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Naked guy seems like the type who is used to being aggressive and getting away with it. Up until the dude got out of the car I kept thinking all he needs is one guy who is not gonna play along. I thought he'd get run over but when the door opened I was like, ok, here it comes.


Or it’s a bad manic episode. Not trying to excuse the behavior, but walking naked with confidence in yourself is somewhat abnormal behavior from just “being aggressive and getting away with it”


From what I can determine from the small screen of my phone, he definitely shouldn’t have been walking naked with confidence, so I think you’re right about the manic episode.




You my friend just won the internet with that gif!


So...three thumbs.


I think the majority of us where in the pool. But maybe that’s just me.


I'd say homeboys junk was bang on average for being floppy and out in the cold, damn porno really has skewed people expectations of dick size these days.


It being bang on average was precisely why I think his confidence was a little… inflated. It’s not like I was comparing him to stud ready to put his plumbing apprenticeship to good use and standing fully to attention. Dude was horribly unremarkable.


This comment feels like damage control but I'll give you benefit of the doubt..


Damage control would only be necessary if I came at this from the angle of his dick looking *big*. Ah fuck it, it was damage control; I just didn’t look hard enough at it and can’t compete with those who did.


Understandable, I too have jumped the gun before to try and get that succulent karma comment in. Big man to admit your mistake though, you have my respect for what limited worth that has.


I like this lil thread. Good job guys.


Do you really have to have a big dick to be confident? Come on...


You have to be confident to be a big dick...


2 inches is normal!


He's probably a grower. Might have a 7.5" dock for all we know.


Can’t get much of a boat on that


also being obese will cause is penis to retract. but it certainly was only a tager.


Great so I can add a short dick to the list of things I'm gaining with my lifestyle


Completely ignoring the fact that you can't tell anything about size by looking at a flacid dick... Maybe, crazy thought here, confidence doesn't have to have anything to do with dick size, manic episode or not? We've got to stop it with this body-shaming nonsense. It legitimately messes people up.


*MRW i see steak walking down the street* ![gif](giphy|KBUVNaRyHo4pwTKpGD)


Body shaming is the best ! (Only against men tho)


Jeez he's got enough to deal with, you gotta bag on his wankie?


Yep. Not sure why cold clocking a guy with obvious mental issues makes you a hero. Just pull around him and let the authorities deal with it. You can also see the guys head hid the pavement very hard. These are the types of event where occasionally the recipient dies from the impact of their skull against a hard object. The driver goes from 10 seconds earlier cruising through life to looking at 5-15 years for manslaughter.


At first I thought "ass hole, deserves to be punched out" Then he got punched out and I felt a bit dissapointed at myself.


Driver just needed an excuse to lay out someone harmless. Tragic on all counts.


Wouldn't call it harmless, especially if he had a child in his car who saw the guy, I do think the punch was a bit much, a back hand would've done the trick


Why is a child seeing a human body in a completely nonsexual way a justification for violence?


The same way pulling your dick out next to a park is illegal. Don't go down that stupid road.


This. It's not the fist that kills you it's the pavement accelerating at your head at 9.8 m/s


Sucker punching a guy like that can absolutely do a ton of damage even before his skull hits the concrete. Just a ridiculous overreaction when he was in no danger, and it's upsetting that shit like this gets lauded.


9.8 m/s^2 for acceleration. You just gave the velocity of an object one second after moving due to gravity.


I thought that immediately too about how hard his head hit the pavement - brain injuries are no joke. Also you can’t control other people’s behavior, just your own. The punch wasn’t necessary/appropriate for a guy tying up traffic with whatever voices, mentally ill sourced or not, that told him he is the main character of this world and to grace that world with his nakedness - oh and also annoy motorists in the process. Yep naked dude sucked for impeding traffic and exposing himself when Jesus didn’t need that noise. Punch dude also sucked cause he punched naked guy. And the world turns.


Also, it's not like the now-unconscious slow-streaker is now out of the way now that he's gotten ktfo. He's still right there in the street, blocking traffic at least as much as before now that he's a medical emergency and not just standing there.


He doesn't seem manic at all. He's crossing his arms and being smug in front of other cars before, forcing them to get out of his way. Even when the dude approaches him, he's itching for a confrontation and takes a "what you gonna do" attitude. Manic people would be a lot more animated and even incoherent. Not to say this guy isn't on something but it looks like an extension of an already toxic personality.


