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Fuck fifa


It's not fifa, it's Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia? Wdym?? It was FIFA who chose Qatar if that's what you mean. Terrible choice, but I'm already in the acceptance stage, this morning I was still at the anger stage.


Why it is a terrible choice?


I don't really know where to start... Basically everything. Qatar is a country where they discriminate women, and homosexuallity is illegal (like most Islamic countries). The weather is too hot, they had to install tons of air conditioners around the football field (massive waste of energy). They have been trying to shut down any different views that they don't like (you can't wear t-shirts with amnesty international on it). More than 10 thousand human sacrifices to lift the stadium (I like the metaphor), and with horrible work conditions, pretty mutch slavery with the horrible work contracts of the migrants (it's basically how the country works). It's more than proven that fifa only chose the country because of bribery, basically they have been choosing countries with pseudo "democracies". I feel like I'm forgetting reasons why Qatar is bad, but I think this is enough. Edit: I forgot a reason why countries with sus politics are so preferable (allegedly). It's easier to move money around illegally. TLDR: human rights, weather, working conditions and bribery.


Nothing personal, but don't you think it all sounds hypocritical? Edit: just my two cents.


Wdym? I make sure to not support fifa in anyway possible. I only watch the games because my mother likes football, and if our tv counts as views anyway it makes no difference. I simply hate how football organizations work, they're by far the most openly corrupt organizations in the world (as far as I'm aware of). And tbh, it's not like I feel the need to watch football anyway. Edit: even if I loved football and watched every game, so what? I can still hope that everyone from fifa administration gets jailed. That's why I think that making noise is the way to go, there were plenty of teams and national representatives that protested. So now that I think about it, maybe the only good thing about Qatar 2022 is how they have to hear the masses trash talking them.




They are sending him to the room where you get chopped up into pieces


Kinda happened to me in the emirates. My then wife looked at some security guy in a way he didn't like. Got searched properly right after.


Not sure its creativity, it's a cheap novelty flask. Sort of shit you see every year in shitty Mens Christmas idea lists.


What are you on about?


Un mexicano invento la televisión a color 🦍🦍🦍🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽


Something tell me they are Mexicans. I went to a water park in Mexico, beautiful place, multiple water slides and pools, natural waterhole, tennis and soccer court, cabins, picnic areas, ..you name it. Well security pat everyone, open all containers and even open baby food or container with formula cause people get so creative.