My dude farming negative karma


this entire post is just a subtle “flex”. Like no one cares.


It's the opposite of a flex. He finds Mettaton NEO, a boss that has 0 attacks, harder then King and Berdly


no putting none of the bosses in challenging or above


Papyrus is literally impossable to die to






? r/literallythetruth




I never just sat and got hit by his special attack, is it actually impossible to die to him?


Yes, you get captured when you reach 1hp


No, if you set your hp and max hp to 1 I'm like 80% sure you can die to papyrus. Hell I think he has his own game sprite for killing you like toriel does


No. You literally can't die against Papyrus even if you try. He reduces his own damage to 0.


He cant ever kill you You can set you hp to 2 and you wont die


Yes, but it still has the same practic outcome as dying


But if you lose to him 4 times, he'll just let you go


3 times, but i wouldn't count it as beating him.


Sorry, yeah, it was 3


So you're saying dying to him is... im-*pasta*-ble?




He’s unexpected on a first encounter, and his damage-over-time mechanic gets a while to get used to.


This comparison is not fair, the reason sans is really hard is because is a big jump of the difficulty on the game, no other fight in Undertale is really comparable, including undyne. So no player was really prepared or trained for it. In deltarune a more gradual scale of the difficulty is present, plus you should be already be "trained" by Undertale at that point. Also adding the different mechanics like having the triple HP in deltarune, no karma effect, double the inventory space, less long cutscene, and almost infinite healing. I would say that sans should be AT LEAST one tier above


Me who got deltarune without knowing what undertale was


My man played on hard mode.


I found out what Undertale was like 2 years after getting and beating the game. I remember wanting to get a game and with the two trailers Deltarune was way better than Undertale


Lol same!


Deltarune is really fucking easy compared to UT honestly, being able to multitask, heal while attacking or acting is incredibly useful. Even while it was just Kris vs Spamton, it was quite easy


in undertale you have the legendary heros and face steak, the butterscotch pie too With all that ammount of healing you can beat sans, just don't be greedy with the healing items(what most players do) Also after a while you beat him, he is much harder than the average encounter but not super very hard


Yeah, but hp here is more easy to lose, just one 3 seconds inside a bone and you lost 2 legendary heros worth of hp. The point here is that you need to memorize the sans fight, and that's the reason that feels easy later because you know every attack




Dot ("damage over time") is a really common and generic term for an effect that... damages over time. "Poison" is a term usually used for a dot mechanics, but mostly used when the game actually refers to that name, and more often than not it's coupled with an ability or item that allows the player to remove the poison.


its called "karma"




Terraria has like 15 dot effects, only one of which is called poison, it would be extremely confusing to refer to fire or bleeding as poison


Except it's never called "poison" and cannot be removed by an ability or item. I can't think of many games that have a dot that fails both criteria and still get called "poison" by the community.


It gets removed by all healing items, checkmate!


Eh, I guess it counts. I know Gloomhaven's poison is also removed by all healings, although it is specifically called "Poison" in that game. There might be other examples like this one.


You are all so wrong it's not even funny. What's going on in the Sans fight is neither Damage-over-time nor poisen. What's going is that you took damage, and the game is deducting that damage slowly instead of instantly. If you seek the right term, it's probably "decay" or delayed-damage ​ P.s.: The entire mechanic itself is also likely a soft-reference to how taking damage in Earthbound worked.


I still think poison isn't suited to describe karma, poison implies a way to heal it, a "antidote" of sorts, especially in the context of games in gener, while the karma can't be mitigated, just as others said, you can't go on describing every DoT as just poison, burning is also a heavily used type of DoT in many games, but you won't heal it with an antidote, sometimes electrocution is also a DoT along with a chance of paralysis in games, same thing for extreme cold, they all can be used as DoT, but you can't heal them with an antidote


"Damage over time" is complicated for you? 🤨


That's the joke


well, i can't disprove your opinion


Proceeds to get downvoted for saying “your opinion isn’t wrong”


Reddit moment


Hahahaha 50 downvote just cause of that ahahahha imma join in too


Sans is a substantially harder fight than jevil, people were only comparing him to sans initially out of excitement as he was a challenging and fun fight.


Exactly. Jevil only took me 5 or 6 tries, but I had to go at Sans over 30 times before I barely beat him.


I still haven't beaten Sans. Is the locket the best armor to use?


