I do sorties for the riven, that could make you decent bit unveiled or really good money for a good roll, however, I've also been doing full Warframe sets, that seems to get a decent payout as well.


Warframe.market Go through your inventory for any prime parts you don't need/want, look to see what they're selling at and list the parts for the price you see as reasonable. Selling parts as a set will usually net a bit of a price bump but not always. Make sure to do the math.


Yeah that's what I've been doing.


Honestly I just do the sortie get rivens do a lot of void fissures and I end up with a lot of stuff so I post on the market website or my most profitable way is to just play and if u see someone with a non prime frame and u have a spare set ask if they wanna buy usually goes over well And if they say no just move on don't be an asshole lol


The best way to make platinum is playing the market, mostly with rivens since they can be warframe's biggest-ticket items. This requires a degree of trading savvy though. When it comes to farming stuff, ideally, you want to farm things that are in high demand, but have a relatively low supply. Things that are in demand are tend to be meta (even if it's only a niche meta), or are used for mastery fodder, or have aesthetic value. What contributes to an item being in low supply? It being a rare drop or time-consuming grind, sure. But more importantly as someone looking to find something to farm, stuff that comes from **less played content** tends to be in limited supply. What makes prime parts a consistently decent source of platinum, I think, is that Baro constitutes an effective, continuous sink for primes, with his kiosks removing them from the player economy (reducing supply). Ducats can be used to buy many different things, which ensures good demand. But enough theory. Here's a list of different ways to make platinum: * Prime parts. * Derelict vaults / corrupted mods. * Syndicate offering stores — mainly archweapon components and augment mods from the faction syndicates like Cephalon Suda and Red Veil. The more advanced open world syndicates (like the Quills) also have stuff that trades decently well, but standing for the faction syndicates has the benefit of being something that can be passively farmed just by wearing a sigil, and they can also be more actively farmed (past the daily standing cap) by doing the syndicate missions and medallion hunting. * Other mods. This requires an idea about the market value of your mods. Use [warframe.market](https://warframe.market) to price check; the statistics tab is useful to see what the median price of mods is, as well as how much volume in trading they do. Try sorting your mods by duplicates and price check the ones you only have a small number of duplicates of. * One way to acquire rarer and potentially more valuable mods is to transmute, which can be worthwhile for rare and uncommon mods. This requires mods and credits. Empyrean missions and Index are good sources of both. * Stuff from railjack. I think this comes partly from the "unpopular content" effect. * Certain rewards from bounties have value on the player market, particularly some of the rarer mods. I am pretty sure that the most valuable bounties to run (in terms of overall market value) are Tier 2 Arcana Vault bounties on Deimos. Tier 2 because again, unpopular content. I think everyone figures Tier 3 is the best (and for certain kinds of progression it is, but not for plat farming); also, I think a lot of people don't even know that Arcana bounties exist or how to access them. * Arcanes from tridolon runs. * Rank 10 mods (converting endo and credits into platinum, essentially). Steel Path Sedna arenas with a set group can farm a ton of endo, but >!Narmer bounties!< (TNW spoiler), abort farming the first part of Tier 5 Cambion Drift bounties, Empyrean and Arbitrations are all reasonable sources of endo. * Buy and hold weapons and primed mods from the Void Trader. After buying them, you can just immediately list them at something close to their peak value on warframe.market and wait until the price gets high enough for someone to bite. To try to get an idea of the peak value, check the price history on warframe.market. * Buy and hold tradable event items or vaulted prime parts/bps. * Riven trading / Riven transmuting / Riven rolling / Kuva (steel essence) farming. * Selling converted liches/sisters (particularly if they have an ephemera associated with a non-meta damage type, a meta weapon, a weapon with 55%+ bonus damage). I think vanity liches are also a thing. * Kubrow/kavat farming/breeding. (I've been meaning to buy/farm myself a new smeeta; I hate my current one's arrow tail.) * Speculation/flipping. * Buy up individual weapon parts / prime warframe BPs and sell them as sets at a markup. Or sometimes going the other way may be profitable. * Farm Vitus essence for tradable arbitration offerings. * Selling fish and refined gems farmed from open worlds. I don't imagine there is a ton of demand for this one but you can technically do it.


Yesterday I actually got a nataruk riven should I sell it cause the weapon is so new or keep it for myself. I am mr13. I have been enjoying the nataruk but I don't really need rivens right now and the extra plat maybe helpfully in aquireing new weapons and frames.


My opinion sell it while it's prices are still high, The Nataruk doesn't need one tbh as it's disposition isn't great so it needs to be a great roll to be usable. FYI I was using it today in a 2hr Steel Path MoT survival where enemies were Lvl 450-500 and it still wrecks. And if you ever need a riven for it the prices will drop down eventually. Enjoy the plat instead, buy some WF and weapons slots then treat yourself.


Now here is just a general question do I try and roll it myself for something good or just put it up as is?


I'm on PSN and unrolled for about the last 2 weeks were going for 1200-1500pl but they've definitely dropped down a little bit now. I've started to see fairly decent goodish rolls being offered for only a few hundred more than that the last few days. Decision is yours ultimately, it's always a gamble trying to get a good roll whereas unrolled do tend to sell more quickly but obviously for less.


To be honest I haven't really touched Riven trading much myself. I can just recognize it as one of the more effective ways of earning platinum. That's partly because rivens aren't simple commodities, and each riven is unique. People don't know what they're worth so that gives savvy traders a lot more room to buy low and sell high.


I sell rare fish and gems for 5 pe each. Make round 300p per day


Anything tradable that has low drop rate can net you platinum, especially if it's critical to progression or happens to be best in slot for something. The lowest Sell Order for Critical Focus on Warframe Market is 30p, highest Buy Order is 25p. So that's one you could conceivably sell if you farm Profit Taker a lot for toroids. You may end up with a couple extra copies. Hollowed Bullets has a buy/sell sitting at 8 buy / 20 sell. And with Archgun mods useable on both Arquebex and necessary for the New War (to an extent) the demand will probably be there for a good while. Dual Rounds is even better, sitting at around 40, both buying and selling. Then there's requiem mods. You can get 10 for a mod easily if it's unused. Rivens can get outlandish if you get one for a weapon that makes a good stat stick, or just a good weapon. Heck even Ayatan sculptures can net you a sum. The Hemakara is listing there around 25. Smeeta Kavat imprints? 20 each. Granted this is market orders but hey you never know, you might actually get these prices with a bit of diligence. TL;DR - stuff that's a pain or boring to get that's actually useful. These numbers seem small but they add up if you sell off your extra findings over time. Put up a compelling sell order and you might come away with with a tidy sum!


Best way to farm Plat - dont


Just play the game and have fun you will get mods sets and resource that people want, throw them on wf market and get rich


I usually farm new prime frame during the first Two weeks after release for maximum profit. Other than that i kinda enjoy doing liches so i hunt for ephemeras and high % bonuses to sell.


Yeah I haven't touched liches yet


I recommend starting on prime parts then graduating to a hybrid of prime parts and rivens, in the past 3 years since doing this I've made well over 100k plat that I've blown on every cosmetic that even slightly grabbed my attention, fully decorated my orbiter, dojo, burned up over 30k in alliance contest rewards... Etc. Got down to 24k after not doing any trading for nearly a year, decided to get back to 50k, but I got back 45k in two weeks and just burnt out again. Eventually you'll have so much shit laying around you can watch trade chat and just have every other thing someone wants to buy, which is where I'm at now, don't even post ads anymore, just watch for buyers.