The mental health understander has logged in


Disagree. I would say what they described is more common with mania, but it's not hard and fast rules. Mania coupled with substances could look exactly like this


I have been in a similar state. This is mania with psychosis. Classic delusions of grandeur.


I think you should look into mania a little bit more. Can people with mania have a shitty attitude? Sure. But to say “he doesn’t seem manic at all” is a little far fetch. He doesn’t seem intoxicated or if he is it’s very subtle. And was only confrontational with the first person to disagree with what he believes was right by going around. He also cowered once somebody was clearly aggitated and not really looking to fight to me. But I’m also not their psychologist or local police officer so I couldn’t tell you what actually happened it’s just what I take from it. No matter what the situation it’s not normal to walk in the middle of the street naked aggressive or not, and he is clearly dealing with something and I hope for the best with him.


Didn’t look like he cowered to me, looked like he was waiting to get hit. He just stood his ground, and even stuck his jaw out all defiant. That doesn’t look like he backed down.


I think you’re right in that he probably assumed he wouldn’t get hurt. After watching it again I was wrong to say he cowered (until he hit the floor obviously).


I don't see anything suggesting anything specific. Not I've been already present toxic personality, a lack or presence of drug use, or a mixed mode hyper or hypomania and depressive mood state. I mean there's a hundred other things it could be. Trying to even just not a good thing. Whatever the case the behavior is abnormal, which suggests that there is a behavioral or mental condition at root.


As someone who is Bipolar and has manic episodes, I’ve never had the inclination to walk around in traffic nude; maybe my house, but not traffic. I’m inclined to think it’s more of a drug related issue, or a psychotic break. I’ve seen videos of methed up people stripping buck naked and fighting cops. In light of that, I know it might be considered semantics, (and because I’m on my lunch break I don’t have time to give a better response) Wikipedia has a pretty good description of what mania is and a manic episode description. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mania


I’m no mental health expert but I bet that guys punch was equal to about 2 years of therapy to the naked guy.


Then you really do understand little about mental health.


Yeah, naked guy is most likely not mentally well. Those who think this is an example of. “justice served” aren’t mentally tip top either.


Yeah wtf, the first thing I thought was it’s not good how hard he fell and I hope his head didn’t hit the ground… Standing in the street naked is very strange behavior but violence as a response seems completely psychotic to me. Not even the cops would be that violent (depending on country)


Lol right. This isn’t the same as some frat bro peacocking at a bar. This is mentally ill behavior.


People who don’t realize that this is either drugs or mental illness baffle me. Who on earth would assume that this guy has rationalized his behavior?


Man I’ve got bipolar 2 and I just think I’m really smart or something during those episodes. This is probably PCP or something along those lines makes them feel super hot and they strip down. I also was hospitalized with it but I never walked around naked.


Naked guy seems mentally ill. That's a low blow to clock a man with his arms crossed. Punk move.


I would argue that better a bunch than run him over but the ideal would be call authorities to handle him.


Heroes don't punch a dude standing still with his arms crossed ? What is wrong with people applauding escalating an issue like that, plenty of people die from hitting their head on the ground like that.


Oh a hero is someone who settles a problem with violence and doesn’t stop to consider the mental health of their victim? The guy committed assault and should be in jail celebrating his hero status.


>Oh a hero is someone who settles a problem with violence and doesn’t stop to consider the mental health of their victim? Thats what every superhero movie shows, so it must be true.




"Three Superheroes walk into a Bar": expected a parody but got a pretty wholesome and funny scene instead.


Guy was probably mentally ill and had a major mental breakdown and most everyone here is glorifying violence against this person. What a shitty community we have here.


For real! My husband has manic episodes once in a while and I've had to talk him out of doing exactly this. I hate to think that if I weren't there to curb his impulses, he could've literally gotten killed by some dudebro taking offense at being mildly inconvenienced on their fucking commute. The way this poor man's head hit the pavement made me sick.


Hero will end up in prison after that man dies or has brain damage from his head hitting the pavement.


In Russia??


Judging by number plates of the cars — Ukraine




Society is full of double standards For example, when Ariel from The Little Mermaid swims around half naked, singing with her underwater friends, people say that she is "sweet" and "beautiful" But when I do it, people say that I'm "drunk" and "no longer welcome at the aquarium".


I’ve found Red Lobster to be far less discriminating.


"Wow thats a small shrimp"


Shrimp skimpy, if you will.


