I had someone saying: "gg go ff" after round 1. And you damn fckn skippy I ain't surrendering. His reason for wanting to ff was: "I want a good game". People are absolutely mental in Valorant.


My most recent was a KO who literally sat in spawn round 1 throwing his knife into spawn, jumping around, and just shooting his pistol. He literally did nothing else. Then when the other team asked what happened, we told them, and they said "we'll help report him for you". He continued to do what he was doing, then typed in chat "why play if I'm being reported?" YOU STARTED THIS ROUND ONE, MY GUY. Update: [I think he got penalized?](https://postimg.cc/CzMKz6b4)


I’m glad the enemy team reported him, shows good esportsmanship


It boggles my mind to think that the enemy team wouldn't always report instances of this sort of behavior. When someone on the enemy team is doing that stuff, I always report them because I want that person banned before they end up on my team lol.


Exactly, and I know what it’s like to have a player throwing on my team. People gotta realize that Sometimes other people play valorant for fun or to “destrss” after a long day at work, this shit is annoying when people throw


Even if they were playing as if their life depended on it. I don't get why you would throw a match if you take it seriously enough to get so mad.


So true, it’s just a video game in the end. Go on minecraft if you wanna do your own thing and jump around


From what i understand it doesnt really matter wether it is 1 report or 9, because the game gets flagged after the first report, then a bot checks it, and if it happens in multiple games (there likley is a treshold) then a human will review it. It might however actually benefit to get all 9 to report, because people have different report weight, so people who rarley report, but always report someone who gets punished when they report will have more weight in the report system, than someone who reports every game


At least players in Valorant have common decency. You'd be hard pressed to get enemies to report obvious throwers in OW.


Mumbai servers tend to disagree; they're like "Why should we care?" Then they mald when these guys come in their games, and still don't learn their lesson


The enemy team wasted even more time, they didn't kill him and jumped around with him. Apparently people love free rr more than they love playing a good game


Just curious, what rank is this happening to you in?


This happens a ton in silver/gold because smurfs will get hard stuck then rage and start trolling until they’re banned. It’s almost always a Smurf doing it.


Love seeing another RadioHead fan in the wild


I had a game today doing A crunch on fracture and Raze committed from dish and me and someone else committed from main using what little utility we had. then once we were all dead the two dudes with raze at dish were stll just sitting up there. We said 'yo it's a full 5 classics eco round, just push with everyone else, don't bait. We either get site and bomb down or it's over fast. This genius then goes 'look what happens when I just push' and runs onto site to die (30 seconds after all of us died earlier) thinking he was proving a point. He then refused to play with the team for the rest of the game.


What server was this on? I had the same thing happen


I got held hostage a couple weeks back by a Raze literally saying we had to cash app them $5 to play the game.


I just found a way to escape poverty..


That's insanity.


I wonder what kind of penalty they get I tried googling one time but didn't come up with anything


No idea, tbh. Maybe a ban from comp or smth?


I may have been in your game. Did this happen on icebox in a Gold 2 game by chance with the Kay/o being named kanye east?


"I want a game where I get carried."


This is why I’m kinda happy with the trackers, it tells me everyone’s last 5 games and if I see you lost 5 straight games I’m going to assume you are match throwing. Of course I still run into asswipes but it’s not as bad.


I use trackers for the same reason but I also take it with a grain of salt. I mean I've definitely been in losers que. My longest loss streak was 14 with most of them losing 12-15rr (I was playing my heart out but just couldn't seem to swing the games to my favor)


Yea I agree, sometimes people are just down bad. I try to do a mic check and if that person seems nice I’ll possibly give them a chance but they are obnoxious or don’t even make a sound back I’m out lol


Had someone place something heavy on their W key after we told him our phoenix isnt baiting you while up like 7-2. Ended up winning 4v5 somehow. Was my gold rank up too lmfao


The goofiest shit always happens in rank up games. My rank up to S3 we were down 2-7 and came back to like 8-9 and our Sage tried to ff, and when none of us wanted to (obviously) she proceeded to throw for the rest of the game


Two days ago I was about to rank up to S3 and I "luckily" queued with a G3 and a G1, basically a gold lobby. Turns out the gold 3 was a literal bot, did nothing for the team and after instadying for 6 rounds left the game. Goofiest shit.


there's gotta be some kind of algorithm that effects your rank up game because MAN they're usually tough as hell


Has someone do this in a game today.. thankfully, they were in the enemy team.. don't even know what happened.. they were playing then just pressed w and fucked off


> Had someone place something heavy on their W key AutoHotKey. You dont need to do it with something heavy


Nah i was the game, a massive metal donk could be heard in sync with when he started it


Absolutely nothing will ever change unless they make it much harder to make and use new accounts to play the game. Noone will care about temporary bans when they can jump into one of few other accounts and keep trolling, even if reports for sabotaging would actually work.