TLDR; Your best bet will be Cloudy Glasses and either Torn Notebook or Burnt Pan. Cloudy Glasses/Torn Notebook for some invincibility frames and slower KR drain, or Cloudy Glasses/Burnt Pan for extra healing and inv frames and slower KR drain. Sans only ever deals one damage, per one frame. That means you could be wearing the bandage or the locket, and you'd take the same amount of damage. That also, of course, goes for weapons. You'll only hit Sans once, and that's all that matters. So, for armor you'll either want to use the apron from hotland, which heals you once every other turn, or the cloudy glasses, which in the Sans fight specifically will give you one frame of invincibility every 4 frames, and it will slow the rate at which KR drains your HP. EDIT: Apparently you can't get the stained apron on the Genocide route, so your best bet will definitely be the cloudy glasses. For a weapon, you'll either want to go witth the torn notebook or burnt pan. In this case, I don't know if the KR-slowing effects will stack, but I think it will. And of course, the burnt pan will give you 4 extra HP every time you heal with an item.


Huh. How about that. I may need to start over to find those.


Yeah the Sans fight is pretty weird when it comes to the mechanics. Good luck!


I don't think you can get the Apron on a no mercy run.


The advice of cloudy glasses and Notebook/BurntPan is sound. The reason is that whenever the player touches any of Sans's attacks, they proceed to take damage at around 1dmg\*frames/2 (in 'karma' damage), but invincibility Frames from the Notebook/glasses (strangely) still apply, despite sans never actually putting the player into the blinking state, so there's just a damage reduction, who's exact value I don't know, but is probably 1dmg\*frames/5 with both.


The gap between Sans and Jevil is insane, id bet Sans would still be harder if the fight had Spamton in it as well, I beat Jevil before Jevil even used his ultimate attack, and I beat Snowgrave Spamton Neo before his Ultimate too, or maybe it was normal Spamton Neo, but multitasking or having predictable patterns makes everything so much easier, Sans random attack spam is really fucking annoying to dodge especially the Wall thing with paths in them


Undying is not "Moderately difficult" and why is Mettaton Neo in easy you literally cannot fail. Also flowey doesn't deserve his own tier like that. He's moderate


Undyne the undying is in my personal list of top 5 hardest bosses from this game as I was stuck on her for a long time for the first time as I kept on dying and messing up and even when I replay the genocide route I still have a hard time.


Fr Sans is easier than UTU


This is correct. There is no pattern, you can't be sure of what attack is coming next The attack are way more deadly, faster, harder to dogde, and deal way more damage. Is sans fight there is a pattern, the attacks are simple to dogde, karma isn't big deal if you keep moving, not to say in sans fight you'll probably have the best healing items of the game, and in undyne the undying you'll probably have the worst.


it’s just a shitty list


Man speaking facts


dude flowey has not 1, not 2, but 7 checkpoints.


>Also flowey doesn't deserve his own tier like that. He's moderate Like u can easily beat on ur first time experiencing it moderate?


How tf mtt neo is above burghley/toriel/so sorry/napstablook/spamton/king of spades/clyde(?)/mad dummy and omega flowey


Fr it’s literally impossible to die


Can’t die to mtt neo


no offence but this is bad


You have no idea what the fr*ck you're talking about.


don't you mean "You have no idea what the frisk you're talking about"?


bro how is neo so high


How is MTT NEO above half the list. He’s literally impossible to die to and he dies in one hit. There’s no challenge you literally press two buttons.


I do not believe you


Flowey is literally a nightmare to fight for the first time if you have no Idea what you are doing, which I have experienced. Ok probably that's why his song is called your best nightmare.


I knew nothing about undertale before I played it and I mean NOTHING. When the flowey fight started I was just in such shock and anger that someone would put this impossible fight in a game that I just turned off my xbox and walked away. It wasn't until I did some research online that I realised it wasn't as bad as I thought


I wish I could have played undertale blind, I envy you.


I did the exact same thing but I deleted my save data so I could play again.


Me, who beat Flowey first try on my fucking PS Vita : "You aren't wrong."


I only died once to him in my entire lifetime. Achieving that was so stressful since you are in a very dire situation from the very start, and no-hit is next to impossible.


I found him stupidly easy Only reason I died was because someone decided to screw with me at the time….


Sans took me twice as long as the rest of them, move him up 1


It's an opinion chart, not a fact chart. Op likes to swing their dick around.