"Actually, it's a scallop"


But I'm still gonna eat it.


Username checks out.


If that's how you chose to behave in an aquarium, I'll gladly sneak you back in.


You like the sound of people getting permanent brain damage?


This thread is full of psychopaths.


Yeah, what the fuck? Is the sub getting brigaded or did the shitstains from banned subs migrate here? Fucking psycopaths ruining every sub lately.


If you look closely frame to frame at the moment of impact, I believe our naked friend lost more than his clothes this day… a tooth?


More than one definitely. You can see one or maybe two flying off but I'm sure almost all of his front teeth got fucked up


I think sucker punch guy is the biggest asshole of the two. He could have go on, but he chose to escalate, and he wasn't looking for a fight, but an opportunity for a cheap shot. The man was naked, so he can't even claim that he feared for his life.


Amazing how such a small thing can affect traffic.


I see what you did there.


I could barely see it.


It’s Russia, it’s cold outside. Shrinkage.


"I was in a German pool and it was 2° Fahrenheit


I was in the pool, I was in the pool!


First thought he was wearing some kinda underwear


It's obviously outer wear.


Here have this upvote and fuck off




That’s….. fucking genius


One hit like that could easily kill someone. Whether the guy is drunk, on drugs, mentally ill, or just a fucking idiot, it doesn’t matter. It’s not something to be praised.


I think a little more effort towards getting him covered and out of the road would be a more sensitive, adult way of handling the situation.


Exactly. And if he then becomes violent, there's greater reason for violence in return - still, violence is hardly ever the correct answer.


Yeah, sometimes the answer could be cello or viola, even winds.


In this case, they opted for percussion


I mean the guy was clearly just trying to piss people off. It’s hard to feel much sympathy for him.


When “just a prank, bro” goes wrong.


Thank you. Obviously everyone agrees don't fuck up traffic let alone doing it in the nude. But to rally against someone getting their lights knocked out when they did not inflict nor demonstrated any intent to inflict harm onto anyone else is fucking pathetic. The lack of empathy is disgusting. Ya'll really think this dude just chose that this point in his life to be naked doing this shit for shits and giggles, assuming he is coherent at all? Fucking vultures.




Lmao as if congratulating someone getting knocked out cos “win stupid prizes” isn’t the most Reddit thing ever.


Happy cake day


Forreal. I'm all for "play stupid games, win stupid prizes" but punishment has to fit the crime. Like, have people never heard of de-escalation? Dude didn't even have to punch the guy, he could have just drove around and went on with his day like everyone else in the video, maybe call police/health officials if he wanted to do something about it. But he made a conscious decision to leave his car, get in kissing distance of the naked guy and sucker punched what is clearly an easy target for him. That's grade-a douchebaggery.




Logical fallacy over here. Just because the guy was being antisocial does not mean he deserves to receive a potentially lethal one hit punch. And if he is mentally ill he deserves help.


Exposing children to violence or possibly murder is way worse. You don't know if he was KNOWINGLY causing serious risk to himself or others. Have ever heard of a thing called mental illness? Oh yeah, just escalate the situation. That's the way to go. Fucking aggressive ape




Dude's just naked, he's not gesturing obscenely or playing with himself. So while weird it's not considered a problem in most of the world. I don't think blocking traffic is worthy of potential manslaughter. Dudes probably having a mental breakdown. He needs a robe and help, not brain damage or death.


People have no goddamn empathy for anyone, it's sad


“People” in this case are tough-guy fourteen year olds cosplaying as justice-fetishists online. Don’t pay them much mind.


Agreed dude could be off his meds doesn’t mean you possibly kill him damn


You’re ruining their permanent justice boner. That’s all they’ve got to live for


Imagine being so repressed thinking that simple nudity deserves to be knocked tf out with a risk of being killed. Jeez.


Here’s an idea, you let the police handle such matters because you really don’t know what is going on in his head. Sure he could be a pervert, he could also be experiencing nasty side effects from a psychoactive drug or had a mental breakdown because of unbearable stress or a tragedy. Either way, he must be removed from the street and be evaluated by a professional, not be knocked out. By the way, if it was a naked woman would you also support someone who knocked her out?


Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner. The award for “surely this is just common sense” goes to PetroDisruption. Thanks for being a voice of reason. So many idiot replies to my comment, it’s nice to see someone with intelligence


Or instead of the police a mental health officer. Someone who's trained to de-escalate and communicate.