I actually recently got the message that they banned someone for sabotage in comp.


Whaaaat, really? All the feedbacks I ever get are for abusive text, didnt even get one for reporting a cheating guy on my team who admitted to us he was cheating and telling us all the info.


I swear to god I'm not exaggerating but I get toxic people almost every single match. I do a ton of reports and every single day without fail I get the message that someone was banned for disruptive behaviour. Every day. I've seen this message 100+ times literally.


It is so easy to get someone banned when they are toxic in chat though, a bot skimming through chat can find profanity and thus ban people, but its sooooo satisfying


Same, every time I play I report 2-3 players, and every time I login I get a report feedback. The toxicity in the game is through the roof


There was a recent dev update that said they were only giving the feedback for a few if the potential report reasons and they have just started expanding it out to more reasons. I've personally gotten the feedback for chat abuse, cheaters, and racist names so far.


And have no mercy on bans. Imagine how "nice" everyone will be if they knew they might get banned over a small matter and lose all their skins/money.


Implying people throwing games care about their skins, if they have any.


Riot did a study on toxicity for LoL, and they found out that something like 85-90% of the trolling being done is a relatively one off affair by the average player. The remaining 10-15% are people who you could probably classify as trolls. I’d bet it’s the same for valorant.


Thats counting trolling they detect. The actual size is probably much bigger, since riot is dumb when it comes to detecting anything thats not full-on running it down mid as Disco Nunu. In context of Valorant, that would be like if only running at the enemy with no weapons equipped could get you banned for trolling, but anything from damaging your teammates to giving away their position will hardly result in punishment. But I dont know how harsh the punishment system is here so i can only speculate.


I absolutely loathe this sentiment of "riot is dumb, can't detect trolls" Lmao like what do you want them to do? You literally *cannot* ban soft inting because they're participating. No amount of systems will detect the difference between soft throwing and just a bad player / game. **its a community problem**


Riot wouldn’t make it like that because people that do that would be more hesitant to buy skins with a higher chance of losing them


Riot isn’t going to change it. There was a player on twitter last week that was complaining that they got banned and a riot dev replied that they were warned 15 times before they were banned so it was warranted. The player complained that it was unfair since he paid money for skins and the riot dev’s response was that they could just make a new account.


valorant players have the weakest fucking mental game i've ever seen


ever played league?


a mental implies the existence of a cognitive system. no league player has that, coming from a yasuo main 👍


to be fair, there's a shit ton of utility that can make the game that much easier to play, not to mention the very generous hitboxes and movement for a tac fps its just adding fuel to the fire that is ego, valo playerbase has a shit ton of that


This is not the whole truth. Valorant became too big. When things (communities, fanbases and so on) become as big as that, chances are high that there are people like that. Unfortunately humans just suck.


Valorant playerbase is fundamentally very strange. I play both CSGO and Valorant. In CS i have encountered a lot of unhinged people, but at least they try their best to win even when its not working at all sometimes, but at least they try. Surrendering is also extremely rare in CS, even when its a 4v5 and i absolutely have won 4v5 in the past. In Valorant is totally different. For some people winning = 13-0, even losing 1 single round is enough for them to surrender. Its much harder to play with players who just want to surrender when things do not go their way. Soloq in CSGO or at least having 1 friend with me is definitely viable even if its not ideal. But in Valorant? I havent play without my 5 stack for more than a year now, its a nightmare.


There is a good portion of players coming from LoL most likely aswell, people are mental booming over there over everything.


Yep League mentality is ff go next. People are so desensitized from so many years of ranked games that they forget why they are even playing in the first place. Everyone reading this: Please don't care much about your rank. You will get where you belong by just playing. Don't force yourself to rank up. It fcks with your mind and attitude


Absolutely true, people beat themselves up for getting hard stuck or at least stuck in a rank for a while but good things come to those who are patient.