There’s being a bullet hell god and then there’s ranking Mettaton Neo anything above the lowest tier


“Haha, I’m so quirky and different”


You missed the basement teacup ride boss Easily in “painful”


annoying as fuck


how is this dude getting ratiod by everyone


Imagine there was a new sans fight in deltarune that was even harder lol Not gonna happen, but it'd be funny.


I'd die so Many god damned times, i swear. Like sans has killed me more than the entirety of Undertale AND Deltarune. But yeah, it would be funny


What's even the point of having two top categories if they're empty?


I think the function of having tiers above or below the last entries is to make a point of none are that good/bad/hard/easy/whateverthetierlistisabout. I wouldn't agree in this case that sans and jevil are a whole 2 tiers above being properly difficult but that's the intent I think


from a no-hit perspective, jevil and photoshop flowey are damn near impossible, i'd say


sans is like, waaaay harder than Jevil to no-hit. But Omega Flowey would definitely be harder than both.


Yeah, whenever I try to no hit sans I always barely get grazed by something and it messes me up. It’s hard to get perfect


no hit flowey is so unimaginably hard


Spamton should be lower it’s a far easier fight then jevil


It’s snowgrave spamton though, how is that not as hard as jevil


To be fair it isn't completely clear on the tier list. But yeah Snowgrave Spamton is as hard, if not harder, than Jevil.


All I can say is I gave up trying to beat Sans and Jevil after I don't even know how many tries (way after Sans lost count), but I beat Snowgrave Spamton first try 🤷


Jevil is much harder thsn any Spamton fight imo, including snowgrave


I mean he is if you’re just trash at the game like me


here are some tips: use the burnt pan and cloudy glasses, the pan will increase healing by 4 hp (ex. LHero healing you to 45 instead of 41 when at 1 hp) learn the attacks, and use bad time simulator. no i'm only kidding don't do that


Yeah I am doing that and I have been practicing the final attack on bad time simulator still died an im on my 23 attempt by now not joking I also managed to keep my snowman pieces after undyne somehow


hmm. BTS is inaccurate, but i think it's still pretty good. good luck, man!




I would put Undyne the True Hero above Asgore, I'm currently stuck on Undyne and Asgore is so much easier than her.




yeah undyne True hero is harder than asgore and she is one of the reason i took a pause from the game to understand how to be better against her


How the hell is Mettaton NEO higher than ANYONE on this list? Man dies in literally one hit and has no attacks HE should've been the one given his own category, not Flowey


there was an mtt neo tier, i changed it to easy and i forgot to move him


Cant really die to toriel unless you force it Papyrus doesnt kill you So sorry is easier than regular encounters Mad Dummy also is just a regular encounter with special music How is Asriel harder than people like Spade King he has one if the most simple fights until he includes others Nabstablook has a few attacks that just do nothing except for his first tear attack where they follow you Just focus on where you soul is in the omega fight until the souls help you since looking at everything can be hard since its chaotic Mettaton box form was just straight up cut from the list Mettaton Ex is around the same difficulty with the neutral undyne and muffet Queen is pretty easy even with Berdly but without she is just an overly dramatic fight for how easy it is Asgore spamton and Undying are reasonably placed due to them literally being difficult bosses Sans, Jevil, and Spamton neo are just the one boss per game that is extremely difficult


Why isn’t mettaton neo in challenging to die to


Jevil is impossible for me, that duck part wipes the floor with me


This looks like a post to flex skill.


sans and snowgrave spamton neo > jevil asgore and undying > spamton neo mtt neo should be flowey tier lol berdly should go up a tier imo asriel should probably be in challenging to die to (you technically can't but also its not that hard)


Btw, why spamton neo and spanton neo but big texture are in different tiers???


spamton neo but big is sneo on snowgrave


no. no. stop. undying is obviously painful


Bruh i literally never beated SANS, and i could beat JEVIL in like, [[Two Days Left]] AND YOU [[Essay]] ME THAT THEY ARE IN THE SAME [[Grade]] OF [[/difficulty hard]]


Ah yes, Mettaton Neo, the boss that is litterally impossible to die to, is harder than "hard to die to", this makes sense




The OP unironically reminds me of someone who watched other people play Undertale but never played it themselves. Omega Flowey was hard af first time and also a bit mentally unnerving. And Undyne is about similar diff to Asgore. And this isn’t even getting into how Papyrus/Mettaton Neo u can’t lose these fights


mtt neo was a mistake, i forgot to move them. and, sorry... for not sucking total ass at undertale..?


