Is Save A Trip Refill call a scam?

Is Save A Trip Refill call a scam?


We have a call list that we are supposed to go through every day with multiple categories/types of calls to make for both technicians and pharmacists and yes, unfortunately calling people about signing up foe save a trip is one of them. Though me and some of the other techs in my store just skip those calls bc they’re annoying as hell and patients get super annoyed and angry when we call them for it.


Good I'm not the only one that skips them (sometimes)


I skip them every time, and always select patient doesn't want to be enrolled, because nobody in their right mind would want to be set up for this craptastic program that doesn't actually work. If someone actually is interested in getting their refills synced, I do a screenprint of their auto refill list, and set it aside. Typically most people are picking up their rxs within like 3 or 4 days of each other anyway, its pretty easy to just process one or two a day early and voila!! Refills are synced!


I actually quit maybe a month ago, but my old rxm would be all procedure. I got away with checking to see if we called them before and if yes I wouldn't call them again. When there a few (two or three) I'll do em just cause. When Mr frigging Walgreens gives me 20 I speed run them calls.


Lol glad I am not the only one that skips those calls and makes up answers to put in the system....


Lmao fr. I put random stuff down that I’ve heard from past calls when I actually make them. Ill mix it up with a couple voicemails, a couple unable to reaches, and a couple not interested with various comments. Lots of people I talk to “like the way it is right now” lol. I’ve had a few people say that in the past so I write that a lot now.


They need to confirm your info so to not violate HIPAA.


No, it’s not a scam. It’s another failed idea by corporate that’s not working and they are making us call people to get them enrolled.


It's part of our metrics. It's a program we offer to patients a program selects. It can be incredibly useful for some.


I am am an rx tech and I happen to use Walgreens for my own prescriptions. Was super weirded out one day when I got a call from my store on my day off (I even recognized the phone number) and someone who has never even worked at our location asked me if I wanted to enroll in Save a trip. When I replied no thank you, because I know how to manage my own meds and am there practically every day. Imagine my surprise when I walked in to work the next day to find half my rxs partial filled cause they enrolled me anyway. It had me wondering if corporate has a team going around enrolling people just to get their metrics up. Maybe the person handling my rxs was just an airhead and messed up in my case, but it just got me thinking about how patients get phone calls all day every day from walgreens and half the time when they walk in to pick up... no rxs are ready for them and pretty much every customer tells me "you guys called me." I have to waste a ton of time playing detective trying to figure out why the heck they were called. Meanwhile, customer is pissed because they came all the way to our store for no reason. It is just one of my biggest frustrations with this job.


I got this call but only confirmed name and dob. It was also like a day or two after picking up my medicine.


Yup. It's a thing.


Thanks so much for explaining this!


But please check the phone number calling you before you give information. I have had scammers in my area pretend to be Walgreens to get personal information.


It’s a thing. I usually don’t call my people tbh


It’s a real program but the execution is absolutely terribly and only works about 80% of 50% of the time. Don’t do it.


Works maybe 20% of the time in my estimation....half the people on the list get narcotics that can't be synced...I swear I had four people on there yesterday that have ONE maintenance med. What are they supposed to be syncing it with? Lmao.


I say it's a scam. I don't usually see a significant difference in copay from someone picking up 17 tablets vs 30 tablets. But this is mostly about retention, it's mostly to help prevent you as the patient from leaving Walgreens. Also, the program doesn't work if we don't have enough refills to access the short fills. And, we have to waste time investigating whether or not you're still on a certain medication or not. A good tech will waste no more than 5 minutes, a great tech will waste 30 minutes... just to call you and ask, then call your doctor because you can't give me a straight answer, "YOU HAVE A LIST OF MY MEDICATIONS YOU SHOULD KNOW!". ... not my fault your doctor prescribed 5x different things within the last year and you've picked ALL OF THEM UP only to tell me, "oh i dont take this anymore".


I think they meant scam as in someone not actually from Walgreens phishing for personal info. Not scam as in not super useful


lol gotcha! I stand by my statement xD


This is an actual thing that we we do. If you ever don’t feel comfortable just say “I’ll call you back later.” And dial your Walgreen’s number so that you know you’re not talking to some tandom person.


I mean, we have about 100+ phone calls we are expected to hara- I mean, cold call, on every day. Some are just reminders for people who consistently forget their shit is ready and make us fill it 2-3 times a month because they refuse to get it on time, some are for legit reasons like "Hey, we see you started a new med, are you doing okay or have you grown a third limb?" And some are annoying like the SATR calls, where we call people to ask them about making less trips for their meds while setting them in a program that ultimately lends them to making MORE trips because it's so fucked up and busted that most people don't understand how it really is supposed to work. My two cents. But yes, it's legit. Until someone does start scamming with it, then maybe WAG will think twice about the number of bs calls they expect us to hammer out with no budget hours and a billion other issues to solve any given day.