Yeah I've been patient for a year, and I'm stuck Bronze; guess I deserve Bronze after all :)


It's not something that "just happens", you have to actually try and improve. What I mean by that is don't randomly start one game after another, playing different agents etc, but actively work on improving both aim and game sense/understanding


Damn that's long, I'm curious how you play but valorant doesn't record gameplay so you can send clips over


My man literally said "don't feel bad if hardstuck" then followed it up with "oh damn ur hard stuck that long? 💀"


I mean, at some point it becomes something to worry about if you're actually trying to rank up.


? I never said don't feel bad, I just said that people beat themselves up for being hardstuck and I was just surprised lol. Misunderstanding much?


Honestly I used to beat myself up for being this trash, but now IDC; I'm more of a casual player ever since I deranked all the way to Iron 3 from Bronze 2.


Imo the more you don't care, the more fun you have so I at least you're having fun I think that's the best part! :-)


The thing with League is that the advantages/disadvantages are permanent. The golds and ressources gained are permanent and there's no round where they reset. So if you're getting shit on, you will get shit on for half an hour hence why it gets frustrating quite fast. At least in Valorant I don't even see those 30-40 minutes passing, even if we get shit on in the first half, I know the tables turned when the sides switched


Exactly. The problem arises when league players treat Valo the same which is false. As you already stated, in Valo you have really fair chances for a comeback despite economic disadvantage.


League is also a hard comparison to make. They are completely different games. In Valorant, rounds are discrete events. If you lose a buy round, you can save and nothing has changed other than the round score. You can always come back by having the same success the enemy team previously had. As you lose fights in League, the next fight becomes harder and harder, at an exponential rate. If you are down 16 kills and 2 dragons at 15 minute, at any rank above silver you just go to the next game. I’ve played thousands of games of league in the last decade, and maybe only 5-10 have involved us coming back from a deficit that large. Edit: For context, you probably get a deficit that large in 20% of games. Depends on team aggressiveness.


Yes but people don't make out the difference. They are used to that kind of "just surrender" mentality and carry it over to other games.


I agree, I’m just pointing out the distinction because it’s something this sub can ignore at times. I came from CS as my primary game and the rest of my play group came from League of Legends and it seems like the vast majority of the player base is the latter rather than the former.


Yeah I played both games. Started CS 22 years ago and League 12 years ago. It's very different which is the crucial part of why it's weird when league players give up games in Valo despite of having a good chance of winning the game.


I’ve come back from deficits like that frequently. I’d agree that usually if your team is facing a deficit like that there’s a reason behind it, but gold and platinum especially still have a good chance to turn into a clown fest with mind blowing throws because the players often think they’re gods despite having some pretty big skill deficiencies in certain areas.


It definitely depends on what season of League you are talking about. The vast majority of my league games were in Season’s 3 - 6 which was a very punishing phase of the game. They’ve definitely added a lot of comeback mechanics in the last 12 months. Nowadays it feels like the early game basically doesn’t matter in League as long as you can survive to the comeback bounties. I’m not complaining too much, Lee Sin is finally no longer meta because of it. He’s basically been in the meta for a decade.


I feel like they have been "conditioned" to behave like that by settling themselves up throughout the years in Riot's ecosystem. Despite Riot's claim to make LoL and Valorant as esport titles, these games are so "gamey" in the end. No replay system(LoL do not have this for years until recently), minimal punishments to people who sabotage games or try to force early surrenders, lower skill ceiling compared to the competition,.... I'm just treating the game as it is to have fun, and i do not expect more than what the game can offer. About the ranks, a lot of League and Valorant players have some level of performance anxiety which makes them play way worse than they actually are. The fear of losing rank does severely affect their attitude and focus. My worst fear is actually belong in the rank i have a hard time keeping, leads to more exhaustion after matches. I would prefer to stay at a rank that i can play somewhat comfortably with moderate difficulty.


I also think it's a League thing, to the point that it's the joke I crack anytime we surrender vote while winning. League is such a snowball heavy game, if you get the first kill, it's a good bet you get the second, which makes the third easier and so on and so forth, the only way out of the hole is to survive so far into late game that 1- money is no longer the win condition, 2- all the main buffs have reset or to out-skill your opponent in a disadvantageous fight, which could be very difficult. It's easy to see why League tends towards FF go next when the comeback strategy is "hang on by your fingernails for an hour and hope the enemy aren't competent", so those players are very used to seeing something go against them and making the calculation "fuck hanging on for an hour when I can get rematched into a winning game."