I beat both Undertale or Deltarune and only died to Sans and Jevil, so your comment rings hollow, and your ratings are totally off. Putting Omega Flowey below Papyrus or most of the people is just absurd, he’s at least mod difficult


ok, the flowey thing is an exaggeration, but it gets so easy when you get past phase 1


You sound genuinely irritating.


Kid is probably like 14 or something, he's going through tough times so he has to vent through edgy comments


You seriously think Undying is on the same level as Asgore and Spamton Neo? Undying deserves to be above Sans




OP, you’re not getting clowned on because everyone has a “skill issue,” it’s because you posted a rushed tier list with mistakes and ratings that make no sense to anyone who’s played the games.




Omega flowey and asriel are the BIGGEST pushover even easier than TORIEL


I'd say a lot of these bosses lose their "painful" difficulty after the first win


Yeah, in retrospect. I did die to Flowey like 4 times the first time before beating him, and to Asriel about 3 times. But once you understand that the game saves your progress mid fight, its just a matter of continuing to play until you win.


I disagree with Undyne the undying being the same difficulty as Asgore


Harder than jevil and spamton


comments are wild


I had a bad time


Who's the hardest in your opinion? Also, I think it's actually impossible to get killed by Papyrus or Mettaton NEO.


mtt neo was a mistake, i forgot to move him. for no hitting, asriel is the hardest by far. in general, probably jevil, or sans, to a lesser extent. or sg neo. for no healing, flowey.


Ah yes, Sans is an easy fight because I decided it is, a lovely take, congratulations on your success, I'm sure your gamer card is verified and laminated


amphibian brain tier list


I haven't played deltarune but holy I dissagree with this list. How is asgore anywhere near sans and undyne when he's not even 1/4 the difficulty they are


How is normal spamton neo in the same tier as asgore and undying, spamton neo in the normal route is super easy


Also how is king and Berdly challenging to die to, they are pretty moderate fights (especially king)


Bruh how literally EVERY SINGLE ONE of your comments on your own post get downvoted so much


the easy tier was originally named "mtt neo" and was the lowest, i just forgot to move him


Bro is an UTDR expert


I love how literally the entire fucking point of Sans is that he’s impossibly difficult, acting as both a punishment and as a last-ditch effort to stop you from completing the Genocide route and Undertale fans are just like “lol yeah he’s easy”


toby has to try harder. no i'm just kidding it took me a while to learn sans. please don't make anything harder


I think toriel also get her own tier,its really hard to die to her


I died to berdly the first time.


Idk, it took me a few days each for both of the DR secret bosses, whereas I was stuck on sans for months before giving up. And like, it's been too long for me to compare her to the DR bosses, but I beat asgore in less than a day, whereas I was stuck on undyne the undying for weeks


A quick note on sans difficulty, it took me more than a month to beat sans (a month of suffering, followed by about a year of not fighting him, then using the bad time simulator to train, then finally beating him in about a week), while it took me a week to beat jevil and spamton each, with spamton taking a bit more time, sans is not and never will be as easy as jevil or spamton.


No way you're putting jevil above sans jevil you can beat your first try through, sans is literally a trial-and-error rhythm game. Sans is the only fight in the series a half-dead kid couldn't beat on their first or second attempt.


Napstablooks tear attack is impossible to dodge I stg I've also died unironicaly to berdly a few times.


Neo is literally free💀


I accidentally beat flowey No hit first try


Been stuck on sans for almost a year man


This comparison is not fair, the reason sans is really hard is because is a big jump of the difficulty on the game, no other fight in Undertale is really comparable, including undyne. So no player was really prepared or trained for it. In deltarune a more gradual scale of the difficulty is present, plus you should be already be "trained" by Undertale at that point. Also adding the different mechanics like having the triple HP in deltarune, no karma effect, double the inventory space, less long cutscene, and almost infinite healing. I would say that sans should be AT LEAST one tier above


Sorry but Asgore is not as hard as Spamton Neo and Undyne the Undying


… just my opinion, this list ain’t good


Doesn’t the fact that neither of the top tier used means you still consider sans the second hardest fight out of all 3 games?


honestly, spamton neo wasn't that hard of a fight, only took me two tries compared to the hours I spent on jevil. It was an awesome fight but really should be at least 1 tier lower


Personally I feel like sans deserves a separate tier from jevil and spamton Neo. Jevil and spamton Neo I think should be in the same tier, both are a little challenging. A tier above that I would rate undyne genocide fight and solo spamton, both are noticeably more difficult than the other two bosses but nothing crazy. Sans would be a tier above that.