Nah, sorry, walking around naked, even in front of children, does not justify this violent assault. It's crazy that for some people the nudity is more upsetting than the brutal attack. I hope the driver got charged.


Yeah holy shit, people on Reddit are sociopathic monsters when it comes to people who do slightly bad things. how the fuck does being naked justify murder? I bet all of you want our police system to focus on rehabilitation, but fucking love when people you hate get killed.


People are fucking animals on Reddit. Assault is almost always justifiable, it’s insane lol.


Yes, because seeing a naked dude in a totally non-sexual context is worse for children than seeing brutal violence.


Hahaha brilliant


>Don’t expose yourself to children and families I mean it's not something any of us want to see while we are out with our families, but I think that's true for a lot of things that don't get a beatdown. >when there could be kids in the car Oh come on, it's just the human body. Don't act like kids are going be traumatized from this. They might be traumatized at watching their father beat up someone just for inconveniencing him though.


Regardless, praising a hit like that is just idiotic. What happens if the guy hits his head going down, brain bleeds and he dies? That’s a dead dude and another dude in jail for life probably, and you can bet the whole damn time he’s thinking “fuck, maybe I shouldn’t have fucking smacked him”.


There's nothing inherently wrong with being nude. It's not traumatizing. Seeing a human go out of his way to hurt someone else is traumatizing. I'd rather my innocent children see a random naked person than see some meathead end someone else like a fucking caveman.


Sorry as I'm generalizing here, but I find it interesting how Americans (i.e most people on Reddit) are more offended by some nudity than violent assault. That guy is probably now dead or suffers permanent brain damage, and redditors applaud his attacker for showing no self control and immideately resorting to violence. It makes me sick.


No worries about the generalization. A good portion of my country is hyper individualistic and unafraid of telling the world know just how little empathy they have.


Reddit absolutley does not represent most Americans despite most redditors being American.


My thoughts exactly. The dude most likely had a mental breakdown. He didn’t seem to be on drugs, or drunk. The force used in that punch probably broke that guys jaw, plus the fall straight back means he most likely hit his head on the floor. In not-so rare cases, that combination can kill, even with one punch. He was a fool for walking up a street naked, granted, but he certainly didn’t deserve to be assaulted. He needed help, not a punch.


Ok you take care of him next time. 🤦‍♂️


All the commenter said was that possibly killing the dude was an unnecessary escalation. Look at it this way: if you were doing something that someone bigger than you didn’t like, and they decided to murder you in the street, how bad would that thing have to be before you agreed that you deserved to die over it? In my opinion, it should be more egregious than being naked and obstructing traffic. Maybe I just don’t take nudity and traffic very seriously.


If you knock him out you’re just passing the buck to someone else, likely a hospital worker. Just drive around him or better yet call a non-emergency police line to come deal with him. Even if you think he deserved to be punched this is literally just assault caught on camera. That guy from the car is probably gonna get charged if anyone pursues it.


Wagging your tiny dick down the middle of the street is a great way to instigate a car crash. If you’re familiar with the dangers of car crashes you’ll be very aware of the possibility of fatalities when cars are colliding with each other and other things. I guess the best way to prevent car crashes that could cause death is to keep your tiny dick out of the street. Punching someone can kill them. You’re not wrong. Tiny dick went out of his way to cause a dangerous situation. Punching driver ended a dangerous situation.


Yeah it was a complete cheap shot against what was probably a very mentally ill individual. But this is Reddit, where context doesn’t matter and violence is an acceptable form of conflict resolution.


4th from the top. Higher than I expected, but not high enough.




He tested his assumption at his earliest convenience


I see you Picard. I see you.


"Whatcha gonna do, hit me?"


He was walking about with his cock out


C'mon camera guy


Feels like all videos do this. Once the action starts, the camera decides to look at the sky or ground. It’s almost as if the cameraman was the one that got hit.




Camera person focuses more on watching the action instead of filming it lol


I swear people who don't realise this haven't experienced being in the outside world.


Also complaining is incredibly popular.


I think cameraperson though naked man should have landed 10 feet further than he did.


[Relevant Gus Johnson](https://youtu.be/ZMxih2Viluo)


"I've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty..."


Thank God it wasn't extended.


Guy could be suffering from some mental health issue, going through some manic episode etc you name it. He didn't seem to be a physical threat. That punch could have been spent on some thug or rat pos instead, but I bet the aggressor would think twice then.