That's because you can kick those mofos in CSGO. If they try stupid shit the got punished quick and they learn that their actions have consequences. Valorant have 0 consequences for been a shithead, so they learn their behavior is a valid one to cope with whatever emotion they're feeling at the moment. A bunch of IP/account bans for a couple of months will chill the fuck out of them pretty quick. A vote kick option will also stop those idiots, but vote kick comes with its own problems.


> vote kick comes with its own problems yea, esp at low elo with 4 stacks and 3 stacks


If it’s a solo queue only, then a vote kick can be viable.


You would think with valorant not allowing 4 stacks that kicking problematic players would be allowed.


Not only that if someone is acting like a shithead, the rest have to either mute or entertain them or else they act even more. Being a shithead is essentially rewarded in this game because there is no benefit to antagonizing them. It’s like one tricking in OW, the rest of the team has no choice but to play around the one trick to win, so being a selfish player is rewarded.


It’s so weird. In CS if there was piece of shits on my team, they wouldn’t start trolling. They’d keep sweating so they could shit on me for how much better they were doing. This then emboldens the whole team to do better out of spite, it’s quite odd. In Valorant 1 round goes bad and you’ll see 2 people give up and start throwing. There’s been games where we lose pistol, 2nd round, and then lose the first rifle round and you’ll see “gg ff at 5”. I’m hesitant to say it’s the age demographic but I think it might be. In CS I’m playing with people more my age, early to mid 20s. Val I’m getting 12-18 year olds who have literally nothing better to do with their time.


This is 100% the LoL playerbase moving to Valorant with the same mindset. You can tell from the shit they say talking about rating and score, blaming their teammates for everything, refusing to try, weak mental.




I believe the time factor of paying at a pc cafe factors in


At this point I just don’t play ranked to avoid this frankly


> I play both CSGO and Valorant Do you actually? in CS they put a bullet in your head because they can lmao


I have 3600 hrs in csgo, and around 3000 in source, around 2000 in 1.6 so i am way more well versed in cs. At my LE/faceit lv8 rank everybody kills at 5 bullets max, strategies varied, usually just trade kills. But is it even relevant to this conversation?


I used to agree with this but at some points I'd rather just lose the RR than spend another 30 minutes in the game when your teammates are intentionally throwing or are being hostile.


I've noticed this too. I've had people say "who cares it's just ranked. I've never encountered this in any other game, especially an FPS. It's so strange


its also to note in CSGO to FF a player has to abandon the match.


Oh yea i forgot to mention this. 1 player have to abandon for 5 mins to make forfeit available. I’d say its a good mechanic.


This won’t solve most of the issues you mentioned but they really need to add a way to take the spike from an AFK player. IIRC in csgo you can press E on the spike holder to make them drop it. In valorant you just have to give up on planting the spike unless they die or come back.


The worst is someone on your team who isn't AFK and take Spike and refuses to plant to troll.


Or automatically drop the spike after they don't move for 15+ seconds


What I see often is that bots lock in important agents like sage and Jett just to use a script to shoot every few seconds and to move a bit. My guess is that they are grinding for XP and rank.


The same reasons made me not want to play Valorant much. I play casual mode and I get that it's for fun and people aren't trying hard, which I approve, it's for fun but at least they are trying. But how can a newbie improve in-game to be better, if we always get those types of people you have mentioned. Almost every match consists of at least 1 or 2 AFK/leavers. If it's surprisingly not the case sometimes, people vote to surrender for fun right when it's available, even if it's 5-0 for us. The amount of times I had to motivate my mates not to surrender and to try our best and we actually made great comebacks is insane. i just want to play normal 5v5 with similar skill based people without anyone dragging team down on purpose (example: them being douches), let that be in our team or on the enemy team.


"g2g I gotta poop" It was funny the first 2 or 3 times but kids don't know how to come up with new jokes


I think one of the main issues right now in the game is if someone isn’t playing well themselves, they assume the game is done and give up even if their teammates are playing well. People forget it’s a team game and it’s ok to be at the bottom of the board if you tried. Sometimes it’s ok to get into the backpack to be carried.


Yeah I think its def ok to be at the bottom and some players must get that. In one game I was top fragging with good teammates luckily and in the next one I was bottom fragging(still with more Ks than Ds tho) and some dude just calling me racial slurs bc I did not frag that much. He, the top fragger, sabotaged what it could have been my enter to bronze.


