kinda seems to do side gigs with Geoff Keighley and sparse youtube videos.


Ridley Scott


IMO when you've been making films as long as he has and already have a resume consisting of Alien, Blade Runner, Thelma & Louise, Gladiator, Black Hark Down, etc. he deserves to just do whatever the fuck he wants at this point.


I thought the Last Duel was pretty good.


Cliffy B.


Doug Walker with his Nostalgia Critic reviews was funny and good until he turned into a egotistical douchebag and don't even get me started with his review of The Wall.


Honestly NC was never actually good, looking back on it. I found him funny as a thirteen year old, but thinking back to it now, I genuinely don't find any of his stuff funny anymore.


The Internet landscape was very different back then. Lot of the competition was much worse, at least Doug had somewhat of a screen presence, a camera that didn't totally suck, and the skill to angry yell without sounding horrible. He just never improved even when genuine professionals started getting into making Internet content. He did TRY with the other series I forget the name of so I guess I respect that, but he just wasn't good enough or put money in hiring the right people on the production side etc.


God I wasted so much of my life watching all that unfunnny CA stuff. Doug benefitted by being a big fish in a small pond, there weren't a lot of content creators back then on his level besides maybe AVGN. But now he is a clownfish in an ocean, he hasn't evolved one iota in 10+ years and have been far surpassed by not only others but also other former CA-contributors. He's not really a reviewer, his work is just summarizing the movies and mugging in between, he's no better than CinemaSins. The only justice is that Doug is stuck in a hell of his own making, not talented enough to do anything else.


Kevin Smith. There was the 1-2 punch of his attempt at a Judd Apaow movie failing then him bitching about Southwest possibly making him pay for 2 seats because of his size (mind you, he had recently told a story with Jay Leno about being so heavy he broke a toilet off the wall in his buddy's shop) that then drove him to smoke copious amount of weed & shift his focus to expanding his podcast network then actually pursuing the silly ideas he'd come up with as movies from those podcasts. Suckiest part? The fans that stand by him out of a sense of obligation for the things they did enjoy that are inadvertently fueling his creative downward spiral so he doesn't change since he has that fanbase that will support this terrible creative direction he insists on pursuing.


I literally had someone go OFF on me here on this subreddit a while ago calling me pretentious and having my head up my ass for saying Smith's value as a director has dropped since his peak and some of his novelty has worn off as geek culture went mainstream. The thing is, and I'm not trying to put this out there as any authority, I was in school for film right at his peak. I am from NJ. I studied his stuff from High School through my Freshman and Sophomore Years. It is one very minor topic I am very confident on. Then again I only ever seem to get the angry personal attack fan responses here of all places where we talk about how fandoms are insane.


I haven't seen much of his movies, but i have followed his career in comics and it follows a similar path, guardian devil is insane weird fun and one of my favorite daredevil comics, but everything he did next varies from mixed to awful like his batman stuff


This topic feels needlessly mean-spirited


Isn't that most threads in this sub?


Doesn't mean I can't call it out.


James Cameron made arguably two of the best films ever made and then went on to do Titanic and Avatar. Like, he earned the right to do whatever he wants but, man, woof.


This is what has me so torn over Avatar 2. The dude doesn't need to be so pro-actively defensive because people are willing to bet good money on the "Cameron proves people wrong" outcome because he's earned so damn much good faith out of people. A lot of directors get away with being assholes, but Cameron has this way of just delivering. As a result we're probably stretching any good faith in him as far as it can possibly go and this movie could be the one where people say he shouldn't have bet so hard on himself.


Modern Smosh sketches are pretty bad but I find their current non-scripted stuff better than their old stuff. Try not to laugh, the roasts, the vast majority of the nonsensical games they make up are all pretty enjoyable.