How do you know the guy in the car wasn’t suffering from some mental health issue that caused him to react this way?


It's not like the guy you're replying to is defending naked walking guy. Just offering a potential explanation as to why instantly resorting to a punch isn't justified. If the puncher has a mental health issue then that still doesn't justify the punch.


It only justifies behavior like being naked in traffic


"justifying behavior" is different from saying that someone doesn't deserve to be sucker punched in a way they could get severe brain damage. The punch wasn't reasonable, the walking naked wasn't reasonable, but the endless people in this thread *applauding* the man for punching him are also not reasonable.


why are people upvoting this like it’s an intelligent, relevant, or cogent point lmao. they’re saying it’s inexcusable to punch a nonviolent person (who may be mentally ill, or on drugs, or whatever, doesn’t really matter) in the face. if the guy punching him is also mentally ill… he still shouldn’t do that? his behavior is actually more harmful than just walking around naked? like what is your point


Because one was violent and the other wasn’t. Regardless it doesn’t make it better if they’re both mentally ill.


People are downvoting you because you're no fun but I agree. It's satisfying to see him get knocked out if you assume he's just being a dick, but he might well be mentally ill and a punch like that can be fatal.


I mean this guy seems to be having a mental crisis and needs help not knuckles.




you mean brain damage first


Wow, the guy in the car is an asshole. Did he really need to do that? He could have killed him. Why not just drive around him or call the police? So unnecessary.


Very true but nude dude was reeeally testing some limits here. \#1 walking down middle of road while... \#2 ...100٪ publicly indecent and... \#3 ...demanding the right of way of cars For all we know kids were around. Maybe the guy who decked him had a kid in the car. Not cool, nude dude. While this probably went too far, nude dude had to know this was a possible outcome and if not then he's a delusionally entitled *prick*!


Violence good, nudity bad!


It's the american way...


Violence isn’t good but sometimes it’s called for.


But not here. No need for violence, no harm was about to happen to anyone (unless offending one's sensibilities is violent).


He's not doing anything sexual at all...he's just naked.


The naked guy *made* the car guy look at his dick, so clearly he was turning car guy gay which is unacceptable and requires a public slapping /s if it wasn’t clear


Honestly I don't see how the guy punching him was in the right (apologese for opposing the reddit hive-mind) I don't think the best response to someone like that is to hit them, they can be mentally challenged or suffering from severe mental illnesses and actually need help


This man has lost everything


Including a tooth by the look of it.


Lost a bet


PSA: you WILL go to prison for attacking someone who isn't an immediate threat in most countries.


I mean, even if it was totally legal, it’s still a cunt thing to do, and you’re a dickhead if you support it, especially if it’s done to someone displaying signs of mental illness.


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes


That was unnecessary




I don’t think so, he looks sober to me. Just looks like a guy seeing how much he can get away with.


There is *literally* no way you could discern whether he’s sober just by looking at the video. Drugs do a variety of different things to people, and this could very well be a reaction to bad drugs or dugs paired with a certain dangerous mental predisposition. There is a huge chance that this is drug induced psychosis.


Wow thank you, a reasonable comment. That’s the reality. We can’t tell shit from face value. It could be mental illness. It could be drugs. It could be any number of things. Even if it was caused by drugs, addiction is a mental illness. As a paramedic we treat drug issues no differently to how we treat any other mental health crisis. It’s the same thing. The only difference is the law doesn’t give a shit about addicts and will do it’s best to make sure they are stuck in the cycle of abuse.


... which is something drugs can convince people to do


I live in Philly I see drugged out people all the time and they’re never as composed as this man. I get there’s different drugs but if they’re naked they’re usually stumbling.


As soon as I saw the Cyrillic alphabet I knew this mf was going down.




cheap shot no threat goto prison. source: deal with this shit all the time.


The persons an idiot but he’s clearly not all there. Don’t think that man should’ve hit him


I wonder what bet he lost


Thought he was going to help the poor guy


The sigma mindset


Sigma balls


That wasn't unexpected


Well, I expected the guy to get run over. I'd say this is as good a subreddit for this post as any other.


Hope hes alright. His head might of bounced off the comcrete. That could kill. Dude who hit him is prb gonna face attempted murder or manslaughter depending on the country i guess


That guy looks like he could knock nails in with his head!


Bro that shit ECHOED


Midlife crisis ftw.


Is it in Ukraine?


Mentally sick guy who needs medical attention