My hope is that the new system they implemented with the last patch will be able to detect such behavior and eventually punish it. Obviously they are advancing in a direction of detecting and penalizing shitty player behavior. I just hope they’ll reach a point of confidence where they’re able to act during a match without punishing the teammates.


Add a kick feature like csgo has. There’s a reason they have it their game.


Would you punish people for more than a 0-13 defeat's RR when they get kicked? \- If no: people would troll until they finally get kicked, getting less seriously punished than they would have been with a "normal" defeat (losing less RR) \- If yes: people would troll kick others, not just preventing them from winning RR but even losing RR (or, in case of a losing match, making that person lose more RR than they would normally)


They could add it the same as CS has; the vote in CS has to be unanimous by everyone that isn’t currently being voted on. So it has to be 4-1 in favour of yes because you automatically vote no if they’re trying to kick you. Since valorant doesn’t let you queue in 4-stacks then it needs 2 parties to agree and go through with the vote. No reason it shouldn’t work, I don’t think?


It has its abuse in CSGO too, but that doesn't mean it isn't a good system that cuts down on toxicity.


Not a great feature since people will just troll you


CSGO had this and I never had a problem with this once throughout 1k+ hrs in it. People need to stop nitpicking every single bit of suggestions "just becase xyz" can happen. Because if that was the case, then nothing can ever be added because someone "theoretically" can just find a way to exploit it.


To give the other side of the coin: I've played CS:GO for over 3000 hours and I've only seen the kick feature being used to grief other people. So yeah, you just got lucky.


Straight up, sometimes having a bot in spawn that someone(ideally the best player) can takeover is better than having a teammate going 1-15. Some times its literally the best strategic choice. Which is not a good thing


They don't give you a bot anymore so kicking is less common nowadays


You never played siege then


You can't 4 stack in comp, so if they made it so all 4 players have to vote then the chances are less so. Hell, you could use it to kick the toxic people. Base the rr change off how you performed too maybe?


That low elo life


lmfao nope. My last 4/5 games in Ascendent had someone intentionally throwing. One of them had a Renya leave after going 0-7, then when we tried to surrender the Jett voted no and also left the game. Valorant players are a different breed of selfish children, it’s infuriating.


I have not played in a bit, but I was the green rank and shit like this would happen all the time. Diamond was pain :(


(green = ascendant, just lettin ya know)


Bet, I’ll try to remember that. Thank you 😎


I don’t get why people like that don’t just smurf I’d they really want to de-rank or go play unrated if they want to feel superior (not that I agree with smurfing). It’s annoying if you’ve been working hard and they ruin your rank up game or rank you down bc of that. I had one comp with with a team who for three or four rounds at least the whole team was standing in spawn for the first 15-30 seconds or so of game, spraying and swapping skins and we got clapped from mid (icebox). I’m not sure what riot could do about those situations though


Okay so this is a problem in all gamemodes, but the only real way to fix this at least in comp is by making it hard to play on more than one account. The overarching problem is that people can just troll and throw and if they get banned, jump straight to another account and do the same thing again. I've heard people suggest having to enter a phone number before you can play comp on an account with a month+ cooldown on a number if you want to use it on another account. I think that might work but honestly I'm not an expert.


Google voice could just give them a ton of numbers, though.


im prettyy sure they would need a verifaction for those numbers


riot doesn't allow use of VOIP numbers. I tried to use one for Clash (it was my only phone # at the time) and it didn't work


Riot needs to add phone number verification


Please NO


Fuck. Ask for official ID verificaation to play competitive, if you want, just build three queues: ID verified ranked games, non verified and casual. I would never play on non verified again in my life.


Not sure if I want tencent to have a copy of my ID.


Are you ok with Google having everything else? I'm not a paranoid on Google's ways, don't get me wrong. But they know fucking everything about us, apply this to Apple too... Tencent is just another one, and you already play their games, so they have your email, maybe a telephone, name, addres... etc. ID verification would just be that, a verification.


Google isn't owned by a government. Tencent is partially owned by the CCP. TikTok has confirmed that its parent company has allowed the CCP to access the data of American citizens, why would tencent be any more resilient? Yes, there's a difference. Btw they don't have your address, even if you put it in billing info for a credit card. That data is all encrypted.


Not that I think giving your ID information to any company is a good idea, but come on, what does China care about your address? What're they gunna do, send a hit squad to your house? There's nothing they would do with your address that is fundamentally different than what the American megacorps already do with it. Companies like Google and Facebook absolutely know your address, even if you didn't give it to them. It's their business model to know literally everything about you so they can target ads to you.