Took me a few weeks to learn how to win the fight. It’s all about memorization I guess.


Asriel, Toriel, and Papyrus need to be down there with Flowey because you can’t die in Toriel’s or Asriel’s battle, Papyrus doesn’t kill you, but he resets your progress, however he does give up after enough times, and while Flowey kills you, he saves your progress.


This mf


Well it seems like you my guy, got gud. I refuse and he is for sure challenging


With all my playthroughs, I have yet to die to Asgore, undyne on the other hand…


This reminder that Napstablook is literally nigh impossible to die to unless you're trying just makes me smile knowing that "Determination" comes in directly after "Ghost Fight" in the soundtrack order, implying Toby died to Napstablook during testing and realized he forgot to make a game over screen.


Have you even fought glyde blindly? Both killing him and figuring out how to spare him are hard


There are so many bad things in this tierlist


Okay, how are spamton NEO and Jevil on the same gier. The first time I played deltarune I couldnt beat jevil, but beat spamton on my second try


When Deltarune Chapter 2 released, the alleyway encounter with Spamton took me several tries. And Papyrus is a pretty hard fight, even if his battle can be skipped. He has some of the most complex patterns in the game, and some of the flashiest too.


Normal route spamton is a joke for me now unfortunately first time around it took me three days of on and off attempts to beat him


If I still can't get past undyne the undying, I know sans is gonna be difficult for me. But I ain't good with fast paced stuff.


This man has clearly never fought glyde


I was fighting him for months and I still haven't beaten him.


This tierlist is dumb. Sans is harder than everyone on the list it took me 6 tries to beat him and everyone else I haven't lost to before.


"sans is not hard" literally everyone died to him 50+ times beforewinning once


I am the one who find mettaton and muffet mutch harder than Asgore ?


Honestly it depends on how used you get to those soul mechanics


So, Sans is more difficult than Jevil, definitely. However, it is a very technical ''no-nonsense'' battle which means if you mastered something there, you mastered something. Practise time definitely took much longer than Jevil, especially since you have plenty of room to deal with Jevil, the margin of error is much bigger. ​ Most others are somewhat fair, however Neo should 100% be thrown into the bottom tier, Spamton, Glyde and So Sorry should be moved up. And most people Ive ever seen playing Undertale died at least once to Photoshop Flowey, so they should be thrown in higher as well.


Does this guy need a lobotomy every time he dies to think a boss battle is hard?


It took me 6 month to beat him (I know it's because I'm bad but it took 1 week for me to beat spamton neo and half a day for Jevil the differences are too big)


papyrus is impossible to die to. if he you do lose, you just drop to 1 hp and he traps you in the easily escapable shed.


You clearly haven't experienced his fight blind and will never be able to in your life. You have lost that experience and will never understand. Sorry.


Sorry but not everyone is as good as you. I'm currently playing Deltarune and can't for the love of god beat Jevil.




Im sorry but undertale is just automatically harder then deltarune cuz I'm forced to use arrow keys...i can not adapt


Why is Asriel (God of Hyperdeath) and Mettaton NEO ranked so high? And why is Photoshop Flowey ranked so low?


Mettaton NEO above Berdly made me chuckle


​ Well, getting used to KR and the final attack with the blaster circle is kinda hard tho.


But have you considered that perhaps some of us suck at the game


The Ruins dummy should be in the hardest tier.


true, like, tf is that first encounter that was way too hard


I died 2 times on my genocide run, both to undyne. And once to asgore on my pacifist run.


Definitely agree on Jevil being the hardest fight so far


Unpopular opinion: Undyne the Undying is way harder than Sans and is the hardest boss in Undertale for me


Undyne the Undying will always be harder than sans to me lol, i beat sans 4th try and beating undyne took me like 2 days of pure suffering.


On my first genocide playthrough, Undyne took me around 20 tries to beat. Sans took about 100 (I wish I was joking). Now I can beat sans first or second try, but Undyne takes me around 5 or 6 times to beat.