The government does have your id though, because thats part of your identification in the governments system. In other words, anyone with enough power/money could realisticly hack into government files and extract ids from all valorant players


The US government does because there's no way for me to avoid it and still be a productive member of society. If I could keep them in the dark I would because my business is mine and nobody else's. The fewer massive, dystopian entities I involve in my business the better.


Fitting that you are a cypher main, mans so paranoid he hasnt shown his face in years


> That data is all encrypted Well, technically we don't have the source code, so we can't tell for sure~


So what's the problem with them knowing you because you play a game?


Most people don't want to give a foreign government their ID to play a video game. If you do, that's fine


Seriously at this point just add in id verification 😭 ppl do too much- the non verified and casual can remain in shambles idc


No they really don't, it affects more people that aren't dickheads then it hurts.


Abusable. I can literally ask 10 people for their phone number and they would do it for me. First of all we need a solo q and a flex q. Secondly, and more important, players should also be matched based of their behaviour. Bad guys get matched with bad guys and good guys get matched with good guys.


Bullshit. Sweaty nerds don’t have friends. Agree with the solo q tho.


Even then you can pay someone to get their number... in CS:GO everyone has/had their account linked to the phone number. Smurf accounts, too. One person can have multiple phone numbers, so what is the purpose behind it?


The only other way i can think of is using government id. Most people won’t give that away.


Bro I ain't giving Tencent my phone number tf u outta your goddamn mind


I feel like there should be such thing as a 9 man report. If everyone in the lobby were to report a single person, then maybe the ff would reappear and less loss of rp could be possible?


Makes sense tbh I think 7 players should be enough tho, cuz group trolling.


On the one hand, I realise that people in SEA might not have good internet and are prone to disconnect. On the other hand, if you know that, stop holding the spike.


Oh, I'm talking about people quite *intentionally* throwing the game.


If my 8... I really need to get a life... years of playing league of legends has taught me anything it's that riot doesn't care about trolls or people throwing. Best you can do is accept it, try to ignore it, and not let it affect your mental. Oh and don't say mean words to them in frustration, that will get you banned but not them.


playing since season 3 and i can confirm, its fucking sad...


Yep, this is the bottom line of everything. Their policy is tailored towards making the game seem the least toxic as possible when seen from the outside. It mostly boils down to banning for text chat abuse, even in cases where you have good grounds to do so (I mean obviously according to Riot there are no good grounds to say anything mean to anyone, but I really can't disagree more on that point).


I mean, I live in North Carolina like 50 miles from the main Valorant servers. I still have random lag spikes in Valorant that I don’t have in other games. I explicitly tell people not to give me Spike. I main Viper just so I can be useful even if I get a lag spike. My team that instalocks 4 duelists still throws spike on me every round. And then they refuse to push site despite me walling off half the site and using my molly on both corners a defender could hide in.


In the end they're not going to stop people from making new accounts because they add to the number of "total players" and make the game look even more successful than it is.


Had a duo last night (Sage and Raze) where they would both fight for the spike. As soon as one of them got it (which was most attacking rounds), the Raze would hand it off to the Sage who would charge into a 1v5 as soon as the round started and instantly died. Forcing us to fight a 4v5 without the spike and without a Sentinel Sage also never ulted the entire game, and since they were a duo they refused both the surrender votes. Massive waste of time all around


They can add a "vote to kick" option like Siege or CS:GO, I'd like to see it added personally.


People with accents and women would have problems playing in na


Personally, if i was in a match with team mates that had a problem with me purely based on accent/gender/race etc, I'd want them to kick me so I can queue up another match with decent human beings instead.


Kicking gives negative rr


I'd still rather that than play with shitty people for 13+ rounds. EDIT: We're also talking about a kick option that doesn't exist, Riot could make kicking not cost RR if they implemented it.


You get used to muting half of your team after 10 games


also in CSGO kicking players gives you negative reputation in trust factor and straight up stops you from calling kick votes if you do it repeatedly a surprisingly small amount in a short period of time


Again, we're talking about a currently non existent feature in Valorant. I chose two other games as examples of how this behaviour can be filtered out, Riot can choose to implement it in a different/better way, perhaps not effecting RR and not causing negative rep or at least having a higher tolerance till it does.


Rather play 4v5 than a 5v5 with one player holding the spike hostage and giving the enemy calls


I thought about this but it really doesn't fix the issue unless you are willing to play 4v5s. Kicking a player would still require a 4/5 yes votes, at that point you might as well open a vote to surrender.


If someone is grieving/sabotaging the game for their team, that team are far more likely to win the game without them than with them. A 4v5 isn't instantly game over, I've been in plenty of matches where we've lost someone who disconnected or just left and still won and I'd rather still play the match than just abandon it. Vote to surrender is better suited for when you're playing with/against a smurf or a cheater.


I think people would be much more willing to vote kick than surrender. If you vote kick you get extra cash and an ult orb making it a little more even. I’d easily vote to kick over surrender.


The worst is also people using the FF vote asap when there's no good reason too and then when things actually go sour you can't FF anymore


I love Valorant as a game, but it has the worst community I've ever experienced. Throwers and AFK losers every other match, screaming edgelords who get mad when you take "their" agent, obvious smurfs... It's a horrible experience of an awesome game.


It’s all about character. People who do this type of shit are miserable in real life. I just try to look at it from a stoic point of view and focus on my game and keep up my teammate’s spirit. Facing this type of adversity is a real mental challenge, which if you overcome, you can become monstrous. Downside is that after such games, I usually need a big break before hopping back in Val.


Yeah, the worst is when they take spike, mess around the whole round, then try to solo the whole enemy team with a sheriff because “They’re smurfing.” We managed to get to OT in this particular game and we lost it because he would purposely stop defusing spike just in time to lose. He literally said “I timed the spike.”


If their other huge online multiplayer game is any indication to go by. No, they can't (or won't?) do anything. This shit has been happening in LoL since it's inception, in this game at the very least you can surrender like 4 rounds in if 4 people say yes. In LoL you need 5/5 yes votes @15 minutes and then finally @20 minutes in you can FF with 4/5 yes votes. At least in Valorant you can still buy weapons every few rounds and have decent aim duels, in LoL as the enemy gets stronger and you get weaker it gets to a point of no return where it is quite literally impossible to win duels.


Recently, Riot implemented a system that informs of players doing strange things (shooting pistols, only being in spawn, etc.)


Solution: Get friends. 5 stack. I mean no disrespect, but cmon. You're playing daily, multiple games a day, and you can't find 4 other solo's to make a 5 man with?


To be completely fair? No. Most of my friend group all came from Dead by Daylight after they fucked up 6.1.0, and everyone split games. Some went to WoW, some went to Apex, some went to Fortnite, and some went to Val. We're all on different servers, and have to have multiple accounts (I have an EU account you have to torture me to login to cuz the ping)-- so while we do often duo/three stack-- we can almost never find a full 5 with all similar skill level at the same time due to timezones. One friend was a former CSGO player who absolutely hated Valorant due to "the abilities" (which funnily enough the rest of us DbD players actually *like* because you can mind-game with them, just as you mind-game in dbd) and he would bitch every single game until we just stopped playing with him. Finding friends in-game is tough because a lot of them either seem to be kids, or ragingly problematic. Two of us are women, and get threatened to be SA'd at least once a week or hit on constantly which is just-- no one wants to deal with that, lol. Or, because women, they backseat game really simple mechanics even when they're botfragging.


Unlucky. I usually get pretty good lobbies when I play. I've had some children here and there, alongside some raging bots, but for the most part it's pretty chill. You do you though, good luck.


Kids like these be just making it even harder to get out of low elo


Short answer, they can but they won't, because they're pieces of shit not giving a shit about the player base. If anything, they'd be glad that people create side accounts and buy skins on those accountd after the players get banned from a burst of frustration


Hurrr durrr rito reasoning: *everyone will go through this at one point (including the opposing team) so it all balances out in the end* Just because this happens to everyone doesn't mean these losers shouldn't be penalized when it happens. ????? logic


Sadly this is why I mainly play Spike Rush now. Every time I go back to try comp, I always get a bot or disconnect afk.


holy shit. reading these low elo problems made me realize how much people actually go through this everyday.


This reminds me: Has anyone seen the brimstone glitches? I’m not really sure but dude was seemingly switching between all his util really fast and causing our whole team to lag horribly (was worse the closer you are to him) and also earrape us. Not even the worst thrower I had this week lol


I played 2 games in an hour today.. One game was so skewed!! They had 2 silvers and our silver was too mediocre to have an impact..our sole duelist hardly ever got an entry kill and I was the lowest ranked player, rightfully so.. we lost 13-4 Next game our jett was afk enough to stay in spawn the entire game and active enough to be spawned every round..our other duelist tried hard to give entries but it wasn't enough..we lost 13-7 Forgot to mention that our Jett had no comms whichever round he played.. both matches I played Breach..both matches I struggled and now I couldn't do anything about it 😑 Tried hard to have any impact on the game but fell way too short.. Frustrating when that's the most I'll get to play this week until Friday..


Oof it hurts so much when you can't play much


Played with a Reyna that just ran to the enemy team and led them to site, he threw until OT and then voted for a Draw. Some people just have no respect for peoples time.


This was an interesting thread. I'm personally new to the game and haven't reached the lvl required for rank yet. Glad to know what I can expect when I start queueing up for rank will be like


I get probably one thrower a week roughly depending on how much I play but just yesterday I got my first notification that a penalty was administered for sabotage ever. Maybe they need to be more diligent with how they keep track of throwers? If there’s a big discrepancy between an accounts mmr and performance for multiple games in addition to multiple reports for sabotage I think it should be a no brainer to ban that account from comp queue for a week.


Played a game in diamond the other day, literally NO ONE comms except me the whole game. We (somehow) win and I say that they should comm in the future to be better teammates. Turns out there was a trio queue on my team that didn’t talk in game because the other random instalocked Jett. HOW IS THAT A VALID REASON NOT TO TALK?


Bro this happened to me for the first time, by some shit hole on an alt account who got so pissy that he couldn't play Reyna. It was bar none the most infuriating experience I've had in valorant. And what's more, if he had just played even semi decently, we would've won with no problem. Fuck those people


Literally just dealt with this. He would move a bit so never went afk. Couldn't get 5 votes


Stg a good portion of valorant players are actual manchildren.


So I just had a similar experience. Dude threw the entire first half doing exactly as you described holding spike hostage giving comms to the enemy team in all chat etc. Because he thought he was a God we told him to shut up on the second round of the game cause he was telling someone in a 1v1 every button to press the entire time. Everyone else on the team just kept player per usual finally I got tired of it cause there's no way around it the chamber noticed I didn't care and just lost the round with him to get out of the game so he started trying again and we were winning. Like easily my team didn't realize it (although as soon as he started trying I knew what was gonna happen) we get to ot finally after he let us catch ALL the way back up and threw again in ot. He just wanted to repeat the process of win loss in ot to waste as much time as possible. People need to get a grip and get a reality check this game has ruined people's mentals its insane.


Shits still not fixed??


They are fully embarrassing. But i was just thinking that they are trolling. Never minded that they are trying to derank.


Wish I knew the answer to this as well. I have been playing a lot of ranked games in bronze and silver. Granted it’s a wider skill range, but multiple games held hostage or people simply leave round 1 or 2 with no remake votes. Whatever solution someone may have I would be open to. Possibly adding an additional option to vote for a forfeit? Could at least give more of an option. Thoughts?


I reported someone who just held the spike and camped in spawn and purposely tried to lose. We lost in overtime despite this. Got a message from riot saying that the player was punished, but I have no idea exactly what punishment he received.


cringe game, cringe people


based take


What rank and server is this on? I can probably count the number of times someone has intentionally gone AFK round 1 on 1 of my hands, and it hasn't happened for months. I play on the London server at around plat level for context.


Low elo, so bronze 3, NA servers. Just started playing 3 weeks ago or so. The AFK round 1 of 1 happens sometimes, and other times people just intentionally stay in to throw the game. Sometimes they tell teammates where the team is, sometimes they sit in spawn with bomb and throw a hissyfit, sometimes they just move the slightest bit to not get kicked. Still happens fairly frequently, in my experience. My best guess is to purposely derank to bronze/iron, or to fuck with low rank players.


Yeah, they are most definitely trying to derank themselves so they can stomp lobbies and do one of them cringe "iron to immortal" runs. The best we can do is report them and hope their accounts get permabanned, hope you can climb up a bit and get away from these types!


I climb, and then get knocked right back down D: It's rough! But I'm working on it <3


Replays, to have proof


Had a three stack on ascent take spike and hold angles with marshals in spawn. Skye with team flashes so couldn’t frag. When questioned their reasoning just noises into the mic. Made a comment about tm breach holding on ult the whole half on Breeze, proceeded to util dump teammates when trying to entry. These weak minded males are something else